My Party Drinks of Choice {What Are Yours?}

I drink one soda...about every six months. That sweet sticky carbonated stuff just isn't my favorite.

I also don't drink beer. In fact, I've never even tasted it. The smell alone keeps me away.

So - when I go to parties, the coolers usually don't hold anything that tantalizes my taste buds. Coke? Yuck. Diet Coke? Double Yuck. Beer? Triple Yuck.

I'm picky, I know.

If you were stocking your cooler for me, you would probably have these four drinks available:

arbor mist sangriaArbor Mist Minis in an assortment of flavors : Cool. Refreshing. And - surprisingly - not very expensive.

kerns apricot nectarKern's Apricot Nectar : There's something about the thick fruitiness of nectar that I appreciate. Usually just one small glass will satisfy.

100% grapefruit juice100% Grapefruit Juice : Any brand. But I prefer the Ruby Red varieties.

sprechers bottled root beerBottled Root Beer : When I do drink soda every once in a blue moon, I typically opt for bottled root beer. Often as a float with natural Vanilla ice cream. I haven't had it enough to pick a particular brand as my favorite, but I do know that the bottled kind is better.

I didn't list water bottles because I think they're a waste at parties. Instead of stocking up on bottles, I recommend that party hosts set out some nice glass pitchers with ice water, perhaps garnished with lemon wedges on top. Or just encourage guests to use the refrigerator to fill up their glasses. Much more economical, much better for the environment.

thermos american classic 54 can collapsible party tubIf you're looking for an easy-to-store, easy-to-use cooler for your next event, consider Thermos' American Classic 54 Can Collapsible Party Tub. Available in blue or red, the tub is fully collapsible (as the name indicates) and keeps drinks cold for hours. Retailing for $23.99, the tub is great for barbecues, sports gatherings, and picnics.

YOUR TURN: If I were planning a party in YOUR honor, what drinks would I buy to put in the cooler?

WIN IT! One winner will receive an American Classic 54 Can Collapsible Party Tub by Thermos ($23.99). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, March 17 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner is #135 Kari Follett. Congratulations!

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263 comments on “My Party Drinks of Choice {What Are Yours?}”

  1. I'm with you on the Kern's in just about any of their flavors so long as it doesn't include Grapefruit. The entire family loves Barq's Root Beer. My youngest son loves Code Red Mountain Dew. My oldest son likes Pepsi and I like Cherry Coke which is were we really draw the line of preference. But Raspberry Tea is something we can all agree on. As for beer...unless its apple beer there's no point of putting it on the list.

  2. I love a glass of Sweet Tea the most.
    Dr.Pepper is my favorite soft Drink.
    GrapeFruit juice sweet & cold rocks.

  3. awesome'd want to stock it with my favorite beer, yeungling lager, and some diet pepsi, some mountain dew and maybe a couple waters

  4. My drink of choice is Diet Coke. For a mixed drink, make mine Cherry Diet Coke. LOL Thank you so much for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!

  5. Our orange tree is an over achiever so I make gallons of orange juice for delighted guests & send them home with oranges too.

  6. Green Tea Ginger Ale tasty and healthy) and a variety of flavored iced teas would do it for me. No doubt the family would find lots of other beverages to stuff into this great cooler.

  7. 7-Up for me! I love the clean crisp taste. This would really come in handy this summer. Hope I win it! :)

  8. Loads of water and either Root Beer or Dr. Pepper as I almost never drink soda but when I do, those are the ones I drink.

  9. Martinellis sparkling apple cider and their other sparkling ciders. Rootbeer, coke, and pom iced tea.

  10. You would have
    Diet Pepsi, Bottled RootBeer, Gatorade and Lipton Iced tea or green tea and PLENTY of ICE (i need ice)!!!

  11. For my party, I'd need caffeine free diet colas, Sprite zero, Coke, and lemon-lime sodas. The cooler is a neat one! Thanks!

  12. This is a great little invention and I love that it can be stored easily.
    I would put bottled water, ice tea, zero coke, regular coke, and assorted sodas for all.
    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  13. This cooler would be great for tailgating this summer! We would most likely fill it with beer for my hubby, root beer or orange soda for the kids and some kind of sweet malt beverage for me. Sounds like fun already!!

