maxx(imize) your fashion budget

tj maxx logoT.J. Maxx sent me on a little shopping spree last weekend.

And you should have seen me there. I was pleasantly surprised by the great brand names (and the great prices). I quickly loaded up my cart with things to try on and...I actually found a few things (which, if you ask my husband, is pretty much a miracle). Normally, I go shopping and come home empty-handed. Why? Because it's hard for me to find clothes that fit just right, are modest, and are versatile.

But T.J. Maxx came through for me.

I came home with a super cute newsboy cap (for 10 bucks!) and a zippered jean jacket by Lucky (for just under $60):




***Now if I can convince myself to wear that hat in public, that would be a good thing. For some reason, I feel kind of silly in it. And it doesn't help that my husband calls me Fievel when I wear it (he said it's pretty cute though, too...).

YOUR TURN: Where are your favorite places to shop for clothes? Have you ever been to T.J. Maxx or Marshalls?

WIN IT! One winner will receive a $50 gift card to Marshalls (which is a sister store to T.J. Maxx...I have heard that it is quite similar to T.J.'s). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Thursday, September 17th at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #48 Laura Collins. Congratulations!

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365 comments on “maxx(imize) your fashion budget”

  1. I shop at the marshalls and tj maxx. I also get a lot of stuff for my home there they usually have great deals. I love getting my kids clothes at marshalls. They have great clothes for little girls.

  2. I have been to T.J Maxx, but I can't recall going to Marshalls, even though there is one fairly close by. I usually shop at Lane Bryant since I am a big girl with broad shoulders that is 5'10"! My clothing choices are kinda limited :)

  3. I like Marshall's better than TJ Maxx, but I've been to some TJ Maxx's that look identical to Marshall's. It's just that the one closest to me is not as nice. However, they both have great deals.

  4. I shop at both of these stores for years and am still amazed at some of the bargains that I get there. I seem to find more things for me at Marshalls and do great with gifts for others at TJ Maxx.
    Thanks for the nice giveaway.

  5. Yes, I love TJ Maxx and Marshalls. My favorite store to shop is Old Navy. I love finding deals,and that's why I shop at these stores.


  6. I shop primarily at Marshalls, we don't have a TJMaxx in town but when I'm visiting a city that has one, I always stop by. I also shop at Ross on occasion but they don't have nearly as good of a selection as Marshalls.

  7. Having two daughters, one a teen, one a 3 year old born while both my husband and I were both in college means we HAVE to shop for special deals. This means going to TJ Maxx and Marshalls. I want to dress myself and my husband like professionals and have my kids look cute for school and this is the only way we can afford to...

  8. I have shopped at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. In addition to these stores, I also like to shop at Macy's and Target.

    Thanks for the great opportunity!

  9. I've shopped at both stores. TJ Max usually has items that are too young for me. My most favorite stores are thrift stores. Thanks for the contest.

  10. I have been to TJ Maxx and Marshall's both, but not recently. I need to go again. I usually buy clothes at Kohl's. Thanks!

  11. I love Marshall's! The one closest to me has a great selection and unlike some of the other clearance type clothes stores (I'm looking at you Ross!), is kept clean and neat. We don't have a T.J. Maxx close to me and it's been a few years since I've been in one, sadly.

  12. i love tj maxx myself i once left there with 5 bags of clothes for around $100 im a clearance shopper the minute im in a store my eyes are scanning for clearance signs :)

  13. TJ Maxx is my favorite store. We have a Marshals Home Goods here and I've decorated my home with so many great items from there! LOVE this giveaway!

  14. i haent been to tj max in a while but i absolutely loooove marshals! the stuff is so nice much better than ross! not to mention marshals is cleaner!

  15. I shop at TJ Maxx. We don't have a Marshall's here, but I shopped at Marshall's when I was growing up in a different state. I also find clothes at Target occasionally.

  16. I tend to shop all over the place. I like Target for basics, but also get a lot of great stuff on clearance at Macy's. I also like Kohl's. I haven't been to TJ Maxx or Marshall's for a while, except I did buy pants for my brother-in-law at Marshalls before Christmas.

