Maternity Activewear for Celebrities...and for me

zobhalogoMy maternity workout regime consists of walking...and more walking...lots of walking.

I would attend a prenatal yoga class, but that would mean spending extra $, driving 20+ minutes to a studio, and finding the time to go without my daughter.

I would go running, but I'm not the type to run marathons with a belly. It's uncomfortable and I worry about all that "jostling."

I would have a personal trainer come to my house three times a week to ensure that I stay fit and strong all the way through my delivery date and beyond, but I am not a celebrity.  

So, instead I walk. I lift my 5 lb. dumbbells occasionally (...and my 20-pound 2-year-old daughter counts, right?), but mostly I just walk. 

When I walk, I prefer to be comfortable and stylish at the same time since I know most of my neighbors. I want to look elegantly chic, despite the fact that I'm out-of-breath and my belly is growing bigger with each passing day.

Isn't it wonderful that workout clothes are now available that are designed specifically with pregnant women in mind? Consider Zobha's maternity collection - five pieces that could be classified in the "resort wear" category. Somehow I think celebrities would be proud to wear these items.

How cute is this outfit:

maternity classic racerback tank zobha maternity essential pant long zobha maternity brigitte cashmere sweater zobha

I have the sweater and it's so pretty - excellent for chilly weather and it's "versatile" too. It can easily be dressed up [to wear to the office or to your child's school play] or down, depending on what you pair it with and what accessories you choose.

YOUR TURN: If you are currently pregnant, what is your exercise routine like? How do you stay motivated?

WIN IT! One winner will receive a Maternity Brigitte Cashmere Sweater from Zobha ($195) the size of her choice. To enter, leave a comment on this post prior to Sunday, January 11 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner is #54 Karissa. Congratulations!

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127 comments on “Maternity Activewear for Celebrities...and for me”

  1. I'm not pregnant now but when I was I was to weak and nauseous to work out. I tried to stay fit by ding house and yard work.

  2. I'm not pregnant...yet! : ) Stay tuned!

    I didn't work out with my son because I was on bedrest from week 17 until I delivered. Although I did work the first trimester and came home exhausted every night. I couldn't imagine working out my first trimester.

    Cute sweater BTW

  3. Who says you can't look sexy and pregnant? : ))) I love that Zobha makes such flattering maternity clothes! This would be so perfect for my bf!!!!

    Thanks so much for this fabulous give~away! : )))


  4. i do yoga 3 times a wk and ride my bike twice a wk. i stay motivated by telling myself i can't watch my favorite tv program until i've done my routine for the day.

  5. I do a lot of walking and go to the gym at least once a week to do low impact excercises. Thanks for the post!

  6. Luxery is hard to come by when you are pregnant. Maybe wearing the cashmere will take me back to the days of comfort and cool.

  7. When I was pregnant, I still went to aerobics classes and just didn't do the abs work and a few of the floor exercises.

  8. i am prego and i go walking everyday knowing that all the weight i put on has to come off after i have the baby

  9. The sweater is for my daughter who is pregnant. Her exercise routine is keeping up with her 1 year old, cleaning & cooking for her husband, and working a part-time job.

  10. I am pregnant!!! I actually walk over our bridge in town that over looks the water, very relaxing. I stay motivated with looking at myself everyday in the mirror and I smile because everyday is a new day. Happy new year. Great giveaway.
    2716 15th st
    vero beach, fl 32960

  11. Of course I am not pregnant but I still would like to win for my daughter-in-law who is due to have her first child June 30th.

  12. I'm currently 7 months pregnant with boy/girl twins. My current exercise regimen consists of laying in my recliner and reaching for the remote! hahaha

  13. i am not currently pregnant, though my post-pregnancy belly might still make me look like i am! i currently go to curves about twice a week.

  14. Being in the first trimester I don't feel welland am very tired. I do belly dancing classes when I have the energy but most of my exercise right now is chasing after my toddler!

  15. I'm not currently pregnant and my exercise(when I have time for it) is a run through of the ballet exercises I learned in dance classes in my childhood. 30-40 minutes of bar work keeps me in trim. For moments of joy, nothing beats a few tour j'etes,while deep plies will pull everything that's droopy up into place.

  16. I am currently pregnant & my exercise routine consists of walking and dancing around the house while cleaning. Please count me in and thanks for the contest!
    codisweepstakes at gmail dot com

  17. I am pregnant with my first. She is due in May. My husband and I try to take a walk several times a week. Winter in Massachusetts doesn't make it easy! I would love to win the sweater. Thanks!

  18. I am currently 24 weeks pregnant. I try to walk as much as I can and do prenatal yoga when I'm feeling up to it.

  19. I'm not currently pregnant, but when I was I walked. I would find some great songs on my ipod and just put one foot in front of the other.

  20. Love the sweater. I am pregnant and I don't have a set exercise schedule. I try to do a lot of walking and a few times a week I'll try to do some extra workouts with exercise videos or more intense activities.

  21. I'm not pregnant but if i win i will give this to a famuly member who is.Ive been sick lately so ive not done good exersizing:( ty 4 the awesome giveaway and entry:)

  22. Water exercise classes are the best for your poor tired pregnant body. The water really relieves all the strain of the extra weight on your body

  23. 2 months! shhh, i should even being saying!

    I treadmill, and will continue, and now I hope to get a Wii fit. i think the soccer head bumps thing looks fun, silly but fun!

  24. Lol, I do not exercise, I know I should, but I tell my hubby that I work all day carrying his baby, so I don't need to exercise, whether that is true or not is up to you =)

    autumn398 (at)

  25. We are currently trying and I can imagine running after my 6 year old will be plenty of exercise. A cashmere maternity sweater? That sounds so heavenly.

