Metropolitan Mama wants to know {take my annual reader demographics survey...and win!}

survey_says_blog carlos castellanosEach year, I put together a reader demographics survey so that I can find out a little bit about wonderful readers.

Your answers help me to plan for the upcoming year, to improve the site, and to continue to offer great giveaways and opportunities from a variety of companies.

Please take a moment to take my 10-question survey. It's painless, I promise. All the answers are "multiple choice" and you get an A+ no matter what, k?

In case you need added incentive (...but I know you would fill out the survey just to help me out, right?), one person who takes the survey will walk away with this fantastic prize bundle:


Marriott Rewards is a FREE program that offers exclusive privileges to its participants. As a Member of the Marriott Rewards program, you can earn points toward free hotel stays, airline miles, and much more every time you stay at any one of Marriott's hotels worldwide. When you join, you also automatically receive access to Marriott Rewards Insiders ("an online travel community") where you can get tips from other families about which properties are the very best.

Also: When you book now (through September 7th) for a weekend stay, you'll even get four free movie tickets.

With more than 3,200 properties to choose from worldwide, you're sure to find a Marriott at your destination of choice. The Marriott brand encompasses Residence Inn, the Ritz-Carlton, Springhill Suites, Renaissance Hotels, and more.


Want to send a bouquet of fresh flowers, a fruit basket, a fine selection of wine and cheeses, or a cookie tin to a friend? Check out the options at 1-800-FLOWERS.COM. The site even offers same day delivery for floral packages so it's a great "last-minute" gift idea too.

I don't know any gal who wouldn't like to have something like this show up on her doorstep:

chocolate gift basket red roses chocolate & wine paradise

I think I would want the Chocolate & Wine Paradise (pictured, top right) package most of all, but the chocolate-covered graham crackers in the Harry London Birthday Sweets Tower (pictured, top left) look pretty scrumptious too. And, if all else fails, there's always cheesecake. You know you want this gift card...


Take the survey HERE.

WIN IT! One winner will receive 50,000 Marriott Rewards points AND a $50 gift card to 1-800-FLOWERS.COM. To enter, leave a comment below telling me (a) that you filled out the survey and (b) that you visited one (or both) of the sponsoring company's websites. I'd also appreciate it if you would leave a thoughtful or relevant remark about either of the sponsoring brands (which Marriott property you'd want to stay at, what gift basket appeals to you from 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, etc.). Only ONE comment per person, please.

The survey and contest will close on Friday, June 26, 2009 at midnight. A winner will be selected via shortly thereafter.

Thanks so much for your help!

*UPDATE* The winner is #11 Ashley. Congratulations!

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112 comments on “Metropolitan Mama wants to know {take my annual reader demographics survey...and win!}”

  1. I completed the survey and visited both sites. I'm a Marriott member and love the Marriott in Orlando. 1-800-Flowers has so many great gifts it is hard to choose but I also like the chocolate and Wine basket.

  2. I completed the survey and visited both sites (I'm a Marriott member so I was familiar with that site of course). A trip to sunny Los Angeles is planned, so a stay at the Marriot property Renaissance Hollywood Hotel and Spa would be my choice.

  3. I took the survey and visited both websites.

    I love Marriott especially Courtyard, they are reasonably priced but very comfortable

    I'm with you I like the Wine and Chocolate

  4. I have taken the survey and visited Marriott Rewards and 1-800-FLOWERS.COM. 1-800-FLOWERS.COM has beautiful flowers, and I love Marriott, they have some of the best steaks I have had anywhere.

  5. I took your survey!! I love your site and hope that it helps you!!! I went to 1-800-flowers and they have some great gift ideas! I love the Barefoot Contessa Breakfast Hamper!! All their Celebrity chef ideas were cute! Great site!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  6. I took your survey. I love the Marriott!! We always stay at their hotels wherever we go, so I know I would use those points!! I love the tower of sweets from 1-800-flowers!