  14. I would love to have this cooler for picnics and sporting events! I love that it collapses so it would be easy to store! Thanks!

  15. I would fill mine up with diet coke, Lipton teas, and some sparkling water. This is the perfect cooler to use for parties! Thanks!

  16. Great contest! For my party, I'd request Coke Zero, Diet Dr. Pepper, Mountain Dew, a few bottles of Bacardi Mojito, Killian's, and Hard Cider for the adults. Thanks!

  17. I also rarely have soda and am not an alcohol drinker, so I would have to say I'd like that cooler to be stocked up with ice cold lemonade.

  18. I would request diet sodas ie. mugg's rootbeer, diet caffeine-free pepsi, some uncola ie diet 7up. I would include some fruit juice boxes for kids, ie. apple&eve 100%juice. Then some beers for the guys ie. Coors Light, Bud Light, Amstel.

  19. Root beer made with cane sugar is essential. Fitz's or Goose Island all the way. (St. Louis and Chicago-made respectively).

  20. We are looking forward to our first cookout this Spring. We always provide a variety of our own homebrewed beer as well as handcrafted beers from several local breweries. We'd love to have this cooler!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  21. I love Arbor Mist. Love it. You would buy some of that. You would also buy some Pama and Sprite. Plain bottled water and lime wedges for in between drinkies.

  22. For me you'd pack the little individual bottles of red wine, bottled water, diet coke and Jose Cuervo bottled mini margaritas.


  23. We would definitely have to put in Diet Coke and Crytal Light Raspberry Ice. I love parties! Thanks for the chance to win.

  24. Diet Dr. Pepper, Root Beer and juice boxes (for the kids)! Thanks for the giveaway, this is a cool tube!

  25. Pepsi, McDonalds Sweet tea, Apricot Nectar, Fresh Orange Juice, Clean water (from the HOme environment store, Chocolate mike. I dislike all kinds of alcohol

  26. Okay, so we definitely have different beverage tastes... I like diet coke and beer (especially micro-brews). Since you like the apricot nectar, I would ask that you throw in a bottle of sparkling wine so that we could make belinis!

  27. For warm weather I like the Jose Cuervo Golden Margarita with Grand Marinier. Soooo good on ice. If I'm not drinking then sparkling water is good with a splash of juice.

  28. We tube down the river every summer. This would fit perfectly in the middle of the tube! I could use this, thanks!

  29. I love Sprite, and Vernors, they are my favorites. The kids enjoy Faygo & Rootbeer, although I don't give them pop very often.

  30. You would put in a TON of seltzer and all the ingredients for Lime Rickies! Or, if we were feeling lazy, a lot of coca cola.

  31. I like the idea of having a collapsible cooler so I can have control of heavy I want it to be when it's full! Great idea!!

  32. I am on tour half the year, traveling in the car from city to city. We could really use something to keep in the car to keep our left overs fresh from one hotel to the next. That is why I am putting my name in the hat.

  33. Gosh, a party in MY honor? How sweet of you!
    I wouldn't mix, but some ideas for what you could put in the cooler would include: chocolate milk (in glass containers), Snapple Raspberry, pretty much any Belgian beer, red wine (well, no, that stays at room temperature), Riesling, Coca-Cola, POG, and the ubiquitous water.

  34. a place to keep the vodka close to frozen - ahhh.
    seriously - a great seasonal rain catcher, and a place to stash some lemonades or ice teas while out in the garden.

  35. Typically an assortment of beverages works well - and with the capacity of the cooler that wouldn't be a challenge! :)

  36. i must say i'm like you, i would love to have a cooler full of juice (and water) poolside during the summer for a great pool party. All kinds of juices including orange and grape which happen to be two of my favorites.

