Mom-Owned Business: SensoryEdge

Mom-Owned Business: SensoryEdge 1Alycia Shapiro began SensoryEdge, an online shop "dedicated to providing great kids products at super competitive prices," in 2003 after she realized that her son had a speech disorder and sensory integration issues. She began by offering educational toys and therapy based kids products and has since expanded her line to include "child size table and chair sets, carpeting, and other items that fit in schools, homes, daycares and lobbies."

Some of my favorite items in her shop are:

the Decorative Wood Letters in Pastel and Primary ColorsMom-Owned Business: SensoryEdge 2

the great selection of Upholstered Kids Furniture and...
Mom-Owned Business: SensoryEdge 3

the Pretend Play Toy Food
Mom-Owned Business: SensoryEdge 4

SensoryEdge products are hand-selected by a mom - and it's always great to support moms who have the tenacity to run and maintain a business. Go check out Alycia's website...

WIN IT! One mama will win her choice of either the Plastic Play Food - Vegetable Basket, the Deluxe Cooking Toy Set for Kids, or the Shape Matching Wooden Puzzle. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post prior to Sunday, Mar. 23, at midnight (don't forget to follow the rules). The winner will be announced and contacted on Monday, Mar. 24. * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

* UPDATE * The winner is #5 Becca. Congratulations!

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36 comments on “Mom-Owned Business: SensoryEdge”

  1. These all look like great, imaginative toys = no lights, no obnoxious lovely! I think my boys would love the cooking toy set.

  2. I have a little 2 year old princess. And I know she would love having some furniture of her own. She has 3 big brothers and 1 little brother. The 3 older ones really spoil her and with being the only girl she really needs some more girly things
    Mommy of 5
    [email protected]

  3. I love the products featured on SensoryEdge. I bookmarked her site for birthday and Christmas gifts. Please enter me in your contest. My 2 year old grandaughter would love the play food.

  4. The Food Basket is great. You could use it to sort shapes, size colors not to mention teach about the different tastes, textures and values of veggies. I would also love to be able to explain to my little girl how each type of vegetable grows because she has started to show interest in how things are made/created and where they come from.

  5. What a great giveaway! I've never seen a shapes puzzle like that before! I really like it. Although, if I won, I would have to choose the cooking set. We're trying to work on our domestic skills over here :) I figure if I instill it in my boys now, their wives will LOVE me later! LOL

  6. My girls would go nuts over the cooking set - I think it looks nicer than my own real ones! :)


  7. Besides helping me cook, their favorite thing to do is pretend cook. My son wants to be a chef and he's only 3!

  8. i like them all probably the vegetable food basket. they can learn a lot about easting healthy from it

  9. I think it would be fun to run my own business. I'm sure it's a lot more work then I realize.

    The shape puzzle would be wonderful to give to my niece who's favorite activity lately is puzzles.

  10. What a delightful site! There is something super about each item. A nice variety really makes it nice. Please enter me in your wonderful drawing. Thanks,Cindi

  11. Thank you for introducing me to her site. I have been looking for a toy box for my son and she has wonderful array to choose from!

  12. My 2 littles would love the any of these, but i would probably pick the cooking set. they love to be int eh kitchen "helping" me fix meals. it owuld be so fun for them to have their own set that is their size. great giveaway :)

  13. I remember cooking with pretend food and kitchen pots and pans. ...Ah the memories :) Its hard to find good quality stuff like that! I'd love to 'cook' with my little guy using the fabulous cooking set. (stainless steal!)

    [email protected]

  14. I love the little furniture, They did'nt have this for me when i was little. Just those little rocking chairs. This would be a great reading couch.

  15. santa brought ella a kitchen so any of these would be awesome!! she loves to cook us up surprises in her kitchen!! thanks

  16. These are so cute! The food basket would be lots of fun, but the puzzle is so cool! I love how it is curved at the bottom--perfect to put on a little one's lap (even if it will stay on the wiggly lap for only a moment!). My toddler has started getting into puzzles a lot. She is so excited when she fits the puzzle piece into the right slot. These are excellent learning tools for kids. I'd love to win, and thank you for hosting another FUN giveaway!

  17. my son is really into puzzles these days, so he would love to be a winner. thanks!

    workoutmommy at gmail dot com

  18. While I would love any of these prizes... my son would especially love the food basket! Great giveaway and great store!

  19. Ooh, we have a little play kitchen and food and T would LOVE the cooking set to add to her collection! She puts on her apron and cooks and bakes for us. I hope that will translate to actual cooking when she's older; give a mama a break every so often!

  20. Since Benjamin's favorite movie is Ratatouille and we "make it" regularly, he would love the Deluxe Cooking Toys for kids! I would love it too to keep them both away from the stove when I'm cooking.
    Thanks for the contest.

  21. What a great way to help little ones learn. It's always fun to watch my daughter play with something that I never thought would be as fascinating as she finds it. I need to do better at looking at our world from her perspective so I can provide more opportunities and objects for her to learn from.

  22. I would love the vegetable basket. There are so many activities that it can be used for like categorizing colors and teaching about healthy food. Thanks! katebeth45 (at) gmail

  23. This would make my mom (the soon to be, dietician grandmom!) verrrry happy. Teaching kids about food (esp the ones they like to refuse to eat, for no good reason) is her specialty. I can see her spending hours with our kids, playing with their vegetable basket and teaching them all about the delicious world of healthy food!
    laurachilton (at) hotmail (dot) com

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