  17. I've never been myself, but I just found out that my super-trendy friend shops at TJ Maxx, so now I have to go try it out!

  18. The hat looks super cute on you, you should totally wear it! I love shopping at T.J. Maxx and Marshalls, great brands at reasonable prices. I also like Kohls. Anthropologie is fun for window shopping but they are so expensive that I always leave empty handed.

  19. I’ve been to both T.J. Maxx and Marshalls, we also have Ross nearby which is a similar store. I love the feeling of getting a good bargain!

  20. Locally, I shop at Nordstrom Rack and Off Fifth Avenue. I like to shop online sample sales too! There are many listed at

    Have I ever been to T.J. Maxx or Marshall's? Try at least once a week!

  21. The hat does look cute on you. You shouldn't feel silly wearing it! I love Tj maxx and marshalls. Shop their all the time! Thanks for the chance.

  22. I love that hat, it looks cute! I like to shop at Target for clothes and I always find affordable accessories and great kid's toys at TJ Maxx.

    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  23. My favorite place to shop is probably Khol's I do like going into TJ Maxx but I end up spending way more than I meant to. lol! The hat is adorable by the way. :)

  24. I have a Marshalls down the street from me that I have gone to. I usually shop at Walmart for kids clothes as they have a big selection to choose from.

  25. Great look on you!

    And my family and I love TJ Maxx and Marshalls!

    Did back-to-school shopping at both stores!

    Unbelievable prices! Very addictive!

    Thanks for the great giveaway offering!

    GOOD LUCK to all!

  26. I visit Marshalls about every 2 months or so and TJ Maxx about the same. My favorite place to shop for clothes is Sears and Target though, I'm always amazed at how 'fresh' the clothes there are. Thanks for the contest!

  27. I don't shop for new clothes much at all since I prefer to limit consumption and reuse (hand-me-downs, consignment stores,, etc.). However, when I do I like to buy organic cotton clothes from Blue Canoe or Under The Nile. Thanks!

  28. Wear the hat!! You look great!
    I have shopped at these stores for clothes for my kids. THey find some great stuff!

    ljatwood at gmail dot com

  29. Ive never been to either store but would love the opportunity so make me a winner and my feet will thank you as I'd get me some shoes

  30. TJ Maxx is definitely one of my favorite places to shop, I love the thrill of the hunt and never knowing what I'm doing to find. I also love to hit the outlets.

  31. I'm not sure if I've been - so probably not. I love shopping at thrift shops for clothes and online. I find the most unusual things and a lot more of things I like.

  32. I love the hat--but I'm the same way--sometimes what I love I don't have the nerve to wear--I actually do really well with Macys sale rack--I'm tall and have trouble finding clothes that fit--but the plus side to that is the clothes that fit me don't really fit anyone else --so they're left on the sale rack.

  33. I'm one of those rare women who hate shopping for clothes, but one place I shop when I have to is Kohls. I have shopped at both TJ Maxx and Marshall's, they are fun to browse in because you never know what you'll find.

  34. Both TJ Maxx and Marshall's are in my neighborhood and I can usually find something at either one of them. They usually have a great selection of things. Thanks.

  35. I took a different route home from Macy's (where I usually shop for clothes) last week and realized there's a Marshalls store very nearby. I haven't shopped Marshalls for a long time, but I think I need to check it out now that I know where one is.

  36. I love shopping at stores like Urban Outfitters, The Gap, and Banana Republic, but since their prices tend to be on the higher side, I do often turn to alternatives like TJ Maxx and Marshall's, where I can find great labels at a really affordable price. Thanks for the giveaway!


  38. I like both of those stores,sometimes not very well organized!I do however get some of my sons clothing their!


  39. I've been to both and they are quite similar, but I've found Marshall's has a better toy selection, often with quite a lot of Melissa & Doug stuff or great books at 40-50% off. It's my go-to place when it's birthday-party-gift time!

