Metropolitan Mama's Contest Rules - Revised

Prompted by discussions with Jeremiah (of Prizey) and Stephen Saunders (a loyal male reader), I have decided to open up contests to a broader audience. If you're a parent or a grandparent of either gender, you are more than welcome to participate. Pull up a chair, join the community, and engage in the conversations. I'm glad you're here.

Remember - the other rules still apply. :)

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3 comments on “Metropolitan Mama's Contest Rules - Revised”

  1. LOL! men are defintely (some strange bread of) people ;)

    I think the revised rules are a great idea and a nice way to draw different parents and grandparents to the board.

  2. Awesome! Men are people too ya know lol... (well some of us are)

    You know, I don't really like the sites out there that cater to men only, most of that crap doesn't interest me. Beer, sports, bimbos with fake boobs and discussion about things about I could never afford... just so not my idea of interesting.


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