Layers: Cute Clothing for the Money Conscious

Layers: Cute Clothing for the Money Conscious 1I first heard about Layers Clothing on The Little Window Shoppe blog...and was absolutely intrigued by the cute styles AND the prices. It's not every day I stumble upon a fashionable online site with items that range from $3-65 (yes, their MOST EXPENSIVE item is $65!). 

What I like about Layers is that the items in their collection are modest, classy, contemporary, and a little bit country. 

Check out these examples:

Layers: Cute Clothing for the Money Conscious 2 Layers: Cute Clothing for the Money Conscious 3 Layers: Cute Clothing for the Money Conscious 4 Layers: Cute Clothing for the Money Conscious 5

The Clearance section is golden and, if you hit the website at the right time, you can walk away with great items for $3-$5 a piece. That's better than most chain discount stores (Target, Walmart, etc.) and the clothes are more unique.

I had the privilege of receiving the Hannah shirt ($23) and the Phoebe sweater ($24) - and am pleased with both. The quality doesn't match Nordstrom by any means, but it is comparable to Old Navy, Kohl's, Target, and other lower-priced clothing retailers. 

Now, go take a stroll over at Layers and let me know what you think.  

Layers: Cute Clothing for the Money Conscious 6WIN IT! One winner will receive a $25 gift certificate to Layers Clothing. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post prior to Sunday, May 18 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). The winner will be announced and contacted on Monday, May 19. * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner is #22 julie. Congratulations!

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257 comments on “Layers: Cute Clothing for the Money Conscious”

  1. I enjoyed browsing the Layers site. And I think the clothing looks very cute and stylish for the price. Thanks for the chance to win- I would love to add a new piece or two or three to my summer wardrobe :D

  2. Wow.. I never seen a wide strap cami.. during the summers down here in the South thats pretty much all I wear around the house and on errands.. that would be PERFECT!

    I blogged you on Prize-A-Tron as well!

  3. I bookmarked the site and I am planning on returning. I like the styles and the prices, especially on the clearance section!

  4. Love the layered looks presented especially the puffed sleeved lower right picture within the longer tunic style sweater/top. Layers can add to and be taken away. Many thanks SW

  5. This site always exposes me to cool sites! I really like the style and cuts of Layers Clothing. And, I agree the clearance site looks tight!

  6. These clothes are so cute; it's nice to find stylish AND affordable clothing in one place. Now if only I was thin enough to look cute in them....

  7. These are really nice and easy to wear and simple. I can't believe their prices are that reasonable! Thanks for the tip! I'm definitely shopping there!

  8. The clothes worn by the model are just the type of things my daughter loves to wear. I will bookmark Layers Clothing for her. A gift certificate to start her out would be great too.

  9. I looked at my summer closet and I realized that I am lacking a decent summer wardrobe. I could use more pieces to pick it up more. Thank you

  10. That baby weight is falling off now. would love to get a piece from Layers! Need a new swimsuit, too. The pool opens this month!

  11. Loving the Ginger swimsuit and the wide strap cami. Love the site so much I'm purchasing the Libby sweater.

  12. Their clothing is right up my alley. Casual and comfortable yet up to date and trendy. Really cute!

  13. What an amazing site! I newest fave! I'm going to have to tell all my friends too. I would first buy the miranda jacket so cute and then go back and buy up all the adorable t's. Great giveaway - thanks for the chance to win!

  14. What a great online boutique! I found several items I would love to purchase. The styles are realistic in terms if fitting into my everyday lifestyle, and the prices are terrific! I am really in the market for a new bathing suit, I always treat myself to one each summer because I practically live in them. I am thinking about getting the Morrocco Swimsuit, isn't that what they call a "tankini"? I think it is adorable. Thank you for introducing us to this great website today!

  15. This is a great shop! It's really hard to find modest, yet trendy clothing anymore! I really like the Kylie top and the All In One dress/skirt is a great idea!