  7. I visited both and filled out the survey. I found a better room rate through the Marriott site than on Orbitz.

  8. I took the survey and visited the 1 800 Flowers site. I clicked your link to the Harry London Birthday Sweets Tower and was tempted to order it for myself! They have a great selection of items and I appreciate the way the site is arranged. It's easy to find occasion-specific gifts, and/or gifts that can be delivered same day.

    I'm already a Marriot Rewards member so I didn't visit that site. I'm not sure where I'd use the points -- possibly San Diego or Anaheim, but a free stay might convince me to roam further!

  9. I filled out the survey, I visited the 1-800 flowers site. The summer flower basket is really nice and you can't beat the price--only $30! I use 1-800 flowers for all of my flower shopping. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. I took the survey and visited both sponsors. I really love the gift baskets from 1-800-flowers. That Tower Of Sweets looks so delicious. Thank you!

  11. I took the survey & visited the websites of the sponsers. If I won I would go 2 a Marriott Inn in Paducah, KY and see my brother that i haven't see in 4 yrs. Thanks for the opportunity 2 win this

  12. I filled out the survey and i visited both sponsors. I just received the most beautiful arrangment of flowers from 1-800 Flowers for Mother's Day from my Boyfriend and his son.

  13. I just realized it's been 6 months since I've come to your site - it used to be a weekly or daily. Life just gets busy. :) Congratulations on your new addition to your family - you have 2 beautiful little girls.

    I would order June's roses for my mother in law - her birthday is in July and we've both always shared a love of yellow roses.

    I also took your survey.

  14. I took the survey and I'm glad you posted Marriott cause I'm going to Chicago in July and found their room rates competitive. I visited both sites and I would like the Summer Fruit Basket.

    bye for now

  15. I took the survey and visited both websites! If we win the Marriott Rewards, we would SO go to Disneyland this summer and stay at the Courtyard Anaheim! And, while I love flowers, I think I'd love to try the Bourbon and Whiskey Fudge gift!

  16. Hi, I took your survey and I hope you get a lot of great feedback from it. I'm sure you will. I visited Marriot's website and I would love take my family to the Fairfield Inn Anaheim Disneyland Resort. My son is 7 and my daughter is 5. They have never visited the "Magic Kingdom" yet and it would be so wonderful to take them while they still have all this wonder and excitement. My husband and I just can't afford to take them with all of the expenses right now. This would be a terrific opportunity and such a blessing.

    I also visited and they have a terrific assortment of gift baskets. Wow, overchoice! I'll have to remember them when I need a great gift. I love their Anette's Brittle Trio for Dad basket. However, it's wouldn't be for dad. It would be for my amazing mom. My mother is so supportive and such a wonderful role model to my children. She loves peanut brittle and I would love to be able to give her this just to say thanks for being you.

    Keep up the great blogging!

  17. I'm new to this blog but just filled out the survey anyway. I actually always use 1800flowers and have been very happy with the quality. Please don't enter me in the contest though since I've recently won a prize. I just wanted to give my honest opinion about 1800flowers.

  18. I filled out your survey and love the "make lemonade in a vase" bouquet from I hardly buy myself flowers since money is tight... but i realize when i do get them how much more upbeat my house feels. I really enjoy your site. I look forward to another year of reading it.

  19. I must have missed your survey last year. i don't remember doing it. anyways, this year you have details to help with figuring out the demographics of your readers. i checked out the Marriott site. I enjoy traveling when we can afford it. I immediately started to see if there were any hotels located near my family in Rochester and my good friend in Grand Rapids. Turns out i could go see both but the one in Grand Rapids wouldn't require me to travel very far to get to her place. Thanks.

  20. I took your survey. I just have to say that your age ranges are badly set up. Say someone is 30 years old. Do they click on 20-30 or 30-40? 30 is included in both options (basically you have non-mutually exclusive answer choices and this makes people like me go insane). You should have something like 20-29, 30-39, etc. So as to not make my head explode.

