mini gift guide :: 3-year-old girl

Know a special 3-year-old girl? Will you be attending her birthday party? Here are sixteen gift ideas to consider:

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Do you have a 3-year-old daughter? If so, what kind of gifts would she want to receive?

*** Every few weeks, I feature creative gift ideas in specific categories. Let me know if you are having trouble finding a gift for someone in your life (example: Nurse, 16-year-old, Boss, etc) and I’ll publish a list with you in mind.

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12 comments on “mini gift guide :: 3-year-old girl”

  1. My kids (4 1/2 and 2 1/2) love their little people stuff - they have a dollhouse and a playground thing and a farm - they set it all up and can play all day long. The other thing they can play with for a few hours is the play kitchen. I wish we had a nice wooden one, I couldn't find one in my price range so they ended up with a plastic one that I don't love but they do. Both the kids love the dress-up trunk I put together for my daughter at Christmas, I've had to add some boy things to it though :) And my girl loves clothes, shoes and hair stuff! She's a bit older than 3 now, but she loved those things even when she was younger.

    When my girl turned three we gave her a "big girl" bike and helmet, we plan to do the same for our boy when he turns 3 in June!

    We're going to a birthday party on Saturday for a little girl who is turning four and are giving her a marble run - her mom thinks she'll love it and both my kids are begging for one now!

    1. Yes - books are outstanding gifts for any age. I almost added "Bread and Jam for Frances" to this list. That's a fun one for preschoolers, with a good lesson about trying new things.

  2. I always thought most toys were a waste of money until I had my Lucy. She loves toys and uses them over and over for pretend play. She's really good at pretend, dramatic play so she would love all these things! I would add a dollhouse to your list! I've been searching high and low for an affordable one. I might have to hunt through Craig's List or garage sales. She also turns three soon; at the end of April.

    Happy Birthday, Liv!

    1. Tim's grandpa has a dollhouse at his house...and Liv will sit and play with it for *hours*. Toys that encourage "pretend play" like that are the very best.

  3. Great list of gift ideas! My daughter would have loved any of these for her third birthday that passed a couple months ago, so you're spot on!! I also appreciate outdoor toys no matter what season it is! Like a fun baseball bat/ball, soccer ball, or basketball. Evie's new roller skates were a hit! Her friend was given a bicycle and LOVED it, but my daughter isn't quite ready for one of those yet....

  4. I've used the Crayola washable finger paints with my 19 month old. He had a lot of fun and clean up wash easy. Truly just water and a small touch of soap. I do want to add that I thought the paints had a weird smell to them. It took me a minute of smelling around my bathroom thinking my husband had a cleaning product set out before I zeroed in on the paints. Just an FYI for those who may be smell sensitive.
    I don't have a 3 year old girl, but I just love all the play foods and the play kitchen. I remember lots of time spent in a play kitchen when I was younger.

  5. Thanks for posting this! Those pink Vans are super cute!! My little girl is almost 3 and we need to find some "other" things to get her! She keeps asking for a talking baby (like big sister has) but we have SO MANY babies that I don't think I can stand to add to the collection! We're thinking of a new helmet and big girl bike with training wheels...

  6. This is a great list Steph. My three year old would all of these. We have some of them and they are big hits. I've added the smock and the baby doll to my amazon wishlist. We have a smock and it's about to fall apart, the one on your list looks much more sturdy and long lasting. And that baby doll looks great. I don't know how I've never seen that in 3 years of little girl parenting, but that will definitely be our next purchase for Lil.

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