Mother's Day Giveaway Extravaganza {Win a Laptop!}

Some days, I think about all of the grandiose and magnificent things I could be doing to change the world. I could be saving lives as a medical doctor or teaching university students at Stanford or coming up with brilliant new technology ideas at the Google headquarters.

And yet, here I am - blowing noses, making macaroni & cheese, giving baths, singing songs, going on long walks to collect rocks, changing diapers, drawing pictures with sidewalk chalk, saying "don't put your feet on the table" and "use your nice manners, please" and "would you like to wear your blue shirt or your red shirt today?"

Sometimes, it seems so inconsequential, so small. 

But then, I realize that THIS is what it's all about. THIS is what matters. Not my masters degree or my work or even this little blog. What matters are these two precious girls - the lessons I teach them, the legacy I will live, the people they will become. 



This Sunday is Mother's Day - a day to recognize our own mothers, to reflect on the kind of mothers we want to be, and to acknowledge the important role that mothers play in our society.

To celebrate, I am pleased to be giving away an incredible prize package (valued at almost $1,800) to one reader:

First, the winner will receive a Toshiba Portege M750 ($1,699).

Your mom (or you...) will be the "coolest mom on the block" with this lightweight, portable, and highly functional tablet/laptop. Yes, that's right it's a notebook that converts to a tablet.

You can work on it like this:

toshiba portege m750 laptop

Or you can adjust the screen:

toshiba portege m750 adjusting

And it will look like this:

toshiba portege m750 tablet

Awesome, huh? The tablet allows you to write on the screen with an accompanying digital pen and/or you can do what you need to do by simply touching the screen. 

You can read all the specs on the Toshiba website, but you can be assured that it has lots of excellent features and that it is "among the greenest" laptops (it was awarded the elite EPEAT Gold status, the highest rating in environmental standard for laptops by EPEAT).

The Portege M750 would make an awesome gift for any mom. Whether she's a blogger, a designer, a professor, or a stay-at-home mom who enjoys going online throughout the day, she'll love this small notebook that she can carry around with her anywhere. 

small phantom bag stm bagsThe winner will also receive the Small Phantom laptop bag from STM Bags.

She'll need somewhere to store her precious "cargo." Why not explore the options at STM Bags? The Small Phantom is an especially good pick for laptops with a 12" or 13" screen. The vivid red is an STM-exclusive color and the entire look is sleek and streamlined. The interior is roomy enough for your notebook and baby gear. Last night, I went to National Mom's Nite Out and comfortably arranged my MacBook, baby diapers, wipes, an extra outfit, my wallet, and my glasses in the bag. 

One winner will be toting around a new laptop in a trendy new bag this summer. Here's a shot of the prize package:



Leave a topic-related comment on this post. It can be about what you most want for Mother's Day or about how you would use the "tablet" functionality of the Toshiba or about the features you look for in a laptop bag. You choose. Just remember all generic entries ("enter me," "love it," "pick me, please," etc.) will be disqualified. This contest is open to readers with a U.S. mailing address.

Because this an extra-special giveaway, I'm allowing you the opportunity to earn up to 7 additional entries.

For additional entries you can:

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That's up to 7 additional entries! Please be sure to leave a comment for each additional entry. 

The deadline for this contest is Friday, May 22nd, 2009


*UPDATE* The winner is #294 Emily. Congratulations!

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2,853 comments on “Mother's Day Giveaway Extravaganza {Win a Laptop!}”

  1. I would so love a new kitchen table and chairs. ours have seen its share of artwork, food spilled on it, and torture LOL and of course a new laptop would be fabulous. Much better than my old Compaq that I am just waiting to die on me anyday :) With 5 kids and one on the way (his hers and now ours) neither of these are in the future any time soon over the next millennium! So to win one would be a huge blessing and much appreciated and loved Mothers day gift. The kids are so worth it and I love them more than anything, so I could do without all the new gismos and gadgets but I would be lieing if I didn't say I would sure love to win one and have a new one :) Thanks for the chance at a fabulous giveaway, I can always dream about winning it anyway, right :)

  2. if I won this laptop, i would give it to my husband and give his five year old laptop to our five year old son who wants. And that would be really awesome, because I love my family and I love to give!

    1. Oops...watching television and surfing the net can cause one to enter a contest that expired. Disregard post!

  3. Hello there. I would like to tell you about a very spectacular lady, my omazingmother. She works two jobs to support my sister and myself and is recieving cuts in her pay. She recieves no child support. She is a single mom and works very hard. We all love her and appreciate what she does for our family. Having a personal laptop will give her time to work on part of her job, since it requires using a computer. I hope you will consider picking my hard working mom. Thank you for your time.

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  5. i would like it to give it as a gift on mothers day because it is easy to handle and also because i can't afford one like that.

  6. wow that's a really cool laptop (sorry i haven't been doing my usual blog reading and am just catching up now). thought i would comment anyway and say thanks for featuring the neatest and newest and most innovative things here on your site. man i missed being on the net.
    also beautiful shots of your two little beauties!

  7. Oops.... nevermind..... didn't realize the contest was over. Please ignore my entries! Thanks! :)

  8. For the tablet, I'd love to get back into drawing again! I'm getting used to this whole touch-screen technology!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Most important feature in a laptop bag, besides correct size, is the handle. In my opinion. If you get a crappy handle, it just feels so much harder to carry. Of course, if I could get over my irrational hatred, a rolling bag is best.

  10. Hi there! My name's Alex Preston. I just graduated from high school a few hours ago. It got me thinking 'where am I going to get all the resources I need for college?' It was like this website was put here just for me. My family has a very low income, yet I am attending a very prestigious school. I'm heading off to Mercer University, a school that costs 37,050 dollars per year to living laptop & other learning resources. I'm so thankful that I can be part of this contest! Thanks so much!

  11. I need a laptop bag and I want one that's a dark color. It has to be very comfortable to carry, also. My daughter's graduating from college in June and she could sure use a new computer and bag.

  12. Motherhood is never inconsequential. I am who I am today because of my mother. The example she set by her life of selflessness, integrity and intelligence. She was not a demonstrative person, something to this day I still haven't figure out. However, I never doubted that I was loved and that she believed that I could absolutely anything that I put my mind to do. Motherhood is underrated in our society. It demands commitment, endless patience and last but not least, the ability to let go when the time comes for your children to make their own way in the world.

  13. I really like the idea of the tablet function on the laptop! I haven't really seen that before! Very cool! I love writing so I could really use it. And I love that bag! Not only it is organized, but its also cute!

  14. For mothers day, the thing that I want most is just the day off. No dinner to make, no cleaning, dishwashing, laundry etc. Just the bliss of nothing to do except what I want to do.

  15. This has to be the very best prize I’ve seen in a blog giveaway. I am a work at home Mom, and I feel so tied down at my desk! This laptop will give me freedom to move around! Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!

  16. I've been daydreaming about a laptop for such a long time. I spend a lot of time waiting around between activities and something like this would make that time so much more productive and fun too.

  17. I would love to be able to give my wife a laptop. This laptop is so cool. I love the duel laptop/tablet option and my wife would absolutely love the laptop bag. It's hip and functional!

  18. I wanted a radio to go under my kitchen cabinet for Mothers Day and to my surprise, my husband installed it early and even put one of my favorite CD's in. I also got a card from my 6 year old that he made at school (he was so proud), and a card from my four month old, and my 10 year old wwent outside and wrote all our names on rocks and gave me my very own rock family. I hope Mothers Day was as special for you as i was for me. :)

  19. I love this computer. It looks like it would be so easy to put on a movie and twist the screen around to keep my son busy on a long car ride! Very versitile! Happy Mother's day!

  20. Thanks for the chance to win! You have a beautiful family and I really enjoyed your blog!
    You are so right there is nothing any greater than being a Mom!!!!

  21. What an amazing giveaway. Whoever wins this, I'm sure will enjoy it. I had a nice Mother's Day and hope you all did, too. Got a card and some new pictures of my little granddaughter, can't beat that! Thanks for having this great contest!

  22. I got what I wanted for Mother's Day--I became a mother to healthy twin boys. I think it will always be my favorite Mother's Day because it was my first. I didn't get any gifts, but that doesn't matter.

    Having a laptop would be fantastic! I could do some work from home and keep up my skills I developed before I became a mommy. Maintaining and building my own skillwill make me a better--and more sane--mother.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  23. This laptop looks fantastic! I have been wanting a laptop of my own for so long now. With the kids out of school for the summer, it would be so nice to sit outside and work while they play. Thank you so much for the great contest!

  24. What did I want for Mother's Day? Actually, I just wanted a new watch...a that I could tell time...see if we are on time, out of time or needing time. However, I didn't get a new watch. I was told I had enough watches...I just need batteries (LOL).

    So I guess. should be asking for a laptop (don't have one right now) and would love to have my very, very own laptop. Why? I love writing to people, especially my aunts, plus I am a Girl Scout Co-Leader and it would be nifty for staying in touch with my troop's leader and the council. I love providing interesting and fun handouts for the girls and having a laptop will allow me to have easier access to the internet.


  25. This year was my first mothers day as a mom of 6. Our adoption to our 4 should be final any day now. I love love LOVE being a mom. Some days are stressing and some days are hard but when I hear I love you it makes it all worth it.

    I remember wondering how we could do this? When we got our 4 new ones but we made due and we found a way. I thought since our biological son was severely handicap we could never do it we would be to stressed. BUT we have did it and did it well. I can not wait to stand in front of the judge and sign our adoption papers. I am a very blessed mommy!

  26. what I look for in a laptop bag is security. It has to be able to withstand jumbling all over the place.

