Mother's Day Giveaway: Shutterfly

Mother's Day Giveaway: Shutterfly 1If I could request just one material gift on Mother's Day, it would probably be pictures.

I love the eternal nature of photography. As the shutter opens and closes, the memory is forever suspended in time.

Here's a winning 2-step Mother's Day gift formula:

1. Plan a formal photo shoot for a mom in your life - with unique props and a colorful background. Or catch her in candid moments as she goes about her day. Or take pictures of her kids as a surprise.

2. Next, create a stunning coffee table book at Shutterfly. For under $20 (plus, your time), you'll have an outstanding gift that she'll treasure forever.

Mother's Day Giveaway: Shutterfly 2
Shutterfly Photo Books start at $12.99

WIN IT! One winner will receive a photobook and 100 Mother's Day Cards (or any kind of card) from Shutterfly! To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Wednesday, May 4 at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!” or “Love it” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Shutterfly is compensating me for this post and is also providing the giveaway prize.

*UPDATE* The winner is #24 Mary @ Parenthood. Congratulations!

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82 comments on “Mother's Day Giveaway: Shutterfly”

  1. Oh, I love Shutterfly! I make a photo book of my girl's every year on their birthday. Our oldest loves looking at hers!

  2. I'm trying to do a yearly photo book dedicated to all our travels for that year for our little man. This most definitely would help add to the collection. Thanks for the opportunity!

  3. Shutterfly makes the best books! Everyone loves these books. The quality is great and they last a lifetime. Everytime i make one as a gift, the recipient is overwhelmed.

  4. I love making Shutterfly books, I made one of my Mom's cat for her last year after he passed away.

  5. It would be such fun to do a photo book of my daughter. We have so many cute photos on our computer but would love to have them in book form.

  6. I did a Shutterfly gift for my mom for Christmas and she LOVED it, I'd love to do one of her last visit.

  7. I love Shutterfly. These photo books are wonderful. They are very professional looking and make great gifts.

    Juleemm2003 at yahoo dot com

  8. I am thinking of making one of these photo books and making my guestbook with it. Put pics and leave blank spaces for ppl to write with markers. I love shutterfly.

  9. My sister has made me quite a few photo books from shutterfly, and I love them. I am all about showing off my pictures, but sitting down to do a scrapbook takes so long. These are so handy because you get the finished product without having to do so much work!

  10. I just received the Mother's Day card I ordered from Shutterfly in the mail today! I have bought several products from them and have been very pleased with the quality. I would love to make a photo book of all my spring pictures.

  11. I love Shutterfly! I do a yearly "Year Book" through Shutterfly in place of a traditional family photo album. Sadly, I'm a bit behind... definitely will be using this summer to catch up!

  12. We went to dinner with my husband's Aunt an Uncle a few weeks ago and they were asking us about our two years in Japan. I realized that I didn't have a single picture of our time abroad printed out. I really need to go ahead and make a book with Shutterfly so that I can tuck it into my purse and bring it out when folks ask us about our time.

    I would use the cards for birth announcements...we are expecting our first at the end of the summer!

  13. I recently picked up the love of photography and have many grandbaby pictures I'd love to compile in a book!! What a great Mother's Day gift to give their mommies!??? Yes Perfect!

  14. I have used shutterfly before! I did some paper stuff and ordered some prints, they look great, did take a while to ship tho.

    Thanks steph

  15. Photobooks are definately the way to go for archiving my family's photos. I studied photo in college & love it... Sadly I am wayyy behind in making books- Like a year behind! This would be a great help!
    inalak at msn dot com

  16. I have made a few photobooks and I must say that shutterfly is my favorite. I have also made them for gifts, my mom just loves the ones I have made for her. I also use shutterfly as my photo back-up. If my whole house was gone, shutterfly has the books and photos all online

  17. This is a great idea. I've been wanting to put together a book with a bunch of my photography in it. My birthday is May 12th, so I'm needing to get ideas for Mother's Day as well as my birthday for those that are interested. This is a good one!

