Mother's Day Giveaway: Kayce Hughes

Kayce Hughes is a mom of 7. She is also a fashion designer, creative, and Nashvillian. Plus, she shares my affection for good scones!

I am in awe of Kayce's pretty, feminine, and sophisticated women's clothing collection. [Click on each dress for details & pricing].

Mother's Day Giveaway: Kayce Hughes 1 Mother's Day Giveaway: Kayce Hughes 2 Mother's Day Giveaway: Kayce Hughes 3 Mother's Day Giveaway: Kayce Hughes 4

If I had the means, I think I would shop for clothes exclusively through private designers, wouldn't you?

I like the idea of supporting artists - especially artists that happen to be moms!

P.S. There are Kayce Hughes gift cards available if you are unsure of someone's size.

Who is your favorite independent clothing designer?

Mother's Day Giveaway: Kayce Hughes 5WIN IT! One winner will receive $100 credit to! To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Wednesday, May 4 at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!” or “Love it” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Kayce Hughes is compensating me for this post and is also providing the giveaway prize.

*UPDATE* The winner is #7 Sara. Congratulations!

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122 comments on “Mother's Day Giveaway: Kayce Hughes”

  1. I love every one of her dresses! Her style is right up my alley. I would love to shop private independent designers too, but as you said, if I had the means . . .

    That being said, it does make me want to research more in the Phoenix area. I bet there are some hidden gems in the area that would be fun to scope out!

  2. My new favorite independent clothing designer is Blue Platypus. I got a shirt from them a few months ago and I love it. I love Kayce Hughes' dresses. They are really cute!

  3. These dresses are just too cute. I wish I could have a private meeting with her and ask her to create some clothes for me.

  4. i would love to have one of her dresses for summer, they are so adorable and i've been dying to get a new dress! great giveaway!

  5. I love the clothes!! I really like the ruffle wrap dresss. I am not one to follow independent clothing designers--usually the cost of the clothing is out of my price range. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  6. I have not really shopped with brand name indy fashion designers either. My best friend has made me some wonderful dresses and shirts and I have another who upcycles to make great flare leg pants.

  7. Oh, wow! I seriously love all of these dresses!

    My favorite....Elsie @ A Beautiful Mess came out with an AMAZING vintage clothing line this year and I am in love!! And I agree with you...if I could afford it, these are the peeps that I would buy exclusively from!

    1. Do you have a website link to Elsie's collection? I googled her name and couldn't find anything, but I'd love to check it out!

  8. Hello, after checking out Kayce's store I just love the vintage feel. Her dresses look clean and crisp, even the toys seem like a throwback of a simpler time. I love it. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  9. i honestly don't know of any independent designers... well, i know some independent jewelry designers (Liz Henry's pieces are beautiful!) but not clothing..

  10. Such cute clothes! I wish I had the budget to buy independent designers, but I'm usually always on the hunt for a good bargain. These dresses would work out perfectly for a nursing mom. I love wearing dresses and the button down option would make nursing possible.

  11. How lovely! I don't have a favorite as I have never shopped a private designer. Thank you for the lovely giveaway.
    sewmuchstuff at ymail dot com

  12. I like the blue one, I wonder if it could be any longer. I really don't like short dresses or skirts, and I also loved to wear cowboy boots with everything.

  13. Love these dresses! I am not much of a designer wear person. I mostly wear jeans and t-shirts but these dresses are very cute! I am going to have to get dressed up twice this month because both of my sons are graduating. My oldest is graduating from college and my youngest from high school. Woohoo!

  14. I really like wearing dresses and sometimes I find it challenging to find something unique at traditional stores. Though in fairness the little girls dresses are so darling I would be tempted to give the credit to my sister who has an 18 month old daughter.

    What a fun series of giveaways Stephanie, thank you!

  15. What adorable clothes Kayce Hughes has!!! My nursing daughter would find these perfect for her breastfeeding needs! It allows you to be classy but accessible to your little one!

  16. I have no idea where to even find a private indepent designer, but if I had the money I'd have my own ! I just started nursing so the button down dresses are very appealing, I can wear a dress and get my boobs out.

