Mother's Day Giveaway: Michael Stars

What's your summer style? I lean toward classic simplicity with a modern edge.

Michael Stars offers some great examples in that category (click on each for further detail):

Mother's Day Giveaway: Michael Stars 1 Mother's Day Giveaway: Michael Stars 2 Mother's Day Giveaway: Michael Stars 3

All of these items are sure to last for multiple seasons - regardless of the new trends.

I really like the length of those shorts too, don't you? Not too short. Not too long.

Mother's Day Giveaway: Michael Stars 4Michael Stars is offering a beachy Fishnet Tote ($150) as part of this Mother's Day promotion. It's a straw bag with a hand knotted net body - perfect for a lunch outing or a trip to the park.

WIN IT! One winner will receive a Fishnet Tote (not currently available for online purchase) from Michael Stars! To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Wednesday, May 4 at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!” or “Love it” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Michael Stars is compensating me for this post and is also providing the giveaway prize.

*UPDATE* The winner is #57 Sue Farrell. Congratulations!

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105 comments on “Mother's Day Giveaway: Michael Stars”

  1. I love this look. It would be great paired with some loose fitting pants and a big straw hat.

    Thanks for the review

    nolagirl727 at yahoo dot com

  2. I think my wife would love this bag. I can see her carrying it on the beach right now!

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  3. This is an awesome bag! It's too bad it's not available for purchase on the web site....but if I win it that won't matter to me!

  4. I don't like really short shorts because they make my thighs look thicker than they already are.

  5. My mother would love this purse. It is soooo her. I haven't heard of Michaels line but I really like it. Especially the denim pieces.

  6. Michael Stars always has great products. I've always admired their tops. This bag is perfect for summer.

  7. I don't have any kind of style at all. All my clothes I inherited from my mother. I still wear maternity clothes, too. My youngest is 16 months.....
    I'd like to have cute summer clothes. I've lost some weight and think I deserve to have some cute clothes....but we have to feed the kids, so cute clothes have to wait.
    That bag is so cute, though.

    mamaswears at gmail dot com

  8. I like Michael Stars he makes very comfortable, yet, stylish casual clothing. I love the Calypso Tote too.

  9. That is such a cute summer design I would love it for the park and on vacation just has a great summer look

  10. This is perfect for a day at the beach. I love taking my son and dogs down to the beach and enjoy a day in the sun :)

  11. This is so darn cute! Lovliest tote.
    I have been wondering how you and your family are and what you are up to. I am now following on Twitter and can keep in tough that way-dresdenrain.

  12. I'm addicted to handbags. I can never own enough. I'd love to have 365 bags so I'd have a different bag for every day of the year.

  13. I love the length of the shorts as well! It is the absolute perfect length. While browsing Michael Stars' website I came across the Stripe One Shoulder Asymmetrical Dress, which i love love love!!
    kufb50 at gmail dot com

  14. That bag would be a great addition to a summer wardrobe. I can see using it for a day at the beach. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  15. My absolute favorite things to buy are those pieces that I know will last several years in my closet...those that are at least fairly close to timeless! That bag is CUTE!!!!

  16. such a cute tote! very nautical. I would love to take this to the beach, or a trip to the bay. adorable!

  17. This bag looks awesome. I've never seen anything like it. It would be a great bag to carry to the beach!

  18. This bag is so summery! My summer style is usually feminine and simple...and this bag would work really well with almost anything I have!

  19. I've enjoyed Michael Stars' simple and classic, yet defined and refined sense of style for years. This looks like a great back for the sunny weather!

  20. I love that that it's both neutral and unique :) I really like the effortless style of michael stars (for example, I really like the Asymmetrical Draped Dress Style #DM49).

    sswpss at yahoo dot com

  21. I DO like the length of those shorts. I could really use a new bag and I HATE to spend money on things like that, thanks for the chance to win one :)

  22. I go classic but I also like to add a few more trendy items, usually that's how I add color, too.

  23. Living in Southern California this would be the ideal summer tote! Thank you for the lovely giveaway.
    sewmuchstuff at ymail dot com

  24. I would love this bag! It is already starting to feel like summer in Florida and this would be great for beach trips.

