More Tips for Combatting Morning Sickness

More Tips for Combatting Morning Sickness 1As I mentioned in my last post about morning sickness, I had it bad. I was sick all day, every day, for about four months. I never got around to trying Preggie Pops and Drops (although now I wish I had since I've been reading all of the positive reviews!).

Here are a few things that I tried that seemed to help alleviate the nausea a little bit:
1. Saltines - They are bland, but filling.
2. Small Meals - Eating too much or too little resulted in more nausea. It was best to strive for a semi-full stomach.
3. Sucking on Something - I bought mints in a huge bag from Costco and the sucking rhythm seemed to help. Perhaps that is part of the power of the Preggie Drops and Pops.
4. Sleep - Resting was my one relief from sickness.

I also tried ginger (which helped) - you can get ginger snaps, ginger pills, or ginger candies. Trader Joes has a good selection.

What tips do you have to help other mamas and mamas-to-be out there who are experiencing morning sickness?

Contest Winners: The winner of the Preggie Pop Drops container is #2 [email protected] (your cousin will thank you) and the winner of the Preggie Pops box is #20 Anonymous (I hope you feel better soon!). I'll be contacting you by e-mail to get your mailing address. Congratulations! Please stop back in and let us know how they work after you receive them.

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2 comments on “More Tips for Combatting Morning Sickness”

  1. WOW..can I relate...With our daughter I was sick (just like you Steph) all day,everyday for 4 months straight.
    What helped me...
    *those same mints from Costco
    *Wheat Thins by my night stand to munch on before I got out of bed
    **No tomato sauce!! No Spaghetti,Pizza,Ravioli..etc....
    **No spicy stuff...which was really hard for me b/c we live in the Southwest and b/c that's all I craved.
    *Believe it or not..pickle juice helped calm my stomach too..something about the sodium
    * Basically stay as bland as possible with what you eat.
    EWWW....Morning sickness...glad I am done with that.

  2. The only thing that worked for me was a steady diet of Zofran, but then again, I had hyperemesis with two of my three pregnancies.

    I drank a lot of ginger tea, though, and chewed gum during the early weeks, before the symptoms really set in. Getting a lot of rest helped, too. Sometimes that's easier said than done when you have to work or if you have other children to care for. I did find people to be understanding, however, and I often had offers from others to take my kids to school or pick them up. Having someone else prepare meals also helped - oh, the smells!

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