  27. Mom, take time to enjoy time with your adorable family because you never know when those good moments are 'the last time'. Not because the kids are gone, but, because they grow up and leave you wondering "when was the last time they said 'read me a story mama!?". When was the last time they said 'For you mama!' as they hand you flowers from your(or the neighbors) garden pulled up by the roots... and you tried not to laugh! Store photos and memories on a laptop like you are giving away. I would! They will love to read them when they are grown!
    Happy Mother's Life!

  28. I would love to have this as a mother's day gift to myself! This is my first mother's day as a mom so it was great just having my little one with me. I am so blessed to have her.

  29. Wow! What a great giveaway. I would love to win this for my mom. I've been trying to show her how to use a computer but mine is so slow that she loses interest and always leaves the room on me. This would be a great way to bring her into the modern world.

  30. I have twins in college that live at home and are having to share a computer so it would be great to win this laptop so we could have peace in the family again. lol

  31. For Mother's Day I wanted and received a day of relaxation and pampering. I need a laptop but the budget won't provide for one in this economy. It would be so useful to use when I'm on the go.

  32. My wife told me to come here and post, because she really wants a laptop. I don't think she needs one. She needs to break free of the computer addiction and clean the house. I'm only entering because if she wins, she will stop whining about how much she wants a laptop, plus it would be a nice present for our 17th anniversary.

  33. This laptop would be great for my wife, since her old one broke. My fault. I saw my co-worker with a tablet computer and it seemed very interesting to be able to draw write on it, change colors, erase, draw again. I think my wife and daughters would really like it. Thanks for the chance to win it.

  34. This is the must have of laptops. I cannot wait to some day be able to afford one of these, or any laptop in general. For Mother's day my daughter gave me the most precious gift. A snowglobe with a little girl angel in it. Couldn't get any better than that!

  35. Features that I like in a bag is durability, space for accessories and charger, and one that is security friendly at the air port

  36. I really need a laptop and I have been eyeing tablets such as these for awhile now. Thanks so much for the awesome contest!

  37. I love the portability of a tablet. I'm unable to sit long at my computer desk due to illness. It would be great to be online on days I'm confined to the couch or bed. I love the idea of a pen with it too. A durable bag would be great.

  38. I think this is a super computer and my mom and my wife would love this for mothers day or any day and would like to give this to them for a very special gift. Toshiba and the bag is great gift thank you

  39. Well Steph, I can't give you a great, gripping fascinating wonderful answer like one reader did that she could use the laptop while nursing her twins (YAY! For her..I am so 21/2 year old granddaughter still nurses), but since I'm just 2 precious girl's grandmother (don't hate me ladies...I did my time having and raising 2 kids) and now get to enjoy granddaughters!)...I would love to have this laptop so that I wouldn't be chained to my desk in the family room indoors when the weather is so beautiful. I live in the country; in the woods and would use it to sit out on the lawn in the fresh air and do my computer "stuff." Concerning a laptop bag...first of all, it would have to be colorful, so that when I brought it somewhere I wouldn't forget it (I'm so forgetful), and also durable because I'm also a klutz and if carrying too much, I drop things.
    Oh well, that's about it. Love to read the comments from all the young Moms. Also...your little girl is getting so big and more beautiful, and your new little one is precious (and looks like her sister!) Congrats!

  40. What I most want for next Mother's Day is a SnapTotes bag with a picture of my boys. Those bags are gorgeous.
    I've never tried a laptop tablet but it looks cool. I have a hard time getting comfortable typing with a laptop open on my lap because of the way the lid goes back so I think I'd really like the tablet feature.
    Awesome giveaway!

  41. Well I'm 2777 for the entryplease tell me I have a small chance for the much needed laptop; perhaps the three sevens will bring the carm of winning

  42. The bottom-line for me is that I make my living mostly via the computer/internet, and since I only have a desktop, that kind of makes me a prisoner in my own home - with a ball and chain connected to the PC.

    The freedom to work OUTSIDE of the house - especially during the spring-summer-fall seasons would be such a joyous god-send! I would so love that! And so would my family and my health/well-being!

    A quality laptop would be a genuine liberator for me!

  43. My sister will be in hospital and I need to take over her business for awhile and still visit her, a laptop is perfect and Toshibas are great

  44. This laptop would be great to have, mine is very old and slow. For mother's day I wanted something new for my Ipod

  45. Love love love this laptop. My daughter is always using the desktop computer, it'd be nice to have another one to use, especially one this awesome!

  46. i am a freelance writer. Having something as portable as the Toshiba would be amazing! I am the mother of two boys, one of which attends a school that is 30 minutes away (he has special needs and it was the best choice for him), so I spend about two hours of my day on the road. With something as portable as the Toshiba, I could stop in at Panera and work for a few hours.

  47. Hi Steph,
    Having my very own laptop would be just grand! I finally found a home business that I have a passion for and if only I had a laptop I could travel the city drumming up new customers. Unfortunately, I was a single parent for many years and my son, who is now 29 y.o. is very angry at me. Never drugs, never alcohol or anything disrespectful to our household. I gave him the best of everything (that I could afford). This makes me write alot and low and behold I found a home business that allows me to publish books and personal stories. (The company is called Heritage Makers, my site is listed above). Despite all that, I never get a call from him on Mother's Day and it make me very sad because I lost my mother prior to my 21st birthday, right before mothers day. I do, however, have two beautiful grandchildren, a boy (3) and a girl (7). My grandson is visiting my son in Seattle, WA and as much as I did not get to talk to my grandson on Mothers Day, their mother made a three-way phone call so that I could talk to him later that week. This little boy gave me the best Mother's Day I could have asked for. I received the call last friday at 10:30pm. He said, "Hi Mom-Mom" and after I asked him how was he doing, he then said "Mom-Mom, you're beautiful". This is the sort of thing that I would use my new laptop to writing about.

    Thank you for the opportunity and enjoy your children as much as you can. Be Blessed!

  48. Well the kids just broke moms laptop that she uses all the time. If she won this prize she could put her laptop in the bag and put a lock on it!!

  49. I would dearly love to have a laptop for my very own. I do own one but my grandson asked to borrow it because "something happened" to his. Now I can't seem to get it back. Short of taking his laptop in to be repaired myself I just don't know what to do. I really would like to have a laptop I can use, just me, no one else. And I understand Toshibas are marvelous machines. Boy wouldn't that be something to wave in his face!

  50. I would love to have a computer of my own, I am always last in line to use the "family computer" there is always homework to be done or games to be played. I'm not really complaining but it would be nice to win!

  51. Hello it's never to late to wish all mother's a Happy Mother's Day:) I am a fan in Twitter and been following you. I blogged and sent many comments. I am determined and never give up because this is a great laptop giveaway. I wish to win this laptop for college homework and portfolios I need to get done. I have to check emails, I get from college. I love the fact the laptop screen adjusts, I can multi task with it. How great is that.

    I also would like to show my son how to use the laptop for when he goes to school. Mother's Day is special to me because this is my first Mother's Day. My son is a year and 4 months old. I love the way he smiles, laughs and says mama to me. I wouldn't change being a mom for the world.

    I love him so much. I show him my love and affection, comfort him when he sick, spend time with him, dress, bathe and play with him. I watch Barney with him.

    Women can give birth to a child but not all women can care and love a child. I know what Mother's Day is all about and give thanks to God for the blessing of my son.

    It's a fantastic laptop giveaway, I hope I win the giveaway. I share the special moments with my son in my heart. That's having a the Mother's Day spirit.

    [email protected]

  52. Thanks for the giveaway...My sister is a single Mom with a daughter starting university in the Fall; having promised them help in picking (and paying $$$) for a new laptop, this would be a great gift for my sister & niece ...I'm trying to convince them to go Mac but they are both stubborn ladies !!! ...In the end, it's not what operating system you use but what you do with the tools you have at your disposal that equals success.

  53. Metropolitan Mama,
    thank you for doing such a cool contest!
    I love the fact that it's utilizing green technology-I don't understand how, but it's always a good thing to do our part.
    Also it's great that it's already webcam equipped. And who doesn't love that the screen can flip around like that, when you wanna show your husband or kids something?! Awesome!

  54. For Mother's day I was hoping to get my wife the Kindle but money is low so we did what we could for her.

  55. Oh my, I am in desperate need of a new laptop. My Toshiba died as a result of me accidently hitting my table and the drink I had fell onto it. After that it wanted me to tpye my password before I could log on, but I dint have a password set. So now I use my son's that he let me borrow :( You have an very beuatiful family, and I would love to read your emails daily. Please subsribe me and PLEASE enter me in this great contest :)

  56. It would be so handy to use the feature of writing notes with the pen. I am a big crafter, and I have alot of ideas on sticky notes, napkins, etc (whatever was handy at the time), and it would be so nice to have one place to organize it all (along with everthing else I need to remember). What a great prize. I hope whomever wins it will really appreciate it.

    Thanks for the contest.

  57. For Mother's Day I just want time to spend with those I love. And I got it! We went for a walk around a lake, and had dinner with some extended family. Perfect!

  58. Hey I've been following you in Twitter. I also have blogged you in mypace. I copied and pasted your icon button and information about the giveaway is there. My email is at [email protected] I just love the Mother's Day Laptop Giveaway and it includes the laptop bag. How great is that.

    I really need my own laptop for college homework and portofio projects. It's hard because I need to go to internet cafe's, just to check my emails, do my homework and get portfolios done. Internet Cafe's can get costly for me.

    I really would be happy if I win the laptop. It would make my life more easier and never having to go internet cafe's.

    This is a great opportunity and I hope I win this giveaway:)

    [email protected]

  59. I cannot wait for the day when I can hold my children in my arms! I am not yet a mother, but I eagerly await that day.

    I am a artist/blogger and would love to have such a handy laptop ready to assist me in my studio or blogging on the fly.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  60. I like computers with speed, keeping everything going smoothly and efficiently. The laptop would be great to have - it sure would get a lot of use! (I really like that it has a touch screen!)

