Kids Clothes that aren't more expensive than your clothes

Kids Clothes that aren't more expensive than your clothes 1When it comes to clothes shopping for my daughter, I'm a bit of a penny pincher. It just doesn't seem right to spend the same or more on clothes for a one-year-old as I would spend on myself. After all, she (a) doesn't have "preferences" quite yet and (b) she looks cute in absolutely anything - whether it's 50 cents or 50 dollars! My logic is that I might as well make the most of these two points while I can.

Although I do appreciate having a few items in my daughter's wardrobe that "make a statement" (like her Skipping Hippos poncho), my favorite "kind" of clothes to dress her in are comfortable every-day pieces like t-shirts, jeans, lounge pants/capris, or tanks. I like her clothes to be classic, easily mix-and-match-able, and free of logos or characters (I guess I'm pickier than I thought!). 

Kids Clothes that aren't more expensive than your clothes 2Fortunately, I'm excited to feature a company that knows that kids clothes should be all of the above AND be affordable. Introducing...Hanes! Yep, you know them well for their comfy underwear, but did you know that they sell children's clothes at ridiculously low prices? Most of their tops and bottoms sell for $4-6...and that's not even the clearance section!

Check out these clearance items and then high-tail it over to to scoop them up before they're gone!

Kids Clothes that aren't more expensive than your clothes 3 Kids Clothes that aren't more expensive than your clothes 4 Kids Clothes that aren't more expensive than your clothes 5  '

LEFT: Hanes Lightweight Banded Girls' T-Shirt $2.99 

CENTER: Hanes Girls' Stretch Capris - Solid Colors $1.99

RIGHT: Youth Short-Sleeve Hanes T-Shirt Nice Day $1.99

What's that you say? You recognize these clothes from somewhere. Why, yes, you do! Hanes items are available at Target, JCPenney, and quite a few other retailers...

WIN IT! One winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to (and that will go a LONG way!). To enter, simply leave a comment on this post prior to Monday, May 26 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). The winner will be announced and contacted on Tuesday, May 27. * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address. 

*UPDATE* The winner is #373 Sarah Patterson. Congratulations!

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510 comments on “Kids Clothes that aren't more expensive than your clothes”

  1. I agree with you! I like my kids to be dressed in simple pieces that are easily mixed and matched. I also don't like characters or logos. Sounds like Hanes has what I buy for my kids and at a great price too!

  2. I am *exactly* the same way with my kids' clothes...I really have a hard time finding cute outfits for them that don't have tv characters, unnecessary print, etc. Just last week I purchased some of the coordinating Hanes tees and shorts for my girls, and they really thought they were comfortable for playing outside. You can't beat the price, and they've held up well after multiple washes too. I'd love to be able to stock up on some more! Thanks for another great giveaway, Stephanie :)

  3. Hanes never used to be the place I'd go to shop for clothing, but over the last years they're one of my favorites for some lovely, good quality clothes!

  4. Both of my boys have hit a recent growth spurt and they have outgrown most of their clothes. I am needing to restock the closet before school starts back up

  5. We just love the hanes website. We just bought our dd a bunch of skorts on clearance for 3.99 a piece. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  6. Hanes sells quality products for a reasonable price. They always fit well, wash nicely, and they are comfortable! Thanks for such a useful giveaway!

  7. Our whole family wears Hanes! My husband in particular is fond of their socks. But with $50, everybody can get something!

  8. Rocking' little clothes for my rockin' little gal! (And, less money on cute clothes means less time in my office and more time with Harriet)!

  9. I love hanes, I buy this brand frequently for my 11 year old son and his father!!! VEry Comfortble cothing , sometimes I even wear my hubby big hanes t-shirts to sleep in, and they are great!!
    Please enter me ! Thanks

  10. We don't have any clothes left, the house burnt down last Tuesday. Kennedy is going to be in bad need of...everything.

  11. Wow! My 3 yr. old loves "easy pants". lol She can't wait to get home and get her jeans or shorts off so she can put on her stretchy pants. She's my kind of gal and hanes looks like our kind of clothes. Thank you!

