Moms Report Their Working Preferences

Moms Report Their Working Preferences 1A new study was recently released by Pew Research Center. The results indicate that mothers consider part-time work to be their ideal working situation (as opposed to full-time work or being a full-time stay-at-home mom). You can find a succinct synopsis of the study at the Light Iris blog, where you can also weigh in with your thoughts and opinions on the topic.

As a mom who works part-time from home, I can attest that I am truly living my "ideal" at the moment. It can be crazy at times and sometimes I feel like throwing in the towel, but mostly I am extremely grateful. I love the freedom and the flexibility of making my own hours - and being able to work at convenient times (think: naptime and bedtime). And I love keeping my foot in the professional world: contributing and taking in, being mentored and mentoring, growing intellectually and socially. I hope that I'm setting a great example for my daughter - I want to show her that women (and mothers) can be actively involved in the workforce and the larger community. But I also want to be her number one caregiver and fan.

So, what do moms want? From my limited window of the world...I would say that moms want more options when it comes to their career: part-time work, work-from-home situations, bring-your-baby-to-work-situations, quality nannies, paid maternity leaves, etc.

Now's your chance to join the conversation. Putting all financial barriers aside, what would your ideal work situation be?

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