"Mama Needs to Make a Phone Call..."

Penelope Trunk wrote a post on her blog in early June 2007 {Blending my kids and my career (ugh)} about the various tactics that she uses to distract her kids when she has to make or receive business calls during the day...

Tactics like letting her child dump an entire box of Cheerios on the floor or "hiding" in a broom closet for a radio interview.

It seems a little insane, but I can't say that I haven't done similar things.

Like Penelope, I try to only schedule phone calls for when my mother-in-law or husband is here...or "after hours" (bedtime).

In fact, I mostly try to limit phone calls - period. Note to clients and colleagues: I much prefer e-mail, twitter/facebook chatting, and text messaging.

That said, phone conversations are inevitable (not all people are up working at midnight, after all) and, every once in awhile, I do have to talk on the phone during the day when it's just me and the girls. In those instances, I do sometimes resort to tactics like giving my 2-year-old an extra special snack (that will take awhile to eat) or turning on PBS.

Do you ever find that you have to talk on the phone when your kids are around?

Then, you may be interested in...

calistoprothe Calisto Pro Series Home phone with multi-function Bluetooth headset by Plantronics ($279.99). It's a hands-free home office phone system that can seamlessly transition between your landline, cell phone, and VOIP (like Skype).

The Calisto Pro comes with a Bluetooth headset so you can walk around and hold the baby, without having to precariously balance the phone in between your shoulder and your neck.

The Calisto Pro Series also allows you to download your contacts from Outlook or your Apple Address Book quickly and easily so that you'll know who is calling.

MY TAKE: I pretty much use my iPhone for EVERYTHING and I don't talk on the phone much...so I don't really need this type of product, but I think it would be perfect for a person who spends a large quantity of time on the phone - at home or on the road. It would be even better if the base was completely wireless, but it's still a pretty neat item for a busy home office.

YOUR TURN: What tactics do you use to keep your children quiet when you have to make business calls or other important calls that require your immediate attention?

WIN IT! One winner will receive a Calisto Pro series Home phone with multi-function Bluetooth headset ($279.99). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, June 23 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #179 Courtney. Congratulations!

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276 comments on “"Mama Needs to Make a Phone Call..."”

  1. I have been reading all the posts because as soon as I get on the phone, someone needs me. I think that they do it on purpose just to get my attention. TV and leaving the room don't really work for long.

  2. I've tried just about everything and nothing works. No matter how quiet they are as soon as the phone rings all hell breaks loose.

  3. I could really use this phone so that I could multi task dealing with the kids while doing my phone counseling.

  4. Wow ! I have been wanting one of these! I hate the crick I get in my neck trying to hold the phone willl typing or doing other things.
    To keep the kids quiet while I am on the phone I put a movie on in their room & shut the door!

    [email protected]

  5. I've tried everything. I think my kinder has this special phone wave detector that tells her, 'go downstairs, talk incessantly at your mother, she is now on the phone.' Maybe if I turn her TV volume up a bit...

  6. I have a two year old daughter, she does not like me talking on the phone and usually starts screaming my name as soon as I pick it up. I usually have to turn on her favorite show or give her favorite snack if I want to be sure she will let me talk in peace. I work from home, so this can become a problem at times. I would really love this. It sounds awesome!!!!!!!!

  7. I have a large family, so it is hard to have a conversation in quiet. If my husband is around, I will go to my room and let him watch the kids. Otherwise, I try to keep the younger ones entertained with something and motion for the older ones to keep quiet.

  8. Oh my gosh this phone would make handling my home business SO much easier! My hands could be free to type! And I'd look uber professional too!

  9. I love this phone and would love to win it. My kids are "good as gold" until the phone rings and then two kids sound like "a group". I can't believe they are my kids.

  10. I usually try not to talk on the phone when my kids need me. That's an invitation to chaos! But when I must, I usually have to resort to bribery... an extra cookie or ice cream cone and please leave mommy alone for just a little while, okay?... :) But having a hands-free phone might make all the difference in the world!

  11. What a great way to multi-task betweeen phone platforms. No kids yet but it would sure be easy to keep up with them while being on the phone.

  12. You know it does get trickly when we (I) need to make important business calls and our baby or one of our other 2 kids is being fussy or just loud and rambunctious! I find that with the baby, planning the calls around her nap time is the best tactic. But with the other 2 kids it is not that easy, so making sure ahead of time that they are involved in an activity that they want to do is our key tactic. I never have my kids outdoors anymore when I am not there with them, or another adult is with them. So, when I am on an important call the kids are with me, just well entertained and strategically planned entertainment. Even if we have to resort to putting in their favorite video to watch, that helps keep them otherwise occupied. This Calisto Pro Series Home phone with multi-function Bluetooth headset by Plantronics would make our lives so much easier. You have no idea how many very important calls we have missed because we did not have free hands so we could take the calls. I may be changing my daughter's diaper, or tending to one of my other children and just can't get to the phone on time. This system would literally change or lives and eliminate so much stress! So thanks for the chance to enter.