  40. Now that it has cooled off a little I am planning a day at the beach. There is a Marshalls and TJ Maxx both there. I could shop with the gift card if I won. Thanks for the chance

  41. I love going clothes shopping at Marshalls!
    Its so much fun going through the racks, because I know that if I like something, Im not going to look at the price tag and have to put it back!

  42. love your hat!!! i'm a hat and shoe person, so i collect both a lot. thanks for the opportunity to win, i love marshals and tj maxx

  43. I LOVE TJ Maxx and Marshall's!!! You should definitely wear the hat... very cute. I, too, have so much trouble finding clothes... what's up with that? I have a long torso, so I've had less trouble in the past couple of years with the longer shirts styles!

  44. I have shopped at both TJ Maxx and Marshalls. They are good stores, especially if you are willing to scour the clearance racks for the best deals. My favorite store to buy clothes at is Kohls.

  45. Marshalls is very similar to TJ Maxx. We have more TJ Maxx's near us, but there is a Marshalls. I like shopping both to get a great selection at great prices!

  46. I shop at both TJ Maxx and Marshalls- so economical & I can always find unique tops! I hate going and buying the same shirt that everyone else has from the GAP!

  47. U really look great in that hat! Marshall's is a great place 2 shop, economical too! We have a new TJMaxx store nearby, I haven't yet shopped their, but have heard it is just as great as Marshall's
    Thanks 4 the chance 2 win this GC

  48. I haven't been to Marshall's in a long time, but I did use to like it and would like to give it another chance!

  49. I always feel self conscious in hats too! I actually like Marshall's better than TJ Maxx. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  50. Oh my goodness - TJ Maxx is absolutely my favorite place to shop! My Mom and I especially love going there together. It is simply the best, for clothes and housewares!

  51. I love shopping at mandee. It's expensive but definately worth it. As for marshalls, it's great because of the low prices and they have almost anything I need!

  52. Would love to win this! Marshalls is just down the road and I haven't been there in awhile - would love a reason to go!

    thanks for sponsoring this.


  53. I love TJ Maxx and Marshall's! I always find great deals when I shop there. I think the hat looks cute on you, a little like Fievel, but he looks cute in it too!

  54. The hat looks great on you. I love TJ Maaxx and Marshall's. I have two teenagers and both stores carry many brands that they like at great prices.

  55. i shop at Tj Maxx, marshalls and Ross Dress for less because I am able to save $ that way while still getting fashionable clothes.

  56. We have both a TJ Maxx and Marshalls nearby. I prefer Marshalls--they are cheaper and seem to have more in my size. They are one of the few places I can find reasonably priced, but really nice shoes.

  57. I always shop at TJMaxx and Marshall's. I like brand names, and they have many of them, but the prices are so much better. And if you can nab an item on clearance, it's a super deal. A few times a year they will have an extra 25 or 50 percent off clearance and then you can really find some steals.

  58. I love the hat, it's super cute!!

    We shop at Marshalls once in awhile. They have some great bargain toys like wooden puzzles and baby einstein dvd's that i have purchased for a lot less than retail!

  59. i like to shop at department stores mostly - nordstroms, dillards, etc. but i shop at lots of places looking for whatever looks good and is priced good. and yes i have been to tj maxx and marshalls before.

  60. I shop at TJ Maxx and Marshalls often for home goods and perfume and bags. I also love Macy's but their prices aren't as good

  61. I LOVE Marshall's and usually head there over TJ Maxx simply because it's closer. I love the brand names like Baby Phat, Coach and Kathy van Zeeland, all bargains at their everyday prices, but even BETTER bargains when they're on clearnce! khaski78

  62. I love to get clothes lots of places. I even find some decent finds at Target. I have shopped at both TJ Maxx and Marshalls.

  63. We LOVE TJ Maxx and Marshalls. Unfortunately, we don't have one near to where we live but whenever we go on vacation we look for one to shop at!

