Miserable Maternity Shops

Miserable Maternity Shops 1Whitney over at RookieMoms has posted an open letter to Mimi Maternity about the negative aspects of the store (poor customer service, bras that are too small, associates who have never been pregnant, etc.).

As I read Whitney's tirade, I couldn't help but nod my head in agreement (mostly). Her experiences really replicated mine - although my complaints were aimed at Motherhood Maternity (who is, I might add, owned by the same company as Mimi).

I especially loved her ideas for improvement: "Offer me a cool drink of water. Provide a chair in front of a foot massage machine. Sell bras in sizes larger than E. (Nursing boobs are OFTEN larger than E). Put out samples of nutrition bars that you sell. Make me feel like coming to your store is a treat. A treat just for me because I am pregnant and special."

Other Ideas:
1. Change your return policy (er...lack thereof).
2. Make longer shirts.
3. Make professional shirts (not low-cut, not empire-waisted) that are designed for women with larger chests.
4. Offer classes/seminars on topics that moms care about.
6. Enlarge one of your dressing rooms and make it into a nursing lounge, with a comfortable chair, a baby changing table, complimentary wipes, and water bottles.

What has your experience been with the maternity empire owned by Rebecca Matthius (Motherhood, Mimi, A Pea in the Pod, Edamame, Destination Maternity)?

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5 comments on “Miserable Maternity Shops”

  1. HaHa, do you expect to be given snacks and water at other stores? Just because you are pregnant does not mean you need to be treated like a queen, and hiring people who have never had kids is discrimination, nevermind most women with kids should have better jobs than that.

  2. mom of a munchkin - I completely agree with your comment about boring nursing bras. They are almost always white, plain, and practical - not colorful, cute, and practical. I much prefer the latter.

  3. Loved this post as I felt the same way when I was pregnant. However, my complaints were aimed mostly at Thyme Maternity and I actually didn't mind Motherhood. I loved Motherhood because at least most of their clothes fit. I am fairly tall and thin and stayed quite small pregnant and Motherhood sold more outfits in small sizes and also sold a wider range of in style fashion. At Thyme, even their size small was a bit big until the end of my pregnancy. Plus Thyme (the most available maternity store in Canada) seems to cater to slightly older pregnant woman. I found the clothes boring.
    My biggest complaint about maternity stores are that the sales associates aren't and have obviously never been pregnant and that nursing bras don't come in ANY nice patterns or colours. (I am a lingerie addict and can't wait to get out of nursing bras.)

  4. I've never actually been into maternity store, simply because there are none to be found in my town. All my maternity clothes were ones my sister wore, or ones my mother bought for me, or ones I found when Target FINALLY came our way. Coincidentally, most of the hand-me-down came from Motherhood and while I thought they ran a little small, I liked them overall. *My mother purchased for me a size small shorts, and I couldn't even get one leg in them - I'm a small person to begin with.* I really like the suggestions you came up with. I think ever shopping experience should be like that ;-) Let us know if the letter receives a response.

    PS - I can't imagine boobs bigger than an E. I graduated to a B when I was pregnant and nursing!!

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