Mamas Find Time to Exercise, How They Do It

Mamas Find Time to Exercise, How They Do It 1The title of this post is catchy and cute, but the answer to this dilemma isn't. Moms are typically already stretched for time, energy, and "Me time" so often fitness gets pushed to the wayside. I know it often does in my life.

But I'm committed to adding more cardio and muscle-building activities into my life (I already walk for 20-30 minutes a day). Moms I know who successfully implement excerise into their lives usually do something that is cheap, close-to-home, and as motivating as possible. Some run, some walk, some attend mom & baby strollercise classes, and some sweat alongside fitness instructors courtesy of instructional DVDS and fitness TV.

I think running is probably the solution for me. Here's what I need to do before I begin my regimen:

1. Buy a good sports bra or two. (Any suggestions, ladies?)

2. Buy some cute running clothes. Maybe a cute running skirt like the one pictured by Adidas... (Okay, it's not a necessity, but it will help me to get motivated.)

3. Create a Master Schedule so that I can actually make room to get out there every day.

What kind of fitness routine do you have? If you don't have one, what steps do you need to take to get started?

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One comment on “Mamas Find Time to Exercise, How They Do It”

  1. Stephanie,
    The best jog bras have WIDE straps and are easy to get on and off. Title Nine sells the best but they are pricey. If you can get to a addidas or nike outlet you can probably pick up a few. I prefer the long bra top so if I get hot, I can take off my running shirt. I can't wait to hear how your first run goes!!

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