  64. I much prefer tj maxx or marshalls to ross. You can get great deals, but I have to be sure I'm in the mood to dig before going to any of those stores -- it's not always easy to find something that 1) I like, and 2) fits great. But when I do, it's totally worth it!

  65. I prefer Marshalls. I'm not even sure there's a TJMaxx in the area. Love the prices at Marshalls! I consider them my 'upscale' shopping of late due to economy... my 'other' store is the Goodwill - helps folks and really helps my budget.

  66. I have been to TJ Maxx and Marshalls, and have found good deals at both! My other favorite places to shop are Target, The Gap, and Macys. :)

  67. I go to TJMaxx and Marshall's often. They're very good, but for clothing I think my favorite store to shop for clothing for myself is Ross Dress For Less which is a discount store a lot like TJ and Marshall's.

  68. I have been to TJ Maxx many times, in fact, I go bargain hunting there at least once a week. I love to buy clothes at TJ Maxx, and also a vintage clothing store called my Sister's Closet.

  69. I have been to marshalls years ago but I usually end up shopping for clothes at jcpenny or walmart because there closer by me.

  70. I shop at both Marshall's and TJ Maxx. If you stop in often and have the patience to go through the racks, you can find some really great buys.

  71. I like to shop for clothes at kohls and target. I have not been to marshalls in awhile, but if I won this gift card I may have to stop back:-)

  72. I haven't been to TJ Maxx or Marshalls in forever! I usually hit the mall but really should check out the great deals there first.

  73. In these tough times it would be FANTASTIC to get this card.I do alot of thrift store shopping as well so something NEW would be a blessing. Marshalls has great values and it's a all in one store to shop from a-z.

  74. I think the hat looks cute on you. What do hubby's know anyway?!?! TJMaxx & Marshalls both have great deals. They also have a large variety of clothing for everyone! Love em both!

  75. I find some great deals at TJMaxx. I need to look at Marshall's. I have one close by, but haven't shopped there. Thanks for the chance.

  76. The hat looks really cute on you, and you could do worse than Fievel. ;) (I really want to watch An American Tale now!)

    The jean jacket is so cute! Lucky brand makes some great stuff--I've had a few of their things handed down to me. I actually made my daughter a pair of bloomers out of a Lucky tunic. They're really cute, if I do say so myself. :) (Sorry with the smilies.)

  77. Yes! I love TJ Maxx and Marshalls. There's a Marshalls just down the road from us and we shop there on a regular basis. I also like to shop at Khols, especially when they have sales!

  78. Yes, we are frequent shoppers of TJMaxx & Marshalls, as well as KMart, Walmart< and Target. Also, with money being a little bit tight, we have been hitting the consignment shops a lot.

  79. I've been to both Marshall's and TJMAXX. I like both stores for their selection of items and their prices. They can't be beat.

  80. I love to shop Target, Kohl's, TJ Maxx and would love to try Marshalls. I know we have a new one near us, I just have never been.

  81. You look pretty in your new fashion finds. Wear them often and in good health.

    As a retiree I don't purchase many clothes for myself--just don't need them--but I do enjoy shopping trips to TJ Maxx and Marshalls to buy gifts and things for home.

    Thank you for the contest.

  82. The TJ Maxx and Marhsall's are about a mile away from each other, but are SO different. The Marshall's here is cluttered and messy and hard to navigate, where the TJ Maxx is organized and always well-maintained. I'd have to spend the card at TJ Maxx, but it wouldn't be a problem--did someone say fall sweaters?? :)

  83. I like Marshall's because they have a variety of things to shop for. And their clothes do NOT look like every other department store in our area. They are special.

  84. We have a Marshall's in one of our local malls and I am always pleasantly surprised with what you can get there. They even have affordable Big and Tall stuff for us large guys!

  85. You = SUPER CUTE IN THAT HAT! You need to wear it out in public. Seriously.

    Shopping...such a hard thing for me to do. I would really love it if someone would nominate me for "What Not to Wear". Really, I do. I know there are so many things that I could probably wear, but have no idea about. I usually go shopping by myself as I am super picky about clothing and the way it looks on me. I have such a hard time shopping for clothes, especially shirts that fit nicely. I know you can relate that while nursing, it is tricky to find nice clothes too. All in due time...