  12. What a great giveaway! Just in time to outfit my daughter with Hanes T-Shirts for the summer months.

  13. Gosh, I never think of Hanes for anything other than underthings! Thanks for the reminder, those items are really cute and what a great price!

  14. When I shop for my daughter, I go for cute over functional. That doesn't always allow for many outfits for her to wear while she attempts to ride a bike or play in dirt. I'd love to stock up on sturdy Hanes clothes.

  15. My girls only wear Hanes underwear so this will go to use for sure. They fit my girls the best and are made great. Thanks for th great giveaway!

  16. Everything is getting so expensive these days. It's nice to see that Hane's has fashionable children's clothing for such great prices. It would be wonderful to win the giftcard to purchase some great clothing for my 3 children.

  17. What a fun contest. It's actually my husband who has a shopping problem for my son, so this would definitely come in handy for both of us!

  18. My son has sensory issues and has trouble wearing some clothing but he really loves to wear Hanes clothing.

  19. I absolutely love Hanes, but I didn't know that they sold childrens clothes, I will have to go check them out, and get some things for the grandkids!

  20. I love Hanes and love their children's clothes. I'll admit I'm a bit of clothes hog for my boys and love the more expensive stuff too. But you always need more reasonable priced stuff for everyday and Hanes stuff is really awesome. Cute, high quality and great priced. Thanks for the contest!

  21. It's great to know that durable kids clothes don't have to cost a small fortune. I have been looking for some everyday summer clothes for my toddler and Hanes delivers! Thanks!

  22. The Hanes clearance prices just can't be beat. I love the skorts for little girls. My daughter is still too small for them unfortunately. I would love to win this!

  23. When I think o Hanes I think of underwear. WOW these clothes are too cute and the prices!!! I will now definitely look here first before going to any store. Why is this not advertised more!!!

  24. i have 2 toddlers and they run out of cloths so fast. as a single mom its hard to keep up with the changing in cloths. every month it seems like my son is in a diffrent size. this would be great for me to spend on them.

  25. I love Hanes. I'm wearing a Hanes tee shirt right now. They are so comfortable and affordable. Great Giveaway

  26. Hanes is always of nice quality and yet still cheap. Plus it's comfy and fits well. Gotta love Hanes!

  27. What a useful prize. My 3 yr. old daughter has all hand-me-downs so something nice, bright, and new would be wonderful!!!

  28. We love Hanes' products. They are reasonably priced and always good quality. Thank you for another great giveaway.

  29. My two sure could use this. I love Hanes and just hand embroidered 14 Hanes t-shirts for my son's birthday party.

  30. I love the tagless tees for myself. Anything to make the kids more comfy is a great things. And, the price is great.

  31. interesting......who would have thought to go to hanes online? thanks for the heads-up! and for the great contest!

  32. Hanes our Rock of Gibraltar in our house; male/female; child/adult; could we use this with budgets so tight. Many Thanks SW

  33. Hanes has definately come a long way
    with the tagless items so no more itchies comfy and affordable.

    I have some great cents off coupons to use along with this prize

    Thanks for hosting a wonderful giveaway

  34. Wow, you're not kidding about the prices! I've never shopped at Hanes but I'm a convert now, you can't beat this. I love the girls jersey shorts, they look comfy and cute - and lots of cool colors to choose from.

  35. I love Hanes! They use the softest, most comfortable fabric and it just feels so great while wearing it. Love this!

  36. Oh my goodness - 330 comments!! I would love to win the Hanes gift certificate. I feel the same way about kids clothes - why should they cost the same or more than my clothes when they take at least 1/2 as much fabric as mine do. I get alot of Mikayla's clothes at our local second hand store but even there the prices can be high.

  37. Nothing says "Classic Quality" better than Hanes. They have been around forever, they have reinvented their line over time to keep up with changing trends, and most importantly, the clothes are comfortable and stand the test of time. I would love to buy my kids some new tees for the summer!! Thank you for offering this terrific giveaway!

