Kids Gift Idea: Creativity for Kids

On a typical morning, we all wake up at around the same time - between 7:15-8:15am.

Kids Gift Idea: Creativity for Kids 1I usually stay in bed a bit longer, nursing the baby and soaking in her sweet sunrise smiles. Meanwhile, Tim gets our 3-year-old up (or, rather, she gets him up). Sometimes, she watches 1 cartoon on PBS while he showers [we used to never watch TV, but now...we sometimes do...but only in the morning]. Then, we all eat yogurt or cereal or fruit & toast for breakfast.

3-years-old-december-2009At 8:50, Tim heads out the door - his laptop bag over his shoulder, his phone in his hand. Our 3-year-old says, "Mommy doesn't want you to go to work." I smile because it's true. He says, "I know. But I have to go. I'll stay home on Friday. I love you." She watches his jeep pull out the driveway.

And then I say, "What would you like to do today?" I love to hear what she says. This morning, she said, "I want to go to Disneyland and Oregon and Washington." Sounds like a plan to me.

Then, we usually end up reading books, going outdoors, or doing crafts.

It helps to have some high-quality art supplies to work with when we start creating. Creativity for Kids is a great go-to shop for that.

young artist learn to paintYoung Artist Learn to Paint Set ($19.99)

Featuring 6 brushes, 5 colors of washable paint, and a mini pallet, this set comes in a mini canvas carry bag with a plastic window display. Its an attractive gift - and one that is sure to make any child's eyes dance with possibility.

white paper roll 12 x 100White Paper Roll 12" x 100' ($9.50)

Give a child a length of plain white paper and prepare to be amazed. Children are extraordinarily creative and can produce the most impressive, radiant pictures with the right tools to work with.

jumbo grip colored pencils12 Ct. Jumbo Grip Colored Pencils ($21.99)

These over-sized, high-quality pencils are an ideal gift or stocking stuffer for any child or adult. Just pair with a sketchbook and tie a huge ribbon around the package. Voila! An instant classy present. *I know I would like it just as much as my 3-year-old would.*

If you prefer to have a little more "direction" for your crafty projects, you'll be pleased to know that Creativity for Kids offers a wide selection of pre-assembled art kits. Check 'em out: Quick and Easy Tie-Dye Deluxe, Create Your Own Books, Make Your Own Animal Puppets, and more!

YOUR TURN: What is your morning routine like?

WIN IT! One winner will receive all of the products listed above: a Young Artist Learn to Paint Set, a White Paper Roll 12" x 100', and a 12 Ct. box of Jumbo Grip Colored Pencils. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Sunday, December 27th at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

FOR A SECOND ENTRY: Blog or Tweet about my Christmas Gift Guide (or about this giveaway)…and leave a second comment telling me that you did.

* I received product samples for review purposes.

*UPDATE* The winner is #123 Kerrie. Congratulations!

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153 comments on “Kids Gift Idea: Creativity for Kids”

  1. My two daughters are in love with art. So far they love to use acrylic paints, watercolors, fingerpaints and chalk! The one thing I have yet to introduce them to is colored pencils!! I've really been meaning to but with two little gals ages three and 18 months, well sometimes my memory isn't what it should be! :)

  2. My niece and nephew (ages 5 & 7) are getting into their artistic stage and can't leave a blank page around the house alone until it has something drawn on it.

  3. Grandpa and Grandma filled in for Mom and Dad for a week. Boy it was tough getting the kids up and out of the house for school.That was some week that left me the weak knee. I don't know how my daughter does it.

  4. I get up and get ready to go to work a couple of hours before my husband and daughter. My husband gets my daughter up, dressed and prepared for school. Our routine is pretty well set.

  5. We've been doing a lot more "creative projects" (anything is better than video games) and this would be wonderful...Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. Morning routine..hmm.
    Well it varies. Its pretty simple.
    Wake up, lounge around, watching tv and then we get ready and fix breakfast.