  37. For a summer party, Strawberry wine, Diet Coke, a good bottled beer, and homemade root beer! Thanks!

  38. Well for me - first I'd think champagne! But after that, any fruit drinks, particularly peach, pear, or pomegranate!

  39. I like your idea of just filling up some pretty pitchers with water - koolaid for kids is good too!

  40. I love a nice can of coca-cola every once in a while. I don't like it out of the two liter or a 20 ounce bottle...for some reason the can keeps it the coldest and most delicious for me. I also love nice cold apple juice. The hubby opts for light beer at cookouts.

  41. I would like a varity of Bacardi Silver drinks and water as well. The hubby would take diet coke and some beer too.

  42. I would fill it with a TON of Diet Coke. I'm a huge Diet Coke fan. And, I might leave enough room for a couple of bottles of wine. Thanks for offering this sweet prize!

  43. Water, a variety or juices - all 100%, and flavored lemonades - especially strawberry, with real berries mmmm.. Makes me wish summer was already here...

  44. You'd be getting wine coolers, wine and liquor! And bottled water for when everyone needs to start sobering up!

  45. The collapsible cooler would be perfect for back yard parties as well as camping trips!

    :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  46. This would be absolutely perfect for our parties! You would fill it with a variety of different beers, I like Bud Light with Lime and Blue Moon, plus we would have to have some Pepsi and Juice for the kids. Thanks so much for such a wonderful giveaway!


  47. I like a variety of things, but I'm really into different flavors of the ordinary drinks. Of course you can't go wrong with wine or margaritas!

  48. I want to get our family out in nature more this year. This would be a great help! Fill it with lemonade, water and rootbeer and head out to the lake for fishing, boating and swimming!! [email protected]

  49. I usually fill our cooler with flavored water, beer for the guys, some soda's and something like Mike's lemonade for those girls who do drink. :)

  50. Not a beer drinker but i do like Bacardi Raz, Mike's Lemonade. If I'm not drinking alcohol,
    A&W Diet Root Beer,Diet Sprite or Sierra Mist and Diet Pepsi. Thank you

  51. Just fill my entire cooler with root beer please. As for all the water drinkers I do have a kitchen sink that is very handy. Thank you!

  52. i'm totally with you on the root beer or birch beer. we had kegs of it at our wedding reception! but truly, I'm a water fan. instead of soda, i opt for club soda with some cranberry juice or orange juice mixed in. that was MY DRINK when i was pregnant...well, that and lemonade.

  53. If you wanted to really surprise me, mix up a batch of Aqua Fresca like they have in the Mercados in Mexico. I never have tasted anything as refreshing in my life.

    But If your not up for surprise, gimme a tomato beer and Id be pretty content.

  54. Glass bottled root beer!
    Vitamin water in the XXX flavor.
    Caribou Coffee Iced coffee product (available in most gas stations- EVERYONE should try it!)

    crimsonpawprints (at)

  55. If you were planning a party in my honor I would want you to stock that cooler with beer, the darker the better. If I do ever drink a soda I only drink Coke Zero.

  56. We only use store brand sodas at our summer BBQs but we fill the tub with many flavors and lots of ice. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  57. The party pack is big enough for everyone's favorite beverages and yet would be nice to store. I love it.

  58. If you were planning a party for me, you'd stock Kern's Apricot and/or Peach necter, Stewart's Root Beer in a bottle, cold-brewed decaf iced tea and maybe one frozen strawberry daquiri.

  59. The "American Classic 54 Can Collapsible Party Tub"
    would be perfect for my House Warming Party...I have just the right spot on my new covered patio!

  60. seltzer water,coke zero, coors lite,blue moon beer with orange wedges,wine coolers(citus and berry),snapple and 7up

  61. I love sparkling water. La Croix water, Perrier or Pellegrino. Those little wine bottles are cute, too. I like bottles of Guinness.

  62. We are so limited for room that anything that can be folded up, collapsed down, and so on, helps in saving what little space we have. This would be great for the little ones' birthday parties.

  63. This collapsible cooler would be perfect for our camping excursions...we currently use an aluminum tub which takes up way too much room in the trunk. I'd fill it with my favorite natural sodas and microbrews.

  64. I would put any Pepsi product and bottled water in my cooler at our party. We have family cook outs and this would really come in handy for keeping our drinks cool.