  13. i put my nephews in our backyard in their sand box with some water..(oh how they love to mess with sand and water) so that keeps them occupied well beyond my phone call needs! haha :) i cant wait to win this!

  14. I've found that early morning or naptime is the best time to make telephone calls. When I have to make or take a call during a more...vocal...time, it helps that I've taught Chris to "take a phone call" in the family room on his play phone.

  15. this would be a great prize to win! I am constantly on the phone while doing my everyday house duties and a blue-tooth device on my phone would be so useful...i can talk on the phone, hands free!

  16. My kids are older but now that Ki has moved in with Ian it can be a problem- bribery to going into the bathroom are the things I have to do sometimes.

  17. I didn't have a cordless phone when my kids were small so I didn't talk much until naptime. When I did get a call they were usually well behaved. But I do remember handing them a popcicle on occasion when I needed them to be quiet.

  18. With a 2 yr old and 5 yr old in the house, it gets quite noisy as soon as I get on the phone. Why do they always act up when you are on the phone? LOL

  19. This phone is fantastic! I would love this because I just can't do anything holding a phone with my hand! It seems my sister or Mom alway call when I am making dinner and dang it is hard to cook that way! Others call me when I am doing something and it puts a damper on things!

  20. Ooh! If I had this, I could kniit while I talk on the phone. I't hurts my neck to squeeze the reg. phone between my head and my neck :)

  21. What a great phone I really need this. I am always hanging up people when I try to hold the phone with my neck.

  22. I usually try to keep kids quiet by playing the who can be the quietest game :) I then tell them after my phone call you may scream for 1 minute! Ha it usually works. I could really use this phone!

  23. Interesting Plantonics webpage ! What caught my eye was the "Up to 8 hours battery life/talk time" - just what we need with teenagers living in the house :-)

  24. I look for something good on tv for them to watch and give them a special treat that they don't normally get. Then I tell them that I have to make a phone call and it has to be quiet so I can hear the people on the other end.

  25. I have worked from home for the last 12 years. My job consits at makeing business phone calls from 5:00pm - 8:00 pm. since they were little. They have known from an early age that mommy is at work during those hours and you have to be quite and go to your father for what you need. Of course, they still have moments but, I have always rewarded them for thier cooperation with a special treat.

  26. To make important calls un-interrupted I lock myself in the garage, but when I do that my phone has alot of static on it. My phone is SO annoying, sometimes it rings normally and sometimes its just one long rrriiinnnngggg.

  27. I just go outside to use the phone because I would never be able to hear. But by doing this I also can't continue doing what I was doing. This sounds perfect. Thanks for the chance.

  28. The Calisto Pro Series Home phone is something I'm very interested in. I like that it has the Bluetooth so its hands free and my phones have seen better days & are more years old than I can remember and I dont have a cell phone so this would be something I can surely use.

  29. As my children are getting older and know how to read now it has gotten somewhat easier.
    I have made signs that I have placed in various rooms in the house that read"Please wait quietly. I will be through soon". So far so good for now lol.
    This looks as though it would be so perfect for us. As it would allow me to answer the phone no matter where I am in the house.
    Thank you so much for the chance to win.

  30. They keep getting better and better -- I really like the whole cordless approach, because it lets me get up and pace the floor when I get some energy going. Thanks!

  31. wow seems like a really nice phone when I have to make an important call i usually turn on little einstiens and give them a cookie and hope for the best sometimes it works sometimes it doesnt then i just explain to the person there ages thanks for the chance

  32. Well luckily my only child is fifteen now, so that's not a problem anymore. But when he was little, I always kept a toy up in the closet that was only brought out when I needed to distract him and keep him busy.

    The fact that he didn't see the toy all of the time made it fun and interesting.

  33. That's a tough one! I like to avoid bribery whenever possible (though I have on occasion given a snack or toy in exchange for "quiet time"), so I usually will either turn the situation into a game ("Who can be the quietest? Go!") or, like many others, rely on the "shush" signal or distract them with a fun video while I make the call. Thanks for the giveaway - looks like an amazing phone!

    [email protected]

  34. With a three year old and two nine month olds in the house, there is no good time for making phone calls during the day. Every so often the planets align and I can get them all down for a nap at once, but it's rare.