  18. Shutterfly makes keeping wonderful photo memories soooo easy! I've made a couple of photo books through them and they help make my casual, fun photos into an absolutely beautiful picture book. We love going through them over and over again. My son will be graduating to a black belt in karate in the fall & I've already started putting together pictures to make a great photo book for him!

  19. I absolutely love Shutterfly and make all of my photobooks through them. I have been planning on making a yearly photobook for our family, but haven't gotten around to it. This would help give me the shove I need.

  20. I have been a fan of Shutterfly for several years now.... an entire shelf in one of my book cases currently holds a nice collection of our personal pictures in the form of beautiful bound photo books! Great company!!

  21. I love pictures too! My oldest son and I made a picture book for my husband for Father's Day a couple of years ago and it turned out just great! Both of my sons are graduating this month, one from college and the other from high school. I am planning on making thank you cards with their photos on them for them to send out.

  22. I am so far behind on ordering pictures - this might give me the motivation to get started! :-)

  23. I have never ued Shutterfly, but heard great things about them! It looks like they offer so much more than your average place.

  24. My goal before Garrett starts Kindergarten in July is to have all of my digital scrapbooks updated! I still keep special pictures and cards that the kids make in regular scrapbooks! We take at least a thousand pictures a year and I think that digital scrapbooks are the BEST! I think that it will be so much fun to have them on hand as the kids get older and we can look at them and smile!

  25. My daughter just made her First Communion and I would love to make her a book to remember her special day.

  26. I make a photo book every year of the kids that I give away to the grandparents and aunts & uncles, I use a different company, but only because I'm a graphic designer and don't "need" to use a service like Shutterfly so I can do it myself a lot cheaper and then simply have them printed elsewhere. HOWEVER... I use Shutterfly for any pictures I have printed and often use them for our Christmas cards too. Their book templates are great and I think I might just do one of my nieces and nephews to give my sister-in-law if I won or... I could give the book credit to my sister who is getting married in May and let her use it for a wedding scrapbook album!

  27. I love making photo books, and my husband has recently started getting into it too, documenting his research trips. Shutterfly is great!

  28. I love Shutterfly and have always wanted to make a photobook! It seems so much easier than scrapbooking (and so much less time consuming! In fact, I am still working on our wedding scrapbook and we got married 7 years ago!)

  29. I have about 10 different photo books I need to work on. It is becoming like scrap booking where I have a stack of books to do. At least this way it doesn't take up space in my house and clutter my table!

  30. My mom loves mothers day photo book. And when I had only one kiddo it was MUCH easier to get them done. I really need to try to do one of both kiddos for her!

  31. I would love to win this because i had my son 4 months ago. Needless to say, i have TONS of pictures of him, but they're all still on my camera or computer. I would love to put them all in a beautiful book!
    aeris321 at gmail dot com

  32. I adore pictures (taking them and getting them!). One of my favorite places to order from is Shutterfly! I LOVE their photo books!

  33. Digital photo books are a lot of fun! I have made two for my floral business but I would love to make a personal one.

  34. I absolutely love shutterfly and I use them for all my photo needs. I seriously make a dozen books a year and multiple cards for friends and family.

  35. I've used Shutterfly before and been quite pleased with the results. I've given my husband a "daddy brag book" and it was one of his favorite gifts ever. I would like to make one with my son's pictures since he was born since I gave the brag book.

  36. We make calendars every year (with a competitor - I know!) I've thought about trying books but the custom board book options are pitiful and expensive so I'm waiting until my daughter gets a bit older and can have "real" books. I'd like to try shutterfly, but since I already have experience with the competitor I probably would only switch if there was a really good reason to try them out!