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  61. Gee! What a beautiful computer. It would be so wonderful to get out of the library with all these kids (that's a Mother's Day reference!!)with their headphones a-blaring on all 4 sides. Looks like I can even work on the public van that brings me into town once a week, jouncing along our low-tech country roads.

  62. If I were to ask for a gift for me for Mother's day, I'd ask for this laptop for my almost 10 year old ds. He's a techie kid, autistic to boot. He's a great guy, does the majority of his schooling online or on his computer (,, He's been homeschooled for 5 years and a computer, especially a laptop I can use to teach him as well as he can use to practice and learn would be marvelous! My almost 2 year old dd, Ginny, could benefit from this laptop as a tablet for practicing words, colors, shapes and whatnot. Thanks for the opportunity to be in a kind-hearted giveaway such as this. Thanks for celebrating motherhood!

  63. Wow, this is a very cool giveaway! Wish I could giveaway something this cool on my blog :) Anyway, I could use a new laptop, my mac ibook has been dropped a few too many times! Love your blog too, it's very nice :)

  64. I had to do a double take! Your header image reminds me of Katie Holmes! One of my fav actresses.
    I would love to win because I have to use my roommies laptop when she's at work! :( But it's better than nothing. :)

  65. I just graduated from college and am in DESPERATE need of a new laptop, this would be AMAZING!

  66. I am a mother of 3 wonderful kids and I was just introduced to your site. I have been reading over some of your blogs and you have great ideas! I wanted to compliment you on your beautiful family and your generous laptop offer. I would love to win, but whether I am the random "Chosen One" or not, you have genuinely impressed me. Keep up the good work! Your family is gorgeous!!

  67. Wow a latop! This would be perfect for me to use to catch up on work while i'm nursing my twins. I'm unable to use my desktop while doing that :)

  68. This is really nice. I have wanted a tablet for awhile. I own a laptop, but it is old and too heavy to really drag around much. I had a Toshiba back in the day when a "laptop" was more of a suitcase! Always loved it, but would be so happy to have something small. (My old laptop would not go to waste. DS15 has been begging for one for quite some time.)

  69. For Mother's Day all I want is a picture of me and my boys. Well it didn't happen on Mother's Day so we will try again tomorrow. We shall see.

  70. A new laptop would be so great. The Toshiba is a well respected name in computers, and the swivel screen would be a nice feature. I like to run a picture cd when family is over,so this would make that easy.

  71. Would love to have a laptop, somedays it's too hard to get ou off bed and I can keep this at my bedside to use when I want to do emails!!!

  72. OHHH my godson is starting college and is now saving money to try and get himself a laptop. I would love to surprise him with this for college!! We would just be so grateful if we won this for him.

  73. This laptop sounds great the more I read the better it sounds, it would be a great to win one.

  74. There's nothing more important to me on Mother's Day than spending time with my children. They are the reason I'm a mother and they fulfill me. However, when they're not around, this little tablet number would be exactly what I need to be more efficient, organized, and happy!

  75. What an awesome giveaway! I love that the laptop can be used as a tablet... how cool is that! My kids have destroyed my laptop (ummm, with a little help from me I guess... we're hard on things around here.) I would love a new one!

  76. I have always wanted, and have never owned a laptop. Right now we have two very old rebuilt desktops shared by all those living here - which includes hubby, myself, teenage single mother daughter with her now 4 month old baby, her best friend (no, they're actually not gay tho that would be fine since I think my daughter could do a lot worse then her bff as a mate), my almost 9 year old daughter and almost 6 year old son. Unfortunately for me every single one of those individuals LOVES being on the computer and there have been bloody battles in the living room over whos turn it is to play.

    I believe as a 43 year old mom to three, grandmother before my time, full time working mother (did I mention I work for state? that alone should qualify me for some sort of big prize) that I'm deserving of an amazing gift. Now don't get me wrong - hubby did get me a card and flowers, the kids made me memory boxes from plaster of paris and I got "skin" for my phone from the teen - so its not just about stuff or gifts or anything like that.
    Well, ok... it apparently is something like that because I SO want a laptop of my own so I can play when I want to and not have to fight the family for a moment or two of scrabble online with my sister back East. That would be just lovely. Truly. Better then chocolate.

    I hope you'll consider me for this wonderful give-away.

    Barb (tired, but happy and blessed)

  77. I would love to win this. My favorite feature is the adjusting screen . I also love the bag to carry it in! Thanks for a awesome giveaway!

  78. My PC at home is soo old and hardly working. So its not much use for my 7 yr old who now has homework where he needs to use the computer. Also the PC is not mobile like a laptop and I would not be stuck in our office while our 1 yr old is crawling, hopefully soo walking, all over the place!

  79. Our family could really use this,we have a senior citizen computer&it works when it wants!This would be a big helper we all need it for different things,work,homework!


  80. I am thinking of going back to school and a laptop would be great. I have never owned one but they seem to be a necessity for grad school. Thanks.

  81. As a homeschooling family, we go through a lot of notebooks. I would Just the thought of that makes me soooo happy! And imagine all the trees we would save. :o)

    Thank you for offering such a wonderful prize!


  82. Wow, this has gotten you quite a bit of traffic! Thanks so much for hosting such a fantastic giveaway!

    I'd love this notebook to be able to teach my daughter with. We're just starting to get into homeschooling her for preschool and I think if she could see the screen with all of the buttons covered up she'd get far less distracted!

    Again, thanks for the giveaway :)

  83. I was very happy with my Mother's day - we went for a walk in a really nice state park (and I got chocolates!). I have wanted a laptop for a long time and this one looks perfect for what I need.

  84. what a fantastic giveaway. how can you give this away? the bag alone is great, I love it. I especially like the red. I hope I wish so I can strut with it.

  85. I have been desperately searching for THE perfect laptop for my very first laptop- I've always used a desktop pc but secretly yearned for a lappie-
    this one is PERFECT!

  86. mothers day has passed but i did get what i wanted,my family being all together :)we made a nice dinner of steak and baked potatoes and broccoli with melted cheese on daughter who is a senior graduating this year..made me the most beautiful quilt in home economics at school and i will treasure that forever it is so beautiful.basically being with my family is all that i want or need :)

  87. I like the tablet function of this laptop. Very useful. I hope this is a trend that more companies follow.

  88. I would love to use this for my real estate based work, wow!! Mother's Day at home with my kids was great, just wish my 2 oldest ones who live across the US could have been here...

  89. What an awesome giveaway, it is in my dreams that I have a computer that I don't have to fight to use!

  90. I got what I wanted for Mother's Day, a day at home with my kids.I would love to win this awesome laptop! Mine broke a few weeks ago and I can't afford to replace it right now.

  91. Now that all my kids are in college I wish I had a runny nose to wipe or a silly fight to break perfect mothers day would be all of my kids home sitting around the table enjoying a great meal and great conversation!!

  92. This laptop would be great in helping my husband with his contracting job! Our kids dropped and broke his laptop and we havent been able to replace it :( this would be a godsend to his business.

  93. Great laptop and bag. It is hard to find a good laptop bag - I look for something that is lightweight and soft sided - but with enough protection for the laptop - and that has enough room for basic items like notepads, calculator, pens, etc. I also prefer a bright colour instead of basic black. Thanks!!!

  94. That looks like a nice laptop. For the bag I'd probably prefer a different color since I'm a guy... though maybe I'd give it to a girl.

  95. The Toshiba Portege M750 as a gift would blow some of the other mothers day gifts out of the water! This one actually makes my mouth water! Anything that will help to un-complicate my busy, hectic life would be more than appreciated.

  96. For Mother's Day, I was hoping for a nice quiet dinner OUT, but since finances put a halt to that dream, I settled for hotdogs at home. I'd LOVE a laptop computer. It sure gets tiresome sitting in the den while hubby lounges in the bed. Thanks!

  97. My household could defiantly use it --we have my husbands huge & heavy Gateway- and my tiny Eee Pc--and 3 teens fighting us for laptop time.

  98. This is such a fantastic giveaway. I am in such need of a laptop. Our laptop broke a few months back and instead of replacing it with another laptop we bought a regular desktop because it was cheaper. It stinks when I need to do work, I have to do it in the den. I hate not being able to sit in bed and surf the internet and lay comfortably while I type.

  99. My birthday was on Mother's Day this year! I wasn't really celebrated but I had a good day overall. I wouoldn't know how to act if I had something as nice as this Toshiba laptop. BUT, my Mom has wanted a computer for a long time so I think if I were to win, I'd give it to her. I know she'd share with me so it would be great for the both of us.

    Thanks so much! :)

  100. The one thing I want most for Mother's Day is for my son to stop using cocaine. It is such a sad situation.

  101. On mothers day my mother in law asked if she could move in with us. So we agreed. I have a desktop now but its in the room that she will being using. And I would really love to win this prize so that I wouldnt have to sit in her room to have to use the computer( even though she wouldnt mind me going in her room) but i would still feel weird about it. I would be able to sit in my room and use it whenever, where ever. That wold be AWESOME!!! and i know she exicited to have a computer in the house because she's never had one. and now she would be able to keep in touch with her family and friends.

  102. I used to pick bags to standardize on for our company's laptops. We always looked for strong fabric, like the fabric used in bulletproof vests. We also looked for extra strong sewn bindings, especially around handles.

  103. Since I do most of my work on the go this lightweight Toshiba Portege M750 with the Small Phantom laptop bag would not only make my a whole life easier, I would also be the most stylish mom in the Lone Star State!


    [email protected]

  104. I am the owner and designer of my own jewelry company/online boutique called Sugar Panda. I started it when I became pregnant with my first child- I knew that I wanted to be a stay at home mom, but wanted to continue to contribute to our household income. I've been blessed with a beautiful and healthy daughter, an incredibly fun job, and now- with Baby No. 2 on the way I could really use the mobility a lap top would offer me.