  35. My kids are the 4-legged variety, and I have been known to close them out of the room I'm in or shut them in their room. The baby is Kali and I've occasionally found myself tapping on things or making other noises to get her attention so she'll get down out of the sink or off the counter when I'm on the kitchen phone.

  36. I wish I had a good answer to that! I usually give my nephew something he isn't usually allowed to play with such as my cell phone or the garage door opener. He is in shock that I am giving it to him and it keeps him quiet!

  37. Oo this is nice! My tactics are usually the typical I am afraid, finding them something sweet to eat or putting on some cartoons. If it get's to rowdy and my husband is at home I find myself stepping outside or going in the bathroom to find some privacy to talk lol.

    [email protected]

  38. When I'm on the phone I have to give my daughter a book or toy and go into the other room because she pretty much talks nonstop 24/7! She even talks in her sleep :) Sometimes turning on the television works to quiet her but sometimes that backfires and leads to her asking MORE questions!

  39. Juggling my 2-year-old and 6-month-old doesn't usually leave an extra hand to talk on the phone and I'm always left with a big cramp in my neck. I would love this!

  40. I have batches of homemmade play dough. When my son needs to be quiet and amused I hand him a piece and tell him he needs to make it look like a perfect pizza. He takes cooking very seriously so this gives me half an hour of quiet time.

  41. i really never found anything that worked good - now they're all older teenagers and they are the ones on the phone - i guess i need to try and distract them now!

  42. When my children were small, and I needed to use the phone, I'd sit them down with watercolor paints, or play dough, or some other type of not-too-messy craft that they liked, sometimes just paper and safety scissors. They were quieter while doing these activities, I think because they would concentrate on what they were creating. This way they could do something fun, and I could talk on the phone.

  43. I didn't know that it was possable to have quiet children when you were on the phone It seems thats the time they ask you 20 questions

  44. This phone would help me so much, I have a home office. So I could type and surf the web while talking on the phone to people. I hope I win this.

  45. I could really use a new house phone I am always to late at getting to the phone great giveaway thanks.

  46. Wow I never even seen a phone like this. We have yet to find a phone that we can use while we are doing yardwork without it being statically.

  47. I try removing my child from the room and putting him in front of the TV with a snack while I'm on the phone. I've tried other tactics but they don't always work. This bluetooth device would be great! I could leave the room and go to another room where I could lock the door. LOL

  48. Well I've tried many tactics but I must admit most of them don't work that well LOL!

    This is a great looking set. Our phone we currently have dies when off the hook for a half hour or more...and yes, we put in new batteries. Time for this momma to come into the future with a bluetooth!!


  49. It s amazing how advanced technology has gotten, and how I struggle to keep up. We've come a long way from the AT&T party line, to cordless phones, to cell phones, to i phones. This looks like a wonderful piece of equipment, that I would learn to use if I won it. Thanks for the giveaway.

  50. My son is grown but I care for my nieces quite a bit and ask them to be quiet when I'm on the phone. If that doesn't work then I give them a project to start on and that ususally helps (not always though).

  51. I have totally always wanted one of those. My friend has one and loves it. Whenever we talk he gets so much done. That would be a great thing!


  53. With some pre-warning, my daughter (who is 4 and usually the one home when I need to make calls), is pretty quiet during the call...unless it runs over 10 minutes. If this happens I may need to have a snack out and waiting.

    Also, if I try to close the office door, I'm in trouble so I keep it open and allow her to see me and be near. At the end of the call and follow-up notes, I owe her my full attention :)

  54. I've found it impossible to keep the kids quiet when I work at home and need to take a phone call. Our house has three levels, I go to a different one, or I sit in the car, or I go on the balcony. I spend a lot of time on the balcony! I'm thankful for warm weather.

  55. I allow the t.v. or computer to distract them during an important call. It may not be the best way, but it keeps them entertained for awhile and allows some peace and quiet.

  56. I work out of my house 3 nights a week, but they are the nights my DH is home - so he keeps the DS quiet. He is going through "mommy" phase, so I wouldn't have a chance without him. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  57. I don't have much luck, but if the call is with someone who knows my child, I'll ask if they mind saying a quick hello to them and that will usually calm him down and I'll get to finish my call!

    Thanks for the giveaway.

  58. If the call necessitates focused attention and/or the kids are being, well, kids then I resort to my 'mommy time-out' tactic where I go to my room (aka our master bedroom), close the door and take care of business.
    Note: my husband would LOVE for me to win - just for the hands-free Bluetooth. I tend to talk while driving... :)

  59. my kids are now teens and can take a hint... sometimes... lol
    when they were younger, I slapped a vhs in the player and they were generally happy

  60. My husband would just love this phone! He's such a gadget nut. I also have had five surgeries on my shoulder, so cradling the phone in between my neck really hurts, so this would be great! Thanks for the chance :)

    [email protected]

  61. Mine is old enough to know, thank goodness. In the past though, a playpen and a toy reserved only for "phone time" worked. The "special" nature of a toy only given during phone time helped.