    We are getting a Kohl's here which will be nice! We have to drive over to San Jose to get some good shopping done. Good malls and the Marshall's are over there too. Living in a beach town is fabulous, but there has to be more to life than jeans and flip flops sometimes right?

    PLEASE wear that hat!

  86. actually you can use a Marshall's gift card at T.J.Maxx and visa versa. I have a Marshall's and Tuesday Morning right by my house which means I never have any extra money LOL It goes far though!

  87. I have both TJmaxx and Marshalls close by and visit both occasionally. The thing is... you need time to shop at these places, time to try one, time to look through racks and sometimes time is the one thing I don't have when I'm out with the little ones. I do have to say.. if I can leave kids with hubby at home and can get away to one of these by myself then I come back with great stuff. Specially household items, perfect for housewarming gifts.

  88. I've been to TJ Maxx before. It's amazing how nice it feels to leave with a dress that costs 500...but only really cost 50 =)

  89. I just purchased a pair of black pants for $7 the other day at Marshalls. You couldn't find a deal like that at your local consignment shop. Great giveaway!

  90. I love your hat too! I love both stores to the point that my 2 sons would throw a fit when they felt me turning the car toward those places. I finally packed some playing cards so they could sit on the floor and play while I shopped! Great values at both stores!

  91. I love to shop at the salvation army as you'll never know what you will find. I've not shopped at marshalls, but have at tj maxx in the past.

  92. I shop at TJ Maxx and Marshalls all the time for Home Goods. They have really cool and quirky items for your house, like paintings and statues and flowers. I love that!

  93. i LOVE your hat! i just bought a vintage one that's white with small black checks that's very similar in style!

    i'm a HUGE tj maxx fan and have a marshall's in town, so this would be a fab win! i need new fall clothes.

  94. I hate to shop, so do it as little as possible (which drives both of my daughters absolute bonkers!). I do like Dillards if I have to buy something though. I have been to Marshalls, but have better luck there when buying for someone besides myself.

  95. I just got a zipper sweater that i love from there and i have a button sweater i bought two years ago that is still going strong

  96. I've been to TJ Maxx and like the stores. But since it's so far away from me, I don't go often.

    BTW, I think your Newsboy hat is super cute. I have a brown woven cap that looks similar to it, but I only wear it on cold days.

  97. Wish I looked as good as you do wearing a hat :)
    I usually shop Kmart or consignment stores for clothes. There is a Marshall's close by though :)

  98. I enjoy shopping at TJMax. The only problem is that I can't go with kids because it takes time to search through everything. When I get the chance though, I always find great deals.

  99. I love to shop at Target and Wal-Mart for clothes.
    I've never been to T.J.Max or Marshalls, but I'd like to check them out! Thank you for the contest!

  100. There is a Marshalls not to far from me. I love to go in and just look around--but I usually end up finding a bargin--I bought a cool new purse last week--I always am looking for a bargin on clothes I can wear to work.

  101. I love Stein Mart, TJ Maxx and Marshalls. I regularly shop and both TJ and Marshalls. I love the deals they have on designer suits.

  102. My hubby and I just went to TJmaxx last weekend I found amazing deals bcbg boots regular 200 dollars I paid 49.00 what a steal.

  103. My favorite store is the Anne Taylor outlet. I also buy some stuff at Target and Ross. I have been to Marshalls and TJMaxx.

  104. I went to Marshall's a couple of years ago. I bought a really nice skirt that I was crazy about. My favorite store is called Beverly's Fine Fashions.

  105. I like to shop at Kohls. I have been to Marshall's and TJ Maxx a couple times and haven't found anything there but I'd be willing to give it another try.