    It would help me tremendously with keeping up with my business and continuing to make it grow- not an easy task with two young kids and an active duty Marine hubby. This wonderful prize would help me more than you could know.


  105. What a wonderful prize! The only laptop in the family belongs to my husband for business, leaving me tethered to our desktop. Not that I'm complaining, but freedom to do even simple computer tasks anywhere I want would be fantastic!

  106. I'm going to start school in the fall. It may be for education or art or both. Writing is also a very big passion of mine. It would be so convenient to just write and draw, two things I already do, all day, and have them when I need them. Through my usual method, they end up all over the place. My mom keeps getting on me about being organized. This tablet laptop would only help.

  107. I guess I will leave a comment about Mothers Day. :) This past mothers day I woke up grouchy and decided I did not like mothers day as I was not the mother I wanted to be for my babies (I have three)...I have been thinking on that more and more....I am setting my OWN standards for what I "think" a mother should be...In my mind...perfect...After much thought I KNOW that I am just what my children need. An imperfect mother who makes mistakes but who is real, down to earth, and loves her children with all that is in her...My kids will not remember if my floors are spotless or if every hair is in place or a made from scatch meal is always on the table...What they will remember of me I pray, on each and every mothers day, is the love I give, the lessons I teach through daily normal situations, the joy-filled home that we have and the precious moments we spend together playing and laughing...I guess that is my comment. =)

  108. Wow, what a fabulous prize. If I win, it would be mine, all mine. I share my computer with my teen and tween. (Or maybe I should say they share with me. LOL) For Mom's Day this year, we spent time as a family planting a garden and just hanging out. I do agree with the others that the best gifts are the homemade as they come from the heart.

  109. Hey, definitely worth a shot! I like the tablet approach, since there's a certain amount of doodle-art software out there you can use with fingertips and stuff. Thanks for the chance!

  110. The laptop and case looks awesome! As a relatively new blogger I am always looking for ways to improve and this laptop would be great! I love that I wouldn't have to share laptops with my husband!

  111. I look for style and functionality in a laptop bag. I like lots of pockets with room for everything. I also want a bag that's both soft and sturdy :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  112. This is an awesome giveaway!!! I have never had a laptop, only desktops. It would be a grand surprise to win one. I think you are very sweet to do this.
    Happy Mothers Day to you.
    Laura King

  113. I just want to have taught my child (and any future children) how to live right.
    at sbcglobal. net

  114. Wow! What a fantastic giveaway! I would definitely use this for digital scrapbooking. I'd like to use the tablet feature to add my own handwriting to layouts, or maybe some doodling.

  115. Thats fantastic! I've always used Dell and I've been thinking of buying a Mac, but this thing is amazing. I've never seen a screen like that before that folds like a tablet. I'm impressed!

  116. That is an amazing laptop! I would love this for my husband because he's starting a home business and I know that it would really help him. Of course, I'd have to check it out myself, too! ;)

  117. I would love to have this laptop so I can use it when I volunteer at the senior center each week. It would really help!

  118. I would love to win this laptop and would put it to good use in my return to school next fall. I returning to school as an adult student in the LPN course at my Community College. i could really put this to good use.

  119. i am starting my 2nd master's this fall. planning on getting an EDS degree.will be an 18 month program, mainly on week-ends.

    the laptop would help me take notes and work on assignments.

    thanks for posting this!

  120. My wife is driving three days with both my daughters and all our pets to stay with relatives while i deploy. This would be a great way to keep the girls busy drawing and her in touch with me.

  121. What an awesome giveaway! I'm just thrilled that I get to be a mother on mother's day. I know that sounds cheesy, but I couldn't ask for more than spending time with my husband and my son on mother's day or any other day.

  122. Gosh, this would make a surprise post-Mother's Day gift for my mom! I've been giving her some tutoring about computers and the net and she's become really savvy at the keyboard. I think she'd flip about winning such a sleek, modern laptop and beautiful bag -- I'm sure she'd love to be able to work outside on our deck and at coffee shops, and I know she's get a lot of use out of the tablet functionality since she attends a lot of lectures and talks where she takes tons of notes. This is such an incredible giveaway - thanks for the chance to win!

  123. For Mother's Day I would love to have a chance to spend just one more day with my mom. To hug and her and tell her that she was the best mother ever.

  124. For Mother's Day, I do not want anything, but I always make sure that my mom is spoiled. She has always been by support and best friend.

  125. I would give this to my husband for Father's Day! He selfishly gave me a laptop;when he could have used it as "he doesn't have one"! It would make his day (Clint Eastwood style)! Thanks for this opportunity!

  126. This laptop is amazing!!!!! I think it's great that you can adjust the screen so if you want to share what you're doing or browsing, just turn the screen. Wow, I love it!

    [email protected]

  127. What an awesome giveaway. I must say I would totally keep this for myself. With three kids, getting time on the computer is very slim.

  128. I'm twenty years old and a single mom. I would love and appreciate a laptop of my own. Im enrolled in school and being a mom is hard enough not having to worry about school and my homework and grades, but i get by. i currently have a very old pc that i think i've had since i was about ten. I just want it to be easier to get the stuff done i have to for school with a laptop rather then an out-of-date pc. And the bag would come in handy carrying my laptob to school with me with all my books!

  129. this would be a great gift to give my niece that is entering college in the fall... her father, my brother-inlaw, lost his job when the chrysler plant he worked at closed.

    Thanks for the great giveaway !!

  130. My laptop died a few months ago and haven't been able to get a new one yet. I really like the tablet feature and having a laptop will help alot when traveling.

  131. I didn't get what I wanted for Mother's Day... In fact, I didn't get anything if you don't count the card my Pre-K son made at school and gave me on friday... I would love to have a laptop that was tabletable... Right now I take our old (years and years) laptop with us on trips.. it's not the easiest thing to handle sometimes when using it but it's so nice to have with us..

  132. I love that laptop bag, it is totally my style. It would be awesome to carry the laptop and that bag wearing a t-shirt and jeans. I would also love holding that laptop with the screen flipped down, I have never seen anything like that! Thank you!

  133. The tablet feature on this laptop looks amazing I am going to take an extention class and this would be great. For MD I just want to rest, no fixing meals, no laundry, actually my daughters are grown and live out of state except my 19 year old who is in college and lives at home and she took me out to dinner

  134. I do not know what I would do without a computer, because I use it for so many things. My laptop does not have a tablet feature, and I think it would be very useful (and fun) to have.

  135. The tablet feature on this laptop looks amazing! I'm thinking about taking a class and this would help with notes. Thanks!

  136. I would use this tablet for school. I need a laptop so bad, I would not have to take out another student loan if I won this - LOL

  137. Ok, I must say, I love this laptop! A laptop and tablet in one. So cool! I love things that do more than one thing. I can imagine being able to draw on it. What fun! Thank you so much for having this giveaway. Whoever wins will love it!

  138. My buddy Bob, 'my other mother" told me about the contest. My dell is dead so a new computer would be "way swell" I could email my mom and brother, nieces and nephews (and Bob) again. Not only that I could stop doing buisiness on public library computers. When you pick the winner, Do whatever you fell is best. Thanks AGB

  139. Every year I have to make a 2500+ mile round trip to visit my elderly mother, last year I couldn't check my email daily because of no access to a computer, needless to say I try to enter at least 300 contests daily so every win which is about 6 a year is precious to me, sadly because of the 24 hour deadline I lost out on the prize. with kids in the house taking advanced classes at school and online ties up the pc, so I have to enter when I can have the pc.

    Thank you


  140. I would love to have a new laptop for mother's day. I have one now but it is a bit outdated. Of course this bag would just be the icing on the cake. But to have a new laptop would be top of my list!

  141. Toshiba laptops are the best! We spend a lot of time on our computer and could really use another one!

  142. Wow. I have never seen this laptop before! The table top would make it so much easier to use. I would love this for Mother's Day (a late present) because I love technology with touch screen!

  143. I would love to win this for my mother. She has an old desktop computer that is 11 years old. That dinosaur is the slowest thing I've ever seen. I'm not sure she'd even know what to do with the tablet, but I'd do my best to teach her how to use it. Great giveaway. Thank you for hosting.

  144. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read about your generous giveaway! This will be my only entry as I don't have a blog of my own, twitter etc. I would just like to say this would be a dream come true for me and my family to win this laptop computer as I don't have one. I would use this at home and when traveling. Thanks for the opportunity! [email protected]

  145. I would use the “tablet” functionality of the Toshiba because it's a great feature of the laptop. It gives you another way to access features on the laptop. Thanks for this great opportunity to win this great prize. Good luck to everyone!

  146. My son is away at college and I would give this great laptop to him if I were to win. He has an old one that he is using now and I know that he could put this one to great use. He would use it for his school papers, reports, spreadsheet and art.
    Thanks for the fantastic opportunity!

  147. What I want for Mother’s Day is very simple and that is for time together with my husband and my grown sons. I did not get it this Mother's Day, but I did get to spend time with each of them separately!

  148. I have yet to own a laptop! My family owns a small business and we just opened a 2nd office so I am constantly traveling from one office to the other. A laptop would be wonderful for me! This is the first blog I have commented on!

  149. At first I thought I wanted a day away from it all! To get a pedicure and go shopping and not have to worry about getting my little one in and out of the carseat. To have lunch by myself and enjoy the peace and quiet. Then I realized how boring that seemed and so NOT what Mother's Day should be about! It's about being with my liitle ones and enjoying every moment of life with them. How rude of me to think of spending my Mother's Day NOT being a mom!!! So instead I spent the entire day with my family and it was a beautiful day which included a homeade card from my husband and kiddos in which I will cherish FOREVER! I would not have traded it for anything! As far as the laptop goes, how awesome, for a chance to win such a great prize! My husband and I actually need a laptop. We have never owned one ~ but he is now a full time student and sharing computer time is kinda rough. We keep talking about it but times are tough right now! Thanks for the oppurtunity!

