Metropolitan Mama's Contest Rules

I love hosting contests. They are a fun way to create "buzz" and excitement around useful products...and it's always fun for a mama to receive new baby/mama gear for free.

There are, however, three contest rules that need to be followed. The following rules apply to all contests on Metropolitan Mama from today onward unless otherwise indicated:

1. To enter, leave a comment on the designated post according to the post guidelines. The comment must have direct relevance to the product/topic being discussed. All general comments (Examples: "I want to win," "Me, please," "Love it," "Cool!," etc.) will be disqualified. Please do your best to leave a thoughtful, humorous, insightful, or helpful comment. State how you would use the product, explain why the topic matters to you, etc.

2. Please be sure that you either post your e-mail address in the comment itself or that it is readily accessible on your Blogger profile. Often, I have to select a winner 3+ times before I can contact someone. Don't miss out on the fun prizes by being unavailable.

3. All prizes must be claimed within 72 hours of my first attempt to contact you via e-mail. After 72 hours, your prize will be forfeited and an alternate winner will be selected.

Thanks so much! Enjoy the contests, the conversations, and the community here at Metropolitan Mama.

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18 comments on “Metropolitan Mama's Contest Rules”

  1. As a new fairly new SAHM, I've discovered through blogs a world of shared parental wisdom, advice, empathy, and humor that I never imagined existed. One great blog has led me to another...Z Recommends is where I first learned about Learning Towers, which led me to Prizey, which led me to your great site. So even though a prize giveaway is how I dicovered your blog, I can already see that the insightful content here will bring me back as a frequent visitor. Just wanted to let you know that not all first-time commentors are just trolling for prizes! :)

  2. My daughter loves to help me cook, but we don't have a sturdy enough chair to help her reach the counter. This would be a great way to include her in meal prep, etc.


  3. I would love this one, we are expecting a new little one soon, and this would be most helpful!

    always trying to create healthier snacks and meals for our other child...

  4. My daughter really needs this glasses. I'll be so glad to get it, because we're going for whole summer to a Black Sea. Thank you!

  5. I've been reading your blog posts for a a few weeks and I'm new here. I'm not sure if I need to subscribe
    or not. Thanks!

  6. These are some really cute shades I know my little boy would look adorable in the red pair. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  7. I use the same set of rules as well, I just don't mention them. I figure why should I hold the hand of someone who can't be courteous? I'm giving away a freebie and it will go to someone who plays fair. Great giveaway doesn't cut it Bob, lol.

  8. My 7 year old daughter is telling everyone how much I snore! With allergies I could really use this product! :]

  9. My ten month old son has terrible allergies inherited from dad we have a terrible time around our home air filters, meds, n lots of cleaning i would love to introduce my family to a pillow protector.

  10. Pillow protectors are especially great for people with allergies. I use them all the time, and would appreciate a new one. Thanks for the opportunity to visit your site.

  11. You've gotten me addicted to contests, Stephanie. I shake my fist at you and thank you at the same time. :o) I think the rules are good, though; like Lis said, it's interesting that you'll get fewer than ten comments on a normal day and over one hundred on a prize day. The faithful readers will appreciate rule number 2 because we'll have read the rules and the random passers by may not have...

  12. I agree. As much as I love sites like Prizey (and I admit that I'm addicted to contests now that I've won a few), there is a catch. There needs to be a balance between offering a contest to a wide audience (which is obviously a win/win situation for growing your blog and for the product being marketed) and rewarding your loyal /targeted audience. I only enter contests if I am truly interested in the product and have use for it. Otherwise I am wasting my time and possibly taking a prize away from a more worthy recipient.

  13. I think your rules are completely fair, and it eliminates people from trolling blogs looking for contests to enter simply because they want a free prize. Isn't it amazing how many people comment when a prize is involved?? You offer a lot of prizes on your blog, so I imagine you have a big readership. On my blog, I may offer a prize once a week. It always strikes me as a little odd the number of people who comment who have NEVER commented on any of my other posts. Makes me wonder . . .

    I've been thinking about making similar rules. I want the people who read my blog regularly to win the product, not someone who will probably never come back.

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