  106. I love the hat and you look adorable. I also love buying brand names for a steal. Our TJ Maxx and Marshall's both have great baby/toddler clothes too, which is what I would shop for. Suddenly my little guy is too long for all his pants! He sure could use a couple new pairs.

  107. T.J. Maxx is about fifteen minutes from me. I go there for my shoes and purses. I got some great flip flops this year and they were so comfy too. If I win I would look at the winter boots.

  108. I used to love t.j. maxx and marshall's. Now there's a Ross's about 20 minutes closer to me. It's very similar to the other two. I almost always find awesome deals at any of those stores. And, to spend 50 free dollars I'd drive the extra 20 minutes. :) I also love to shop at consignment stores and have even gotten very lucky at thrift stores.

  109. I have shopped at both but lately more at TJ Maxx - mostly because it is closer. Love the prices and choices at both places.
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  110. I pop into TJ Maxx every couple of months and almost always find one or two things. A lot of the time I will grab a kitchen item. They have great stuff.
    We don't have a Marshall's but we do have a TJ Maxx.

  111. I like shopping at Fashion Bug and Torrid the most. Of course, I like a great outfit for curvier gals that are just as cute as their smaller counterparts.

    I've been to both. I've said this on other blog giveaways - It's almost blasphemous to live in the Chicagoland area and to have never been to TJ Maxx. LoL.

  112. I love TJ Maxx and Marshall's both! I also really like Gordmans, but they are kinda hit and miss, so TJ's and Marshall's it is! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  113. I love to shop at Kohl's. Although I usually do my shopping online. It's just easier when I can get free shipping to buy stuff online and then try it on and return whatever I don't like. But I recently went to TJ Maxx and found a pair of Lucky jeans for about $30!! I also found a bunch of Life is Good shirts. I love a bargain!! :)

  114. I go to tjmaxx alot and there is an odds store which is not organized so I only challenge that when in the mood. I love tjmaxx because its like Christmas for me, never know whats there on the shelves.

  115. Once upon a time these stores weren't worth going into, but in recent years they've had some amazing deals! I especially love that I can buy designer perfumes

  116. I'm a broke college student so my favorite place to shop for clothes is Walmart LOL. I go to marshall's and tj maxx occasionally, I love them too.

  117. I mostly shop at thrift stores these days, but I used to shop at both marshall's and tj maxx all the time. they have an awesome selection.

  118. I go to Marshalls at least twice a month- I have 18 grandchildren so it would be wonderful to win this for my family.

  119. Hi! The hat looks good on you! We have a Marshall's in the next town from here. I've shopped there for years. It's probably not their largest store by far, but, the values are great! I also like to shop outlets. The nearest outlet is almost 1.5 hours away, so I don't go often. Thanks!

  120. My favorite places to shop are for their unbeliveble sample sales on disigner clothes for such a great price. I also love target for basics like tshirts and tanks and their shoes are cute and I also love forever21 when u have that last minute babyshower or function to go to u can find a simple cute dress or shirt and dress it up with some trendy jewlery for super cheap! I love a deal. I have shopped at marshalls before and got the cutest handbag ever and I definantly want to go back!

  121. I feel the same way about hats - I love love them but always feel weird wearing them out of the house. So I just wear them around at home=) I am a huge fan of TJ Maxx, I"m not as big of a fan of Marshalls (not that I would turn down free $$ there!) We have a TJs a couple of minutes from us (we were actually just there today) They always have amazing artwork!

    autumn398 @

  122. I just happen to have shopped at Marshall's earlier today. Both Marshall's and T.J. Maxx are always worth checking out.

  123. The Marshalls near my house is a total mess but I'm always sending my friend to her local TJ Maxx, Marshalls and Homegoods to pick up room accessories, disposable tableware, picture frames, DVD's, kids books, luggage and kids clothing for me.

  124. Don't be shy about wearing your hat, you look super cute in it! Marshall's & TJ Maxx rock, I always find really amazing deals at both stores.

  125. I love TJ Maxx, Ross and Marshalls! I usually hit them up first when I head out of the house to buy things for myself. Love the deals!