  21. Hello! I just finished your 10 question survey. I loved your explanation of a SAHM! 1-800-Flowers
    is such a fun site. I love the Martha Stewart Gourmet Tea Gift Basket. Many thanks, Cindi

  22. survey - check.
    And I didn't know that 800flowers did cookies! Now, I wonder if they'd consider doing those really yummy fruit arrangements? I could go for one of those just about weekly! :)

  23. The survey is filled out. 800flowers offers so many great gifts, but I would love the Martha Stewart Orchids. I've stayed at the Marriot in Manhattan and would love to stay there againg, but I think this time I'd opt for San Diego.

  24. I took the survey.

    I love the White Stargazer Lilies from of course I'm partial to Lilies. :)

    I'd probably stay at the Courtyard Fresno Yosemite International Airport next time I go visit my family.

  25. I took your survey. I love flowers-orchids in particular and would love to have any of the orchid arrangements. Did you know they have Martha Stewart arrangements??

  26. I took the survey and I went to the websites. I could certainly use Mariott reward points, as my city has been hit with a HUGE power outage, and we may not have power for a whole week!!!

  27. I took your survey!
    I love the Refreshing Iced Tea and Lemonade gift basket -- just perfect for hot summertime! Thanks so much for the contest.

  28. I took the survey. I LOVE, LOVE the Chocolate and Wine Paradise. I need to drop a hint to my guy to this for my b-day! As for Marriott... Well.. I'd love to stay at one close to town, so we can have a mini-staycation. OR... we could stay at one in San Francisco so we could get to live in the lap of luxury while visiting my friend this coming autumn!

    It's a thought...

  29. i took the survey. I would have a horrible time deciding in which Marriott to stay-there are so many, and they are everywhere! So, the next vacation I get to take would definitely be in a Marriott! We stayed in a Marriott in St. Louis a couple of years ago; it was very nice. I also love daisies, so all of the daisy bouquets at - especially the One Dozen Gerbera Daisies Arranged in a Vase-beautiful, thanks!

  30. I took the survey, and would LOVE to stay the fancy shmancy downtown Seattle Marriott for a mom/dad husband/wife getaway weekend!! Thanks, Stephanie.

  31. so, i took the survey... painless, as promised : )
    when visiting the marriott site, i looked to see which properties they have in san diego... close enough to be a "realistic" vacation spot for us. my husband went to college there, so we have many great memories. we love to visit and take our kiddos to the zoo. i'd like to stay at the marriott in coronado... it's beautiful there.
    as for 1-800-flowers... the barefoot contessa breakfast hamper, martha stewart breakfast in maine, and chocolate lover's spa basket all look like wonderful treats. or i could send us a basket of yummy snacks while we're staying at the marriott : )

  32. I took the survey!

    I love cheesecake so would love to give the cheesecake a try. If I were to win the Marriott package I think I'd give a friend of mine a little getaway. Her husband is battling cancer and they have 8 kiddos - 6 still at home and its been hard on her. She needs a weekend away!

  33. Oh my gosh... Sign me up for the Grand Cayman Beach Resort! Ooh, la, la. Dare to dream! (in truth, I'd go almost anywhere. I love to travel and visit new places)

    Took the survey. Thanks.

  34. I took the survey!! And I love Marriott Renaissance and Courtyard hotels! They are always comfy and and make us feel almost at home when we are away from home!! :)

  35. I took the survey and went to the Marriott site. I was looking at local places to stay and there is a new Marriott opening up at a beach about 3 hours away from us.

  36. I took the survey. And, the Harry London Assorted Chocolate Box from 1-800 Flowers looks amazing! I had no idea 1-800 Flowers did gift baskets. Nice to know!

  37. I took the survey and visited both sites. I actually have some Marriott points, but not enough to do anything with...more would be nice! I would use them to have a nice getaway to somewhere warm with my hubby, sans kids! I also love flowers, and really enjoyed seeing Martha Stewart's collection. I love her golden sunflower bouquet! Hope you share your survey results!

