Mama Wardrobe: What's in your closet?

Mama Wardrobe: What's in your closet? 1Stephanie over at Adventures in Babywearing recently posted about "mom trends" in her neighborhood. She commented that most of the moms in her area shop at Old Navy and Target. She also pointed out that jeans, knit tees, and flip-flops are the most common pieces in her closet - and in her friends' closets.

I decided to continue the conversation over here at my blog. What do you don from day-to-day? Where do you shop?

Here's the lowdown on my closet:
At home -boot cut or flare JEANS, a tee or tank top, sneakers ***my most common wardrobe***
At work - pinstripe or solid slacks, V-neck sweater, boots or low heels, leather jacket (if weather permits)
Dressed up - cute skirt, heels, nice jacket
Stores I Shop At - Nordstrom Rack, Target, Banana Republic
Stores I'd Like to Shop At - Zara, H & M, Nordstrom

P.S. Those jeans are from Gap - the new bootcut fit for $59.50. Cute!

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One comment on “Mama Wardrobe: What's in your closet?”

  1. JEANS JEANS JEANS (or yoga pants!)

    I *hate* wearing skirts or dresses, which displeases my frilly girly daughter, who would wear a skirt to play in the snow.

    I've been trying to dress up a bit more during the day, which basically means pulling my hair back in a nice (and neat) pony and wearing tinted foundation and lip gloss. I will occasionally wear earrings!

    I like Target and Old Navy, although I purchased TWO articles from GAP the other day (for $112!!). I love Eddie Bauer, but the store left our mall. I try not to care to much about clothes, considering all our money goes to just the basic clothing for our three kids. Good thing I work from home!

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