  17. Thanks so much for all of your nice comments. It makes sitting at my desk on this rainy day much brighter! (Oh and my bathrooms aren't clean today :).

  18. I'd love to win. These are the kinds of things I'd never buy for myself. It would be nice to have the gift certificate to get myself something nice.

  19. Wow thoes styles on her website are great. Very stylish, I am needing a new wardrobe for all thoes job interviews I hope I will be getting after I graduate from college.

  20. I love KH clothing! She is so cute and her press write ups are always funny and interesting to read...I don't know how she does it all! Good giveaway!

  21. I've purchased three shirts from 2 different Etsy shops and I've been very pleased with both. I like the idea of getting a quality product while supporting an individual.

  22. Those dresses are aDORable! I especially like the polka-dotted one; it reminds me of a sprinkles batter cupcake {I make far-fetched associations sometimes}! :)

  23. I love independent clothing designers where I live. I try to buy local and look for their labels. I appreciate those that are affordable and I especially like knowing the story behind them. These dresses look great and I can't believe a mom of 7 has time to do it ~ Bravo!

  24. Shabby Apple is made up of a bunch of independent designers, so I guess that would be my pick. I LOVE their stuff. Modest, but super cute and stylish. I just wish the prices were a bit more affordable. I feel guilty spending more than $25 on a dress. I have never heard of Kayce Hughes before, so it was fun to browse through her stuff. I'm in love with the little girls' clothes. I guess having 3 girls of my own makes them even more appealing.

  25. i've never shopped with a private designer before, but would def be open to the experience if the price was right.

  26. Does Target count as a designer? lol I don't even know a thing about designers but I know her clothes look AHmazing!


  27. The third dress is killing me! I love the polka dots, square neckline, sash belt... you name it. And lets not forget that lovely bright red bag. *swoon*

  28. i'm having a hard time these days with clothing. I wonder if I will ever fit into my slinky dresses again...after having Clara I just don't know if my body will ever be the same. So I'm rather in love with these pretty swinging dresses with fuller skirts that don't HUG the body so much. I'm super in love with her "gigi" dress - that would fit my body type perfectly!!

  29. Her dresses are beautiful. I typically shop at Target & Old Navy, which is why I can never find such wonderful dresses! It's great to know who to go to for a high- quality dress that not everyone else will also have.

  30. I like the idea of supporting companies that are NOT big and omnipresent and powerful. I don't ever have much to spend, and I'd rather give my money to those who aren't already rolling in it if I can help it.

    It's also nice to peruse some simple and classic girls' clothes and think about my new little one coming. :)

  31. I've never even thought of buying from a private designer! It seems like something that would be too far out of reach for a mere mortal like me. These dresses are great and I love the idea of supporting a mom. HOW does she do all of that with 7 kids?? Yikes!!! I feel accomplished when I get the laundry done, lol! :)

    Did you look at her kids' clothes? Also very cute!!

  32. I LOVE the green and white polkadot pretty! I can never afford independent designers...or at least I haven't found one that I can afford! lol!

  33. I don't think I could name a single independent designer, although I should find some I like-I'm super short and quite blessed in the bust area, so it's basically impossible to find clothes that fit from the store. It's so frustrating. But I guess even designers like this sell their beautiful clothes in standard (doesn't fit me) sizing....I literally fall off her size chart in the bust column even though I'm probably like a 6 other than that. So I guess I'd probably get little bit clothes for my son if I won. Or a skirt!!

  34. I haven't heard of Kayce before you. Thanks for turning me on to her - I'll be following her fashions and career.

  35. Since I am fairly sure there aren't any "private designers" at Walmart, Ross, or TJ Maxx -- I would have to say that I don't have a favorite one! But I DO like the items on Kayce's site -- especially the "sleeveless nantucket dress"! PERFECT for the oppressive Florida heat!

    kitty32504 at cox dot net

  36. Oh how I love these dresses! I would totally shop only with private, indepedent designers....however, it would be very expensive, since I love unique styles and clothing! Sadly, I have can not tell you my fave, because I tend to steer clear of them. I am heading over to check out her website though!!!