  62. I don't know how I managed to get em trained right, but I am never bothered by them when I am on the phone. They just know to be quiet.

  63. If I know I have an important call I pop in a movie and let my girls watch on my bed so I can take concentrate on my call.

  64. My daughter just turned 14 and has developed phoneitis[shes on the phone alot]if I won this the ear piece could be found on her ear at all times. I would love to have this too..

  65. Oh boy could I use this! I've taught my kids that they do need to keep it down when I'm on the phone and they're pretty good about getting the message when I give them the shh signal. By bigger problem is with our dog, she likes to sit at the window and bark at every leaf that floats by, which usually occurs at the exact moment an important phone call comes in.

  66. I finally got my kids to understand that if they needed it while I was on the phone they would not get it. Now they leave me little posty notes while I am on the phone. When I am done I take care of their notes. I need this phone, I spend close to 1600 minutes on the phone per month.

  67. ughghg i just realized i totally commented on the wrong post. SEE i can't even be on the net with my kids around and type a comment without getting up fifteen times to wipe bums, pass the baby some toys, keep my son from hitting my daughter with a necklace he's swinging around.....geez. maybe they should make hands free laptops...

  68. good topic. i'm ebarassed to admit that i usually throw on a pair of sweats and a t-shirt. i try to get into something a little less frumpy yet casual but unless i am stepping out of the house those clothes seem to stay in the closet. sometimes i think if i were to get rid of my sweats i'd have no choice but to wear my nicer clothes which pale in comparison to the pants above.

  69. My kids are grown so my biggest problem is keeping the dog form barking while I am on the phone. He gets so jealous if I am talking to anyone else.

  70. I just tell them to be quiet in a serious voice. Sometimes it doesnt work, so I just leave the room:)...Thank you

  71. This is really a fantastic prize. I'll bet my VOIP would work better if I had this. There are so many fine features on this phone. Just to be able to remotely answer landline, VoIP and even mobile calls is a great feature.

  72. This is my biggest problem as a virtual assistant. As an affiliate marketer and blogger I never need to make phone calls, but since I also run a VA practice I have to make calls with my clients and potential clients.

    I always schedule my calls. I wish I could have a dedicated line so that people could reach me whenever they'd like, but that isn't possible right now.

    So I schedule calls around my husband's schedule. Luckily at least once per week he is home during the day.

    It isn't a perfect system, but it works for the time being.


  73. Took a while ,but just explaining to my daughter how important the phone calls are that I have to make at times. Now that she is 4, she fully understands

  74. I would find a book that my son liked a lot and tell him that when I was done, we would talk about what happened in the book. It always worked. Thank you!

  75. I sit them on the patio with chalk. Perfectly in sight, safe in the backyard, but quiet through the door, lol.

  76. I usually end up letting my 2yr old play with something I normally wouldn't while I'm on the phone so she stays quiet. Putting Barney on also works very well! My 10yr old is usually good at staying quiet if I ask him to!


  77. Our phones are horrible! They are old and not very useful, so we use our cell phones a lot. Well our cell phones are horrible as well. I can only get reception if I'm in 3 specific rooms of our upstairs level to the house. I hate having long conversations on the phone, because my daughter knows that I can't keep track of her if she wanders off. She gets into EVERYTHING and it's so frustrating. This would be so nice!

  78. My husband is trying to make a go of his own business right now and he hates having to hold the headset to his ear so this would be the perfect phone for him to use.

  79. I try to set aside certain, scheduled times for phone calls. However, when a call comes up that needs my immediate attention...I pop in a Hannah Montana DVD and that usually buys me some time :o)
    I have wanted this Plantronics phone since I first saw it a year ago...thanks SO much for the chance to win!

  80. I usually put her in the crib with a favorite toy and go to my bedroom to talk on the phone. This would be a godsend.

  81. I usually turn on the television and go in my bedroom to have a quieter conversation. Thanks for the chance to win! Great giveaway!

  82. My children are older now so sometimes the "evil" eye look works. If I had to make an important phone call and my children were little I would wait until they were sleeping. There's no point in frustrating yourself and them.

  83. Oh i hate the phone!! But a bluetooth around the house might persuade me to make those business calls I should have made yesterday!

  84. My little guy is just over a year old. I admit he gets away with everything when I'm on phone calls. His favorite thing is sneaking and climbing the stairs. He thinks it's hilarious when he gets a good head start before I start chasing him. When I'm on the phone, I "chase him" from a distance to keep an eye on him and make sure he doesn't eat the cat food. So long as he's safe, he gets away with everything.