  7. I love having rolls of paper for the kids to draw, paint and create on. So easy to store and they can make projects of any size. :D

  8. Painting and all kinds of art are among my kids favorite activities! Those oversized colored pencils would be a hit for my 2 year old... he's really enjoyed using his brother's pencils lately! :)

  9. My 8 year old is an amazing artist who would LOVE all these great products and would get some great use out of them.

  10. i love products like this that let children express themselves through kids have made me some beautiful things that i will treasure for years :)

  11. I don't have any small children at home, so my morning routine is easy. I have several cups of coffee and check my email before I do anything.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  12. I usually get up whenever my son does. If I'm lucky, it's past 7am. I get his diaper changed while his daddy gets dressed. Then we all have cereal together and watch cartoons until daddy leaves for work.

  13. I love products that inspire creativity, and growth of the imagination. A plus is that these are packaged very nicely - keeping things nice and tidy.

  14. I love to color and create with the kids. We made home-made napkins this Christmas and we are going to do it again for Valentines Day. I find coloring relaxing and it is fun to see what the kids come up with. We also draw our own stuff to color and Alison likes to draw our dogs.

  15. Wish I could say my morning routine was a relaxing as yours but it's totally crazy at houuse. My daughter just moved in with her 2 children so I am getting the grandkids ready while my daughter gets ready for work. I do love entertaining the kids with craft projects. WE try to find all activites that do not include batteries!

  16. Our morning routine begins with my youngest daughter, Mira, in pursuit of breakfast, which ranges from pancakes to a piping warm bowl of oatmeal. I brew my coffee and find something to read. Mira munches away...

  17. My routine is that I wake up at 7:00 to get the kids up for school and get breakfast ready for them.
    I take them to school and come home and do housework and enter contests.

  18. Three grandaughters under 11 years of age and the creativity set would keep thm busy for grandma. And I would have the pictures to treasure for life. Thanks

  19. My routine is that i wake up at 6:30 with the 1 year old and change, feed her and get her ready for the day. Then at 7:00, I wake up the 3 year old and get him dressed and fed and then at 7:30 i get the 7 and 10 year old girls up to get ready for school and then at 8:15, i drive the two big girls to school and we are home by about 8:40 at which time I put the two little ones down for a morning nap and do house stuff and who am I kidding waste time online until they wake up at 11:00 and then we make lunch and play until it is time to pick the big girls up at school.

  20. I get up at 7:40, get my 8 year old daughter up and running, then make her lunch, check to make sure she is getting dressed and ate her vitamin. I make cereal, toast and sometimes eggs and sausage. I take her to school. My 4 year old son is usually already up and dressed when I go to get my daughter up. I make him something to eat while he waits for me to come back home from taking my daughter to school. My hubby then gets up to get ready for work after I get back.

  21. My grandsons are so creative and would put this gift to good use. These creative kinds of activities are so good to help them learn to use their imagination.

  22. I have twin daughters, they are almost 3. our routine during the week is get up, breakfast, get ourselves dressed, hair combed teeth brushed and then some days we have cartoon time, some days we go to pre-school and some days we run errands. Just depends. This would be a great product to add to play time!
    thanks for the great giveaway.

  23. Morning routines are busy as I get two children off to school. I drive them, so we all have to be out of the house by 8:30 and to school by 8:45. Two mornings a week I stay at school to volunteer, so I have to be completely ready too!

  24. As a retired teacher, I appreciate toys that foster creativity. My nephew enjoys making pictures for everyone in the family. Over Christmas, everyone got one of his "elf" series.

  25. My children are grown~But when the grandchildren stay over they like to get up and watch cartoons whiles Grandma makes them pancakes :-)

    I have one little one that loves to draw so this would be perfect for her!

  26. We get up at 5:00. Have some coffee and check the email and have a light breakfast. At 6:15 we head over to our daughters house. When we are walking in the door at 6:30 she is about ready to head to work. The 5 year old is usually awake and finishing her breakfast. The son-in-law comes into the kitchen and my grand-daughter and I head to her room to get dressed. She says goodbye to her dad as he leaves for work.

    By now her younger brother is awake and ready to eat. He and grandpa have cereal while I take the 5 year old to school. Then I head back to the house usually. Some days I stay at school to "volunteer" as a room grandma.

  27. First of all Stephanie...your babies are so beautiful and really getting big! I remember when you were expecting your "little one!"
    Second of all, since my "kids" are well into their 30's and I am the grandmother of 2 little girls..(having done the hard work of raising my own children,) we are retired, and mornings are pretty much doing as I please. Don't worry Moms...your day will come!
    I tend to stay up very late, and sleep late. Leisurely breakfast, then my day is pretty much "winging it!" No more schedules, or anyone to attend to (except dh and my 2 cats.) Quiet life, enjoy lunching with dh weekly. I feel that I've earned the peace after being a SAHM for 22 years!