  65. for alcoholic drinks I would say mikes hard lemonade and woodchuck cider. I also like hansons juices and izzi soda. great cooler, thanks!

  66. I don't like soda, and don't like sweet drinks. It would have to be water or beer for me! Maybe lemonade . . .

  67. My drink of choice would honestly be bottled water. But cans of Cranberry juice or some tasty lemonade would be a good addition too.

  68. We RV all summer at a permanent site and it is a continual party. This container would be easy to store and great for those wine coolers and the beer!

  69. If there was soda it would only be the bottled kind, I also like any of the sparkling juices, any fruit juice (and 7-up to mix with them), iced tea (homebrewed please) - sweet and unsweet, lemonade and water with fresh lemon, lime and orange slices!

  70. There's nothing like an ice cold Fat Tire Beer after working on the yard. We also go through lots of iced tea, Dr. Pepper, Cream Soda and Root Beer. I'm trying to get healthier, tho, so I plan on making more fruit slushies this year (would be perfect in the Thermos)!

  71. Just for you, I would make home-made light lemonaid (with a dropper twist of cherry added) and put it into mason jars with tight lids to chill. For me, I would delight in unsweetend home-made IcedTea, again, in small mason jars, chilled on ice. Enjoy!

  72. MMM....I like

    #1 Diet Mt. Dew
    #2 Diet Cherry Pepsi
    #3 Seagrams Strawberry Lime Passionate Kiss!

    autumn398 (at0

  73. I love the taste of bottled rootbeer something about the bottle adds to the flavor. I'd use this for our water, we drink tons of water (live in AZ!) and love them ice cold

  74. I like diet coke, amber ales, red wine (obviously not chilled), and martinis so vodka in the cooler. Of course, haven't partied like that since bc (before children)

  75. Other than the grapefruit juice (ummm, ew) I'm totally with you. If it's alcohol, it's got to be girly and fruity like Arbor Mist or a strawberry margarita or something. If it's soda, which I rarely drink, root beer is my favorite. I haven't had Kern's in years, but I have always loved it and would definitely drink it if it were at a party. They're kind of expensive, though, so I never buy them. If it's a hot drink, my favorite is hot chocolate or hot apple cider.

  76. I am usually a water drinker... I also like lemonade, sparkling apple juice, and orange juice mixed with cranberry juice.

  77. I like iced tea or lemon and water, seriously just lemon and cold water are yummy to me, and no sweet tea. i like reg root beer- like a/w or barqs, I also serve sevenup at parties- diet and regular and have cherries to add . I love diet dr. pepper but it really is a waste of money and a body and mind rotter. As far as alcoholic I love this brand of margaritas in a bottle that are yummy but too expensive and i really do ot like alcohol. flavored water is for me and beer is not allowed- it makes me want to puke from the smell.

  78. I really like the central market (HEB's posh brand) organic italian sodas: they come in flavors like pomegranate, blood orange, prickly pear and old fashioned lemonade, They are not very fizzy old fashioned and modern all at the same time

  79. I used to be a diet soda ADDICT, and it wasn't easy, but I gave it up because of the aspartame. Now I drink water and coffee and that's about it. Oh, and beer. I love good beer! I think it's delicious.


  80. My husband and son are big Mountain Dew drinkers, and my daughter Sprite so those would be in there for sure. Then I would have a few of several other kinds of soft drinks.

  81. Bicarti limon and diet coke - in the summer, limon and pink lemonade - could I use this cooler at my trailer this summer!! thank you

  82. Coke! I know it's not good for me, but I don't drink alcohol or coffee, and I don't smoke. One a day is perfect, and anyone willing to throw a party for me would know that Coke is the first thing they should buy!!

  83. I am with you on the beer! It is totally nasty! And the water bottles, I am with you also! I have done the cold water in a pitcher and it worked really well!

    As far as what I would drink at a party, diet pepsi, or some mock champange punch. This is non-alcholic and it awesome. I served it at my wedding reception!