  85. wow, this is a really cool looking phone. I'd love to win this. To keep my little one busy during important calls I always try to keep her busy playing with something new to her. If its new its funner. So I have little toys she hasn't seen or seen alot so when those important call come in I can keep her occupied.

    [email protected]

  86. I don't have babies now but teenagers. I think they are the worst sometimes. I always tell them when I get off the phone, I will give you all my attention and I do that.

  87. Wow, this looks cool! When I have to make a call, and if my husband is not around to watch her, I either give her something to do-a puzzle, drawing, something that is going to take a few minutes of her time...or a snack. Anything to keep her quiet for a few minutes! I'm lucky, though, that hubby can normally keep an eye on her while I go talk-in the bedroom with the door shut, or out on the porch. thanks!

  88. I could really use something like this for when my two oldest call. I'm so busy, and it's hard working and holding the phone between my head and shoulder.

  89. i think this phone is so cool and it is hard to be cooking,watching the kids ,folding clothes and talk on the phone at the same time.

  90. That is the coolest phone ever! I would love to win it for my mom - her cordless phone is about to Croak!

  91. I take out the briefcase that contains art supplies for my son and give him lots of scrap paper to doodle his hearts content. That buys me enough time to be able to have important phone calls. If he makes a mess and spills paint on the floor, I will clean it afterwards and it will be well worth it!

  92. I usually try and step out the backdoor its glass I can still see them fine but the person on the other end can't hear the "Mommy can you....?"

  93. This would be a very handy addition to the home office. At times there is so much going on that the office speaker phone is nearly drowned out. Other time, I'm doing 9 things at once and have hands free would be a blessing.

  94. The way I keep my kids down is to sing music they like in the funniest ways I can think of. I really need this for my business calls. my children use the phone alot, the battery is always low, and to get a new house phone that doesn't suck, would be nice, at home or on the road.

  95. kid is well trained at this point. he knows when i say "this is an important phone call..." what not to do.

  96. I wish I had good tactics! My three year old son always throws tantrums when I'm on the phone. Other times soon as I get on the phone he keeps asking if he can talk on it. He will ask over and over to talk which is horrible when it's an actual important call.

  97. Answering the phone would bring my kids out of the woodwork immedicately, sometimes I would just have to bribe them to keep them quiet.

  98. You know, it seems no matter my plan, the kids always try to talk to me while I'm on the phone. My kids won't talk to me all day and as soon as I'm on the phone, all 3 need my attention immediately.

  99. My 8 month old never sits peacefully when I need to make a phone call. So I do my best to make calls when she is napping. THat is not always possible so I am usually playing with her or distracting her while I hold a phone to my ear. This would be great to have.

  100. It is pretty hard. I try to get them settled coloring or watching a movie when I need to make an important call, but they always seem to find there way to me on the phone when I need to concentrate the most.

  101. Our phone at home is horrific. It's all static and you can hardly hear what anyone is saying. I hate it!

  102. yes it is typical the minute the phone rings my grandbabies either start fighting with eachother or start crying over something. I usally ask who ever is on the phone to hold on a minute then put on a favorite game on my computer and let them wear my headset!

  103. I work at home and would love to have a phone system that would allow me to take calls in the kitchen, laundry room, office, etc. What a great convenience to not be tied down to one specific room! Thanks for the chance to win this great system!

  104. There doesn't seem to be any tactics that work too well. If it's a really important call, I am bad and turn the tv on until I get off the phone.

  105. This would be so useful When I'm extra busy with something and don't have a free hand to hold the phone.

  106. When I am watching my grandson and I have an important call I give him books to read or a coloring book and crayons. He will sit quietly while I speak on the phone.

    Thank you!

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  107. Well as usual I put the kids in front of the tv and pick out a great movie for them to watch. Works every time.

  108. My tactic is to entice them into the tv room with a promise of a disney DVD and a snack and then just hope it keeps them entertained.

  109. This is the coolest phone ever. My home office phone is on it's last leg. But I think people are getting used to my saying "huh" all of the time. lol Thanks.

  110. Im fortunate in that I have an enclosed porch in the front of the house with windows all the way across the living room. I can make my calls from the porch in relative quiet and comfort and still keep an eye on whats up in the living room!

  111. though i don't have children i do have 2 nieces and a nephew. If I'm going to make any type of call when they are around I try not to be too noticeable and head outside for a few mins. It usually takes them that long to realize Auntie isn't in the room anymore.

  112. My kids are in their 20's so I give em a beer! Kidding. I NEVER found anything that worked with them when they were little. Of course, in those days there were no cordless phones either!

