What We're Listening To [with Soundfreaq Sound Kick]

Tim likes classic rock. He's also the biggest audio book listener in our house. His most recent "read" was the 25-hour+ biography of Steve Jobs by Water Isaacson.

I've always enjoyed the melodies and lyrical stories of country music. In high school, you could hear the Dixie Chicks, Deanna Carter, and Alison Krauss drifting from my open window. These days, however, I am surrounded by so much noise that I prefer the wordless delights of classical music...or, quite simply, silence.

Overall, I would say that both of us have pretty eclectic tastes. We'll listen to a little bit of this and little bit of that - rock, jazz, oldies, country, top 40, holiday, movie soundtracks, musicals. Except hard-hard rock and rap that is too rappy.

Our 6-year-old is all classical, all the time. She calls it "dancing music" and now her sisters have followed in her footsteps. They enjoy listening as they color, craft, and play in their room. Also, as background music for ballet performances and princess balls.

Our 3-year-old agrees that classical is the best of the best. She's also quite the songwriter, creating lyrics on the fly and crooning them to any audience that will listen in her breathy preschool voice.

As for our 7-month-old, her tastes have yet to be discovered, though she does enjoy bopping to the beat in her tabletop seat.

We recently received a Soundfreaq Sound Kick bluetooth speaker via Mom Central - and now we can all listen to our favorite tunes absolutely anywhere!

What We're Listening To [with Soundfreaq Sound Kick] 1

The speaker streams wireless from any iPhone, iPad, or Android. Because it's lightweight and compact, it can be moved around the house with ease. The built-in rechargeable battery allows us to easily take the speaker with us when we travel across town or around the world (even camping!). In the past, we've listened to music on our phones so it's nice to have an option that can allow our family to "share" music more effectively. It's also a great solution for parties and entertaining! Bonus: there's a USB power port on the side so that we can plug in our phones and charge them wherever we are. The Sound Kick is available in 5 different colors and retails for approximately $99.99 at Target, Radio Shack, Walmart, and Sears.

What's on your music playlist these days? OR - What's the best audio book you've listened to this year?

I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Soundfreaq and received a product sample to facilitate my review.

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4 comments on “What We're Listening To [with Soundfreaq Sound Kick]”

  1. We love listening to music in our house! We listen to K-LOVE a lot. I love that you can listen to all kinds of radio stations on iTunes. We also love Adele, The Civil Wars (we are friends with one half of the Civil Wars), Xavier Naidoo (German musician) and lots of classical as well. It brings my heart great joy to hear my kiddos singing all of the words to songs from K-LOVE...and when they make up their own songs, many of them are about Jesus...I love that!

    1. Our girls are the same. They're constantly creating their own songs and "poems" - almost all of them revolve around Jesus. Either that...or princesses. ;)

  2. I've been doing a ton of traveling this year and I listen to audiobooks in the car all the time. I have really enjoyed Ender's Game and Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card and the audiobook version of Room by Emma Donoghue, which was a hard book to listen to, but the performances were outstanding.

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