  25. I've never seen a purse like this. But, that's the great thing about Spring. It makes you feel like changing your style and having fun with it.

  26. My style is anything simple, reasonably priced, slenderizing, and comfy! The third pair of pants look perfect!

  27. My style? Tank tops, jeans (cut offs, full length, capris...) and flip flops. Always, flip flops!

  28. My summer week I am heading to my sister's house to pick up her maternity clothes (and visit my brand new nephew & 18 month old niece) so I'll have to get back to you on what it will look like this summer!

    I did pick up my maternity suit this past week & it is red white & blue with a nautical flare. I generally stick to basics or wear dresses with flipflops throughout the summer. I would love to win the bag, my current summer purse is from 2002 and the canvas is in need of a deep clean!

  29. This is a perfect all purpose bag!! Casual but yet dressy! I can picture it on my arm with some nice boyfriend jeans and tshirt!!

  30. This fishnet tote looks like it would be perfect for a day at the beach---or for a day of shopping.

  31. I wear a lot of capirs and tank tops. I have stretch marks on my legs so I tend to shy away from shorts.

  32. That tote is adorable. I'd love to win it - it'd be great for the beach this summer.

  33. That is a great little bag that I would be proud to carry to the beaches we frequent around here. I'll fit right in next time I'm on the sand next to David Duchovny in Malibu (YES, that actually happened!)

  34. My summer style tends to run to shorts and tees but I really need to start wearing some other clothes also.

  35. i love wearing flowy just above the knee length skirts--usually a combo of classic with youthful

  36. we just recently moved to the beach so my style is definitely more laid back than ever before

  37. Those shorts are perfect! They would look so cute with a vintage peasant blouse and Swedish Hasbeens. Not to mention that bag would go nicely with the 1970's maxi dress I recently picked up at the thrifts. ;)

  38. Summer around here is so incredibly hot and humid. My style revolves around trying not to sweat to death. I end up wearing a lot of skirts.

  39. Those shorts are so cute. I always look for shorts that aren't too short and aren't too long. They are hard to find! My summer style is shorts and a racerback tank or a dress. Dresses and skirts can sometimes be cooler than shorts, especially in the desert!

  40. I usually wear dresses in the summer. I also like shorts and sporting a nice pair of sunglasses with a tote to the beach!

  41. For some reason, I never ever wear shorts. The only pair I own are for working out. I don't mind baring my legs and will wear shot skirts all the time, but never shorts!

    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

  42. I am definitely a fan of the longer shorts now that I am a mama... It just doesn't look right with those itty bitty shorts. haha. The bag is perfect to tote all of babe's stuff (diapers, snacks, sunscreen, milk/juice, etc) to her first beach outing this summer!

  43. This bag is so versatile, it would easily go from a day on Pensacola Beach to dinner at one of the restaurants on the beach. LOVE IT!

    kitty32504 at cox dot net

  44. wow what a cute bag! that would look perfect out on the beach although i don't think i could ever take a $150 bag to the beach!

  45. I've been looking for a great tote to take on vacation this summer. This one is so, so pretty!

  46. I really like Stars' classic, simple style. Since I'm a little older, it suits me better than the trendy stuff, but it doesn't make me look like a grandma, either (not that there's anything wrong with that!).

  47. Super cute bag! It gets pretty hot where I live in the summer, but I still wear jeans and t-shirts. I always feel shorts look a little funny on me. I want to try comfy dresses this summer and am scoping out options right now!

  48. I love Michael Stars. It's fashionable, flattering, and comfortable. I found a Michael Stars t-shirt for $9 at our consignment store, and it's one of my favorite purchases ever. The bag is adorable and it will fit my stuff plus my son's stuff.

  49. WOW i actually saw this at the michael stars store and I remember thinking how pretty and unique it was . Their whole store was this fish like material. If you haven't worn a michael stars shirt before you NEED to .. they are so comfy!

  50. Your right those shorts do look like they would be the perfect length. Have you looked at shorts in the stores lately? Oh my goodness they are so short!! I don't think I have one style. Sometimes I wish I was more trendy, but guess most of my things would fall into being classic.

    And that bag is so cute and unique. It would be so fun to carry that around when we were out for the day!