  113. My father-in-law has arthritis in his hands so I know he would really appreciate the freedom of this device

  114. When the phone rings at my house,
    No cause for alarm...
    It's time for charades
    and that works like a charm!

    The kids run to get a paper
    From a jar with the clue...
    And they all together act out
    The thing that they do!

    The clues are too fun:
    Act like you're cats,
    You're driving a car,
    Juggle pretend hats!

    Oops, not a word spoken
    Or then you are "out!"
    And those who can outlast Mom's call,
    Shall win and deserve a special prize all...
    Usually it's a ticket or two,
    and that will admit you
    To fun,or the zoo!

  115. To make that important call, I've lied and said I had to do #2, then go hide in the bathroom to talk!

  116. wow... impossibly useful, i can leave my cellphone on a charger and not have to be connected to it... and skype... it's all in one.

  117. This would be soo awesome. I'm always on the phone and I have a headache disorder and I have problems with my neck and it would be so great to be able to wear a head set and use the house phone. What a great idea! I'm so tempted to purchase one.

  118. Keeping them quiet is normally not a problem, they seem to understand when mom needs to have them "settle down" so I can do what is necessary and when quiet is needed. I also use ASL with them to silently tell them to calm down. Now, they do have their moments! :-)

    Thank you.

  119. Wow. This sounds like the perfect phone!
    I try to keep my kids quiet by first telling them that Mom needs to make a call and that I would really appreciate it, if they can stay quiet while I'm on the phone. I also set them up with some toys and some small snacks, to keep them busy. Doesn't work often, lol, but I usually can get a few good minutes on the phone, before they get restless.
    Thanks so much offering this great prize.

  120. I am expecting my first child in August and I can't even imagine how impossible it will be to attend to a newborn while also trying to balance a phone between your ear and your shoulder! This would be the perfect thing for our household!

  121. This is such a cool phone! It would make doing things while still being able to talk on the phone so much easier.

  122. I always am "told" to leave the room by my husband and daughter when I am on the phone! Then guess what, they always end up in the room I am in talking on the phone and end up complaining that I am talking too much or too loud. Very nice phone. At least I could move around more freely and "run" from my family when I am on the phone!

  123. This is a great giveaway. I would love to win this phone. I usually send my daughter downstairs to the playroom. She knows not to bother me when I'm on the phone!

  124. We don't have children (yet, through no lack of trying) so I can't honestly answer that question. But I do love the phone, so thanks for the giveaway!

  125. I tell them that i will give them candies or cereal bars since they love them, then i put one of their favorite movies on and i go into the bedroom to talk on the phone, that way they stay quiet all the time while im on the phone :)

  126. I tell the children that if they are quiet when I am on the phone I will reward them twice a week and do what they want, or go where they want within reason.
    This usully works.

  127. I take my calls in the bathroom. Between the three kids, the dog and our three parrots it is usally always noisy in our house. Whenever an important call comes through I rush to the bathroom. It's a good thing we have two or I'd be in trouble.

  128. Distraction: I turn on the toons and hide in the bathroom. It's not usually the kids that make noise, somehow my three dogs always know when I'm on an important phone call and choose that time to have a huge play-fight right in front of me. Then I have to break out the dog bones.

  129. I would love to own this.I love to talk on the phone a lot so this is perfect for me. thanks for the chance.

  130. What a cool product. At first, I thought this would be sonderful for parents of young kids; however, after thinking about it, it's pretty nice for parents like me too - a 10-year-old and a 15-year-old. For those of you who think the distractions and interruptions will go away once they grow up, sorry. Luckily, the difference is that they now finally understand what "I'm on the phone" means, but there are still a million things to do with laundry and jeans that HAVE to be done NOW, hair ties that have to be put in a certain way, nail polish spills, burning smells coming from the kitchen, and a myriad of teen and pre-teen challenges. Hands-free communication would make motherhood sooooo much easier.

  131. I wish I had a tactic to keep my 6-month old quiet! And when my husband is making phone calls, I keep the baby in another room with me and do housework. If Vivi will cooperate!

  132. I dont have any kids but I think its a great thing to be able to have both of your hands functional while using the bluetooth... And i would love one of those expecially for driving.

  133. We carried this phone at the store I worked (before I was laid-off) they are a great phone and have a good distance.

  134. Trying to operate a business from home is tough when your house is the house where all the kids want to hang out. Basically, I rely on instant messaging. If I have to use the phone, the kids have to go outside. Sometimes I'll go downstairs to the den (Dad's hangout).