  28. I get up, walk downstairs, and brew a pot of coffee right away to perk me up.

    I'd love to win this as I think art supplies are important parts of a child's development by teaching creativity, small motor skills, and eye hand coordination. Thanks.

  29. I have 3 granddaughters that love to do art projects whenever they come over. These are the kind of things I need to keep on hand.

  30. my daughter would LOVE to have this, she loves to color and draw all the time! Our Christmas cards were a big hit this year because she drew all over the envelopes!

  31. We are huge supporter of creativity in our household and are constantly replenshing our supplies of art and collage materials for our children. This would be a very useful set for our household.

  32. My mornings are pretty smooth since my husband and son are morning people they let me sleep in. Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. Not terrible--I prep everything the night before. First thing, I get my daughter washed, dressed, fed and ready, then have a half hour to do myself!

  34. When the kids are here, mornings are a blur. This artist set would perhaps keep them busy long enough for my first cup of coffee. I had forgotten how kids awake with their feet running.

  35. My morning routine starts around 5, when I get myself ready for work. At 5:45 it's time to get my 2 (almost 3!) year old up and dressed. While she eats breakfast I wake the baby (I HATE waking a sleepy baby) and get him ready. Then, it's out the door to school and work. Our quality time happens in the evenings, though I try to use the car time (only 10 min or so) to have meaningful conversations and role play.

  36. These are excellent tools for self-expression! The kids would love it!

    Morning routine: Coffee, wake & feed kids, feed horses...

  37. I usually get up while our children are still in bed. First thing I do is make the beds. Then, I start work on the computer. When our children are up, I make breakfast. After that, it's homeschooling, crafting, and playing.

  38. My morning routine is pretty much opposite of everyone elses; I work nights. I usually get home around 8 a.m., have a bowl of cereal, wipe my face clean of make-up, feed Oscar the Cat, check my emails & get ready for bed. I usually listen to my relaxation tape in order to wind down so I can go to sleep.

  39. Our morning routine starts with spending 15 minutes getting the girls out of bed to get ready for school. While they are taking showers, I get a quick breakfast for them. When it is time to leave for school, I wake up the 3 year old who spends every morning yelling at his sisters that he doesn't want to take them to school and they need to start to ride the school bus so he can sleep later.

  40. I am an artist and am always looking for ways to increase the creativity of my children. We would have great fun with this.

  41. Our mornings are always out of control. I let my kids sleep a little too long and then we are running around trying to get out the door. My resolution for the new year is to get up about 15 minutes earlier. The good part of the morning though is that we walk to school and it's about a 20 minute walk. Lots of time to joke and enjoy each others company.

  42. my daughter loves art. She is always doodling in a pad or drawing a picture, this would really be great for her.

  43. After getting Liz on the school bus, I am Tristan's all day. He plays or watches videos while I do my housework then I let him suggest something for us to do together.

  44. My morning routine isn't as laid back unfortunately. I have to drop my daughter off at grandma's then off to take the train for my commute to work. Most of the time, I grab a tea at the cafe.

  45. I geeet up around 7:30, 30 minutes after the alarm goes off usually. Then I have to get a few kids eady for school. My 3 yr olsd and my 10 month old love crafts and going out when there's nice weather.

  46. What a wonderful way to bring out creativity in my children. They love arts and crafts so much and would really love this set. Thanks so much.

  47. We co-sleep so my child bounces around on the bed for a while wakes me up. lol We change into our hanging out in the house clothes. She ask for a nana every morning even knows where I hide them. I mess around and then make a hot breakfast, lunch and dinner. With some books, bubbles and running around mixed in. I do let my daughter watch to much tv, but I am still adjusting to the winter. I feel these items will give us something to do instead of having nothing to do.

  48. I get up hours before the rest of the house, shower, have breakfast, then wake everyone one by one, make breakfast, oversee showers, backpacks, etc. Carpools, and then off to work.

