MamaTime: Shopping with a Girlfriend

Yesterday, I went shopping with a girlfriend (for the first time since my little beauty was born). The husbands watched the little ones and we wandered around through Nordstrom Rack, Banana Republic, GAP, New York & Company, Black House White Market, Naturalizer, J.Crew, and Target.

We both bought quite a few things, but my favorite purchases were...

This two-button cardigan sweater by Design History (in garnet).
MamaTime: Shopping with a Girlfriend 1

This pea coat by New York & Company (in brown).
MamaTime: Shopping with a Girlfriend 2

These Calvin Klein lean booMamaTime: Shopping with a Girlfriend 3tcut jeans.

If you have a Nordstrom Rack in or near the city where you live, you have got to go there. Designer brands at "average gal" prices. Seriously!

What stores are your favorite and why?

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5 comments on “MamaTime: Shopping with a Girlfriend”

  1. Thanks for sharing your favorite stores! I think that all three of you would LOVE Nordstrom Rack based on your feedback (you want style at great prices). You should also check out Zara and H & M if you get a chance...

  2. I love your taste in clothing! I can't wait to get back to the point where I am not last in line for clothes. I have very few items that are what I would consider to be *nice.* One of these days, though. One of these days . . .

  3. I am with Miss Erica....I LOVE Target, Old Navy, Ross and TJ Maxx. I love getting compliments on outfits that I wear...especially when I know that I didn't pay very much for it:)

  4. It may sound cheesy (maybe I should be on "What Not To Wear"), but my favorite stores are Old Navy and Target, both because I think they're kind of cute and mostly because I can afford them. I always envy (in a Christ-like manner, of course...) women who have clothes that look great and fit them well, but I find out that one pair of those cute jeans cost the same as two of my whole outfits. Yikes.

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