Let's Do A Craft...now, what did I do with the glue?

kids busy box logoWhat to do on a lazy-dazy weekend afternoon or a morning that is dragging on with your preschooler: pull out a Kid's Busy Box and get to work on an arts & crafts project!

The Kid's Busy Box DELUXE is filled with everything you need (supplies and easy instructions) to do 20 arts & crafts projects. Designed by five moms in Maryland, the boxes are the perfect solution for non-crafty types or for keeping at grandma's house.

kids busy box deluxe contentsYour 3-7-year-old will get a kick out of creating a Paper Plate Ladybug, a Wind Sock, or an American Flag. Even my 2-year-old loved it! She was ecstatic about opening the box to find a "craft" to do and now wears her Royal Crown proudly around the house! 

Priced between $40-65, the Deluxe kits are sure to provide hours of non-electronic entertainment. And no need to scrounge around for crayons, glue, or glitter...the box has it all!

DISCOUNT CODE: Enter discount code "metromama10" on the Kid's Busy Box website for 10% off your order...now through February 3rd, 2009.

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6 comments on “Let's Do A Craft...now, what did I do with the glue?”

  1. For those of you interested, you can purchase one of these amazing craft kits online at http://www.kidsbusybox.com. They are perfect for busy moms, grandmothers who are, um, a bit out of touch with what to do to keep kids entertained, and people like me - babysitters who can't stand another battery-operated toy that kids lose interest in in a few minutes!

  2. Stephanie,

    That is the coolest thing! I love anything already put together for me so I don't have to think too hard. :)


  3. Blondie absolutely adores doing crafts. She has a little desk in her room where she likes to do them, but I love it when the two of us come together and make something. She'd love this set!

  4. My 3 year old loves painting, coloring and playing with clay. She likes telling stories about what she makes too. I think this would be great on days where her 18 month old sister is napping and we get some quality time together. She would have a blast. Thanks for the contest!

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