  16. Love the Libby coat. It has a nice neutral color and casual fit. The clothes are so nice...everyone will think that your wardrobe is twice the size with the mix and matching you can do! Love those clearance prices!

  17. Wow, great taste! I never heard of this site before but these clothes are really nice and you can't beat the prices. Thanks for the heads up.

  18. The tessa shirt and yoga pants are right up my alley! I'm a huge fan of layering, and they definitely have some fun basics.

  19. I love to be casual...the clothing line looks so comfy. I love the libby top! Thanks for a great contest!!

  20. Wow, just went and checked out the clearance section. You're right it IS amazing. Nice shirts for $3.00??? Where does one find that anymore?

  21. I love their clothes! So many great things to choose from :) Thanks for entering me :) Sharon D.

  22. I, Of Course, went straight to the Clearance Section and I love the All In One (so versatile!) and the Tessa shirt!
    Thanks for the heads up!!!

  23. Love the Rachael dress in red. They have some really great prices and cute clothes - the best possible combination!

  24. I'm always looking for a bargain (who isn't?) but I've bookmarked the site and will be checking it out periodically. Thanks!

  25. Thanks for introducing this shop! I really like the Adelaide dress and it is an unbelievable price of only five dollars. I am getting out my credit card right now!

  26. I'm always on the look-out for cute inexpensive clothes for my daughter and granddaughter. I love my SIL, too, but it's really hard to find cute guy clothes! :-) The Libby is really cute.

  27. Oh my gosh, their clothing is perfect for me!! They are definitely being added to my bookmarks right now!!

  28. I'm a full-time mom, so usually I'm in jeans & t-shirts all day. This stuff looks like it would fit in with what I own, but dress it up just a bit. Like the Libby Jacket--it would be a perfect addition to my wardrobe.

  29. This was the first I had heard of this place - I checked out their website. This is great!

  30. Love it! I'm so sick of trying on shirts, only to find they just barely cover my tummy. Sorry, but this mama has no desire to sport her muffin top out in public!

  31. Oh please this is just what I need. I've just recently bought myself a few new shirts. I normally just get hand-me-downs from my sister-in-law.

  32. Wow....I just saw the most adorable dress for $5! YES!!! : ) Are the sizes pretty much on par with regular stores? I'm pretty you think that they cater to tall or average sized women (height I mean)? The Sidney dress is really pretty...

  33. They really do have some great clothing! I checked out the clearance section like you suggested, and found a great shirt. I, too, like how modest the styles are, yet fashionable at the same time. Even their swimsuits are great!

  34. I really love the Jada swimsuit. I have some of their undershirts and they are great and have lasted me a couple of years now.

  35. Some great pieces and really, really reasonable pricing, I'll be visiting this site again. I like the Maggie scoop neck tee, it looks feminine and forgiving if you have a less than perfect waistline . . .

  36. I went to Layers to pick a fave, and I ended up with some great deals I could'nt pass up! Now, all I need is the Phoebe. It is 1/2 off, so if I won, I would 'buy' it, and pair it with the all-n-one I just purchased. Very pleased with my bargains!

  37. There are some very cute clothes at Layers. The Maggie shirt caught my eye, in part because my granddaughter, Maggie, would love it. Great prices, too.

  38. not only do they have fun and cute clothes but they are definitely not going to break out budget. How awsome.

  39. Really cute clothes. I like the shirt called Kylie
    But I could see myself wearing just about anything from the site.

  40. I love the look of their clothing. My name is written all over the site! The clearance is wonderful. Please enter me in this fun drawing.
    I appreciate it.....Thanks,Cindi

  41. I love prices, love the clothes. I want to look stylish.. ha ha ha! Sometimes I feel like a drab as the mom. My husband looks great and the kids but I'm left out to dry. =) I could use this to fix myself up. Thanks. PS: I don't look that bad. Ha haha ha!

  42. Very cute clothes. I found a few things I really liked. And you're right about the clearance section, cute stuff at a great price! Thanks for offering this!