  150. I love BBQing on Mother's Day & just spending time with my little fam & maybe some close friends! :) Just a fun relaxing day! I think this is the coolest giveaway ever...I would love to start my Tshirt CO. using this laptop LOL Good luck to everyone! :)

  151. Well, Mother's Day is past, but I still need a laptop. (I did get some other nice things, but a computer didn't fit the budget.)

    I've always heard good things about Toshiba products, so I'm sure their computers perform well, too.

  152. I know it's not supposed to mix, but I want a laptop bag that has snack pockets for when I'm out with the kiddos. And I love that tablet functionality!

  153. I would enjoy being able to take it with me. I am using the home machine due to my mobility challenges/

  154. I really wanted something nice for Mother's Day, but all I got was taken out to eat, by MY mother. My kids didn't get me anything. I've been wanting a laptop for forever. I've never had one, but could really, really use one. It would be really nice to have one. Also, I will be very, very, very lucky if I win this, as I'm only entering once, so, here's to me, and hoping that I'm lucky enough to get picked.

  155. I tweeted about it . I don't know how to give you the number of the tweet but I put @stephsday in it so you should find it.

  156. I just started back to school last semester. I'm 30, AHHH, yep, I'm old and in school. I have a laptop that is almost as old I am. I would love a new lsptop to be able to do my homework on. Have a great week everybody.

  157. I would like to take my mom on a trip overseas, we've never been outside the US.

    The laptop would help me immensely when I go back to school in the fall, it's gonna be hard as a mom/wife but the laptop would help.

  158. For Mother's Day - I got zilch. Nada. Nothing. But that's OK, because I took *MY* Mom to Jamaica for a couple of days a couple of weeks ago. So I think I'm just going to count that. :)

  159. This would be a great item to win! I am a mother of three and a grandmother of a three year old and am awaiting my second grandson's arrival. I have just gone on disability retirement and am looking for little things that I may be able to do for my future. I am thinking about taking some online courses and this laptop would really help with that. I have also made some jewelry in the past and have been thinking of doing some of that and trying to sell them online. Again, the laptop would really help in that regard. My retirement income is about 30% of what my working income was, so I am looking for ways that I can supplement it, and this would help.

    Thanks. Take care everyone.



  160. Great giveaway offering!

    Please, count me in your drawing!

    I so want to win this!

    Last year, my oldest son started his first year of aviation school in Denver, Colorado!

    As a graduation present, I gave him my Toshiba laptop and I've been using an old Dell desktop every since!

    I would love to have a new laptop (one that doesn't take 20 minutes to warm-up like my 'old' desktop) to email family and friends (saves me a 'fortune' on my long-distance phone bill), blog, surf the web, and budget the family finances!

    Thanks for the 'great' giveaway offering and good luck to all!

  161. I love that this is a green laptop. I try to be aware of my effect on this earth and this laptop is a great choice. I also like the laptop bag. It has room to carry laptop "extras". Thank you for having this giveaway!

  162. That is an awesome laptop! I have been teaching the husband a lot of stuff on Access and it would be really neat to be able to use the tablet features to aid in that.

  163. What a great giveaway! I am drooling over the laptop bag. Not only is it RED like my laptop, but it looks like it's roomy but not too bulky. Thanks for the chance to win!

  164. Oh I would love to give this to my daughter who is going away to college for the first time. Waaaa! I'll miss her but she could email me plenty with this prize.

  165. The most important feature for me for a laptop bag is that it be well padded. I'm very clumsy and whack into stuff alot, so I need protection for anything I'm carrying. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  166. I would use that great functionality to use the computer to watch movies when I go around the house, turning the monitor to wherever I am in the room doing chores, that'd be great!

  167. I'm one of those Mothers' who say "Oh it's all right you don't have to get me anything." So no one does. I do get a lot of "I love you's" and those are very special but when you have Lupus and are stuck in bed a good majority of the time it would be nice to have a laptop to do my writing on but my time will come, I know it will. When money is tight everyone has to prioritize and I even have to when it comes to my medicine. So another year of hugs and I love you Mom, yes and I love you too.

  168. We have recently been looking for a laptop that would have the functionality to use it for everyday tasks, homeschooling and gaming. With a trip to Europe on the horizon, it is something that we would like to be able to take with us so we can connect back home with then as well. Thanks for the chance to win such a fabulous prize.

  169. I love the flexibility of the screen! what a great function! especially when you are sitting at odd angles or have a weird glare!

  170. It would be great to have a new computer in the house. My laptop is getting old and the girls desktop is 10 yrs. old so it's practically ancient. They really can't use it any more. If we had a new computer I could give the girls this laptop and I could keep the new one. Thank you!

  171. Great laptop, it would be great to have that one!
    I love the Notebook-to-tablet convertibility, the digital pen and the touch screen :)
    Powerful and small that's the way to go!
    I love that sturdy red bag too, very stylish.
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway :)

  172. My mother's day wish was to make sure my precious mother and mother-in-law both knew how very much we love, care and appreciate them. They are such strong, beautiful woman who mean the world to us everyday of the year.

  173. The only thing I want for any Mother's Day is extra snuggle time with my precious little boy! Winning the computer would be an extra cool bonus!! I think my son would love to use the tablet feature and it would be a great way to introduce him to a computer.

  174. What a great Giveaway! I would use this for the home business I am trying to start up on Etsy- and it would be much easier to do on a laptop that I could tote around than the stationary computer in the back of the house- that is just not realistic with two toddlers roaming the house! ;)

  175. This would be handy to use with the kid's homeschooling. I could sit at the table with them. They act up if I'm at my desk with my back to them.

  176. I'm working on my first novel, and the tablet feaure seems like such a great way of scribbling down new ideas - as opposed to scattered entries in notebooks, on Post-It notes, napkins, the check-book cover, on the bathroom mirror, etc.....

  177. Hi, My buddy Ann Goodwin Burgess often tells me, " I don't need another mother!" However she does need a new laptop to help get her online business going because her 5 Year old Dell recently died. Her real mother is swell.

  178. For mother's day, I had a wonderful day with my husband and boys. I got extra snuggles from my kids including a nap in our hammock with my 6 year old. My gift was a spa pedicure and was NICE!!! What gift would I still like??? It would be great to have a long weekend away... just me and my hubby! I would also LOVE to win this giveaway... hehe!! I would use this computer to blog, do family finances, email, etc. It would be a great upgrade for our family!!! :)))

  179. That's a fabulous laptop! I got what I wanted for Mother's Day..I spent it with my baby boy. My first Mother's Day! =)

  180. I really need a new computer and I've never seen anything like this. I like the flip idea of the screen and would love to try it out.

  181. I would love to win this for my mom -- she wouldn't have internet access, but it would be great for letter writing, recipe files, etc., plus my dad could use it to play solitaire!

  182. What a wonderful laptop. I have just started traveling as part of my job and I cannot afford a laptop of my own. A simple, yet sophisticated, laptop would be perfect for traveling with, and the fact that the giveaway includes a bag for it is perfect!

  183. I would use the computer at home when I'm on maternity leave with my second baby!!! And for Mother's day I just wanted some time with my family... and I got it. The computer would just be an added bonus now. :)

  184. I'm a grandma who loves to be on the run with my grandkids...but I have to work too! With a light weight portable computer I can work in the park while they play! This will give my daughter a much needed chance for some "me time" of her own!

    Make two mama's happy!

  185. When searching for a laptop bag I want one that is stylish and affordable. But I also want one that has extra space to store paperwork, along with my wallet and cell phone (so that I wouldn't have to also carry a purse if I didn't want to.)

    Thanks for this awesome chance to win this beautiful laptop and laptop bag.

  186. Such an AWESOME my kid's are getting older, we are constantly needing to get to the computer ourselves...this would really make life alot easier!!!

    thanks for the chance to win :)

  187. I would use the tablet function when showing my husband ads for land that we are looking to buy...and house plans, etc. He hates it when I shove the laptop at him, but all I'd have to do is turn the screen! Yay!

  188. As a mom of five one thing that helps me grow and learn and have the energy to be the best I can for them is the support from online friends! I know the chances of my winning this laptop are not great, but if I did win it I would give it to a young lady, named Jocelyn, who's family has been a great blessing to me and others. Their family is a source of encouragement and I know that Jocelyn is in need of a new laptop to continue her writing.

  189. I most wanted a fun, happy, drama-free day with my children. Fortunately, even my teenage daughter cooperated and that's what I got! They served me breakfast in bed and bought me the most beautiful flowers, which they even paid for with their own allowance instead of asking their dad to do something this year. I am truly blessed.

  190. My 13 year old son ordered me flowers and a teddy bear, he was so excited that he could not even wait until Sunday to give them to me. That was a great mother's day gift!

  191. What a wonderful laptop and a great giveaway! I think if I won this laptop we'd have to take numbers on who was going to use it first. It would be like "Now serving number 32!" Maybe I could use this to bribe my kids to do more work! More work equals more time on the laptop! Hey, I like where this is going!

  192. what a great prize... i have wanting a laptop for some time now.... i am in bed 3-4 days evry 2 weeks, and i can't get to my computer...this would help me so much on those days.... and then when i am out and about, it would come in so handy
    also. i could get so much done with this... and it is really cool... love the functionality

  193. I force my daughter to share her laptop with her brother who also needs one. Being a single mother, I can't afford two, so there you have it. It would really come useful and it won't go in vain. Thanks for such a great contest.

  194. This would be one of the most ultimate gifts I ever received if I won this. I have always wanted a laptop to take with me when I go on trips either with the church or personal. I have some friends that don't know about computers and I have been trying to teach them how to use one, it is hard trying to make time to come to my house when they work 6 days a week. With a laptop I could take the computer to them. If I won this I know it would be a blessing from God and a treasured gift from metropolitan mama. thank you.

