Make Money From Home - Advice from a Weekend Entrepreneur

Have you ever dreamed of working from home? Would you like to have more flexibility, more freedom, and more opportunities to cherish daytime moments with your kids...all while still earning income?

Make Money From Home - Advice from a Weekend Entrepreneur 1I am pleased to welcome Author Michelle Anton to Metropolitan Mama today to share her expertise about this very topic. Anton is a TV and radio producer, and is the co-author of "Weekend Entrepreneur: 101 Great Ways to Make Extra Cash." Michelle is also a mother and has one daughter, two step-daughters, and one step-son.

ME: What are the top 10 "hottest" at-home businesses that aspiring entrepreneurs might want to consider as we move through 2008 and into '09?

ANTON: Finding a business isn't as simple as listing the Top 10… like on the David Letterman Show. Although I know most people prefer to approach it that way, I don’t. I like to think of the various categories.  Some people prefer selling a product, others a service. Still others prefer launching an online business.  Some online businesses sell products, while others teach you how to do something and may sell audio and downloadable products for your convenience. There are online companies that are membership websites where people pay to have access to hard to find information...or you can start your own association. 

The saying "Find your niche and get rich" is a good thing to take into consideration when you are thinking about starting a business.  One of the most in-depth success stories in my Weekend Entrepreneur book profiles a woman who launched an online business selling wedding favors.  She couldn't find what she was looking for while she was planning her own wedding and now she has a million dollar business. Her secret to success was that she researched her idea and discovered that there is a market out there of soon-to-be brides who are hungry for unique wedding favors.

ME: What business ideas are an especially good "fit" for mothers of young children?

ANTON: In the long run, finding something you have a passion for is key (although you can choose to fall in love with your business even though it may not be something you feel passionate about). And that option is OK too. Moms are discovering that they enjoy their own business even if it isn’t their dream business more than they would treasure going to work and having to put their precious little one in daycare.

There is a great alternative that I recently wrote about on my blog for is a resource for flexible part-time and full-time staff jobs that allows people to work at home. You can visit their website or read the article I wrote.

As for starting your own business, the type of venture that would be right for a person depends on several variables including the age and number of children you have. If your child is an infant, you will have certain challenges and, with a toddler, you'll be pretty busy and may have to wait until they are taking a nap or asleep at night to get any work done [NOTE FROM ME - That's the stage I'm in! Naptime/Bedtime = Working Time! Anyone else with me?]. Those factors will have an impact on which business would be the right fit for you, your spouse, and your child(ren).

Here's an example...from time to time, I experiment and try different business ideas out. One that I really enjoyed was when I was a Professional Organizer for a month.  I charged $75.00 an hour (there was a three hour minimum required). If I shopped for storage items, I charged half of my fee (so it was $37.50 an hour) and thirty five cents a mile for travel. I found clients by contacting businesses.  Going to networking events (including the Chamber of Commerce) is another great way to find new clients. This was a huge success and, even though I don't really like organizing, this was a lot of fun. If a mom organized 6 hours a week for four weeks each month, that would be $1,875 plus mileage. Not bad, eh?  And all you need are business cards, which can easily be ordered online from VistaPrint. In fact, they usually have a special where you can get free business cards. My suggestion is to order your business cards from them and have something on the back, like a discount for first-time customers...and be sure to add an expiration date so that people know that this deal won't last forever.

ME: What tips would you give to moms who want to start their own "weekend" business?

ANTON: If you are married, make sure you have the support of your husband. And when you make money, put a little aside for the family to celebrate. Or, keep a piggybank (a jar will do) that you put money in and remind your family of the great thing you have planned from the money you earn from your business. That way they can help you because they will benefit too. 

Keep in mind that being a weekend entrepreneur just means that you are running your business in your spare time. It doesn't have to be on the weekend. And make sure you have a trusted and reliable family member to help with childcare if this is an issue. 

ME: What do you recommend in terms of resources (books, magazines, products) for new and aspiring business owners? 