  38. Hane's products are so nice and comfortable and you do not have to worry about them being unsafe!

  39. I totally agree with not spending an arm and a leg on kid's clothes. They grow so fast, sometimes they only wear something for a few weeks before it's too small.

  40. There have been so many new Hanes commercials on tv lately. I really want to try some of the wedgie free undies for me :) and I would probably also get some little tshirts for the baby. Thanks.

  41. I would like to name some amazing item that we would purchase but it would be tshirts and more tshirts. Love the tagless clothes. No more cutting the tags out.

  42. Ohhhh I so need to be wedgie-free :) Just kidding. Love Hanes and their tag-free line of clothing. Please enter me, good luck everyone!

  43. Wow, it looks like Hanes has great stuff with cute designs. I usually buy my kids' clothes from Old Navy's clearance rack or KMart. I didn't quite realize what bargains Hanes had but I will be on the lookout for them now.

  44. I'm with you on not spending the big bucks for kid's clothes - my little guys could care less what they're wearing anyways, and it's sure to be covered in dirt, food, etc. within a few hours of putting it on! So we usually buy most of our kid's clothes at Saver's. But, if we are buying new, Hanes has the kind of prices we could afford!

  45. I've always loved Hanes for their quality clothing for the whole family. Thanks for having the contest.

  46. I love to buy my daughters Hanes clothing. Not only are they priced well and made well. They are so much fun and so comfortable even my picky 9 year old loves them!

  47. Hanes........very comfy cotton clothes. My daughter is very fussy about her clothes. This would be a great win.

  48. I can't believe that cute flower banded shirt is only $2.99! That's even cheaper than my kids $3.99 Target brand clothes. And it would probably be something that not every child in her preschool class owns!!

  49. Good Evening, I have so wanted to win this "Hanes" gift certificate. Our family really wears a lot of Hanes clothing. From the under stuff, tshirts,etc.
    Please enter me in your drawing. Many thanks,Cindi

  50. I am so grateful to my cousin for giving her daughter's outgrown clothes to my daughter over the last few years. It has saved me lots of dough. My poor son doesn't have near as many clothes, and I would love to take him shopping for some Hanes clothing!

  51. I have been procrastinating on doing a "underwear trip" to the store. Items really seem to add up. I usually do one of these trips when I get extra money and I want to "treat" myself. It's always nice to have nice new things (and bright white cotton athletic socks to wear around the house!)

  52. My husband needs some new summer clothing, and you just can't beat the quality of Hanes clothing. I would love to win this and surprise him with a guilt-free shopping spree. :)

  53. I'm a big fan because of the comfort factor...also my son loves that they're tagless.
    Great giveaway! Count me in. bebemiqui82(at)yahoo(dot)com

  54. Hanes is just one of those brands that you always buy and to win a gift certificate would be very very nice.

  55. I love Hanes clothes for my kids. They are durable for my rough & rumble boys, and have great vibrant colors.

  56. With 5 boys, we go thru Hanes undershirts like crazy. The boys use them with shorts at sports practices!

  57. Hanes clothing is so versatile, inexpensive and durable. I could get so many things! Thanks for the great contest!

  58. Where do all those darn socks go??? I could really use a $1000 gift card for SOCKS!!! 3 kids and they never have any socks. When i find that sock monster...

  59. One stop shopping for the whole family...and, a girl can never have enough undergarments (or makeup...oops!!)

  60. What better? My husband, my son, my daughter and I can all use this and the price is great so your right it will go a long way. Go hanes! LOL!

  61. I knew Hanes did have some cheap and comfy clothes, but I wasn't aware of how large of a selection they have.

  62. With 6 kids all wearing Hanes, this would be a great help with the budget. I like the great variety, everyone picks out their favorite and I can easily keep them straight when sorting the wash.

  63. Whoa! Popular post, Stephanie! You're inbox must be busting at the seams - LOL! These are exactly the type of clothes I buy for my kids. With three, I just can't afford pieces that are more than $10 each. Even one outfit for each of them becomes terribly expensive when added all together. What an awesome contest!