  38. I took the survey and visited the Marriott website... I'm not sure where we would stay b/c my husband usually does the research and planning when we have a little weekend getaway... but I love that there are so many options to choose from! And we do enjoy staying at Marriott hotels. As for the 1-800-flowers, I agree, the chocolate and wine basket looks yummy! (and a perfect addition to a weekend getaway. :))

  39. I just took your survey -easy and painless!! I just visited the Marriott website and have to admit that I would choose Starr Pass in Tucson. I am sure I could find a sitter for a short in-town "staycation" and would love to see Starr Pass in person!!

  40. I took the survey and I love 1-800-Flowers. I window shopped the site and if I win I am definitely sending myself the beautiful tulips. By the way, did you change your button? I had it on my site and noticed the picture wasn't working anymore.

  41. I took the survey and visited the sites. Which Marriott would I love to visit? Let's just say the Cayman Islands have been a long-time dream AND they happen to have a Marriott!!! Perfect.

  42. took the survey & visited 1-800 flowers -- i didn't realize that they offered food items..this one: Three Scoops of Summer Fun - looks so yummy!!! just what i need (since we didn't take a honeymoon) a stay at the local marriot (I'm all about staycations) with some candy!! =)

    autumn398 (at)

  43. I took the survey and checked the Marriot site. I would LOVE to stay in Portland along the waterfront. My parents could watch my kids and my husband and I could just enjoy the city life and take a MUCH needed break!

  44. I took the survey and have to say that while I have been to London twice, I had no idea there was a Marriott there. My parents always stay at Mariotts and are always very pleased with their stays. I don't think there's a girl on this planet that doesn't enjoy getting flowers. With that said, I always find it to be a bit wasteful. Because of this, I would prefer someone to send me one of their plants or flowering plants like the Gardenia Floor Plant so that I could keep it longer and add it to my house or outdoor plant collection.

  45. I took the survey. The Marriott Rewards Points would be awesome to use this summer. My husband has a work-related trip to Washington DC this summer so the family has decided to tag-along. We plan on spending a couple days in DC & the Baltimore area. I'm eying the Annapolis Marriott Waterfront. It's gorgeous. Spending a few nights at the Marriott would make the vacation extra special.

  46. I took the survey and enjoyed browsing the 1-800-flowers site - o how I love fresh flowers! Even more fun than enjoying them myself though would be the chance to send them to someone who could really use some cheering up...maybe me far away little sis who's going through some tough changes, or my Grandma who gets so lonely.

  47. I'd probably stay at a Mariott in my town - a stay-cation" or whatever they call it. That is the easiest thing since I have a toddler and morning sickness right now :-) As for the gift certificate: definitely food-themed options!
    Yes, I took the survey. Will we get to see the results

  48. I took the survey and visited both sites. We'd get a hotel in Vancouver (a dear friend is getting married!)

    Gift baskets aren't really for me - I'm usually unable to eat a good chunk of most food baskets (the combination of pineapple allergy and gluten intolences), we have all the baby stuff we could possibly need, we don't drink and chances are that the bath stuff would give me hives. Sigh... Oh - you mean I could give one to someone else? I agree you can't go wrong with the chocolate ones, and I thought the baby caterpillar and tub time gift baskets were ADORABLE!

  49. I took the survey & 1800 flowers is the site I go to for all my flower needs. I got a lovely bouquet for my mom for mother's day that was just gorgeous yet did not break the bank. AS for gift baskets I think my dad would get a kick out of the Dad`s Hole in One.

  50. Did the survey!

    As for where we would stay with the Marriott -- we're hoping to make it to California for Christmas this year, usually we don't stop and just sleep in the truck - it would be nice to be able to book a room a few nights in order to make the trip easier!

