Mother's Day Giveaway: Preggie Pops

Mother's Day Giveaway: Preggie Pops 1If you know a mom who has morning sickness this Mother's Day, may I encourage you to do something to make her day extra special?

Morning sickness is rough. It's exhausting, debilitating, and lonely...and physically grueling.

Please don't "give her space" and stay away. Deliver a meal. Offer to babysit. Bring puzzles or a new DVD to her older children. Put together a gift basket...and include 7-Up & Preggie Pops.

Preggie Pops are all-natural, drug-free lollipops that are formulated to help ease the symptoms of morning sickness. There are a number of flavors to choose from and they retail for $3.95-$5.50/box. You can purchase the product directly from Three Lollies, on Amazon, or at a local maternity shop .

Do you know a woman who has morning sickness? Read: How to Help A Friend Who Has Morning Sickness.

WIN IT! One winner will receive 1 box of Preggie Pops and 1 container of Preggie Drops! To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Wednesday, May 4 at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!” or “Love it” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Three Lollies is compensating me for this post and is also providing the giveaway prize.

*UPDATE* The winner is #4 Madeline. Congratulations!

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31 comments on “Mother's Day Giveaway: Preggie Pops”

  1. I need to try these. Just found out i'm pregnant days ago. It will be our first. Happy Mother's Day to everyone.

  2. Just found out I'm pregnant and due in June. I have some of these Drops and Pops and they're a life saver for those nights when I'm feeling a little nauseous (not full on morning sickness yet) I would love to win these so I could have more on hand!!

  3. I'm having severe morning sickness right now. I am always up for something that will help. Its really bad. I'm throwing up all the time.

  4. these are so awsome, I would love to try these out~ I have had 2 miscarriages and (keeping fingers crossed) that this pregnancy will make it! morning sickness is worst this time around, anything that could help would be great

  5. My daughter is Due in October and has had morning sickness day and night and has lost weight as a result!! Kind of reminds me of how sick you were Stephanie when we worked together! I will recommend these to her!

  6. My best friend is expecting her first and she has had pretty bad morning sickness, I wonder if these would help her??


  7. A dear friend of mine is (hooray!) 10 weeks pregnant with her first and feeling the sick. I would love to pass these to her.

  8. I luckily never had to deal with morning sickness. I only ever felt nausea when I was really hungry. (I had to drastically shorten my times between eating to keep my blood sugar stable.) Hopefully that continues with our eventual number two. I'll have to remember these just in case.

  9. I have friends that are going to start trying to get pregnant in June. For some reason she strikes me as the type to get super sick (I hope I am wrong!!!). These would be great to have on hand...

    1. I'm curious. Was I "the type" that you thought would get sick too? I'm curious if you've noticed a "pattern" (personality traits, diets, medical histories, etc.) of some kind... ;)

  10. Oh, I used these with my last pregnancy and they were wonderful!! I would love to use these if God gives us another one soon, or if not, my next pregnant girlfriend is in for a treat!! :0)

  11. I love Preggie Pops and had one every morning for most of the first trimester. Even now, I try to keep them on hand for days when I'm not feeling the best and they are a huge help. I recommend them to all my pregnant friends.

  12. I would love to gift these to my newly-pregnant sister, who's feeling pretty rotten. I had just asker her the other day if she'd ever heard of or tried these, and she hadn't. In the meantime, I'm making her some meals & helping watch her older two.

  13. I've heard that these are fantastic. I've never tried them, but would love to some time! I'm currently 16 weeks pregnant with my third and have felt nauseous since day one. It's really exhausting!

  14. Oh, I'd love to win these! I'm almost 5 months pregnant and have had all day sickness the whole pregnancy. I have four kids at home (we homeschool) so this is ROUGH. :) A friend sent me a box of Preggie Pop Drops and they really did help. Unfortunately, when the nausea is really bad they only help as long as I'm actively sucking one, and then 5 minutes later it's bad again. So I am already almost out and they're not sold anywhere around me. Looking at the ingredients, I'm not sure why they work (the sour flavors? essential oils they're flavored with?) but they are one of the only things that have worked for me and I love that they're all natural. Incidentally, 7-up definitely is not working for me this pregnancy. :)

  15. Please DO NOT let me win...just wanted to comment :) and don't want to be jinxed!

    I wondered if these worked..I had it bad when I was pregnant. Does anyone think they are better than crackers in the morning???

    1. They actually didn't work for me, but I had a TERRIBLE case of "morning" sickness. That said, many of my friends have said that these pops were a huge relief for them!

  16. Good tips! I had rotten morning sickness with Levi and felt pretty miserable at times with Sophia. All of those things would have made life easier while pregnant!

  17. I just babysat for my best friend who had "all day" sickness and is just a few weeks pregnant and has a 1 year old! We took her off her hands so she could rest!

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