my etsy wish list {what I REALLY want for Christmas}

Dear Santa - These are the things that I REALLY want for Christmas.

Dear Readers - As you do your shopping this holiday season (and all throughout the year), don't forget to SHOP HANDMADE. Your purchases will support entrepreneurs and will be treasured by the recipient.

Dear God - The truth is that I already am infinitely blessed. Thank you. As I count my blessings, I think of my hardworking and handsome husband, my beautiful and compassionate girls, our health, and our happy home. I have much more than enough.



Without further ado, below please find my top ten favorite finds of the moment (I spent WAY too much time on Etsy tonight):


Berry Corduroy Ruffle Pants ($26; 1crown3tiaras)


Pillowcase Dress Top with Ruffled Pants ($34.99; sheilan5)


2T-3T Newsboy Cap - Navy Blue with red daisy ($25; arkitektonika)


Party Dress and Jacket 12-15 month girl ($43; kolorfulkidlets)


Classic Blue Bow - Girl's Hair Clip ($4.50; joonbugbaby)



Wake up every morning with the thought...vinyl lettering ($14.99; SimplyStickItDesigns)


ARIZONA - State of USA - Charm Necklace ($14; BeBopMoon)


Plaid Wool Skirt ($78; TashaHussey)


Passion Fruit Purple Pageboy Style Brimmed Beanie ($32; capturedimagination)


Amor vincit omnia necklace ($20; Below14th)


YOUR TURN: What item(s) from Etsy do you want for Christmas?

If you have a blog, feel free to make your own list and then leave the link to your post in a comment below. I always love discovering new Etsy shops!

Side Note: Are you a painter, a seamstress, a woodworker, a sign maker, a baker, or a candlestick maker? Have you ever considered selling your wares? Check out my recent step-by-step post, entitled: How to Start an Etsy Shop.

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15 comments on “my etsy wish list {what I REALLY want for Christmas}”

  1. I love that purple hat! If they accidentally send you two and they don't want it back, you know where you can send it... ;)

  2. I love etsy and think it's such a cool resource for entrepreneurs.

    My latest search has been for a winter hat for Lucy. I hate all the ones I've found in stores and just wanted a classic cable knit one without all the glizt and glam. I couldn't find the right size on Etsy but did find a great deal on one at Lands End.

  3. I love etsy--planning a feature on Goose Grease (they make wooden toys so cool!) v. soon. Did you know they are based right around the corner from me? Trying to get an etsy interview soon.

  4. Oh dear...all those adorable little girl clothes are really making me wish I had a little girl! I love all of your handmade suggestions! Etsy is so full of great gifts!

  5. I do love Etsy. I mostly just window shop but I have made a couple of purchases. I'm also wanting to sell some but I first have to find the time to make what I want to sell.

  6. I would love a variety of headbands from etsy. I had a hard time finding faux suede 2 in. wide headbands though but I'll keep looking.

    As for Christmas shopping, we will definitely be helping the Jamaican economy this year because almost everyone on our list will get a gift purchased there.

  7. I adore giving and receiving handmade gifts!
    There are so many Etsy Shops that I have listed
    on my favorites. A few things I have bought from
    Etsy Artists this year are: coffee cozies,
    scarves, jewelry and artwork.
    Thanks, Cindi

  8. I really like the vinyl lettering you chose.

    I will check out your Etsy post. Maybe I can sell some aprons or baby mei tai carriers.

    For my son I want to get a blabla doll. They probably have similar knit dolls on etsy too.

  9. Oh I big puffy heart Etsy!! We are making most of our gifts and buying handmade for almost all the rest. I love buying from my bloggy friends....I recently purchased a beautiful acorn necklace, well two actually one for me and one to give as a gift. I LOVE it and I love that I bought it from Molly. (Wow, she sold all of them! Yay Molly!)

    Here's another friend, Jen who upcycles and makes such cute things....her owls are adorable. (She's offering free shipping today!)

    I love the purple knitted hat and blue baby bow that you picked out. I have been making some felted bags, etc for family and the idea of starting a store did creep into my mind....we'll see, I have to finish all my family's gifts first!

    I'm off to check out your step by step guide, have a lovely week! :)

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