    Oh and at 1-800-flowers I'd have trouble picking between truffles and roses :)

  51. I took the survey. Could I just tell you how much I drooled over Junior's lemon cheesecake at 1-800-flowers! Yummy!

  52. I took your survey and I also went to Marriott--we are staying in a Marriott property tomorrow night--the Residence Inn! I love those properties and the nice amenities! About, I have to be honest and say that I am not a huge fan of that company. I received a coupon for $20 off my purchase and went through the hoops to redeem it online only to be told at check-out that there were problems with credit card processing on the website and then I tried to use my paypal account and that too was down. I called customer service, but I could not understand the representative's broken English so we did not get anywhere with that. The next day I tried to order the same bouquet again, only to find that the price was $10 more and the delivery charge was $5 more! I called customer service again only to be told that there was nothing they could do for me! I was frustrated while trying to buy a simple arrangement to cheer up my grandfather, who is undergoing chemotherapy and radiation. so much for that! long-winded vent--sorry!

  53. I took your survey and visited both sites.
    My husband and I have always wanted to go to Hawaii. The Honalulu one looks wonderful. Also, the NY one also looks great. My brother-in-law lives in NY and keeps trying to get us to come out there but his house is very small! Either one. I would like Hawaii better! :-) Oh, and I love the any of the chocolate gift packages, truffels, assorted chocolates...any of them. Yumm!!!

  54. Took the survey.
    It would be very responsible to use Marriott for a professional meeting next year in Louisville KY, but it would be much more fun to go to Hawaii...or if we're dreaming, how about Spain!
    I use ProFlowers once or twice a year and I LOVE them! I especially like to send sunflowers to my girl friend and Christmas flowers or a wreath to my mom.

  55. Took the survey and I would probably want to go to stay at the New York City Marriott. I used to work for Marriott brand (Courtyard) in VA and IL and it was THE best job EVER.

  56. Took the survey & went to Marriot for the 2nd time in 2 days. We are considering a girls trip using Marriot Rewards. I just booked a hotel room in Orlando using Marriot's Points!

    I love your weekend posts most because not many blogs post on the weekends. Thanks for taking the time.

  57. I've answered your survey AND visited the Marriott site. I would love to win so that DH and I could travel (sans kiddos) and have a date weekend. Every couple of years I get the urge to be romantic without having to worry about someone banging on the door or barging in, if I'm forgetful!

  58. I answered your survey...monkey. I checked out Marriott and have my whole vacation at the JW Marriott Ihilani Resort & Spa at Ko Olina planned in my head so if you wouldn't mind just picking my number that would be super. Oh and I am going to have my Garden Pathway floral arrangement delivered to my home the day I return from Hawaii so I wont be sad to come home!! I have it all planned out. Thanks!

  59. I took your survey. I also visited Marriott Rewards and signed up! I always thought this was only associated with their Visa. Wish I would have known about this a couple weeks ago so we could have earned points for our stay while visiting Sesame Place. We'd love to go to the beach this summer, so if we were to win we'd probably use the points for a stay there!...... or perhaps Vegas! Love your blog!

  60. I took your survey. I visited 1-800 flowers. I have never received flowers by delivery. It would be quite a surprise to find some flowers on my doorstep. I have used Marriott reward points that I earned while traveling for work to stay at the Marriott Hotel that is right across from the entry to Disneyland. It was great to stay so close to Disney so we could go back to our room for a nap or break (and this was pre kids, with kids this makes even more sense).

  61. I took your survey and I really hated being in the 30-40 year age group but it is what it is when you turn 30. I still like to think that I am 29! I would always take your survey even without the giveaways. I love your blog so much!

  62. I took your survey! I've been to the Marriot site quite a bit in the recent weeks. We are staying at the Union Station Marriott in St. Louis...and I'm SOOO excited! The pictures of the hotel are just stunning! Plus, it's within walking distance to the sites we want to see! I signed up for their program when I booked our room. I can't wait to go on vacation! I also browsed through the beautiful flowers on 1-800-FLOWERS.COM - soooo lovely! There is so much more than flowers though! The yummy looking treats, gift baskets! Their summer sale is bff is celebrating a big milestone birthday this month and she would love the Harney & Sons Organic Tea. I'm bookmarking that page, it will be such a nice surprise for her!

    Thanks for sharing the deets and for hosting the fab giveaway!

