Metropolitan Mama's 2012 Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is Sunday, June 17 (THIS Sunday).

Dads are notoriously hard to shop for so I've teamed up with 8 brands to present you with a 10-page guide full of outstanding gift ideas.

All of the products featured inside the pages are ones that we've tested and approved as good picks for men.

 Without further ado, please take a peek through Metropolitan Mama's 2012 Father's Day Gift Guide:

Metropolitan Mama's 2012 Father's Day Gift Guide 1

Metropolitan Mama's 2012 Father's Day Gift Guide 2

Stay tuned for a super giveaway (to be published tomorrow).

How many dads do you buy gifts for on Father's Day? Your dad? Father-in-law? Husband? Grandpas too?

How much do you usually spend on each gift?

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8 comments on “Metropolitan Mama's 2012 Father's Day Gift Guide”

  1. Mother's Day is SOOO much easier - everybody gets flowers. But Father's Day? It's usually dinner out or a gift card to a restaurant or some gourmet coffees. We try hard not to turn it into "Christmas" but... sometimes it can't be helped! LOL :) We buy for 3 (my hubby, and both our dads). And try to spend about $20 on each dad and then on hubby it just depends what I find that he will like.
    Great gift ideas!

    1. Gourmet coffee is a good idea. Have you tried Camano Island Coffee ( The company is owned by some of our best friends and they ship coffee all over the U.S. It's organic, shade-grown, fairly traded, and super delicious. I'm not a big coffee drinker, but I do enjoy the Camano brand from time to time ( smells good).

  2. I usually buy for only the dad in my house. We usually spend $50 or less. But sometimes the urge to go for the big stuff wins out. He also gets the usual shower of homemade cards, colored pictures, and this year he's getting 3 one hundred piece puzzles completed by our proud 5 year old. (I wonder if he'll keep them in the living room as long as my mother's day ones stuck around.) As for my dad and my FIL, we send a wallet sized grandkid pic (both carry their grands in their wallets), a homemade card full of painted hand prints, and lots of love through our phone calls.

  3. We usually celebrate my father-in-law by going out and sharing a gift, but we pay for dinner.
    We usually celebrate my dad by going to church with him (which he likes and requests) gift.
    I usually do a photo gift for my sweet hubby.

  4. We buy gifts for 3 Dad's - mine, my husbands and of course for my husband too :) What we spend depends on the year and what else is going on. I like to do something they each really want and if it's a bit more than our "usual" gift limit, we go for it if we can! This year my husband is getting a life jacket to replace the one that blew out of the boat, my Dad is getting potting soil and strawberry plants to fill up the strawberry planter he got from my grandmother's house when she passed away and my father-in-law... well... I'm still working on that one! I try to keep the cost to under $40 for each, but it varies!

  5. I just ordered some "grandpa" gear for my father and father in law...this is the first time they'll be grandpas so i thought that was a bit more creative than an amazon gift card (which is my usual default gift). :)

    1. Amazon gift cards are a super good pick. I actually think that is my favorite gift to RECEIVE. We shop more there than anywhere.

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