mini gift guide :: 1-year-old

Know a 1-year-old? Here are twelve gift ideas to consider.

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Do you have a 1-year-old? If so, what kind of gifts would you want your child to receive?

*** Every week or so, I feature creative gift ideas in specific categories. Let me know if you have a recipient that you would like me to feature.

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14 comments on “mini gift guide :: 1-year-old”

  1. I wish I had seen those pull-back cars Amy mentioned when Goose was younger! We just celebrated his 2nd birthday and while not appropriate for a 1 year old - these cars are pretty incredible - and they roll fast! My Dad picked a set of 3 Mini's up for Goose His favorite present from us was a metal pedal tractor that I found on Craigslist. He liked it so much that he wouldn't even get off of it to eat cake.

    But... back to one year olds - definitely board books, simple chunky puzzles like this one and things that just encourage creative play - no lights, no music, no sounds, no electronic movements... their own special dishes, cups and things like the poncho you have listed above are great too!

  2. Hmmm, our favorite board book of late has been a new one that I think really needs to go in the "best" category! It's called RocketTown and it's by one of the DreamWorks illustrators. It's very simple so my one year old can enjoy it, but the pictures are detailed enough to keep my 4 year old entertained as well. Maybe it's more of a boy book, but it's awesome!

  3. I love seeing Usborne Books as part of your top picks!!! Books make great gifts for kids of all ages.

    and if any of your readers would like to see everything Usborne Books & More has to offer, check it out at

    when you purchase directly from a consultant, you're supporting home-bases businesses!!

    1. That's the thing about 1-year-olds. They'd be just as content with a cardboard box as a pricey present. :)

  4. We just celebrated our daughter's 1st birthday tonight! I have to say that I had a hard time thinking of what to get her (especially since she is baby #5), we finally settled on books. All of my babies have loved books and you just can't go wrong with having stacks of good books. The other things we got her (which was a big hit with her) were a ball and a tooth brush. I am not a big fan of lots of toys so these gifts worked for us.

    1. Books are ALWAYS a good choice - especially for children. Which titles did you choose?

      A toothbrush is a good idea too!

  5. Oh my goodness - I have almost at least half of this for my baby already. Totally agree with you on these pics! :) Love that chair - I need one of those! :)

  6. I'd add a bucket and little shovel for outside but you know me, garden girl :). Miss you SO much, think of you often.

    1. Oh, I like this idea too!

      All four of us are DETERMINED to have a garden no matter where we end up after this year.

      P.S. Did you move onto your new property? Tell me all about it. :)

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