  64. I stumbled across Hanes' kid clothes last year, and got the cutest little tunic/scooter/leggings outfit for my daughter. She's still wearing it a year later, and they're holding up well. And the whole ensemble probably only cost $15. I'm a convert.

  65. we love hanes and it's so affordable, plus comfortable. i'd get a cami and the cool dri pants,tons of capri pants. i can get almost everything on clearance.

  66. Great prize for my two girls, they would love this and Hanes is the best wearing and comfortable clothing.

  67. I love when the Hanes catalogue comes in the mail! They always have some cute and comfy stuff!

  68. I love Hanes products. One of the greatest inventions ever are the tagless clothes. No more itchy neck.

  69. Hanes is my absolute favorite is MY 'comfort clothes' well as my kids...
    Thanks for great contest!

  70. Wow, what a handy contest! My son has grown two sizes in the last few months and this would be a godsend!

  71. Hanes are great because they're so comfy! They're like the perfect clothes for growing and exploring kids!

  72. I am all about this. As our little guy so quickly grows, we are dwindling down on the amount of outfits he has to wear. I agree with you on wearing namebrands on clothes. No one pays me to advertise for them.

  73. We could really use this. Our lovely new burgundy carpet has stained the bottoms of all our socks pink! Time for new socks.

  74. I love Hanes products. I buy them for myself and my grandkids. good quality rpoducts. Thanks for the giveaway :)

  75. I love Hanes...I didn't know they sold kids clothes! These are exactly the simple and easy clothes I've been looking all over for!! Enter me in!!!

  76. I love clothes and I am definitely a bargain shopper. Thank you so much for telling me about Hanes wonderful prices. It will definitely come in handy. By the way I love your blog.

  77. I love this stuff! I come home from the office, whip off my work wear and put on my Hanes! comfy and cute too! Please enter me!

  78. Thank you for offering this sweepstakes!
    I have three boys & they love the HANES product & as for me their Mom I do too, LOL!

  79. I have two sons that seem to keep growing and that means outgrowing their clothes. Would love to buy them some new clothes. Thanks.

  80. the way kids grow so quickly it's hard to buy clothes that are fun, durable, washable, and inexpensive. thanks for reminding me about a faithful companion, HANES

  81. Love Hanes! Just got two Hanes shirts for myself that are so soft and comfortable. Would love to win this for my grandbaby -- first one.

  82. My girls need white tee shirts or any color for that matter they can never wear clothes without getting a stain on them!!!

  83. I've always loved Hanes brand clothing. It is so classic, comfortable, and easy to care for. $50 would go a long way, too, as the prices aren't really expensive!

  84. Thank you for featuring Hanes. It must be one of the most well kept secrets on the net. Their underwear is still the greatest but they have so much more to offer. Thank you for this giveaway...$50 at Hanes will go a lot further than at most places. I have 8 grandkids; need I say more?

  85. Free stuff at hanes? Who WOULDNT want that!! I would love to present my DH with some sexy little undies for fathers day..for him, not me. LOL! But Anytime i have an excuse to have him do a fashion show w/ new stuff, ill take it! ENTER ME PUHLEESE!


  86. I sure love my Organic Cotton Sleep Pants by Hanes,
    I wear them when its sunny and even when it rains.

  87. Who knew! I'm going to have to begin looking harder at Target. Like you say, they're cute in anything but definitely the cheaper the better. I'm especially on the look out for comfy and economical clothes as my big A gets older so I don't have to worry about the grass or dirt or paint or food!

  88. One of our favorite brands and $50 would def go a long way. thanx alot for this great giveaway.

  89. I would love to win this, I would either get underwear for my kids or socks for my kids as I seem to loose a lot of them! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  90. I'd have to pick up the tanks for my daughter and the creepers for the new baby coming in August! Please enter me!!

  91. Huh, I never knew Hanes sold infants and kids stuff. I just saw the cute toddler boy boxer briefs. I'll have to keep those in mind in case my son wants to wear the same type of underwear that Daddy has.