  49. These would be fantastic for my 4 year old daughter. She is just starting to really explore her creative side, and it would help develop her fine motor skills. She is having a bit of trouble in preschool with her fine motor skills (her Daddy has a fine motor skill handicap and is barely able to write. So we are starting to think it's genetic.). macd82 at gmail dot com

  50. Thank you for the giveaway. As I mentioned in another giveaway you have running, my daughter is our little artist, she loves to color/paint/draw for hours!

  51. what a nice set, I moved recently and made art sets for the kids who used to be our neighbors- this is wonderful- all together and easy to send

  52. Great routine you have - ours is up by 6:30 and out of the house by 7:45 at the latest. Now we are on vacation and up at 5:30 - just not right!

  53. Oh, you're going to hate me... my husband gets up with the kids and lets me sleep in to 7:30am when he has to go to work! I know I am SO lucky and just have to get them ready after that.

  54. I get up whenever my son wakes up, usually between 6-7. We visit the potty (we're still potty training, get dressed, and have breakfast. Then when get ready to go to the gym, a playdate, or run errands.
    I'm worried what the morning routine will be like once baby #2 comes along since my hubby is long gone before we even wake up. No sleeping in for me!

  55. We love to draw and paint in this house! I can hardly believe that we don't have an easel yet. A typical morning in our house is our daughter waking up, coming into our room and saying, "I really want to draw a picture for somebody. Will you draw with me?" Then we are up and at 'em. Breakfast, walk to the beach, play, paint, draw, play. I love Melissa and Doug products too!

  56. Heh, my current morning routine is to stay in bed until my son gets up. Get up and make his breakfast and then go back to bed while he eats! I am not a morning person and this pregnancy is only making it worse! I'm lucky my son is so easy going and takes a long time to eat, I usually get an extra half hour of sleep in the morning (and yes, our apartment is so small I can still hear him while I'm sleeping!)

  57. I'm pretty sure my little artists would love this one also. I always try to cultivate creativity in my little girls. We love art stuff in this house!

  58. We like full size brown craft paper too (I think it's found with the wrapping/shipping supplies). About a year ago I was lamenting that my 3 year old boy didn't really seem interested in crafts, but he has long since turned the corner. We do crafts almost daily but not at a specific time. He likes "water paints" and Play-Doh and markers and cutting/pasting.

  59. Our routine is somewhat similar... although the time my husband has to be to work varies, so some days are more rushed than others. Plus, it depends on whether or not we have plans which cause me to actually get showered and dressed right away or if I can be lazy and leave that until later. I agree though, these supplies would make for a great day!

  60. The kids wake us up about 7:30 -- then it's breakfast, coffee, getting dressed, making the beds, seeing husband off to work, then homeschool. :0) But not now -- it's Christmas break -- yay!
    musesofmegret (at) gmail (dot) com

  61. I don't have kids yet, so right now my routine consists of hitting the snooze, then getting up and bundling up to take my dog out to the yard - we stay there for 10 or 20 minutes, and then I come in, eat breakfast while I check my email, and then shower, dress, and go. I don't have a beauty routine at all, because I don't wear any makeup or bother styling my hair - it goes up into a bun and that's it.

  62. Our recent routine includes the kids getting up between 5 and 6:30. We really need to get them sleeping longer :(

    We then eat breakfast, usually pancakes, and clean up the dishes.

    I try to jump right on the chores for the day, so we have plenty of time to hang out and play later without chores hanging over us.

    One good thing about getting up so early is that we normally have the house clean and the laundry at least started by 9 o'clock.

    Then we have the rest of the day to read books, play with blocks, color, sew, or do whatever else we want to do or what ever else needs to get done.


  63. My toddler loves crafts. My baby loves them too which involves running around the craft table and grabbing all the art supplies in sight :)

  64. I wake up to my girls playing together in their room. After changing a diaper and getting them dressed, I ask what they want for breakfast. After breakfast is made, I tend to check my e-mail and favorite blogs (that would be you) and then go play with my kids.

  65. Our morning routine is not set in stone. With 3 kids, that can't happen, but we always have breakfast, prayer, a quick clean-up of the bedrooms, then school work. I homeschool my 5 year old, so we have to keep things fairly structured, but there's lots of wiggle-room in there.