  51. That 3/4 sleeve, v-neck henley top you have in the middle is darling - and pretty much is a good example of my "style"

  52. I love the tote.I don't really have a style.I do love to wear long skirts in the Summer.

  53. I love the style of this tote. I could stuff all kinda goodies into it after a day on the boardwalk at the shore. It's a classic summer look. Thanks.

  54. OH! my! ... this is something I would have carried in the 70's .infact I did have someting like this without the netting..I am absolutely carzy over this and would love to get one up on my daughters.because I KNOW they'd want one and I'd have one "FIRST"........if I'd WIN. thanks

  55. Style? What is that?'s what so many of my friends seem to have...what happened to me? :-) In all seriousness...I don't have much style...I am pretty classic and plain. I always seem to have a hard time finding things that are flattering on me. I need to spend some time trying on all sorts of things...especially things I think would never work. A girls gotta break out every now and then right? Maybe this is my time! Hope you are well...still looking forward to seeing you on this side of the country. You can bring your beach bag... :-)

    1. Can't wait to see you, Nini! We're actually so excited about coming to California!

      P.S. I didn't receive a beach bag for this promotion. It IS cute though, isn't it? :)

  56. I will be taking some summer college classes and this bag would look great with a pair of capris and dressy flip flops. Thank you for the chance to win.

  57. I love the length of those shorts too. So difficult to find the right length being a tall girl and not being the age to wear short shorts and not wanting to look older either!

  58. I think Michael Stars clothing is darling!!! Unfortunately I find that it runs really small. I did not know that they have bags! That is great news and I will have to go check it out.

  59. Michael Stars always has classic wearable pieces! I live nowhere near open water, but I love that nautical, beachy look.

  60. Hmm...debating if I won that bag would I actually give it to my mom, or keep it? :)
    Also, I really like those shorts! It's hard to find shorts that length (ones that look cute, anyway!)

  61. I like capris with a tank top and flip flops. Or a breezy tank dress! I have been sooo looking forward to summer this year - our winter was long and cold! :)

  62. Im not really familiar with Michael Stars, I think I have heard his name! The bag is really cute though.

  63. I live in the Pacific Northwest so for the summer I wear long pants. There's only a few days a year warm enough to require shorts:) I love the bag. I'm always looking for more. I like to fill different bags up for different purposes and then when I go on an outing, I know everything I need for that particular outing will already be together in the right bag. It makes spontaneity with children much easier:)

  64. I don't really have a style, I guess, though I do tend towards jeans and solid colored knit shirts.

  65. I am kind of all over the place with my style - funky, hippy, classy, edgy, ghetto, glam...whatever suits my I am always wiling to check out new stores/styles/places/etc.

    I am digging this bag! Fun stuff!

  66. I'm very casual in my clothing style usually jeans or casual skirt and a nicer top. I've been rebuilding/decluttering my wardrobe since having my son 9 months ago in an effort to find my "adult mom style." Plus, with breastfeeding none of my old tops fit anymore.

    One thing I've been working on is it's okay to spend more money (per item) on (fewer) quality items that I love and will get worn a lot.

  67. I don't really have a style, at least I don't think so. I dress business casual for work, and jeans at home. Stylish, but comforable. This fishnet bag is adorable! I am a beach bum so this bag would be a perfect addition to my wardobe! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!

  68. I really do like those shorts, they would be perfect for me, and what a great tote. I would love this for the beach

  69. That bag would be perfect for work...I need totes for substitute teaching! I also need totes to carry stuff for my girls.

  70. You know the funny thing about being a mom that I never expected? You are always needing bags!! I am constantly using reusable shopping bags, it's amazing! I love that beachy one though, so much cuter than my black walmart one! :0)

  71. I am like you, Stephanie. I really like classic looks... with a bit of hippie in there, and all around comfort! :) And that bag is super cute. I am a sucker for bags... And it looks big enough to throw some diapers in it! A must these days. ALL bags must become the diaper bag as well as whatever else they are intended for!

  72. I don't really have a style, I really wish I did, but I don't. I wear jeans and t-shirts. When it gets too hot I wear capris and t-shirts. I need to move beyond these plain t-shirts to something a little more...stylish.

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