My Baby Models for Baby Gap

My Baby Models for Baby Gap 1Ok, she really doesn't. But she could. Yours probably could too. If you wanted your baby in the limelight, that is.

We just got a casting call announcement from the Great American Model and Talent Search. They're searching for babies and kids, 3 months old and up, for television commercials, print ads, and movies.

So I thought about it. I'm not a big fan of beauty pageants for little girls, but it might be a fun memory to see my baby in a Huggies commercial or on a Gerber product. Might is the key word. Something about it feels a little suspicious.

I'd like to hear your opinion. Have you ever entered your baby in a photo contest, pageant, or model/talent search? Was your experience positive or negative? What do you think about GAMTS?

P.S. Here's another "limelight" opportunity: enter your baby in Evenflo's "Baby, You're a Star" contest. The deadline is Sept. 30!

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2 comments on “My Baby Models for Baby Gap”

  1. mom of a munchkin -

    I'm so interested! Tell me more! How did you go about getting your daughter signed on with the agency? Did you have to pay any upfront fees? What kind of jobs has she received and have they paid well?

    Sorry to inundate you with questions, but it helps to get the inside scoop from another mom...

  2. Hey Steph, Our daughter is signed with a local modeling company and so far it hasn't been an issue at all. I had the same reservations when they approached us about her that you do. But after a lot of discussion my husband and I agreed to go in for an interview. After the interview I was very comfortable with the agency and the requirements that would be put on my daughter. They are very accepting of kids and leave lots of relaxed time for photo shoots. They don't pressure them and under 6 years old they only allow an average of three jobs a year! Which is NOTHING. So after seeing how low stress it was we signed and so far haven't regretted it.

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