  63. I took the survey. Thanks for caring! I always give them to my students at the end of the year to see how I should improve myself. :)

    Okay, I have no idea which Marriott to stay in. Probably the one in town. I've been telling Chris for months that if we happen to find some extra money I just want a couple days in a hotel with no kids so we can date each other! It's been too long. As for the flowers, I think I'd go with a plant. I love getting a vase of flowers, but it's so fleeting and they're so expensive that I feel like I'd get more of my money's worth if I got something longer lasting.

    Thanks for offering these fun things!

  64. Hi Stephanie. I took the survey. Great idea, I should definitely do that on my blog, too! I visited the Mariott site. Courtyard Mariott has been our hotel of choice when we were able to celebrate an anniversary out of town (before baby). We're visiting Washington D.C. in the fall with Calvin's grandparents, the reward points would come in handy for a nice hotel stay!

  65. All done with the survey. As much as I like getting fresh flowers, I also like plants too. The Lavender dish garden looks great. I like Marriot since they have gift certificates. I have family that travels alot and they are great for them for gifts.

  66. I completed the survey and I appreciate that you take our interests and opinions to create a blog that we will all learn and enjoy from! I've already learned quite a bit...

    I'd love to order flowers for my gram. She can't work with her flowers anymore so I know how much she would enjoy receiving a spread of them. If I could I'd send something monthly!

  67. I love your blog, so I took your survey.

    My MIL lives far away, and I haven't sent her flowers in forever! I would love to send her Martha Stewarts' Vibrant Purple Bouquet.

    We are taking a trip in July to Salt Lake City and could really use the Marriott points! That would be so nice!

  68. I took the survey!

    I would get one of the outdoor plants from 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, probably the Bloodgood Japanese Maple. That way, I could enjoy it forever... I didn't know they sent living plants.

    I would probably use the Marriott Reward points to stay at the Waikiki Marriott. I've been wanting to take the kids to visit my dad and he still lives in Honolulu.

  69. Dear Metropolitan Mama, I took the survey.

    If I had a choice, I would probably stay at a Renaissance Hotel or JW Marriot. But then, the bargain hunter in me would feel really guilty. I would not mind, however, to have a cheerful basket of daisies (or dandelions) on my kitchen table every day!

  70. Survey taken! I absolutely love the Marriott - actually I love staying at all hotels but the Marriott has a really yummy breakfast buffett. Even though I live in San Diego, I'd love to stay at the San Diego one because it's right next door to the Convention Center, where Comic-con is held. And since we go the Comic-con every year, it would be a special treat to be able to stay at the Marriott!

  71. I took the survey! I would love the Marriott points.. I would stay at the Marriott in San Diego CA and catch the new Body Worlds and The Story of the Brain exibit... i'm a neuro surgery icu nurse.. this stuff is interesting to me ( :

  72. I took the survey, and I just want to say that we recently stayed at the Newport Marriot Bayside for our 10th anniversary, and also 10 years ago for our honeymoon. It was soooo nice, we love it there. Wish we could stay there more.

  73. I took your survey and visited both sites. I love 1 800 flowers. They have so many great things to choose from. The Martha Stewart old fashioned cookie and candy tray looks so good!


  74. I took the survey. We love the Marriott and have stayed in several all over the country. I also agree with that I appreciate 1800Flowers offering less pricey bouquets. I love giving flowers, but sometimes you spend a lot for what looks like a little!

  75. I took the survey. I love Marriott. They offer so much and are all over. i've also used 1800flowers on several occasions and have never been disappointed with delivery or the actual product.

  76. I took the survey.

    I love Marriott. We don't get to stay there often, but we do love the one in Duluth MN. The views from the windows are outstanding!

  77. I just took the survey (I like your personal touch to some of these questions - ie moms work 24/7 in the home - ain't that the truth) and I stopped by the 1-800-flowers website. I am pleasantly surprised that there are a whole bunch of under $30 bouquets! Yay!

  78. I took the survey. From I'd like the Gardenia Bonsai. I love flowers, and when I went to Hawaii I got a bonsai, and have had a fondness for them ever since. Speaking of Hawaii...I'd like to stay at the Marriot's Maui Ocean Club. ;) Though, I could think of a dozen other places I wouldn't mind staying, too.

