mini gift guide :: coffee drinker

Know a coffee drinker? Here are eleven gift ideas to consider:

[click on each image for details + pricing]

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Do you drink coffee? If yes, what kind of coffee-related gifts would you want to receive?

*** Mini Gift Guides are a new thing here at Metropolitan Mama! Every week or so, I'll feature creative gift ideas in specific categories. Let me know if you have a recipient that you would like me to feature.

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19 comments on “mini gift guide :: coffee drinker”

    1. Thank you, Jenn! I am really excited about putting them together...and I have lots of fun ones lined up. Stay tuned.

  1. I drink coffee by the gallons & I always welcome new flavors or crazy cups - I love personalized stuff!

  2. I am downing "five" as I type. You mentioned it in your last post, so I went looking today at the grocery store. This is my third cup. LOL. Thanks for suggesting

    1. It's good, isn't it? The more I read about and research ice cream brands, the more I like Haagen-Dazs.

  3. Wow, you just featured my friend's company! I know the gal who makes all those amazing soaps. Small world that you found her etsy shop, and thanks for sharing her link!

  4. I love receiving coffee and coffee-related gifts! I love those cheezy flavored-coffee sets you see at Christmas that come with a chocolate-covered spoon. I love mugs. If I have too many in my cupboard I use them for random stuff around the house or grow a plant in it.
    A friend gifted me with a moka pot last year and I absolutely love it! Now my new gift to coffee lovers is a moka pot ($7 at Ross for the mini size!), half a pound of espresso beans, a new travel mug or large ceramic mug, and a small bottle of flavoring syrup. On a good day I can do it all for $20.

    1. Doesn't that cheesecake look delicious? I could go for a slice right would be the perfect midnight snack.

  5. My favorite gift too is a good quality coffee (or chocolate!) :)
    These gift ideas look amazing. I actually have a great espresso coffee goat milk soap that I LOVE! It is VERY invigorating! :)

  6. We have a Keurig specifically for the single cup feature. I don't drink coffee, but my husband does. However, he doesn't drink an entire pot of it (and likes to have all sorts of flavors.) So Keurig = one cup of whatever flavor and I don't have to pour out undrunk coffee everyday. I also don't have to clean a coffee pot ever day and the Keurig is nice for just hot water for a quick cup of tea too.

    I'm thinking about the coffee soap for my husband. I wonder if it would help him wake up for those early work shifts.

  7. My friend brought me home Kona coffee from a recent trip to Hawaii as a thank you for caring for her bird. It was heaven.....pure heaven. The perfect thank you gift for me!

  8. I think you mean a Keurig, Marina. We have one of those and it's super convenient, but not very environmentally-friendly. You can buy a refillable cup for it, which is better, but then it's not any easier than a regular coffee pot, really. (p.s. My new niece is named Marina and I love the name but hadn't "met" anyone else w/ it, so hello!)

    For some reason all of the links aren't working for me, but I have to say as a coffee diehard, my favorite gift is just good quality coffee! Especially fair trade!

    1. I fixed all of the links/images and everything should be working now.

      One of my gift picks is indeed organic, shade grown, fairly traded coffee. :)

    1. Hi Marina... I think it depends. I consider myself a "real" coffee drinker, but sometimes I need to just grab and go and so the pods/discs are easy. Plus now they are coming out with more roast options. And Keurig has a refillable pod that you can put your own coffee in. So there's something for everyone! :)

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