  195. Now, I'm not saying that my computer is old... After all, it's not as ancient as this old mom, otherwise known as G-Mom to her grandchildren, supposedly beacuse I'm so hip. However, If I'm to Twitter and Facebook, Myspace and Blog with said grandchildren, I definately need to get rid of the PC I have (I believe it was carted here on the Mayflower) and get plugging with that beautiful item above!

  196. One way I would use this laptop is to help my back! lol, using the desktop computer often causes me to feel very uncomfortable and with a laptop I could sit in a more relaxing chair or on my bed to keep from cramping. What a wonderful giveaway, thanks for giving us the chance to win! =)

    [email protected]

  197. I have always wanted a tablet pc, it is one of the areas of computer experience that I haven't... experienced!

    I love the way tablets look.

  198. If I won this laptop it would make my life so much easier! I could blog from any room of the house! I also love that it's so eco-friendly! And it's got a great indoor/outdoor display so it will even work well lounging on my back patio enjoy the summer breeze! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  199. I would use the tablet function to take notes in class as our desks are so tiny that you really can't set a laptop on it.

  200. I would replace my dying desktop with this beautiful machine! I love how it's super portable and energy efficient. I subscribe to your RSS feed, follow you on Twitter and tweeted about the contest, Also posted about it on facebook. Thanks for the contest :)

  201. I think this notebook will be the light of my life. It is described to be lightweight and easy to carry, with everything you need to do all the things you want. Wonderful

  202. I spent Mothers Day with my husband and daughter at the Zoo!
    This is a very awesome giveaway!
    If I won this laptop I would be greedy and not let my husband touch it he doesnt really use computers properly!! I dont have that much luck and never really win but thanks for the opportunity! And I hope your Mothers Day was wonderful!

    sorry if this posted twice!

  203. That is one fancy laptop. What will they come up with next?

    I love being a mom, who knew I could love runny nose little boys so much? I find out on Tuesday what this next one will be, yippee!

  204. Oh, I could use a new laptop for so many things. I could post to my blog, edit & send pictures of my 5 kids to the grandparents out of state. Most of all, I would love to have something that is just mine, no kids can touch it!

  205. I love vacation - except when it's over and I come back to an inbox full of emails on my computer (and there have been times when it's not until my second day back that I've finally sorted through them all)! A laptop would make this mother's day... :)

  206. I heard about this giveaway from News Around The Blogs
    I would love to have this laptop for when I go back to school this fall, I just love that you can simply touch the screen Thanks for this giveaway

  207. I love how you can adjust the screen on this laptop. I am always wanting to show my daughter something on the computer and all I would have to do is just twist the screen without picking up the whole computer and moving it. Great idea.

  208. If I won this laptop I would use it during my last year of college! Only 7 classes left!!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  209. I'm impressed! I've never seen a laptop screen adjust like that. Even though Mother's Day has come and gone, I'll still comment about it ;) This was my FIRST Mother's Day! And it was perfect, low-key, relaxing, and wonderful. I realized that for me Mother's Day is a good day to reflect and be celebrate those who make us mom too. Without my husband and daughter, I wouldn't be a mom. And I love them so much for giving me the gift of Motherhood.

  210. I am going to add your button right now. This would be a great win for me. I so need this. Thanks for giving something so big away.

  211. I just signed into my twitter and I am now following you on your twitter...if that makes any sense, anyways, i know what I'm talking about.

    tkglenn2002 at yahoo dot com

  212. I got your button at the bottom of my blog where the banners are. I have soo many on my sidebar that I have to start putting them on the bottom.

    tkglenn2002 at yahoo dot com

  213. OMG.....this is such a wonderful giveaway. I am a cake decorator so this would work out just perfect for my business. I have always wanted a laptop where the screen could turn like that. I am going to be watching this one so I hope I win. Thank you for doing this giveaway.

    tkglenn2002 at yahoo dot com

  214. First, what an amazing giveaway. I've always been a Dell girl but recently 2 of my friends bought toshiba laptops & I must say I was quite impressed. Very sleek, great performance & a better than everage battery life. I would be more than a little happy to win this tablet pc (which has to be the coolest aspect of this laptop) thank you so much for the opportunity great site by the way i'm glad to have stumbled across your neck of the woods

  215. I've never owned a laptop or tablet. I would love a portable computer. I'm so far behind the times that I don't even have a flat screen monitor. Someday I would love to get a laptop & this certainly looks like a nice one. Thanks for the contest.

  216. What a generous giveaway! I would love a new laptop. With four school-age kids who are always fighting over the computer, it would be so helpful to have a laptop. Thanks!

  217. What a teriffic gift for a mom on the go. The Toshiba Portege M750 would fit perfectly into my Metropolitan life as a mom. I enjoy reading your blogs on motherhood and all the steps that us busy moms experience daily. Motherhood has been an awakening experience to see the world through my daughter's eyes. As simple as capturing her exploration through her imaginative mind makes me feel like I'm reliving life. The Toshiba Portege could assist in me keeping those cherished keepsakes moments until one day she can view them herself.

  218. For mother's day I wanted to spend time with the hubs, no pressures, no schedules, just being together. I got my wish and it was wonderful!

  219. Our family laptop belongs to our college son; I would love to have one for my wife - she's the best mother around and sacrifices so much for myself and my son; always takes care of us first. Thanks.

  220. I got a fountain for Mother's Day. DH was not feeling well, but wonderful him, he went out in the garden and built it with my daughter anyway. Now, I have the peaceful sound of trickling water to accompany me as I garden.

    I have always wanted a laptop. This prize is awesome!

  221. I gave my mother a white orchid to wear to church on Mother's Day and she was thrilled. I was happy that my daughters let me play on the computer as long as I wanted that day!

  222. My computer is so full and cant burn cd's to save space. Pix, games and music plus all my craft stuff take's up alot of room. If I could be portable that would be great. Kids did get me a sd memory card for Mother's day. Dont you just love em.

  223. I would love the portability of tablet. Right now Im chained to a desk in my office with a desktop computer... I would take this thing everywhere!

  224. For mother's day I spent it and have been spending it with my daughter. My husband works Sundays. We go to church and then afterward the men prepare, serve, and clean up dinner. It's really a lovely time to be doted on and get to visit with my friends that are mommies too! This is a lovely giveaway.

  225. I would so very much LOVE to win! I have recently been laid off and could certainly use a pick-me-up. Since my company allowed me to work from my home office, I had to return all of my computer equipment when I lost my job. In fact, I have been using a borrowed computer for the last few weeks. So I TRULY need a new laptop!!

  226. I also just subscribed to your rss feed via google reader (not sure what email that would be... perhaps craftnmommyof2 at gmail dot com)

  227. Wow... what an awesome giveaway. I've not seen a laptop quite like that... but would *love* to have it. My desktop is dying on me and we haven't been able to afford a new one so we just keep repairing what we can :)

    As for what I wanted for Mother's Day... just to relax and craft. And that is exactly what I did. Hubby cooked breakfast and a wonderful dinner and I did nothing. It was fantastic !

  228. So topic related huh?
    Well I don't know if this counts, but I would love to win a computer for my little sister who is graduating this Saturday and going off to college!
    Her computer right now isn't working very well and I want to get her something nice for her graduation present :D

  229. This would be really helpful to my mom who has no computer now and 5 kids (4 of which are still living at home..I'm out on my own). Her only access to computers is borrowing mine or my sister's laptops ever since the house computer completely quit a few months ago and we don't have the money to fix it or buy a new one. She's a mom on the go and really needs something easy to use and versatile like the computer here.

  230. This Toshiba Portege M750 would work well for me to use in college and be able to keep up with taking notes, software examples and so much more.

    The touch screen option would be great for working in graphic software that I am learning.

    Thank you.


  231. Oh, this would be such a blessing! My husband and I are going into Missions school (New Tribes Mission... probably never heard of it). It is recommended that each student have a laptop for classes.

    What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks for the opportunity!

  232. Like everyone else here..I would love to win this laptop. We currently only have a desk computer(my husband has a laptop but it's for I don't like to use it for personal stuff. We are planning on taking a trip this July to NC and this would be great to have for that trip.
    Thanks for the chance!!!

    [email protected]

  233. I'd love to win this laptop for my mother. She's always sacrificed herself in order to get my little sister and I things while never complaining. She always put my little sister and I before everything else and I'd love for her to have a laptop--something just for her cus she deserves it. It would just be the perfect gift for her.

  234. I would use this laptop to start up my own business. I am interested in blogging and making friends also. For Mother's Day, any kind of food, flowers, hand made items and/or bath items are wonderful.

    mercsmercado at yahoo dot com

  235. My kids are in grade school so as a single parent, I just enjoy the fact that they are with me, healthy and full of life! I save the cards they make me and sometimes hang them on the wall (I still have one from my son from two years ago because it was soooo cute!

  236. I just might keep this laptop for myself and give my mother mine. I'm a college student with too much to carry around to classes.

  237. I have been drooling over this laptop! I have a very old desktop, and would love love love a laptop! It's wonderful!

  238. Following on on Twitter now. I forgot to mention in my previous comment (you asked to comment relevantly and I forgot to answer that question) that what I really wanted for Mother's day is a mini laptop for my dad who lives overseas so he can have Skype and play chess here with his grandkids. And I got it. My hubby bought it for my dad! But for myself I really want a macro or a telezoom lens for my DSLR, which are both way too pricey with an upcoming move!