  66. Our mornings are pretty well scheduled and not very hectic considering. The baby and I are the first to wake up. I lay in bed and nurse her for a while until my 2 year old comes in. When she comes in Hubby wakes up and gets our 4 year old out of bed and he makes breakfast while I get the kids dressed. After we are all done eating I do the dishes while the baby plays on the floor and the older two do some creative play or arts and crafts. Hubby goes to work before I start dishes, and doesn't return until almost dinner time. We normally try to get Doctor Appointments, Dentist Appointments done in the morning. We also twice a week go out to the Museum, Zoo, Discovery Center, Nature Trails or something similar. I try to stay active with three youngins' but it's not always perfect. Next year our 4 year old will be starting school and I can see how everything we have worked so hard for (schedule wise) will be thrown out the window.

  67. Jasper is usually up at 6am and I try to keep him occupied until Roo and Bob wake up around 7. I make her school lunch and breakfast and then Bob takes her to kindergarten. While he's doing that, I get him set up with a book or game so I can exercise. If I'm not successful, Bob watches him while I work out and shower. I can't wait until they learn to sleep in!

  68. Our morning routine is generally quite hectic! We are rushing around like crazy people to get to school on time. My daughter attends a small country school close to our home, but my oldest 2 sons attend a private school that is about 20 miles away, so it's always a busy and long morning for us! We generally wake up around 6:30-6:45.
    These items look like so much fun!

  69. I'm usually up at 6:30 with the kids, getting them ready for school. Some mornings we're awake enough for momma to cook eggs, other mornings it's a chore to open my eyes enough to find the cereal box! The kids are pretty self sufficient, so they dress themselves and brush their teeth while I get dressed. DH is not much of a morning person, so he sleeps until 7-ish. If Liz doesn't have school, DJ takes the bus at 7:05, but if she does, we're all out the door by 7:30. It's not too snuggly and fun, but we get done what is necessary!

  70. I usually am the one to get up first, unfortunately. After I'm ready for the day, I get everyone else up for breakfast. Then the little one gets dressed and ready for school. On the weekends, we spend the morning reading books, watching a movie, or playing card games.

  71. My little boys love to be fact, we just found evidence of that on the living room wall! This roll of paper would be much more appropriate, don't you think? :)

  72. Tiny gets up first, and generally talks or sings to herself for a while until she gets impatient and calls for us to get her up. Then Chris gets breakfast ready for both girls, gets Taylor up, and they eat while I get ready for work. Sometimes they sit outside the bathroom door while I get my hair done and brush my teeth. Then I kiss and hug them and leave for work, and they play while Chris gets ready for work. Then they go off to school and daycare until I pick them up in the afternoon.

  73. The babe wakes up between 4 and 530am. He nurses and goes back in the crib. My husband leaves for work or works form home and heads to our office between 6 and 7. The babe wakes up again and we snuggle in bed until at least 7 sometimes as late as 9. Diaper change and then breakfast which varies some favorites are scrambled eggs with spinach and waffles. I clean the kitchen while the babe plays then we go down stairs and play until nap time at noon. In the summer we often went outside instead of downstairs.

  74. That is some neat looking art stuff! My 4 kids love art and I love to spend time doing it with them. We do a lot of recycling, partly because it is inexspensive, partly to cut down on waste and also because you can make some really neat stuff using "trash"!

  75. It has been so crazy in our house lately that we have not done enough crafts lately. This set would help motivate me to do it and have more organized activities. It always makes for a better day!

  76. I am a lazy old toad in the morning so I wake up to the babbling chitter chatter of my daughter and lay in bed for just ten more minutes! It is a bit of a snooze button. Then we head to the kitchen for some breakfast and play with the silly hound who is so happy to see us he can hardly stand it!

  77. Art supplies really are among the very best gifts for kiddos. Mine already have way too many un-played with toys. But the art supplies get pulled out daily (if not many times a day), and used up. So more are always welcome!

  78. Morning routine kind of depends on how the night before went. If the two girls were good and went to bed like they are supposed to or if they fought it and kept getting up. If they were good then we will get up between 7:30 and 8:00am and then I will get our 4 year old ready for school and sometimes they will have some breakfast but usually they aren't hungry that early. So I will then take our 4 year old to school and when I get back I spend time with our two year old. She plays if I have to do schoolwork and she will help me clean if I need to clean the house. She loves playing with her stuffed animals with me and making cookies. They both like painting but I have put a hold on that for a while until I buy those containers because last time got a little out of hand, my 4 year old painted our 20 year old cat orange...yes I know my fault for leaving her out of my sight while I was working on homework but usually she is fine with the paint and it is her sister I have to worry about with stuff like that. I learned my lesson I guess!

