Laundry Room Tour #MaytagMoms

Welcome to our Laundry Room.

It's really quite modest. Not Pinterest Perfect, to be sure. There is no oversized sink, no distressed wooden cabinets, no bar for air-drying delicates, and no lovely quotes on the wall.

Even so, I'm wonderfully content with it. The quietude of the white walls. The cleanliness of the floors and counters. Little onesies and skirts and leggings to remind us of three beautiful girls, growing inches bigger as we blink.

Laundry Room Tour #MaytagMoms 1

Each load whispers of lively adventures and make-believe. A yellow Belle dress that my 6-year-old dances in. Fancy socks with the ruffles - the kind I had as a little girl. Itty bitty pants with 6M on the tag, worn at the knees from her constant crawling.

In that small room, adjacent to our kitchen, we have our new Bravos XL Washer & Dryer - which makes doing laundry a breeze.

Our favorite features include the extra-large basket (so huge, in fact...we can wash our comforter with room to spare), PowerSpray Technology to ensure even distribution of detergent, and an Auto Refresh Cycle for those times when you forget to take dress clothes out of the dryer (oops!).

I also love the digital countdown feature that tells us exactly when the load will be done. This is an especially important asset since my 6-year-old is going through a crazy stage where she wants to wear the same outfit every day (we're forever waiting for that favorite orange skirt before we head out the door).

To keep our washer and dryer in tip-top shape, we empty lint after every dryer load and take care to not spill detergent. The Bravos XL also has an indicator light that comes on when the washer needs cleaning. Easy as pie.

One long shelf on the right side of the room is ample space for laundry products, plus baby wipes and spare towels. Most days, we have three detergents on-hand: Tide HE , stain spray (which we use sparingly...I'm not completely sold on it), and bleach (for white sheets).

Laundry Room Tour #MaytagMoms 2

I fold clothes right there on the dryer. Folding Memories, that's what I like to call it. "Doing Laundry" is such a boring way to phrase such an important task.

Are you loyal to a particular brand of detergent? What product(s) do you use to make stains and odors disappear?

* I wrote this post participating in an Maytag Moms Dependable Laundry Ambassador program by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Maytag. I was provided with the Maytag washer and dryer set to facilitate my post.

** WIN A Bravos XL Washer & Dryer! Visit Maytag's Facebook Page to choose your stain personality. If you like, you can also stay connected with Maytag on Twitter.

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8 comments on “Laundry Room Tour #MaytagMoms”

  1. I am a laundry nut. Call me crazy, but I actually love laundry and am somewhat of a fanatic. I only use Tide HE as well. I also use Oxiclean on whites instead of bleach, but I run a white load with just one rinse with only Oxiclean. Then I run it again with Tide just to make sure it is all well rinsed (yes, I double rinse this load). So I use lots of water, I confess, but I do hang dry everything but sheets, towels, underwear, and socks. All shirts, pants, dresses, jammies, etc. go on the drying racks. All that lint from the dryer is in fact fibers disappearing from clothes. Because I hate shopping for clothes, I do EVERYTHING I can to preserve them for years. But I digress...

    My absolute favorite laundry necessity is 409. It works far better for us than any other stain remover. I use it as soon as a soiled garment is taken off. It works WONDERS! I have been using it since I started doing my own laundry. Why? Well it works, but also because my mother used it as long as I can remember, too. Nothing took baseball diamond red dirt out of my white softball pants after a slide to a base better!

    PS - Glad to hear your Maytags are working well. I bought new ones 9 years ago - before the new cool stuff came out. The washer lasted 4 years before it died completely, and the drum on my dryer had to be replaced in the first year. I swore I'd never buy Maytag again, but with your rave reviews... I might consider it again. We replaced my washer with a Kenmore on Craigslist. It works fine, but I would eventually like a new matching set with the newer technology included. I've looked into the LG ones that look so similar to the Maytags, but I'm not ready to buy yet. Thanks for the recommendation!

    1. Rena, you are a TRUE laundry expert.

      I sincerely hope that our Maytag set holds up longer than 4 years. I'll keep you posted about any changes in the duo's performance.

  2. Stephanie, we've been avid Tide HE users for...years!! In the past few months I've started using many products from Melaleuca...mostly because of their commitment to remove harsh chemicals and their commitment to the environment...and I love their laundry products...all of their products really!!! Here's the website if you'd like to check it out: Enjoy your Folding Memories:)

    1. Thanks, Donna. I'd consider switching, but tell me: does Melaleuca have a good "scent"? I've tried other detergents, but our clothes never smell quite as clean as when we use Tide. ;)

    1. Thank you for your encouraging words, Lindsey. I always look forward to when you comment.

      P.S. Got any trips to AZ planned? I'd still love to meet you "in real life." :)

      1. I wish!

        However, Arno did have a business training event there last years SO...should that happen again and we can swing a plane ticket for might just find a new guest sleeping on your couch! hahahahaa!!

        P.S. Same goes for you if you guys come to Maryland. We bought our house in April and have room for the whole family!!

        P.P.S. I love how you are defining your brand and your personal goals! I still read both but I love how it seems you are coming more into your own. Or as Anne would say..."calling your soul your own"


        1. Our couch awaits you. :)

          Actually, we'll even give you a guest bedroom. How 'bout it?

          Thanks also for your encouragement. I've been doing a lot of reading and praying and freelancing this year. I yearn so desperately for my words to matter, to give hope and breathe truth - not just to add clutter. I appreciate that you are "staying with me" as I continue to emerge as a writer.

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