  37. I don't have a favorite designer right now...currently wearing pregnancy clothes. For pregnancy clothing, i would pick Old Navy - not really a designer though! :-)

  38. Wow just looking at their girls dresses makes me want to shop there. Very cute things and I love that they look like girls clothing.

  39. I sadly, have never shopped from an independent designer. I do love to scour the farmers market and local artisan stores for unique creations and etsy is always a good resource. Her designs are adorable.

  40. I really love things from Emersonmade! I also love the stories behind designers like Kayce Hughes...7 kids!! That is AWESOME! Her green tunic is the cutest!!

  41. I haven't purchased from a private designer because I don't really have good access to one. However, if I did, I would definitely support one. I am in awe of these dresses - they are beautiful. They seem like they would be flattering to a wide variety of figures as well.

  42. That ssecond dress is lovely. Perfect for summer. I love buying from small
    business /designers but you ate right it is quite expensive to do that. The benefit is that if you do you can usually find a unique piece that will last you for years.

  43. I could probably name 1 or 2 independent designers, but I don't have a favorite. I wish I did! The idea of supporting local designers sounds wonderful. I especially like that buying from an independent designers gives you a unique look and you aren't going to see very many people wearing the same outfit as you. Kayce's dresses look pretty and fun and the skirts were cute too.

  44. I don't have a favorite, but these dresses and the rest of the clothes on the site are adorable! Thank you for the chance to win! :-)

  45. Dresses make girls feel so pretty. Everyone deserves to have a few nice dresses - especially mommies!! Kayce definitely has a gift.

  46. Oh my! Just checked out her website and those little girl party dresses are so sweet! Not like my little girl needs another dress, but anyway.... :)

    I would love to buy only from private designers and Mom's who are doing their best to stay home with their kids while they earn some money too, in a way I feel like I kinda do the 2nd part by buying the bulk of my kids clothes at the local consignment sale - I'm helping some other mom, clothing my kids for cheap, getting some good stuff (designer things too!) and when I get a nice check at the end of the sale I know that some other mom's helped me out too! OK... I think I got off topic... sorry!

  47. Wow. I strive to lead a pretty simple life, and one way that I find that's really easy to do that is my clothes. I only shop at Goodwill! It's really amazing what you can find there, but having a dress like that would rock. my. world.!!! :0)

  48. Mother of 7?! I only have two and have a hard time cleaning my bathrooms!!! Way to go her! I love that patricia dress. It's one of those things that I would LOVE to be able to wear, but it's so cute and fashionable (something I am not) that I would probably feel awkward. Willing to give it a try, tho! :)

  49. I have never been able to shop with a private designer, although I find some such pieces at the thrift stores periodically. When my daughter was getting ready to go to the prom I found a beautiful designer piece that looked like it was made for her for only $5, and I am sure it originally sold for close to a thousand. Thanks for the introduction to Kayce.

  50. Also, did you get to try one of these dresses? If you did you should post some pics, I want to see it. :)

    1. I LOVE Dana's stuff. I actually haven't been to her site in awhile though. Off to see what she's been up to... :)

  51. These are some really cute dresses, and I totally agree with you about supporting mom bussiness owners and artist. I would much rather spend my money at a shop on etsy or somewhere like that then from a huge bussiness that manufactures everything or anything from china. Wouldnt it be nice if everyone started to demand and purchase only USA made products. I would love to do that in my own life, I am trying to build up enough nerve, however; I am not sure its possible. And unfortunatly I dont think that is where our country is headed. Ok sorry I kinda went on a rabbit trail.

  52. Independent designers (?)...I remember a designer on Project Runway named Kara Janx who had a dress design I really liked, but have not checked for her designs lately. Now I can add Kayce Hughes and her lovely, vibrant dresses.

  53. I have not shopped private designers except on These dresses are darling!

    How do you find private designers you like (other than etsy)?

  54. oh yes if I could afford it, I would not only shop through private designers AND have a wardrobe consultant! :) Her dresses are so so cute!!

    1. Me too! I'd love a Wardrobe Consultant. I'd tell her to create a wardrobe for me inspired by Kate Middleton, Queen Rania, and the First Ladies. :)

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