mini gift guide :: reader

Know a reader? Here are seven gift ideas to consider:

[click on each image for details + pricing]

mini gift guide :: reader 1mini gift guide :: reader 2 mini gift guide :: reader 3 mini gift guide :: reader 4mini gift guide :: reader 5mini gift guide :: reader 6

Do you enjoy reading? If yes, what kind of book-related gifts would you want to receive?

*** Every week or so, I feature creative gift ideas in specific categories. Let me know if you have a recipient that you would like me to feature.

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12 comments on “mini gift guide :: reader”

  1. I like the gift certificate! YouTube has a DIY video for making the secret compartment out of a book. Cool but sort of wrong to cut up a perfectly good book :)

    I prefer my bookshelves to be horizontal and show the solid looking wood. Actually, I'd really love to have floor to ceiling bookshelves with a ladder that rolls along the shelf. And a secret room behind the bookshelf :). I don't think I'll ever get the ladder but my husband has promised to make my laundry room door into a swinging bookshelf someday....

  2. I am a huge reader. But just don't have the space for buying books so I just borrow everything from the library. Libraries rule.

  3. I love reading. My nose has been in a book since I was 2 years old! I received the Kindle from my parents for my birthday this year, and I LOVE it. I wasn't sure how I would like reading on a screen vs. a real page, but I got used to it right away. I also like how Amazon lets you read the first chapter of the book for free before commiting to purchasing the book. Stephanie- did you ever get a kindle? I thought you mentioned that you wanted one. It would certainly save a lot of space in the RV!

    1. Not yet, but it's my biggest wish right now. I'm pretty sure that I would love it.

      What have you been reading? Anything really outstanding?

    1. Amazon money is the BEST, isn't it? It's the ideal gift for almost anyone...especially a reader.

      P.S. What are YOU reading these days? [Do you have a Kindle? I can't recall].

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