  126. I usually shop Kohl's (love their clearance section). But I have found good deals at TJ Maxx and Marshalls. I love that they all also have home depts. that I can find neat things for my home too! Thanks for the great giveaway!

    PS - I think you look great in the newsboy!! You should wear it!!! :o)

  127. I love the T.J. Maxx and Marshalls near me, although they're definitely hit-or-miss. I also am a big fan of garage sales for cheap stuff too, I've gotten a sweater or shirt or two for almost nothing. And my favorite pair of jeans is from a garage sale, it was run by a mother and daughter and they were letting people go in their house and try stuff on, which is the only way I would have bought pants. It worked though!

  128. Isn't TJ Maxx awesome! I shop there all the time. I really like to go and just browse through the home goods section, I find some amazing deals on stuff. By the way, I think the hat is pretty cute.

  129. I have been to both and they are great. I recently went to a wedding a had to get all decked out. I need a dress, fancy shalw and even heels and I got them all for much less than I thought. I am behind on my posts but in the next few days I should have pics from the wedding up

  130. Yep, I go there all the time! You have to work hard to find good stuff (as in go frequently and to various stores) but I have found great deals.

  131. I've never been to either TJMAXX or Marshalls. My favorite place to shop was J. Crew, but I moved and I don't have one near me any more!

  132. I honestly don't have a favorite place to shop. It is also very hard for me to find clothing that fits just right and that don't show too much skin. Plus are cheap (with having three kids whos needs come first I always buy for them instead of myself). I have shopped at Marshell's but never TJ Maxx. But I normally just run in and grab something for the kids. They have adorable clothing for them for great prices.

  133. I love Kohl's and just had great luck at SteinMart - a toy, a sweater for me, a shirt for me and a polo for husband for $12! Have not been to TJ Maxx or Marshalls in a while.

  134. I love both TJ Maxx and Marshalls.I love to shop at Marshalls for clothes and brand name makeup like lancome ect, I love TJ Maxx for towels and they have the best cooking supply section and super cute and cheap plates and bowls. A great place to shop for anyone who is just starting out and is on a tight budget

  135. We have a TJ Maxx & Marshalls close to us and I do love to shop there. I've gotten some great buys on my kids clothes, jacket for hubby and even a purse.

  136. TJ Maxx and Marshall's are both great stores for clothes and household items. I'm not the best fashionista, but even I can find great buys there!

  137. We love Marshalls & TJMaxx- They get great things- In fact TJMaxx gets Express' stuff- So I really wish there was one closer to me! I like Marshalls for their quality shoe selection!

  138. similar, it's better. You can get some serious deals on sportswwear, fashionwear, etc. there. And toys galore for the kids!

  139. If I won, I'd have to drive to the next town, but that would be okay. I'd love to go through Marshalls again, I loved it the first time I was there. They have some bargains, but like sarah d. wrote above you might have to "dig" to find them.

  140. I have not been to TJ Maxxx in ages but I do shop at Marshalls. They generally have good deals but you might have to "dig". I also really like Target and our local Salvation Army.

  141. T J Maxx is one of my favorite places to shop for clothes (for shoes it's DSW). I wish there was a HomeGoods (sister store to Marshalls & TJ Maxx)store near me too because I was finding lots of household bargains there. $50 goes a long way at all of these places

  142. I love shopping at TJ Maxx and Marshalls.. I also like the store Ross. I can find so much stuff for cheap. Ross carries my favorite brand of jeans (normally $70+) for around $12.. you can't beat that!

  143. I say this all of the time, I know. But you're JUST so adorable! You can rock that hat... wear it out in public girl!


  144. It's been so long since I've been shopping for myself that I couldn't honestly tell you where I like to shop. I do think there are both TJMaxx and Marshalls not too far from here though.

  145. I love TJ Maxx & Marshall's! Marshall's is definitely my favorite place to shop for clothes, I was so excited when they put one like 2 blocks from my house! I hope I win :)

  146. I'd shop at Marshall's if I could so right now, it's Wal-Mart. I have been to Marshall's and I love their stuff! I don't think we have a TJ Maxx in my area.