  239. I would love to give this to my mother for a mothers day gift. She has done so much for me. It takes a really special person to be a loving mom and I am so blessed

  240. Oh, WOW! You rock! I found your blog thru Walking Therein. So, hi and blessings! I'd love for Jackie to win it for Jocelyn but I can't pass entering myself. I homeschool 4 kids and we are leaving out of the country for an indefinite amount of time. Postal services here are almost non-existent, so we can't buy any books or anything. WE are totally dependent on internet for all our resources. So, with 4 kids and 1 suitcase per person we can't bring our desktop, In fact I have to figure out our curriculum for next year with as little books as possible. I am only 2 weeks from moving and I am still not done. We have an old laptop that 4 kids have to fight to get time on to get to Miriam Websters or do their school research. Now, the monitor flipping flat is just soooo cool! Thanks so much! I am going to try to enter all the other 6 ways you are offering. Blessings!

  241. I like the portability of a laptop. My computer is big & sits in only one place. This would be great. Thanks for the contest.

  242. I don't have a horribly sad story to tell, because I am thankfully blessed with a healthy and happy family. Money is tight, just like it is for a lot of people. I'd love to win this computer for my Dad who just lost his home and had to sell his prized possession (his comp) to help make ends meet. He has lived on a computer for the work he does since I can remember, and i've never seen him this sad.

  243. Incredible giveaway. If I won this I would give it to my best friend for mother's day. She is a young stay at home mom, who can't find work. But she loves to write and I really try to encourage her to keep writing although she thinks she should give up her dreams. The features of this computer are truly amazing and really ideal for the work she is trying to pursue but can not afford. I appreciate your generosity with this contest!

  244. I would love to win this i need a new laptop so bad but being the great mommy i am i went and got each of my 3 kids one last week lol

  245. What a cool laptop- right now I have a desktop (yeah, I know, I NEED to get into the 21st century and have my technology more portable) that I love, but the more I go and do, the more I realize how much I could use a laptop and let's face it, shallow as I am I'd love this pretty pretty one.
    I had a GREAT mother's day, spent with my mom for the first time in years.

  246. Wow I honestly can't believe I found this giveaway. I would trade in anything else out there available to win to win this one and it's so awesome you are doing this for your readers. I am in such desperate need of a computer or laptop. I know we are all in the same boat with this recession, but having a good working computer (mine is a dinosaur) would be such a life saver. I am doing a little work for a friend's company for a little extra income and it requires having a computer. I'm also trying to build my own website which of course needs a computer. So I will pray that I, or someone else who also needs it, will win this! The fact that the Toshiba is so lightweight and practical will come in handy with the way I need to work on the computer while taking care of a rambunctious two year old at the same time. The feature of writing on the screen seems really quick and convenient too. And I'd love to try that.

    Thanks for hosting this incredible giveaway!

  247. i can't ever recall using a tablet so i'd be interested in "drawing" and "sketching" on it. now i'm sure that's a whole lot easier to do than trying to do it with a mouse. I'd also try do to Sodoku on the tablet. -thanks :-)

  248. Some of the features I look for in a laptop bag are first is it cute, yes a little vain, second I need pockets the more the better, third how it feels when I wear it! Comfort is important. I love to walk to the coffee shop and blog.

  249. MMMMMmmmmmmmmmm...I'd love to win that laptop! Then I could give my current one to my daughter and we'd both be ecstatic. Mama needs a new pair of shoes..errrr...I mean a new LAPTOP. ;)

  250. The best present I could get for Mother's Day would be a fun day out with the family, but without having to plan anything or make any decisions!

  251. If I win, I'd love to give this to my Mom as a present! She's be so surprised and caught off guard! ;)

  252. I got what I wanted for Mother's ice cream maker. We have already used it and I LOVE it!

    I could totally use a laptop, because then my home business could be a little more mobile when I need it to be.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  253. Laptop, Wow! I just started a non-profit organization, called L.I.F.E, for local women with cancer. It would be great to have a computer dedicated only to the organization.

  254. What a neat giveaway! My grandkids and daughter all got me some beautiful flowers - purple - for Mother's Day and set them out on my steps to find! I loved them!

    - Judi

  255. I would use the tablet to replace all the paper list I make and then sit and copy to computer file.
    The spec's are impressive and the "green" of this Toshiba are wonderful.
    [email protected]

  256. Mother's Day! For me ,it is a day to reflect. I look at our 3 children and see how they have grown.( Not just physically) I look at their individuality and the impact they are having on others lives.I am in awe at the paths they have taken. It was a shock to find that each of them did not follow the script I had in mind for them. They followed their own plan and it is right.

  257. I home school, and we do a lot of work on the computer. The 2 kids have to stand up and look over my shoulder, each taking a turn to get right over my shoulder to view monitor. The swivel monitor and tablet screen would be wonderful for both students to stay seated and each have their turn with the monitor turned toward them to see the lesson.
    Wow!What a laptop!
    [email protected]

  258. Wow. What a great opportunity! That little computer would certainly come in handy for this stay at home dad. My little one is 16 months now, and just HAS to go outside everyday. We've made a habit of taking regular urban adventures. Being able to stay connected while we were out and about would be really cool. She is such an independent little girl, too. It would really save a lot of time to be able to do my blog reading while we were riding the bus, or waiting for the light-rail train.

    Thanks for the cool chance to win a GREAT prize!!!

    -Mike Oyama

  259. What I wanted most for Mother's Day was for my mom to be stronger, healthier and free of pain. That did not happen. I would like to give her a laptop because she doesn't feel like sitting up at her desktop computer anymore. A laptop and the internet might take her mind off things for a while.

  260. I already have what I want for Mother's day - a loving husband, and a healty, smart and loving little boy, a wonderful supportive extended family and a peaceful yet busy farm.

  261. My current laptop is embarrassingly old, slow, and bulky. I'd be the hit of the coffee shop if I came in with this new beauty! Thanks for the chance.

  262. the tablet feature is amazing + being able to turn the screen + use with a stylus would be so handy esp editing photographs and preparing presentations .. even if it is "just" pictures of family photographs are my way of sharing life, not to mention that job related stuff;)

  263. What a great giveaway! I have never owned a laptop, let alone a tablet laptop. Hubby's laptop is a hand-me-down from a relative on which the hinges are no longer working. (Oh no! It's coming unhinged!) And it is by no means internet capable anymore! I'm a mom 9 times over and it's the most important "job" we could ever have!!!

  264. I've never used a tablet laptop before! I've always considered getting a tablet for putting my drawings onto my computer or editing my pictures. This sounds like it would solve that!

  265. I would love to win this for my mom. She does online work at home and could use her own laptop. I think it would make work a lot easier for her. Plus, it'd be awesome to surprise her with it!

  266. i had a great mothers day with my daughter...
    lots of love from her little heart.

    this is a special give a way...i would so love to win this!!! thank you

  267. This Toshiba laptop looks fantastic. I used to have a Toshiba until a cat tripped me as I was walking down the stairs holding the laptop! I have been saying that my next laptop purchase will be a Toshiba (this Dell is on its last legs) but I would much rather WIN one!

  268. Great giveaway! I share an older computer with my kids so it would be great to have my own. I love the portability of a laptop.

  269. I have a laptop backpack, and I would love this side sling bag for my wife. Oh and a laptop to go in it would be great. She loves bags that go a crossed her chest. She hates stuff hanging off her should makes her fell lopsided.

  270. I am so thankful for my sweet mom who is half of the best parental unit I could ever ask for. Because of her and my dad's inspiration, I am who I am today O:-)

  271. I want a laptop bad that has room for pens and paper maybe even hold some stuff it counts as a carry on so it should have to do some extra work.

  272. My mom is a product of the early 50's and can hardly keep up with my 16 year old sister. She doesn't even know how to work a cell phone let a lone a computer. However, she's been trying to motivate her self and become independent enough to do it. I helped her do her taxes online, I actually let her do all the work and I just guided her through and she had tears in her eyes because she was able to "do it herself." I let her use my laptop as there is only one computer in the house that is hogged by my 16 year old pre-madonna sister who lives on facebook and myspace. My mom is trying to become one of those hip moms and in my eyes she always was. I think that having this super cool laptop would be the icing on the cake and give her the confidence in technology she's been looking for!

  273. I love the functionality of the tablet. I think this would be a great tool for homeschooling. Kind of a modern day chalkboard :)

  274. So love how the screen moves like that! ANd the so cute! I put ya on twitter too! If I have time I'll work on other "chances" to win! Have a great day!

  275. My son made me some tie-dyed coffee filter flowers for mother's day that I love, but I'd love a laptop too- convenient to have something that lets you hop online, but also snap shut and place out of reach of curious hands!

  276. Hello, I am amazed that you would give away this fantastic prize. I have to admit my wonderful husband gave me a laptop for my birthday but this would be a great prize for me to receive and be able to give to my daughter for her freshman year in college. She is the oldest of 6 children and we have never been in the position to give gifts like this. It would be such a treat to be able to surprise her with this before leaving home. Thank you for the opportunity. I will certainly post this on FB and would everywhere else but have never twittered in my life (have been and will always be twitterpated though!) Have a great day !!!

  277. I know a Mom who would be very blessed by this laptop. It sounds like a classic sob-story, but her attitude about life is amazing--trust in the Lord. Through an abusive marriage, divorce, raising two boys (now mostly grown) by herself and finally slander and persecution at work. Her only form of communication lately has been e-mail (since her dad provides internet) and her old computer just crashed! Still she is upbeat, hardworking and encouraging to her sons and praises the Lord. I'd love to win this laptop for her!


    Abigail @ Pearls and Diamonds

  278. We've looked into laptops and think that they would be great to have (I really like the fact that they can be taken anywhere!). I like lots of RAM - that way it can handle all the programs I have open at the same time. :D

    Thank you so much for the giveaway!