  92. I love Hane's clothes! They're great for kids and parents. They fit very well and are extremely reasonably priced. They have especially wonderful bras for Moms, and I really want to try their new 'no ride-up' underwear! Thanks for your terrific site, Metro. Mama.

  93. I am not one to spend too much money on the kids clothes.The second they get something expensive on they find the nearest mud puddle and jump in it anyway. Hanes is a great way to dress them up but just sigh when they mess it up!

  94. My son has a bunch of Hanes T-shirts. They are great to just wear around the house, and because they are so affordable, I'm not too concerned when he spills grape juice all over them. Their items last forever, too. When I was pregnant, I lived in Hanes shirts, they were very comfy!

  95. My son could use some new summer stuff and I love Hanes clothes! He grows out of stuff so quickly it doesn't make sense to pay an arm and a leg! Thanks for the giveaway.

  96. Both of my girls (4 yrs old & 21 month old) are extremely active and go through clothes so quickly. They also both have very sensitive skin and the 100% cotton clothes that Hanes offers would be great for them! Since we are a one-income family (my wife will homeschool our girls), this $50 gift certificate certainly will "go a long way" for us! Thanks for offering this contest!

  97. We recently purchased our first house... that puts enough of a dent in our clothing budget as it is, but it also opened up the whole wide exciting world of a Backyard of Our Very Own. My daughter spends all day out there and comes in looking like a grubamuffin. We need some nice-but-not-too-nice things for her to wear!

  98. I have two toddlers to clothe and they outgrow stuff so quickly. Please pick me. I could use the break. We spend hundreds on clothes every season for them.

  99. I'm with you, although my DD has some super cute dresses & "extras," she's typically in shorts & a t-shirt. Being comfy is what's most important!

  100. What a great site! I didn't realize how inexpensive their clothes were. With 2 growing girls, I want nice-fitting, yet age-appropriate clothes for girls. Sometimes the clothes out there for 6 & 10 yo girls make them look like they are 18! No way! This is a great site and I will definitely be ordering from them! I do hope I win the gc though, that would be so cool! Thanks for offering this!

  101. Love hanes. Did you notice on the 'family fun zone, make crafts' section on their site? They have a tye-dye craft for shirts, and a how-to sock puppets. How cool for a company to go the extra step and think of their customer's life needs, not just product needs. I'm very impressed!

  102. Fifty dollars from Hanes can really help out. I am beginning potty training, so poopie-oops, often send us running out to buy some Hanes. Finally, a company that understands the struggles of mommyhood.

  103. I just bought some tshirts on and believe me $50.00 would buy a lot of clothes and quality well made clothes as well.

  104. Hanes is great! There children's socks are he softest you can buy!

    Thank you for the great giveaway!


  105. I could definitely use some of those No Ride-Up Panties that I've seen advertised lately. And I'm hoping it won't be long before my daughter will be ready for some toddler underwear.

  106. The Hanes company just makes you want to roll around on the floor and play because their clothes seem so soft and comfortable. I love that their clearance section in so well priced!

  107. Wow we could really do some shopping with that. For four kids and hubby and I it would still go along way. Thanks.

  108. This would be great for my two kids. My daughter today already showed me she grew out of three pairs of pants. Plus I still have yet to buy her new summer stuff or my son.

  109. You are always such a fountain of knowledge...I had no idea that Hanes sold kids clothes - they look very comfy. Thanks for the heads up!

  110. Seems every other week I need to buy new t-shirts for my little guy - he grows like a weed. Hanes makes the most comfortable clothes - they wash up so nicely and are really soft. Thanks for the great giveaway :-)

  111. Hanes are comfort clothes from underwear to T-shirts, pants and outerwear for the whole family!

  112. I'm glad to see Haines making children's clothes.
    We've worn the adult versions for years.

  113. I've seen a few blogs talking about Hane's as a great option for clothes. I never even knew they went beyond the undershirt! But their stuff is so cute!! Thanks, $50 would be great for the few summer things we still need and all the fall stuff we'll be needing too!

