My Favorite Toddler Shoe Brand - Can You Guess What It Is?

My Favorite Toddler Shoe Brand - Can You Guess What It Is? 1Does it seem like I talk about See Kai Run on my blog every single week? That's probably because...I do. 

SKR shoes are sturdy, stylish, and supple. Plus, they arrive in an incredibly cute little box with a wagon on it and a little paper that tells the story of the owner and her son Kai. 

I appreciate that SKR offers fashionable options for both boys and girls. Although there are also sandals and dress shoes to choose from, I'm drawn to the little sneakers. Which style is your favorite? 

See Kai Run shoes run between $26 and $42, and are available for purchase on the See Kai Run website or from a store near you. If you purchase a pair from the SKR website before April 30, you'll receive FREE shipping! 

My Favorite Toddler Shoe Brand - Can You Guess What It Is? 2

My Favorite Toddler Shoe Brand - Can You Guess What It Is? 3 

My Favorite Toddler Shoe Brand - Can You Guess What It Is? 4 

My Favorite Toddler Shoe Brand - Can You Guess What It Is? 5

WIN IT! One winner will win a pair of See Kai Run shoes in his/her choice of style and size. To enter, simply leave a comment stating which design you would choose prior to Monday, April 21 at midnight (don’t forget to followthe rules). The winner will be announced and contacted on Tuesday, April 22. * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner is #119 Tracy Allen. Congratulations!

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147 comments on “My Favorite Toddler Shoe Brand - Can You Guess What It Is?”

  1. I really like the Jessicas. My daughter grew up with Robeez and now that she's outgrown them it's been hard finding shoes that are flexible for her to walk in.

  2. I have been day dreaming of getting some of these shoes for my little forever!! The little blue girls mary janes are too precious, and a rare gem since it is hard to find pretty blue shoes for girls!

  3. My toddler would look so cute in the Levi size 6 1/2 or 7. Smaller would be ok too for my twinfants.

  4. I love the "Evan" for Summer and the "Levi" for year-round. My little boy would look so precious in these shoes! Thanks for letting us know about this brand.

  5. these shoes look wonderful. so study and i bet they can go through more than one kid. i would like sean please

  6. I LOVE these shoes! See them everywhere now. My favorite is Levi. They would match anything my son owns. Thanks!

  7. There are so many cute styles it was hard to pick a favorite. But, I think my little grandaughter would look so cute in the June shoes.

  8. Hi, Thanks for another one of your always delightful contests! I really like the "Geneva" shoe in size 9.
    Please put my name in the hat for this drawing. I appreciate it.....Cindi

  9. I love See Kai Run too! My current favorites are Ashley Maija- perfect little girl shoes for summer. Thanks for the giveaway!

  10. My sweet baby girl Hailey would look so precious in the HAILEY shoes! I love all of the styles but as a proud Mommy to Hailey, HAILEY is a "SHOE IN" as my Favorite!! My baby girl wears a size 3
    Thanks for this oh so cool contest!

  11. Oh, I'm going to have to go buy a pair if I don't win, now I'm sooo in love with the Ocean Toddler Sandals for my little boy!

  12. I really like the Emilie style in a size 8. See Kai Run shoes ROCK... I really dig their fun colors and styles.
    Thanks for a fantastic giveaway!
    Marissa :)

  13. The shoes look so comfortable that I would wear them if they were in my size. The Levi shoes in size 7 would look adorable on my toddler.

  14. I was thrilled to see these darling little shoes again! The June and Lola are my faves! Newborn now! Hooray!

  15. i realy love the shoese and well what ones well of of them thay are so cute and yes i would love to win a pair for my little girl and any of the little girl shoes will do i need it to fit so i'm going with a size 4 or 5 in ababy shoe thanks [email protected]

  16. We enjoy See Kai Run shoes as well. I think they are a very good brand. My selection would be the Henry. Thank you.

  17. Gosh, I love them all, but I'd LOVE to win the LONDON (boys) in size 7. They would look sooo cute on my little 18month old (with big feet!!)
    I soooo hope I win!

  18. Seriously, the more I read your SKR posts the more I want a pair. I don't know how I'd ever pick though. I really like the April but I also really like the Geneva and pretty much all the rest too!

  19. Oh LOLA design is so dang cute! My 10 month old is almost walking and could really use some good shoes. Love em!

  20. So many darling styles...boy it's hard to choose a favorite. But I'm a sucker for the sneaker style too, and would have to go with the "Evan" boys sneaker because the colors make me smile :)

  21. The Londons are my favorite for my little guy, who still insists on holding our hands to walk. Maybe a pair of SKRs will give him the confidence he needs to take those first steps all by himself.

  22. Yay! Another chance to win *such* adorable shoes! I like your weekly See Kai Run posts! Keep 'em coming! :)
    So I think I'd pick either the the spencer...hmmmm....or hugh. Can I get a pair fo me, too?? ;)

  23. Oh, I can never choose! But since I have to, I would pick the Gwendolyn shoes -- so cute! My second choice would be the Oliver shoes (can't leave my son out!).

  24. My little guy is raring to walk and would wear the soles off a pair of Evans this summer! Thanks for the chance to win!

  25. I've fallen in love with 'see kai run' shoes, as I've seen them around the blogesphere. My favorite has always been Paddy. Can't you just imagine a little girl in cream tights, jean dress and cardigan, stomping around with the paddy boots on?! Ok- maybe I've just described a mini-me. lol

  26. These must be really popular because I see reviews and contests for them often. I'd love to try a pair for my youngest. The Karen Ann is my favorite. It will be a while before she's walking but I'll save them for her and when she takes those first steps, she'll be stylin'

  27. Oh how I love SKR, but they are too expensive for me. I would love to win a pair of Gwendolyns in size 5 for my daughter! Thank you!

  28. I would choose the "london" style, size 6. I adore these! I haven't found any other shoes that I really love for my son.

  29. These are also my favorite style of shoes. There are so many styles to choose from and I love that they are comfortable for kids. My favorite is the Avery.

  30. Another great giveaway, Stephanie! Thanks for having these...they are truly wonderful.

    I LOVE the little boy "Evan" shoes (in size 5 for my tall 7 month old) precious! So many of them are great, though. I'm book marking their site for future use!

  31. The Evan's are so adorable - they would be great in a size 7 for my little guy this summer. And if we have summer sandals in the house, summer has to arrive, right?? We can't be having snow if he's running around in his sandals. :)

  32. My daughter doesn't have a single pair of sandals, and summer has more or less arrived here in Texas. I'd choose the Indria sandals for her.

  33. I would love to win a pair of the Evan sandals in size 4 for my little guy. Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!

  34. I've been trying a couple of times already to win you Jessica and come and make my little girls' feet very happy feet. But so far no luck. So hopefully this time we'll get lucky. Thanks for the great give away!

  35. Oh, Gwendolyn, how I love thee! Along with your friends April, Jessica, ...) I'd love thee best if you came to me for free in a size 4. Thanks for yet another chance to win these adorable little sneaks. gumbi1313 at msn dot com

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