  135. my kids are good, they learned to go into another room when im on the phone. the bluetooth thing would be even better. i never used one before..thanx

  136. i'm totally laughing about the cheerios!! this is one reason I finally stopped being an editor from home. the moment i had to leave my 3-month-old in front of baby einstein in her bouncy to try to sneak away for a "quick" conference call. ahhh!

  137. Well, I have no kids at home but when the bird (Blue & Gold Macaw) starts screaming and/or the the dog starts barking err howling when the bird screams ha ha, I just shut the office door if I'm on the phone.

  138. To keep my kids quiet I always have/had toys and distractions in a cabinet 3 feet from where I take calls. It's filled with a bunch of things like books, stickers, and Happy Meal toys. I tell them "Mommy has a call" and they're trained to be quiet....and go to the cabinet for some quiet fun.

  139. I am a Mom expecting my fourth and having a phone conversation is an unheard of pleasure. This would allow me to talk while running around like a loon!

  140. Dear Calisto Pro Series Telephone,

    Please be mine. Okay, sure, my house is a little crazy with kids running around and running my own business from the study. Chaos, really. I understand it might seem like a little more than you want to get yourself into. But don't you see how much you would help me be organized and connected?

    Trust me, you'll never go unappreciated.

    Your biggest admirer

  141. This would be essential for me....seems like I always have my hands full with organizing,cleaning,tending to the kids,laundry etc. What a great idea for the house phone! Great giveaway!

  142. OMG!!I am drooling over the phone. This phone will be a great item in the household and something I can brag about to the guests. And it comes with the blue tooth. Yes, I can cook while talking .thanks for the chance.

  143. It is hard to make phone calls or talk on the phone when U have little ones. They seem to always want something when U R trying to do the phone thing. I find if u get the paper and crayons out, tell them to make a picture for the refrigerator they love that, it really works

  144. I always put in a favorite dvd and gave her a snack for long calls or business calls. If it was a short call, I let her go for it. It was always fun to see what creative attempts she would make for mommy's full attention.
    [email protected]

  145. I would love a new home phone. Ours is not working properly and we are looking for a new one. This would sure fit the bill! thank you

  146. I give her a favorite snack and put her favorite cartoon in the DVD player. That's usually good for about 15-20 minutes of uninterrupted phone time!

  147. I plop in in front of the computer and have him watch cartoons with headphones on. Keeps him quiet, entertained, and I can stay in the room and keep an eye on him while I make my calls.

  148. Ooh, I would love to have this! Yeah, for some reason, my kids always seem to need my attention when I'm on an important phone call (especially the 2-year-old). I usually turn on Elmo, or give her some fruits, or let her play in the backyard while I peek at her and her brother every couple of minutes.

  149. The headset would be great for me; my mother always calls me in the middle of laundry (I keep telling her that Wednesday nights are for me and my bottle of Tide), so it'd be nice to able to talk to her without dropping my phone in the washing machine.

  150. Lets see...to keep my child quiet when I am on the phone I usually will quick put in a video or give her a treat to keep her quiet! Its a hard job but someones got to do it!

  151. I've absolutely been known to lock myself in the bathroom when there's a call that I really need to take. TV is a close runner-up.

    I know they are becoming obsolete but we still have a landline in addition to our cell phones. There are just some phone calls that are too important to risk not-so-great reception. So for me, this prize would be FABULOUS to win!

  152. Giving my son some stickers is always a big hit. Or some fruit snacks. If it is going to take over 5 minutes though I will put on Blue's Clues.

  153. Usually, when it's a call I need to take, I give the no sign when the kiddies all of a sudden need something (rightthisminute!) and I'm on the phone. That squelches it down. However, my 9 year old has taken to following me when I'm on the phone...it drives me nuts!

    I shouldn't complain though, our landline has been acting wonky, Paige gave my cell phone a bath...the only thing working is the internet...so I was able to Skype!

  154. the instant I pick up the phone the kids start screaming and yelling, it's a GIVEN!

    I'm glad to know I'm not the only one that has to talk on the phone in the bathroom while kids cry on the other side of the door! :)

    (PS: Do you use a headset for your Iphone?)

  155. I don't know what it is but my kids know right when I get on the phone. I will even tell them mommy has to make an important phone call so I need you to be quite...and no fighting. This doesn't work. I end up having to say sorry to the person on the phone and send my kids to there room or I need to hid in the garage for a moment. It makes it even harder to answer or even got to my phone with my little one, who is 5 months and I am either holding her, All the time, or nursing her. I never get to the phone before the person hangs up. It is frustrating.

  156. Oh I wish I had a good answer to your question! My 3-year-old is horrible at leaving me alone when I'm on the phone - I literally have to hide from her if I'm on an important call. This phone would help a lot - I love the Bluetooth part of it!

