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87 comments on “Me...on ABC”

  1. Love it! I honestly can't believe I just found your blog. I mean, you're in Tucson, I'm from Tucson. Anyway, I'm here now - looking around and loving it!

  2. Just watched your video! You were fantastic!
    You epitomized the message of "being friendly" with your big smile and eagerness to help others succeed. can't think of anyone better to do that interview than you!!! It should make everyone want to go blog!! Way to go!!

  3. Hi Stephanie,
    Great interview and what a nice blogging site you have here. Your family is beautiful and this thing we call "motherhood" is a joyous ride! ;0) Enjoy it, it sure goes fast!
    Tracy DeGraaf,
    Author, Speaker, Stand-up Comedian

  4. Stephanie - what a fantastic interview! Loved it! Congrats on the success of your blog and e-book. Praying for continual blessings on all that you do!

  5. Great job! You are SO you!!! I always get too nervous in front of a camera and come across as stiff. You rocked it!!!

  6. Yay! Congratulations! It was so fun to watch you. You did a great job articulating and sharing. And, your leaving comments on other blogs, you inspire and encourage. You have inspired and encouraged me many times!!

  7. Stephanie, you are so articulate in front of a huge national audience! And your personality really came through. You did such an awesome job in the interview. Congrats! Hope to see more of these.

  8. Congratulations, Stephanie! What a wonderful interview! I've been reading your book this past week and I feel so much more confident as I embark on beginning my blog. Thank you...

  9. So very awesome! Yay for you! You deserve it! Your blog makes so many of us happy, gives us lots of info, and really is a special blog. Congrats!

  10. SO INCREDIBLY AWESOME, Stephanie! Congrats on a fantastic job. It is so cool to see you being recognized for the wonderful, talented gal that you are. Way to ROCK ABC! :)

  11. Yay for Stephanie! You did a wonderful job. The information was super helpful and you were so well spoken. Congrats!

  12. Congratulations, Stephanie! What a wonderful opportunity for you and what a wonderful representative you are for bloggers. (You haven't changed a bit!)

    Well done!

  13. Oh my goodness! So wonderful! having watched your blog blossom from its early days - to these moments of great success, ...I feel so very proud! :)

  14. WOW! How did ABC find you? There are so many good blogs out there!!! Good Interview! You have a great smile. Were you nervous? I had a chance to interview one of the local newepeople here in UT and it was so much fun!!!! I'd love to be in front of a camera again. It is NOT in the least bit terrifying to me. But Congratulations on your debut and your book!!!! Exciting!!!! Thanks for all your posts. I enjoy reading them.

  15. What fabulous exposure for your blog and your book, Steph. I'm so proud of you.This is the first of many to come, I'm sure.


  16. The interview was excellent and I am so glad that you had the chance to expose your book and your blog like this. I have said before that I love your blog and thoroughly enjoy your writing style and I am glad that others are taking notice too.

  17. Awesome job. I love how you could tie is God's love for others without coming right out and saying it! Also I love that you send personal notes to people (me included). I think people forget how meaningful that is. Keep up the great work.

  18. Great interview, Stephanie! I've sent this link out to a bunch of my friends. It's fun to know that you were on national TV! Thanks for posting it up!

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