Looking for a Carrier for your Toddler? Try the PortaMEe!

Looking for a Carrier for your Toddler? Try the PortaMEe! 1I loved babywearing from the beginning. As a newborn, my daughter loved the closeness and warmth of being in my arms. I loved being able to have my hands free, but also knowing that my little one was safe, secure, and happy.

No one had to tell me about the benefits of babywearing; it just seemed natural.

As my Little Beauty got bigger and bigger, I had to transition from the slingrider to the snugli...and then even that was too small. But I found myself toting my little toddler around on the hip all of the time. In many ways, I longed for the "carrier days."

Then, I tried the PortaMEe. The classic PortaMEe is designed for babies weighing 15-35 pounds. I was impressed right when I pulled it out the package because I could tell that it was constructed out of high quality material. It comfortably disperses the weight across your body and allows you to carry your baby on your hip, but still keep your hands free. Best of all, there's a spot for your cell phone, wallet, and a water bottle...no need for a purse. I also appreciate the neutral style and colors - no "loud" patterns or colors to contend with. It's a carrier that you could carry almost anywhere and feel comfortable.

At fifteen months, my daughter is in the absolute perfect stage to not want to be in a carrier. She loves running and walking and exploring. Needless to say, being contained is not her favorite option at the moment - not in a car seat, not in a grocery cart, not in a carrier. But if there is a carrier for her, it's probably the PortaMEe. When it comes to carriers for toddlers, this one stands out. Perhaps that's why it won a 2007 iParenting Media Award.

Oh, and did I mention it is created and marketed by a team of two moms? :)

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3 comments on “Looking for a Carrier for your Toddler? Try the PortaMEe!”

  1. OK, so I broke down and bought that Portamee carrier. I saw it at Pottery Barn Kids and I just couldn't resist.
    It's awsome.
    My little girl LOVES to be held up high and close and I'm so relieved to be so much more comfortable.
    It looks so much nicer than anything else Ive ever used that I even chucked that old Bjorn.
    Thank you!!!

  2. I am jumping on this as well and to say I agree too!!! I have a 15month old little girl and I LOVE the Portamee, she is comfortable and happy and never complains about being in the Portamee, and I never have any back ache after using it! I love this carrier!

  3. I could not agree more, I have had my portamee since my son was 8 months old and I love it!! I have thrown away my Bjorn, and never looked back!

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