  79. My girls are still pretty young so I let them sleep while I get ready. Then I pack their clothes for the day, bundle them up in their carseats, and take them to daycare after which I head to work.

  80. Our alarm goes off at 6:00, and our two-year-old usually makes her appearance around 6:45. Breakfast around 7, and then I try to be super-productive in the morning. I lose my "umph" in the afternoon.

    We'd have lots of fun creating with those supplies!

  81. With kids in school, my day starts early. I am up at 6:15. I wake the kids at 6:45. The neighbor comes over at 7am. They all play while I clean up breakfast, make lunches, make sure they look presentable and get the days work started. We are off to the bus at 8:15.

  82. First of all, what a great art set. Our daughter would love it.

    Our mornings ALWAYS vary. With Kenz in school we tend to rush around to get her there on time, but we always sing songs or talk about how she can "lead by example" for the day. After I drop her off, Garrett and I will play, work on his school work, he will watch a few cartoons while I work from home. One day is never like the day before.

  83. Our routine is still being "fine tuned" since the birth of our new baby. But it is similiar to yours...wake up and nurse the baby, then my husband leaves for work and sometimes it is before our three year old wakes up (it just varies depending on where the jobsite he's working at is located) or regular days she's awake before he heads to his employer's shop. Then there's breakfast, a little PBS, and then we go about the rest of our day!

  84. My mornings are so hectic getting my twins dressed and my 6 year old out to the bus. Luckily when we get back in we have 2 hours of play time before naps and going out. My 1 year olds are too young for crafts and make huge mess out of everything but my six year old loves sunday mornings when we have craft time.

  85. Oh I love that all of these are packaged nicely for storage. That is always my problem with trying to find art supplies. I need something that has nice storage. These are great!

  86. Our mornings are just a wonderful time to spend eating breakfast together before I rush out the door to work! My hubby and little one have so much fun throughout the day!

  87. I think my favorite memories growing up were the crafts we did. I can't wait to make macaroni noodle necklaces someday!!
    We don't have a tv, which is... nice. There are times I wish we had one for my husband and I, but it is nice to not have the temptation. Even if we get one someday (which we likely will), we definitely won't get cable!

  88. Our morning routine is very similar. (Don't you love nursing in the bed in the morning. My favorite!)

    We also used to never use our TV but then baby #2 came along and it became a great mini babysitter in the morning for showers and breastfeeding. I'm OK with it because I think PBS has pretty high-quality shows (as far as TV goes) and because he really only watches one or two shows top. Super Why being his favorite--and I love that he shouts out answers when they ask a question. Reassures me that his brain isn't turning to mush. Plus I really think it's given him a boost in recognizing his letters and their sounds. What are your daughter's favorite PBS shows?

  89. Art supplies are on my Christmas list. Now if I could only figure out how to keep crayon on paper...

  90. I stay in bed for one snooze past the alarm going off, then I get ready for work and prepare my daughter's meals for the day. Once I'm all set, I wake up sleeping beauty,get her dressed and into the car, and we head to work. The best part of this? I'm a nanny so 'work' is another way to say I get to spend all day with my sweet girl, and she gets to hang out with other sweet girls - and I'm earning an income:) The jumbo-grip coloring pencils sound really nice. My daughter loves coloring pencils, but I think she'd fare better with these thicker ones.

  91. Awww...I can't wait to have my baby & get to nurse in the mornings!! I loved doing that with my he's the age where he'd be more into the art things +)

    autumn398 @

  92. We do much the same around here...mommy nursing sweet baby, morning cartoon, unless they are happy playing games together in the toy room (lately we have princesses and a knight running around before breakfast). Then comes breakfast followed by school/crafts. I have a big tote full of craft items and school stuff that comes down from it's shelf almost every day (especially now that it's a little colder in the mornings).

  93. What great products! I love craft and art kits. My kids love doing crafts. My son is always coloring, cutting and taping some creation together. My daughter has just really started to enjoy doing creative things like that too. This would be perfect!

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