Make Someone's Day --- Give...Photos

Make Someone's Day --- Give...Photos 1

If you have a DSLR or an above-average digital camera...and you know how to use it, then you have an awesome tool for gift-giving in your hands.

Never underestimate the power of photos to stir a person's heart.

  • If you know a brand new mama, offer to stop in for a photo shoot of mom + baby.
  • Snap shots of your friends' kids when they are at your house for a playdate.
  • If you go to a wedding, bring a camera and capture little moments of joy and emotion.
  • Offer to take family photos for a friend at a scenic location.
  • Take photos of your friends when they are receiving awards or speaking at conferences or singing karaoke or moving into their first homes.

Then, take an envelope and send a few snapshots.

Make Someone's Day --- Give...Photos 2

Or, buy a memory card and send the whole set.

Inexpensive. Personal. Thoughtful.

People love to see pictures of themselves and of their kids so photos are a gift that is sure to be treasured.

Make someone's day. Take pictures. Send them.

Easy, right?

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20 comments on “Make Someone's Day --- Give...Photos”

  1. I e am the crazy photographer in my family.
    I still go to the store to develop my picttures.
    I have the old fashion camera that takes film.
    Maybe one day I will enjoy a new camera.
    You sure take great picture!!
    What camera do you use??

  2. I am the camera at all family get togethers on my husbands side. I've gotten some wonderful pictures of my neices and nephews as well as the grown ups. It's so fun to send them digital files and see their facebook picture is the one you took. I love sharing them by uploading to a google web album and sending them the link. That way, they can download or print all that they want. For the great grandparents- we'll print and frame some of our favorites through out the year.

  3. I love Donita's idea - I'm that mom - the one who is out and about with a camera and has no pictures of herself with her kids :)

    We send pictures to great-grandma every month - she appreciates it and it motivates me to get some of my pictures printed every month.

  4. Another way to "give a photo" to a mama...offer to take a mom-kid photo of a mom who is out and about and has a camera with her (usually a stranger). Clear as mud?!?
    How many mamas do you see at the zoo or the park or a tumble-tots class taking millions of photos of their kids? If they are anything like me, there is probably very little photographic evidence that those kids have a mom. Digital cameras are send the mom to the other side of the camera and push the button for her!

  5. Before we had our first child we decided to get an SLR because the fast shutter speed makes all the difference in the world! It takes a heap of pictures to get one good one...that and the fact that I don't have any editing programs, so what you see is what you get with my pictures :) Pictures are so fabulous...and you are right...they do make great gifts! I love giving AND getting pictures!

  6. Buying a DSLR is one of our goals for this year. We have just a simple point and shoot Nikon camera, but that hasn't kept me from taking and printing a TON of pictures of our daughters. In fact we have some photos going out with our homemade Valentines this week.

  7. Oh I totally agree that photos make such a special, personal gift. I don't have a fancy camera, but i got a top of the line point and shoot. And I must admit - I'm pretty good at editing, so that makes up for the lack of fancy camera thing....

  8. I agree. Photos are great gifts. After my little boy's recent birthday party, I sent thank-you cards and enlosed pics I had taken during the party of our friends and their own little ones celebrating with us. I also enclosed pictures of their children and our child playing together. The people we invite over for parties I consider to be friends for life, so it will be fun one day for these types of photos to be pulled out when our little guys are no longer so little--but quite possibly will still be hanging out together. :-)
    Also, I don't think grandparents ever tire of receiving photo gifts of their grandchildren. I've sent photo cubes, photo mugs, photo pencil holders, and just plain great photos in regular old frames.
    Similarly, I love to receive photos of loved ones for gifts.
    Great post.

  9. It seems like your themes are often timed just right with my life! I just bought a Canon Rebel last night! What kind of camera do you have? I think I do a good job of capturing the moment when I take pictures and I can't wait to learn how to use my new camera. My friend had a baby less than a week ago and I was thinking (before reading your post) of offering to go over and take pictures with my nice camera. But I don't know much about the camera yet. I need a 'dummies' book on how to use it. I have been trying out the auto features for now.

  10. I love sending pics! I use Picnik to add messages to photos and always include them in thank you cards or "just because" cards. I love receiving them too!

  11. Oh how I love my camera for this exact reason! I've made lots of photo books for family (mostly grandparents) when printing companies offered them for free or at a large significant discount. Best gifts because they are a whole photo album done will little hassle.

  12. This is a wonderful idea! I wish my digital camera was better(or better yet, I had a DSLR camera! LOL). Pictures are wonderful and I for one would be thrilled to be given a picture as a gift :)

  13. I wish I knew someone with a great camera! I'm the only one with a great camera that no one else knows how to use ;)


  14. I vow to take more pictures this year! I used to do so much with pictures, photo albums, etc. but now that everything is digital, I slack LOL

  15. Getting a photo album together (which not too many people do anymore)is really nice. You can also have them maid through many sites like Mac or Snapfish etc. Also a scrapbook with pictures and little tokens of places you have been or drawings your kids have made.

  16. We like to just email photos throughout the days to grandparents and other family... just a quick hello and a fun greeting!

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