  43. That site is awesome, the clearance prices are SO cheap too. Sadly, by the time that pretty clothes gets to clearance, they are all out of my size. Ah well, it's not bad to pay full price if the normal prices are that low. ^_^

  44. I checked out this site last time you mentioned it, great stuff. And light-weight so the layers don't feel like too much. I'd love to win and go shopping.

  45. I sure wish those clothes looked on me as on the model
    Unfortunately I seem to have a bit of a waddle!

  46. Wow I love the clothes, and the prices are pretty good to. The clearance section has quit a bit in there and pretty reasonably price, there's even a capri shirt for $3.00, no where can you find a shir for $3.00

  47. Very cute stuff, and quite surprisingly affordable prices! I'm all about the mix-n-match basics.

  48. That really is a great website and they do have awesome clearance items. Thank you so much for showing me the site I have to add it to my favorites and check back frequently. Thanks again

  49. I am always looking for affordable fashion that isn't typical. Layers certainly fits the bill. It all looks really high quality, and you are right about the clearance section!

  50. Cute clothes and a good price too. Great for a SAHM, nice enough to wear out, but if it gets ruined by the kids, oh well.

  51. Great site. Some really fab pieces, even in clearance! I am very drawn to sites which deal exclusively with modest clothing, even though I have no spiritual reasons to be so. I just think a woman should look like she's got some class and boobies should not be hanging out all over the place unless being used as nature intended.

    Anyhoo, I would love to win!

  52. Great idea. I tend to buy mostly middle-priced (Old Navy, Gap, etc.) clothing that goes with everything so that I can mix and match. So this would be great!


  53. I looked at the Layers site, and I like the simple style to their clothes. They are nice, inexpensive pieces. Great for vacation wear!

  54. That's a great site. I didn't see any mention of how much they charge for shipping, however. Depending on that answer $5 tops and skirts could go from being phenominal deals to enh.

  55. I love this site! I bought from there clearance section about a year ago, I got 3 cute tops for like $25 shipped. It is really high quality clothing, doesn't lose it's shape, etc. I'd love to get some more pieces.

  56. I love this site!! Everything on so my style. I really love the Rachael Dress. My fingers are crossed til Sunday and if I don't win, I will be ordering from this site anyway:) Thanks Steph for another great *heads up* on super cute clothes!!

  57. You weren't kidding about the clearance section! There are some great inexpensive items there! Thanks for the contest!!

  58. I totally love Layers clothing!!! I especially love just their plain white t's because they can go under just about anything and cover just about anything. They are even long enough to use while you're pregnant! Love it!

  59. WOW!! I've bookmarked the site in my favorites and will peek at it often. You're right - the clearance can't be beat!!

  60. uh oh. Another shopping site to bookmark. Those are really cute clothes (i like the yoga pants!) and you are right, clearance has some really cute things at very low prices.

    i wanna shop...

  61. I would probably gift this to my sister in law who is currently expecting. I thin it would be something she would like, looks her style. I would tell her to buy something to pamper herself after she has the baby.

  62. CUTE! I love this style...I will totally check out the site.

    Happy Mother's Day for the next hour and 11 minutes... ;)

  63. Very impressive! I love the how most of the clothes are modest. They are also very stylish and cute. Great clearance prices as well (too bad they didn't have my size.)

  64. Cute stuff and a great find for clothing bargain hunters! I really like the Rachael dress, though I doubt I'd look as cute in it as the model!

  65. Oooh, love the stuff I see! Lately all I want to do is go buy clothes, but for the most part the budget doesn't allow. I'd love to try out these cute clothes for free; that's the best of both worlds! Thanks.

  66. What great prices~~! I love the lace basic tee, I know I will be doing some buying from them!


  67. Wow, they do have an amazing clearance selection. Thanks for passing on the website. I like how they carry a lot of "basic" mix and match articles of clothing.

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