  84. Diet Ice Tea (like snapple) or Diet Root Beer and I'd be thrilled. This cooler is a wonderful idea. I love that it folds down.
    Thanks for this giveaway.

  85. I don't think this would work in the cooler, but my latest favorite drink is lemonade make from the powdered mix and sparkling water. Love it! I'm not a big soda drinker either, in fact I swore off caffeine about four years ago. But a caffeine-free NOT diet Coke might be a fun splurge. And last, but not lease a whole bunch of Propel in the black cherry flavor.

  86. I bet this would work for keeping meats/dairy cold when bringing it home from the grocery store too. My in-laws and I drive a town away to shop at the commissary and so this would be great to keep some items colder while driving back. We have about a 40 minute drive one way, thats if there's not much traffic or any accidents on the freeway that slow you down even more.

  87. Diet coke would have to be my favorite soda, but I really enjoy flavored iced teas and flavored lemonades, with raspberry being my favorite flavor to add to either.

  88. I'd have it in the car to put the ice in right after picking it up from the store--then the beer and pop goes in!

  89. If you had a party and wanted to stock a cooler to fit my likes, it would need to contain Club Soda. My favorite carbonated drink, with a twist of lemon or lime, of course! Water is actually my favorite drink....I know, I'm boring. :-(

    Thank you. :-)

  90. If it's hot outside, white wine would be good, especially a savignon blanc. I also like sugar-free lemonade (virgin or with vodka for an added kick).

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  91. I AM a beer drinker. I like to try new ones, so there would be a mix. The Arbor Mist minis are so cute. Never seen them, but looks like somethinhg else I'd enjoy.

  92. I'm not a big soda drinker either but bottled Root Beer is my favorite too! And funny enough, Becky just above this comment mentioned another favorite soda of mine when I do drink it. Antarctica Gaurana. My husband livedi n Brazil for two years so he introduced me to the drink.

    I also love Grapfruit juice. Other drinks I enjoy are Cranberry juice and guava juice.

    I'm so with you on beer. Well it's a religious belief of mine not to drink beer, alcohol, tea or coffee so I've never had any of it. But beer smells so putrid!

  93. well for me it would be Lipton's diet green tea, hubby is a beer drinker, I don't drink any alcoholic beverages since a closed head injury left me with vertigo, that's a good story and if you ever run a contest with the weirdest way you found out you were pregnant I'll share it, the kids like sparkling water

  94. Though I try to drink less soda these days, it's still my pick of choice for a special drink. We prefer root beer (IBC bottled is great!), and a sometimes hard-to-find Brazilian soda called Guarana (pronounced gwah-dah-nah, if you talk to Brazilians!), which has sort of a fruity cream-soda flavor. We also like to spring for juice combinations, especially including cranberry, and sometimes sparkling apple/grape/grapefruit juices.

  95. I'm a water person too. When my husband and I have a small party we like to buy the orange and root beer sodas that come in old fashioned looking bottles. Everyone seems to enjoy them.

    Also, I agree about the beer (yuck) but I do like Mike's Hard Lemonade (& other flavors) or a glass of wine.

  96. I used to drink a can or two of Dr. Pepper a day but I gave it up when I got pregnant. Now just about the only thing I drink is water and cold green tea.

  97. I love coke or sprite! I try not keep them in the house but use them as a special treat for myself when I go out! I also very much dislike the taste of beer so a nice glass of red wine would be nice. Beer for my husband and water for my daughter... she will have nothing other than water... now why can't I crave water like her!

  98. My family drinks a variety-Sprite, Pepsi, white wine and light beer. We have a deck that this would be PERFECT for!!

  99. I mostly like dark beer in bottles, diet uncola and white wine....this container would be great for parties on the deck


  101. I like sparkling water with a bit of lime or lemon in it. I also LOVE root beer, but rarely drink it. When I do, I water it down. I have a weakness for Shirley Temples, too. They're the ultimate special occasion drink!

  102. I make a mean non alcoholic strawberry slush that needs to be kept in a cooler for a BBQ. Then again if you want something really different I could make up a batch of Blueberry Rushes. I love the cooler!
    Thanks so much for the giveaway.

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