Make Money From Home - Advice from a Weekend Entrepreneur 2ANTON: Entrepreneur magazine is a great resource and my book is outstanding too because it has several great tips for getting on your local TV station if you'd like your business to get noticed by the media. Also, you’ll find info about everything from blogging to using Instant Messaging and coupons to generate new clients.


You can also find Michelle on her personal blog and at 

Thanks so much for sharing your time and knowledge with us, Michelle!

Make Money From Home - Advice from a Weekend Entrepreneur 3WIN IT! One winner will receive a copy of Weekend Entrepreneur: 101 Great Ways to Make Extra Cash by Michelle Anton and Jennifer Basye Sander. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post prior to Thursday, May 15 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). The winner will be announced and contacted on Friday, May 16. * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner is #183 kiyana. Congratulations!

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  1. whenever someone visits that site, the registered owner makes money, it’s called traffic. For every person that visits these sites and every sale that these sites make, the owner is paid a commission. Which pretty much sums up what this Jeff Paul program is

  2. ooo, this would be so great to get, i've been trying to figure out ways to get a little extra on the side we can afford some more luxuries. My daughter used to sell candy at her school, she was a little entrepreneur herself, she actually made A LOT of money from just selling candy, hahaha!

  3. “Find your niche and get rich” is a good thing to take into consideration when you are thinking about starting a business.

  4. Yes, this is the book I've been needing. I am always trying to find ways to make money from home since I have little ones with me all the time. I'd love to read about what to do and how to help me succeed in it too.

    Great contest, hope I win!!!!

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  22. WOW!! This would be such an AMAZING book to win!! I plan on staying home with my babies in 2009 and would love to make some extra money for my family. It seems to be difficult sometimes finding a way to make extra income BUT with 101 ideas I am sure to find success in something!!!

    Thank you for the chance to win!!

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  32. Wouldn't mind reading this, in fact my husband and I are trying to get an online business up and running. We are using Tipzu right now but we might change over to Etsy, not sure yet. Right now I am updating the site everyday with a blog entry recording our progress we make towards our goal of opening our online store in 2 weeks. We are going to be selling my husbands artwork, probably just prints and books because I don't think he could bare to part with originals. However we are going to be sending an original piece of his work special for the first person to buy something from our store. Hopefully we will have some of his work up there for people to see soon. I left the web address in the website bar check out his stuff when we get it up, let me know what you think. Do you have a preference between Etsy and Tipzu. We are new to this and don't know much about either site, I see Etsy sites everywhere though I haven't seen or heard of Tipzu at all before finding it in a google search.

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  42. great interview. thanks, stephanie. i think my husband and i could both benefit from the info in this book until i'm able to start my practice (i hope that until comes sooner than later!)

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  44. My husband and I have been thinking long and hard about me starting up a business... This book would be a huge asset to our success. We know some of the risks, benefits, pluses and minuses... but we don't profess to know it all. To be honest, I don't know much of anything on the business end! That's why I'd need my hubby's help - he's very business-minded and money smart; I'm all heart and soul! I pour my heart and soul into whatever I do, but I'd definitely need him to succeed. And like I said, this book would help too! Much love to you and yours, take care and God Bless!

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    Thank you for such a great prize choice.

  48. There are so many challenges that face moms who want to work from home. The trick, find something you are good at and find a way to get paid for it! You have to think outside the box sometimes and not take no for an answer!

  49. Wow! Being able to leave the rat race behind has always been a dream. Perhaps this dream can actually be realized. Thank you. :-)

  50. I would love to make money from home, I'm currently disabled and living on ssdi doesn't get you very far, besides the fact I need something to give my life purpose

  51. This is something I have really been thinking about a lot, lately. With me working as a student (hence no income!) and living on one salary, our money situation is VERY tight. And it seems like it just keeps getting tighter and tighter as gas and food costs rise, as we plan a move to very expensive California, and as our son gets older and needs new clothes, more food, and "gear."

    I am planning on checking out the Flexible Work website that she mentioned. Looks great.