  26. I'm currently trying to get pregnant. I'm trying to keep up my treadmill routine but its hard to find the time with a 2 yr old!

  27. If I don't get motivated to move in the morning I will just lay around like a giant pregnant lump all day long! I've got to get up and do stretches and a little yoga in the morning!

  28. I would love to win this sweater. Is so stylish and looks so comfy. Can't afford to buy it, so I hope to win it!!!

  29. When it isn't snowing or raining, I try to get outside and walk as much as I can. I am super slow and I waddle like a duck! Can't wait for my little guy to get here. We will put him in his new stroller and hit the pavement! Thanks!

  30. I am not currently but yogo is great one of my friends was having a hard time gettin pregant after lossing a baby and she took a class and got pregant then keep up with it till she had her litte one

  31. Im not pregnant but my daughter in law is,her exercise is walking ,an she stays motivated every time she steps on the scales an sees that she is doing great with the pregancy weight

  32. I am not expecting, but my daughter is and I would love to win this to help keep her motivated. This is her first pregnancy and with being high risk and disabled to start with anything we can do to keep her motivated would be wonderful. Thank you for the generous contest.

  33. We just moved in to a new house, with all the fixing up I haven't had time to get into a routine. I could really use this when I start taking walks in the evening.

  34. Hi-my daughter in law,who IS pregnant with my 1st grandchild(shes 4 mos.along) would love this-and I'd love to give it to her-I LOOOVE cashmere!! If I win,she will need size XL-she's a big girl,and a tall one(5'11") too! Thanks!

  35. What a beautiful sweater - I would love to put it to good use for the last 2 months of my pregnancy up here in the cold northlands! :)

  36. I would love to win. I'm not pregnant (yet), but I've already started working out when I can to prepare for a baby. Arthritis and endometriosis have left me not wanting to work out for years, but now I need to get stronger for a baby and that keeps me motivated.

  37. I walk all the time as well. But because I live in a subzero climate, I joined an inexpensive gym for the winter so I could walk on the treadmill. It has a kids club so my son can burn off some energy at the same time as me. It works out great and sure beats seating on my butt all these cold, cold long days.

    Thanks for the chance to win these great workout clothes!

  38. I am pregnant again and my motivation is to avoid the massively un-necessary weight gain of my first pregnancy! What was I thinking eating all of that? I am already doing better - about 6 poubds lighter than this time with Jack! I have just kept my same routine workout at 8:30am at the YMCA everyday - Pilaties twice a week, cardio twice, and yoga on Fridays. Seems to be working! Oh yeah, and not stuffing my face as much!

  39. im currently preggo, hopefully not much longer, lol. I walk like a mad woman, i wish I could swim but its cold and we dont have a gym membership with a pool, so i walk, my husband takes me to the mall and I go up down over all the floors and I walk to the lake behind my house and back when its not to cold or windy.

  40. I am currently pregnant with number 5! I motivation and exercise routine comes from chasing 4 other children :)

  41. Not currently pregnant, but when I was, I was big into walking, until breathlessness made it too difficult in my last month.

  42. When I was pregnant with my son, I worked out ~5-6 times a week, aerobics or stregth training. My motivation was that the less I put on, the less I would have to take off. I hope to follow a similar regimen when baby #2 comes along.

  43. I've gotten out of my exercise routine over the holidays. But basically, and sadly, it consists of going for a nightly walk with my husband and son every night. With my first pregnancy, I did stairs and yoga all the time.

  44. I'm 23 weeks along right now, and I've just started to exercise a bit. In the beginning I was told not to because of infertility and a miscarriage that I experienced. Right now I am doing a pregnancy DVD a few times a week a walking a bit through the woods each day. I keep motivated because I feel soo much better when I exercise - my neck and back aren't as tight, and I sleep better. It's so worth it! Thanks so much, I'd love to win!

  45. I liked aqua classes during my pregnancies. This would be a luxe gift for my cousin-in-law who is expecting. She's a runner and marathon enthusiast.

  46. When I was pregnant I had a friend who was due the day after I was. We worked out together and took prenatal yoga and water aerobic classes together. It is much less intimidating to do those things when I had a friend with me and we constantly motivated each other to go to each class. It was a great way to share pregnancy stories and compare notes!! :)

  47. Oh, how I wish I was still exercising. Maybe I can during my next pregnancy. But this time around, at my 27th week, my doctor found a problem with my cervix. While she didn't put me on bed-rest (thank goodness!), I was told to stop exercising, no kegels, no housework, no heavy lifting, etc. Before that, I was walking 6 miles 3x/week, and on the other days either going on a short walk or doing a spinning video on our trainer for 30 min. I love to work out and feel good, so I cant wait to start taking our little bambino on walks, then some runs, and build my fitness back up. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  48. I am 7 months pregnant and my workouts consist of picking up after a 2 year old, WII Fit, and walking. Workout clothes (that fit right) are so comfy.

  49. I'm currently pregnant and my exercise routine is fairly non-existent I'm ashamed to say :)... Cleaning house, doing laundry, keeping up with my 20 pound 16 month old daughter and working from home while helping my laid off husband fill out job apps is taking all of my time.

    I'm hoping to start walking again soon... at least as soon as it warms up enough to take Sugar with me!

  50. I am not currently pregnant, but when I was I really liked Erin O'Brien's prenatal fitness DVD and Lindsay Brin's stuff as well. I didn't have a gym membership or cute clothes, so I preferred to work out at home! But my motivation came especially at the end when I was overdue and hoping walking would induce labor :)

  51. I'm not currently pregnant but when I was, the motivation came from the thought of being fit to take care of baby when she arrived! This sweater looks super comfy and flattering too!:)

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