  37. I love pictures and I love Shutterfly - I also agree that there's simply no more heartfelt, meaningful and enjoyable gift than sharing memories! I have made photo albums that tell all the stories throughout life - a family cookbook filled with recipes from generations and pictures of my family throughout the years; telling the story of pregnancy, from that beloved pregnancy test to the first moments of love-at-first-sight; travels both near and far, including journals of what the camera didn't capture...and so on! I hope that the time and love I put into these projects now will bring joy to generations down the line = )

  38. Anything to do with pictures melts me. Photo books, canvases, scrapbooks... walking down memory lane is my favorite!

  39. In the 2.5 years I've had my big girl camera and been learning more about photography I've never made a photo book. I really really really want to but have just never done it - maybe it's finally time to break down and do one!

  40. A camera is one of my next big items to buy! I havent bought from shutterfly before, it would be cool to check out there pictures. Photobooks are awesome!

  41. I am a huge fan of Shutterfly's photo books. We make four each year, one for each of my two kids with photos of them from one birthday through the year up until their next birthday. Then we make two more to give as Christmas gifts to their birthmoms.

  42. I just made a photo book for my mom's 50th birthday next week...entitled "Kathy's First Half Century". Haha. :) I love making photo books though, I'd love to win another one!

  43. I am addicted to these! I do one for each kid each year and one for the family! Plus calenders and books for the grandparents. They are so fast and easy and the size is great!

  44. I agree that pictures of any kind make the best gift for any occasion! I love an annual Forgacs Family Photobook that I update at the end of each month so I can just print it after the December pictures are up. They make great keepsakes and our daughter loves to look at them so she sees pictures of her as a baby. I've also thought about using a photo-book as a kind of biography of our family members, so future generations can see pictures and read about previous family generations.

  45. My kids go crazy for the photo books there grandmother has made for them. Would love to make a book for her that shows the fun we had on a recent trip with her.

  46. I love Shutterfly's photo books … so much more convenient than a photo album where pictures are always falling out, etc. and you can make them so personal! We are (trying) to make one for each year of our son's life!

  47. I love the idea of photo books for the grandparents. My grandmother made each of us grandchildren a photo album of us as we grew and they were always so much fun to pull out and flip threw as we got bigger.

  48. We often make photo books for our family, and just did a 5x7 book to send to the grandparents - they LOVED it! :)

  49. I love that Shutterfly lets you use more than one coupon code to maximize your savings! My lil' man turns one next weekend so I have to make his first year photobook soon. This would be perfect timing! :)

  50. We have made many photo books through the years and they are ALWAYS popular with everyone, especially moms and grandmas.

  51. I, like you, love photos. I take far too many, and unfortunately have not gotten the printed in YEARS. No, really. They are stored in nice, neat files on my computer, but have NOT been printed. With four kids, I struggle knowing whether to print four copies of each and make them all photo albums to pass on some day, or what to do, therefore, I do nothing. I've always wanted to turn my blog into a book for my kids, and these photo books are much the same idea...I think it's something I'd really like!

  52. I think this is the best idea for the grandmother mothers in life. I know that photos of the grandkids (and great-grandkids!) are a huge hit in my family!

  53. Shutterfly makes it so easy to create memorable and keepsake gifts. I love using the photographs we take to create unique and one-of-a-kind gifts, especially for the grandparents and special people in our little one's life. The only think I wish is that I could take better photos so I am considering taking a class of some sort so I can really get some great shots!

  54. I am trying to collect enough photo book credits to create Noah's birth to 1 year books. I did 4 for Cory and I might need more for Noah! ;) I take too many pictures! I already lost one credit I got for posting about shutterfly at Christmas though. :( Gotta get on it.
    And what would one do with 100 Mother's Day cards??? Even if you gave them to your MIL and a few other ladies you considered mothers in your life that would still last you for probably every mother's day you would need them for until you died!

  55. I am crazy obsessed with photography and more specifically with photographing my Daughter Lily. I think part of this is your fault Steph, telling me that one of your top favorite baby items was a good camera. Thank you!

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