  147. I love to shop TJ Maxx and Marshalls. They have such wonderful buys. In fact I am in a pair of Lilly Pulitzer lounge pants I bout at TJ Maxx for quite the deal.

  148. YOUR TURN: Where are your favorite places to shop for clothes? Have you ever been to T.J. Maxx or Marshalls?

    I always shop at Kohls and JC Penney. I have shopped at TJ Maxx and Marshalls, and have had success.

  149. I love the hat - you definitely need to wear it. The jacket is pretty cute too!

    I've found some great stuff for my kids at TJ Maxx and both it and Marshall's are on my list of places to go first when I start looking for something specific! Most of my clothes shopping happens at thrift stores and consignment stores. In the past I have been able to find some great things at Kohl's, Steinmart and Cato's too. What works best for me though is simply sewing whatever I need - that takes time, so I find myself wearing the same things over and over and over again.

  150. Yes, i love tjmaxx and marshalls, but not only for clothes, but the housewares department, I usually always find something im going to buy. I find a lot of original cute clothes for my daughter and she gets lots of compliments.

  151. Firstly, very cute hat. I am not quite sure where you'd wear it, but it works.

    I shop at both TJ Maxx and Marshalls, but also do a lot of consignment shopping. I really can't pay full price for clothing, it just feels wrong.

  152. What a timely post! Just two days ago I went to TJ Maxx to shop for non-maternity clothes for the first time in about a year! I found 3 terrific "transition" tops for myself (a bit larger than my pre-preg clothes, but great for now). I think I paid $5.00, $7.50, and $12.00 for them. Woo hoo!

  153. I like those stores sometimes, but they can be a little overwhelming. I certainly wouldn't turn down the opportunity to shop on someone else's dime, though; I'll take it! :) And I like the hat...

  154. I like Marshall's selection of clothes better & TJ Maxx for housewares.
    I also love Dillard's and Macy's when they are on sale.
    I hope you do get the nerve to wear the hat- it looks adorable! Seriously. Some people look good in hats, some not so much, you do.

  155. I don't have a favorite store! My favorite is to clearance shop. I go everywhere and check out all the good deals. I usually get stuff for $2.00-$5.00. I do love to shop!!!!

  156. I like Marshalls a lot better than TJ Maxx for clothes shopping. I'm not sure why...but the presentation of the store is usually nicer to me. I have though, gotten quite a few home and baby items at both stores - I love scoring a discount rather than paying full price!

  157. The hat looks so cute. I don't usually find clothes at TJ Maxx or Marshalls, but that is because I almost never feel like searching through all the racks of my size. I like going and seeing a shirt with all the same shirts on one rack organized by size. But I do love both stores for their home stuff. They always have great prices on decorations, sheets, & sometimes kids books too.

  158. very cute!
    i adore tj maxx & marshalls, but i can only shop there with NO KIDS. they are too distracting and i have to concentrate! ;-)
    my go-to stores lately are target and old navy.

  159. I think you look super cute, not at all like Fievel. :) Wish I had a T.J. Maxx in my area! I would do ALL my clothes shopping there!

  160. We have both TJ Maxx and Marshalls near here, and yes they are similar. I enjoy shopping at both of these but my favorite place is Kohl's.

  161. I love to shop at Kohl's for my clothes. I actually have a Marshall's close to my house. I have shopped in the past, but have not been in a while. I will have to check it out!

  162. I love shopping at Marshalls. I live less than a mile from one. The layout of the store makes finding items easy.

  163. I have been to both TJ Maxx and Marshalls. I just got a dress at TJ Maxx that everyone gives me great compliments on. Shopping there is a chore, though. You really have to make the time investment to go through all those racks.

  164. I love the hat, you should wear it wherever. It really looks cute on you! I love T.J. Maxx and Marshalls, we have them both here in Texas and I shop at them both. Great buys!

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