  114. With a toddler who outgrows his clothing entirely too quickly, finding affordable, quality clothing is a godsend!!! I, too, don't believe in spending insane amounts of money on clothing that he may wear only a couple of times before outgrowing it. It would be nice to be able to get him stocked up for fall without paying a penny out of pocket! Thanks for the contest! [email protected]

  115. Wow, those are some amazing prices! We Love Hanes for cute park & play clothes. I never get sick if the kids get grass stains.

  116. Wow! I didn't know they made so cute clothing for kids. Can you imagine how much stuff you could get with a 50.00 gift card? That's a alot of stuff !I would be getting some things for my boys to wear this summer. Thanks for the giveaway Stephanie!

  117. being a mom of 7, clothes are a must have! most clothes we have are given from friends (what a blessing!) if your clothes go through one child, mine would love to wear them next, lol! so we'd love to win this :)

  118. Okay...any person in their right mind would say that this is the BEST contest to enter. From panties and undergarments to socks and tees...this is the place to shop!!!

    Count me in!!!

  119. would love to have some hanes for my granddaughter. have been buying hanes for myself for a long time. love them

  120. Always get the socks and workout clothes. Starting exercising and these clothes are great for the kids to join in.

  121. I have looked at the Hanes website before, but never noticed the clearance section for kids. Thank you for pointing it out. It is definitely time to stock up. I love Hanes clothing, they are so comfortable!

  122. I've been hearing commercials for their underwear that covers more of the rear-end. Wedgie-free, now that would be great. I'd love to try those. Plus, pick up some deals on the children's clothes. I took a look at them, and among the ones you featured, I saw some more nice items. Thanks, Kathy

  123. hanes clothing are so comfortable and affordable yes 50 dollars would go a long way thanks :)

  124. If I win I will let me husband pick out the clothes, its our first baby coming in January and he likes to pick stuff out!

  125. I just can't understand the kid size clothing (amount of material) being the same price or higher than adult size clothing (amount of material). And shouldn't I be getting some kind of incentive for ordering XS dresses?
    Anyway, Hanes is great! My son is so particular about what touches his skin; it MUST be comfy or there will be a battle. With Hanes, there is no battle and so that makes it a winner!
    i hope i am...
    And, thanks Stephanie for all the cool things here and for all the chances!

  126. I really like the Hanes Brand. It is great that you can get comfy clothes for less. Loved the clearance section. I really liked thisHanes® Ruched Chemise .

  127. You are right when you say $50 will go a long way at Hanes. The prices cant be beat! You can get a 3-pack of the awesome kids tagless tees for $8. Great deal. (What we like to do with the plain white tee's is tie dye them.) Besides the great prizes they are super soft and comfortable, my kids love Hanes stuff.

  128. What fun!! My daughter and I love our comfy clothes. If I won - we'd sit down together and I'd let her choose most of what we'd get with the gift certificate - okay, probably all with a few editorial comments on my part. :) The prices are great too - I never could fork out $25+ for a tshirt that she is going to run around outside in/paint in/eat drippy chocolate ice cream in. Childhood is not about worrying about stains. :) (she has a Hanes sweatshirt that she's had for about a year and it's not had a stain stick yet).

  129. I would live in Hanes if I could. Being a mom, I'm all about comfort when it comes to what I wear from day to day. I love that the kids clothes are just that - for kids. Some kid's clothing designs are way too grown up, especially for girls.

  130. I love Hanes clothing for both my kids and my husband and I. I wouldnt have ever thought to get them at the Hanes web site, thanks! Hanes is the only company that I have been able to find little boys boxer briefs in a 2T-3T. They are SOOOOOO cute on my two year old, and he loves them cause they have basketballs, soccer balls, footballs, and baseballs on them. I love Hanes!

  131. they make the best kid underware, it actually fits. My girls love the disney princess panties if only my youngest would wear them and use the potty

  132. I don't think I would have thought to go to Hanes for cute clothes for the girls, but after seeing the prices you just posted, I might actually shop online (which I NEVER do) and get some of those clearance things! Thanks for the show-and-tell. :)

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