  157. Like you I prefer non-phone methods of communication, but inevitably someone who I need to talk to doesn't use any other form of communication. I so wish the rest of the world would hop on facebook, or at least get an email address.

  158. I don't know what it is about mommy being on the phone that makes them try to be as loud as possible! I try to make my important calls when the kids are occupied- either playing outside with daddy or taking a nap. But if that's not possible, threats and/or bribery ensue...

  159. I usually go outside if I need to talk on the phone. I have two sons (teenagers) and it is usually noisy in our house, especially now that school is out. This is a great phone. I love it!

  160. typically I just go into another room if I have a really important phone call...If I know I will be on the phone for a while and need to really pay attention then I will put a game on the computer for my son.

  161. Right on board with you - I limit my phone calls to when Lucy is sleeping. My husband bought a $300 bluetooth headset & lost it when we moved ... arggg

  162. This is a constant battle in my house. I have triplets that are six, and a four year old. It never fails, as soon as I get on the phone they fighting starts! They will scream and yell. They also decide that they need EVERYTHING while I am on the phone. I can't seem to get it in their heads that when the phone rings you need to be quiet. This phone would make dealing with them easier.

    (I have resorted to locking myself in the garage to talk but they banged on the door the entire time!)

  163. I, like everyone else that has commented, have a daughter who pulls out all of the stops while I am on the phone. She tries to break every rule she can as soon as I am on the phone! Must be universal! What works best for me is that I tell her I am going to make a phone call and ask her what she would like to do. Lately, she has been drawing a lot, so she will draw/color. I ask if she wants to draw something for someone and that helps too...having a goal or having a project for her to work on. I also will let her play outside and use the sidewalk chalk. Jameson is happy as a clam in the jumperoo right now, so I will pop him outside in that too. What are your tricks?

  164. I have totally always wanted one of those. My friend has one and loves it. Whenever we talk she gets so much done. That would be awesome!

  165. Twizzlers! If I am on the phone and they need me, I hold up my finger to ask them to wait but to be honest, that doesn't always work - So, I hand out twizzlers and it works like a charm! And I am not above locking myself in the bathroom or bedroom... it's been done quite a few times.

  166. I do the same thing. I generally give the girls a yummy snack or turn on PBS or a kid DVD, then go in my room to block some of the sound. If I don't, that phone call is inevitably the time when Kid A will have a tantrum or Kid B will fall and hurt herself or Kids A and B will fight over a chair or a toy.

  167. This kind of product isn't something I need - I have a bluetooth earpiece that I really like already and I don't use my home phone for business calls - just my cell phone.

    But... the distraction thing, yea - well that's when Sugar gets to watch Baby Einstein, or empty out my kitchen cabinets, or if I know ahead of time that the phone call is coming I take her to my neighbor's in-home daycare to play for an hour :)

  168. It's Murphy's Law that whenever the phone rings or whenever I pick it up and start dialing my kids start screaming and running around like crazy people! If I can plan ahead I will put a movie on for them, one that they REALLY enjoy so I get alittle bit of quiet. I've also been known, on occassion, to lock myself in the bathroom so I can actually hear the person on the other end of the phone! :)

  169. I'll either turn the TV on or let them play Wii or I'll just head to the bedroom and lock them out for a few minutes while I try to talk. Ha!

  170. Oh my goodness, this would be lovely!! I could accomplish fixing the toy that broke for the hundredth time or fold laundry while talking on the phone at the same time! How have we lived without such a gadget?!?!

  171. We haven't found a good solution to keep our children quiet while we're on the phone. We've tried getting them distracted ahead of time by TV, toys, games, food but as soon as Mommy or Daddy is on the phone, the screaming begins. This is a fabulous giveaway though!

  172. Now that my kids are older you would think it would be less distracting but it really isn't! Seems like everyone needs mom the minute she gets on the phone. They get "the look" quite a bit when they interrupt a call! I find myself still resorting to the tv and now the computer to keep them occupied when I'm making business calls.

  173. Is there a tactic? My little one usually is quite when we encourage him to speak and loud when we encourage him to be quiet. I'm looking forward to reading the "tactics" other people use ~ I need to learn!

  174. My son has figured out that while I'm on the phone he can get away with quite a lot! I hate trying to get at him while I'm talking so he takes full advantage! I try to distract him...but he still gets into stuff!

    autumn398 (at) yahoo.com

  175. My daughter is almost 1 and we are weaning her off her pacifier. She only gets it in her crib and car seat. Well.....and if I am trying to have an important conversation! :)

  176. Oh wow, having a phone like that would make life a lot easier around here! Once I finish school I'll be on the phone quiet a bit working (I hope!) a 2 year old makes that difficult. Great give away!

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