  79. Took the survey... Boy, any Marriot sounds amazing right about now. I think we would like to stick close to home and go to the Desert Ridge in Phoenix (altho maybe wait until it's abit cooler there!).
    And for flowers... I just like flowers. Any kind... daffodils, tulips, irises, roses, lilies, daisies... I would just keep fresh floweres in my home for a while :-)

  80. I took the survey and would love to stay at the Marriott in Tampa/St Pete, Florida. I love that beach! And I would prefer the chocolate & wine gift basket too. YUM!

    and thanks for having such a great blog! :)

  81. I took the survey and visited the Marriot site. There is a Marriot that is only 8 miles away from my AMAZING uncle and aunt, who I haven't been able to visit in a long time. This would make it possible for us to visit them!

    Also, I've stayed in Marriots before and LOVE them. They are always so spacious, and reasonably priced.

    And the flowers? Well, I find myself sending flowers a few times a year. But in this case, I may have to go with the adorable Father's Day thing (!

  82. I took the survey and visited the Marriott site. We have a trip planned to Jacksonville this summer, so if I won I'd stay at the Courtyard at Jacksonville Beach. But that Wailea resort on Maui sounds awfully tempting.

  83. I took the survey (best blog page ever!)and visited the Marriot website. I searched where I would go! I would love to visit the Marriot in Corando Island. I have always wanted to stay on the Island, but have never had the opportunity! The flower company is a great place to order gifts especially for those out of town people!!!

  84. I took the survey and visited the Marriott website. Depending on how much I want to pay for travel at the time, I would like to stay at one in Scottsdale, New York, or Honolulu.

  85. I took the survey and visited both sites! I would love to to go Honolulu and stay in the Marriott Hotel!! I love I think that the cupcakes in bloom are adorable and creative. I will being ordering flowers soon for birthday gifts:)

  86. I took the survey. I would love to stay in any Marriott hotel in NYC! If I won, I could afford to buy the airfare and stay FREE in NYC!

  87. I visited both sites and took the survey.
    We would use the points for the Marriott on Baltimore's Inner Harbor since we can't afford to travel much. As for 1-800-Flowers I would love to get the Cheryl&Co. Glitter and Gold Tower!

  88. You have the most fun contests! I took the survey...I look forward to your blog updates. I also visited both websites! What a treat it would be to be able to go away and stay in a nice hotel!! Even staying somewhere close like Monterey or San Francisco...just to get away for a while would be a dream. We have no family in town so we don't get away much alone (at all...well, we did have one night away from our #1 when I gave birth to #2, but that doesn't count...does it?)...however it would be a great treat to even be able to take a family vacation with the kiddos.

    As far as could turn down chocolate and wine together?? Nothing finer!

    Hope you have a great weekend!

  89. I took the survey and visited 1-800-FLOWERS - I love their gift packages that include plants, though, instead of flowers!

  90. The Marriott points would be a treat to use at the Birmingham Marriott when we make our week-long Christmas visit.

  91. I took the survey and went to the Marriott site...but I did go for other reasons as well. I booked a massage at the Marriott Desert Ridge spa,it is AWESOME.

  92. I took the survey and visited both sites! I always tell my husband not to send me flowers bc they are so expensive and they die... (hehe) but I really do love them. I'd love to win the gift card so I could enjoy the flowers without thinking of the cost. And who wouldn't want flowers??? I really love the Martha Stewart bouquet. We could use the Marriott rooms this coming Christmas when we have a lot of family coming to town... too many to stay in our house! It would help everyone out for sure! And there is a Fairfield Inn and Suites right in our town and several other hotels in the Marriott family about 15 miles away! :)

  93. I took the survey, and I agree with you, the chocolate and wine paradise would be such a treat if it showed up at my door. I rarely send flowers, and I was impressed with the selection of gift items available from 1 800 I may just have to use that site to catch up on all of the birthday greetings I have yet to send :)

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