    Joyfully in Christ,
    Emily Rose

  279. WOW! I need this laptop. I work THREE jobs to help support my family. I work one regular out of the home job. But from HOME I do the books for boy scouts and then I do the books for our neighborhood. I use an old desktop Gateway PC that we bought in the late 1990's. I have 2 boys age 7 and 8 that I love spending my time with so much. A nice new FAST PORTABLE laptop would so help me be a better mommy to my 2 little boys.

  280. My Mom would love this. I introduced her to the Internet and she enjoys it as much as I do. I know she'd think this is a very cool laptop!

  281. My son was on a tour for his job (props master) last year when, while on a break while the show changed countries, he fell and smashed his ankle (5 hrs of surgery). The show, of course, went on without him. He was stranded in England jobless, unable to walk, unable to fly - strangers took him in. A few months later the embassy helped get him home, where we are both still out of work. His belongings were with the show, including his laptop, and now can't be located. It is almost impossible to job hunt without a computer and being jobless we can't afford one. The relief and lowered stress level would be amazing with this Mother's Day pesent.

  282. It's been hard since I lost my job last year. So when mothersday come up all I could do was take my lovely wife out to eat with her mom. It was nice but she felt short changed because we couldn't do anything special with just the 2 of us. Winning this pc would make up for it.

  283. What better way to say thanks to the person who brought me into this world, than a laptop? I suppose flowers and a handmade card would get first, but a laptop is a close second!

  284. I think it would be neat to use the Toshiba Portege M750's tablet to jot down recipe ingredients from TV cooking shows.

  285. I am a homeschool mom with two boys ages 5 and 6. Both of them have been in speech and OT since they were 16 months old. Being in a single income household with these guys has not allowed any extra money to put into something as useful as a laptop. In fact, the desktop we own is a patched together dinosaur (but it does have DSL!) with a monitor that will break your back. My friend, Kim, put this contest on her facebook which is how I found out about it. We certainly could use a laptop to take our work with us when the boys go to therapy sessions each week and to be able to allow them some time to do work on their own in privacy. What a neat idea and thank you for considering moms in this great contect!

  286. This laptop would be wonderful so that my husband and I would not have to take turns on our PC. We could each work at the same time and follow our own interests. Thanks for this offer.

  287. I have a laptop that works well for me. Except when my girls are awake. Or when my husband wants to read the paper or play games. The portability of this Toshiba and the ability to write with a digipen ROCKS. I carry my laptop and a notebook binder so I can make notes when I need to. This would be an all in one - and the bag to carry it? TOTALLY BONUS!!!

  288. I love the idea of a touch screen!
    I'm looking to get serious about starting a small online business, writing and maybe doing some reviews. As with an lap top, the convenience of being able to take it places, like outdoors in the warm weather, helps with inspiration.

    I think a bag works best when it's simple, but functional. No tiny, useless "pockets", but a few extra pockets to cart along a notebook, pen, book or things of the like.

  289. WOW! This is one amazing giveaway! I just popped over from "A Pondering Heart", and read about this lovely giveaway.

    I would have to say that having a laptop of any kind would be a DREAM come true! Sitting at my desk, with two small children (ages 5 and 2) sitting on my lap, and trying to type or pay bills on my desktop is rather trying at times. With a laptop, I could actually sit on the couch or the floor with them while they play.

    I would also like to start my own photography business, and a laptop would make things so easy and convenient! What more could a mom ask for for Mother's Day?! ; )

  290. The tablet function on the laptop looks awesome. I can't even imagine how I'd use a laptop. Although I have access to one at work, I've never had my own, and the thought of being able to set up a network at home sends me into paroxysms of joy.

  291. My Mom's computer has been going haywire for the longest time. She has lost everything on her hard drive twice in the last three months! I would give up a week of my life to see the look on her face if I could present a lap top to her as a late mother's day gift!

  292. What an amazing giveaway. I work online from home and I would love to not be tied down to my corner and my desktop. It would be nice to get outside and work once in awhile.

  293. What I most want for Mothers Day is something I'll never get. My Mom back. My mom was sick for a very long time, and was a cancer survivor, but because of the pain she was in, as well as the depression that got worse while it went unnoticed, she attempted suicide. I got her to the hospital and they detoxed her, but unfortuneatly later in the day she had had several seizures and slipped into a coma. The only reason I'm sharing this, is that those of you who are so very lucky enough to still have a mom need to learn about depression so that you may see the signs before it's too late. Love your Moms with ALL you have, as you never know when she'll no longer be there for you. Call her now, take a few minutes out of your busy days to let her know she is loved. See if she needs anything, most often, she needs to hear from you.

  294. My current laptop is heavy and old, on the verge of a breakdown. I really need a new sleek laptop like this one. Thanks for the chance to win! And a belated Happy Mother's Day.

  295. First...hope you had an awesome Mother's Day! Mine was perfect :). I spent the day with my husband and kids...what could be better than that?! I will comment on a laptop fave is one that I can wear as a backpack. Very convenient when I have to fly for work. And the tablet is very intriguing...I've never actually seen one up close (hard to believe, I know!).

  296. Thanks for introducing us to the Toshiba Portege M750. I was unaware that any computer could turn into a presentation tool. The transformation into a tablet makes it a great computer. I would love to have it to use in sales presentations I make.

    I've been a mom for many years now and I think the greatest thing I have tried to give my kids was my honesty. I worked when they were little and then closed my business to be home with them. As I now continue to feel more and more productive, I am happy with the relationship I have not only with my wonderful husband of 30 years but both of our kids.

  297. I know you aren't supposed to check your e-mail or take a computer on vacation, but... I really want a new laptop to take with me next time we go. I have to wade through several hundred work messages everytime I can get to a computer while I'm on vacation and it's easier to just do it once or twice a day instead of once every 5 or 6 days.

    I love the red bag that goes with it. It won't look like I'm actually carrying a laptop, just stuff

  298. Wow, just in time too for all the summer activities. Sometimes it's so hard for me to tear myself away from my desk. I just hate to leave my computer because there is so much to do. With a laptop I could continue working and still attend all the kids activities and hubby's activities too.

  299. I would love to win the laptop. My grandkids broke my laptop. I work fulltime and then come home to help my daughter with her 3 little ones. The 5 year old loves to play on the computer butit was my 2 year old grandson that broke it.
    can't afford a new one so this would make a wonderful mothers day gift.

  300. All I want for Mother's day.....hmmm. I want wake up to a kiss from my husband rather than the cries of my son. I want to be served breakfast rather than sweat over a hot griddle of pancakes. I want the dishwasher to be empty when I open it. Most of all, I want dinner to be made, by some one other than me and I want it to be eaten (and enjoyed) by everyone at the table. I want to snuggle on the couch with my family and watch a family movie and finally fall into bed and drift off to sleep to the sound of my husband staying up to do the laundry in my place...but not for too long before he crawls into bed to hold me.

    WHAT A DREAM HUH? A laptop would be WONDERFUL too!

  301. Hi Metropolitan Mama,

    Motherhood is, without a doubt, the most momentous job in the world. My life is so enriched because of being a mom and I appreciate even the daily responsibilities of being a mom. The Toshiba Protégé would be a great help to our family in allowing me to tend to my responsibilities as a single-mom more effectively.

    I currently have a laptop that was used when it was given to me over five years ago. Being that it is outdated, it doesn’t have a functioning CD drive, stalls daily while accessing the internet, and does not have the ability to access Wi-Fi while I’m at work. Recently, it has been starting to shock me as well. Needless to say, it’s definitely a bummer. Yet, with a child starting college next week and another in grade school, a laptop purchase seems far too extravagant.

    I can’t tell you how excited I’d to be chosen. The Protégé would not only allow me to start working from home to some degree, but would also be a great way for the kids to keep in touch when our son goes away to school.

    No matter whom the winner is, thanks for the contest!

  302. I like my laptop back to be simple looking with a strap and a hook so I can snap and unsnap the bag. I also look for a side pocket in case I want to put a notebook there or something. Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  303. This would be terrific to win! Having a laptop would give me the portability to take my work with me - and not have to borrow my husband's laptop when we aren't at home!

  304. Oh wow, this is a really great giveaway, and it would be so awesome to win. I have a desktop now and the portablity would be so great. I could use it to work on my lesson plans for school. I also really appreciate that it is rated "green". That is very important to me. Thanks for hosting this super contest.

  305. Being a mother is such a gift to me, I honestly feel like every day is Mother's Day-- even the tough, frustrating days. I lost my own mom many years ago, but I know she felt the same way about me. I've tried to raise my own kids as a tribute to the wonderful mom I had.


  306. What a great Laptop...
    would give this to my niece for college...
    her father just lost his job due to chrysler shutting down and this will come in handy.
    thank you for the giveaway

  307. I would love to have a laptop. Currently I have a desktop but it is old and starting to go. I was laid off and need a reliable computer to check job sites daily and to be able to correspond with interested companies. Please enter me to win!

  308. Dear metropolitanmama,

    As a college student and mother of three vibrant and busy children, I dream of having access to a computer that could meet the needs of the entire family. I would love to simultaneously hold my sleeping baby and write research papers from any location. I also have an aspiring artist and an avid writer who would enjoy sharing this wonderful resource with me. My husband might even give up his old laptop with the missing "v" key if we win. Who knows?

  309. That tablet function is so appealing! I would use it to better edit pictures and such. It also would be great because my little boy loves to pull on laptop screens - the tablet function would wipe that trouble away.

  310. I really would love to have a small handy laptop like this. And since I am a new mom with an 8 week old, this would make a fantastic mothers day gift! The bag is pretty hip. how awesome of you to give this away! I have already loved the concept of a tablet pc!

  311. I have a Toshiba now on it's last legs and this would make my life, and a great early 27th birthday present. (5/31) The bag is great too, looks perfect and very secure for toting this around.

  312. This laptop is really cool! I saw a similer one in some store and was so impressed. I love that it can turn into a tablet. I know I can not afford such a laptop now. If I won I would give it to myself for mother's day!