  52. It looks like Michelle’s managed to accomplish exactly what every entrepreneur should set out to do: she turned a hobby into a successful business. She’s also managed to find a balance between home life and work like, which can certainly prove to be the biggest obstacle a WAHM must face. Working from the home definitely has its advantages, but as she said, you need to be persistant, determined, and love what you do! It’s also important to network, and make your business aware to as many people as possible. One of the best means of going about this is delving into the wide market of the internet. For example, Microsoft just released Office Live Small Business, and it’s a wonderful, highly organized and comprehensive tool for any WAHM looking to take her business online. It’s a free service that includes highly organized e-mail capabilities, website traffic reports, and you can even design the page yourself with a completely user-friendly webpage designing platform. You don’t have to know the first thing about HTML to create a professional, legitimate business site.

    There’s more information at

    Office Live Small Business is a fabulous tool for getting any starting entrepreneur off the ground fast, easily and efficiently. Microsoft even hosts everything on your site for free! And to top it off, for no cost for the first year, you get a free customized “.com” domain name! Now, I work with Microsoft, so if you or any readers have any questions, I’m always around and would be more than happy to answer them for you! My personal e-mail address is [email protected]. Again, thanks so much for posting the fantastic interview! I’ll have to keep my eye out for the book!


  53. this is book i must get my hands on. I could use it for great ideas for my students in Entrepreneurship classes

  54. Weekend? How about weekly? I lost my job several months ago and would love to start up on my own (no boss). This sounds like a book where you can find what might work for any individual. Great prize!

  55. i am a stay at home mom, and have tried things i have seen online and have been ripped off, so i am trying to educate myself, and help my family. My husband works in sales and is totally paid on comission and some months i worry. i would love to help out and know that i will be able to contribute in those slow months.

  56. This interview and giveaway really fit where I am right now! I need to make a little extra cash, but I want to stay home with my kids. Thanks so much!

  57. For the first time I'm at home and not working...killing me...I need a job from home
    3beez at bellsouth dot net

  58. I've been on and off searching for that elusive perfect job that I could do at home and enjoy. We almost went into the soft baby shoe business but it never really panned out. I think I would have enjoyed it but I also think I would have benefited from a partner aside from my husband. I'm organized but not that organized and I don't like calling people I don't know so that might have been a problem. I'd also like to be a doula one day but I'm waiting till the girls are older and my parents live nearby to pursue that one. Thanks for a great interview!

  59. I dont really like peach ,but the new Lipton Peach some thing tea was good, i gave them another chance.Can i win a bike im a man?i need a bike bad!singing out peace phil

  60. Reading today's blog I really have to say how thankful and fortunate I am that I've already found my stay at home mom goldmine of a business. I'm a consultant with Usborne Books - book that kids love to read.

    I work during my daughter's nap (which is right now)...I get to spend time with other moms which is always fun...and the goal of the business to is to educate children. My children love the educational books as do my husband and I.

    My suggestions to other moms: find something with low start-up costs and find something you can believe in. I'd be happy to share what I do to anyone interested.

  61. This was a great interview. I love the tip about having the "jar" that the family can see, so that they know this is for US, not just for me to keep my hands busy.

    I've been tossing around an idea for working as a "weekend mom". I like working outside of the house, but I feel a pulling to do something creative. Even if it's writing reviews or something, I want something where I can put myself out there. So this comes at the GREATEST time for my kids and I. Also, the extra money is NOTHING to scoff at. :)

    Oh.. in case I babbled too long. Please enter me in for this, oh.. and cross your fingers :)

  62. I'm currently trying to make extra money outside of my regular job to pay down my student loans. I've done the garage sale, done the dog-sitting, etc. I'm running out of ideas! This book just might give me some useful tips.

  63. Thanks for the info. I am wanting to start a business and this would definitely help. Thanks also, for the VistaPrint info!

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  69. This sounds like something I could use right now because I need to make some extra money. This book could be the answer I am seeking on what would be more beneficial for me and my family. Thanks for the giveaway, blessings!

  70. I need to read this something awful. It is hard living alone making ends meet in a place with high cost of living

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