My Work-From-Home Wardrobe

professional-outfitIf you were to walk into my past and see me at any of my former jobs (before I became a mommy), you would find me in a business suits and heels - or at least in a button-up shirt with a pencil skirt or slacks.

I always dressed to match upper level executives. In essence, I took note of the attire of my superiors and tried to "mimic" the formality of their dress.

I'm a firm believer that what you wear speaks volumes about who you are. It may be unfair that people judge you on your outward appearance...but they do. People automatically size up your intellect, your ambition, your ability to succeed, even your character, by the way you look.

That said, heels are impractical and suits are unnecessary now that I'm a mom and I work from home. I know that what you wear effects how you feel, but it would just be weird if I walked around my house, all decked out and dressed up. That's really just a Wisteria Lane way to live. REAL moms do not wear 5-inch stiletto heels and form-fitting mini dresses at home (or...anywhere?).

That said, I've been thinking that it would probably help my productivity if I dressed up a little bit. At this very moment, I am wearing a blue v-neck t-shirt and charcoal-colored wide-leg yoga pants. My hair is held up loosely in a bun by a ponytail holder; a cascade of curls on the top of my head. That's pretty much my "normal" daily attire.

It's not bad, but I would feel prettier if I wore something a little...well...prettier. I'd like to be able to wear something that I'd feel proud to answer the door in if a neighbor or friend just happened to stop by.

For example, I'd like to start wearing these two items that are hanging in my closet:

joelle-bootcutAnoname Jeans ($100-$120) : Fashion-Forward. Flattering. Fitted. These designer jeans are sized by waist (25-32) and are available online and at select department and boutique shops. I was sent the Joelle Bootcut jeans to try and I've been wearing them EVERYWHERE lately. If you've seen me lately, you've probably seen me in these jeans {The minute I get home, I change back into yoga pants...a strange habit, I know...I think it has something to do with the fact that I have a 3-month-old baby.}. I wish it was possible to select your "length" of choice when you order (I couldn't find the info on their website, but think the jeans all come with a standard 33" inseam...), but they're amazing jeans even so.

kenneth cole new york metro denim pantKenneth Cole NY Metro Denim Pants ($59) : I'm not sure how I feel about white pants overall, but these ones are super cute. The material is flattering and the fit is fabulous. The flared leg elongates the leg and the crisp white is a nice change from "every-day denim." I'd also love to see these same pants in a deep navy or in navy/white vertical stripes. They're just a tad bit tight around my mid-section at present, but I'm hoping I'll be able to wear them around later this summer (I've been doing crunches and curls diligently, but I need to get to work on my "cardio" routine!!!).

Since I'm nursing, I'd want to pair either of the above "bottoms" with a zip-up, button-up, deep-v, or "slouchy" top for easy nursing access.

I have these tops on my "oooh...I'd wear that!" list:

business casual shirt 1 business casual shirt 3 business casual shirt 5picture-26

YOUR TURN: What do you wear when you work-from-home? If you are a stay-at-home mom, what do you wear on an average day?

WIN IT! One winner will receive a pair of Anoname Jeans of her choice (retail value $100-$120; limited to available styles and sizes) AND a 30% off coupon for Kenneth Cole New York. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, June 23 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #183 Amanda. Congratulations!

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251 comments on “My Work-From-Home Wardrobe”

  1. I haven't worn jeans in like two years. First it was because I was pregnant with twins and now my hips don't fit into my old jeans even though i'm the same weight as before I got pregnant. I would love a pair that fits :)

  2. I wear a cotton t and stone washed jeans as soon as I wake up to get the kids off to school and day camp. Call it the mommy uniform.

  3. When I'm just working at home I put on some lounge pants and a T-shirt. When I go out, is when I put on the jeans/nice top or professional wear.

  4. Depends on the day. If I don't have to get up until later, I just wear my pjs (pj pants and a tshirt, so it's not like i'm lounging around in a dressing gown or lingerie). If I need to work out, I'll put on my yoga pants and a clingy top. If I'm going to volunteer at the school, I don jeans or some other comfy pants. Thanks!

  5. Wow, I so need some new jeans. I have 2 pairs and one ripped yesterday! I love the look of these.

  6. I like to wear super comfy long sleeved tees, such as sold by Arizona jeans and either jeans or my yoga pants at home.

  7. I love jeans. I love to try jeans with different brand. But I dont know about this company. Glad for giving this chance and also learn more about them. This company has good jeans with slim and stylish look. I love to try white jeans in size 6. I dont think that I will look fat with this color.

  8. I like to wear casual dresses in the summertime. I feel well groomed and work more efficiently plus if someone comes to the door I feel good about myself and that I "can work from home".

  9. i usually have to go into the bathroom when im on the phone..hey i even have a cushiony seat..haha :)~

  10. I am a mommy to 3 young kids and we have 2 dogs so I am busy, busy did I mention busy?! But, I am up at about 4-4:30 am everyday so I can get my workout routine in (Yoga) and get some me time so I can get myself pulled together before the "rat race" of each day begins. I always fix myself up, even if I have no plans to leave the house for the day. I fix myself up because it makes me feel good, makes me feel confident, and I enjoy taking the time to "primp" a little. You will always find me wearing jeans, and I have to say I have some really cool hot pairs! But, as a jean lover, I can never have enough, and I am always on the hunt for a really hip new brand and style of jeans so I am so pleased to be here today entering your giveaway! I love to wear my jeans with a pair of 1-2 inch pumps. It makes them look a little dressier and makes your legs look a little longer. I usually wear a classic tee with them and maybe a sweater over it if I am chilly. I like accessorizing so a cool belt is usually in the mix too! I hope this gives you a little insight as to how I like to dress. I would say city urban chic sums up my look (I hope)! Thanks so much for the chance to enter.

  11. ok, so i just got married, and as alot of young couples these days we are BROKE. I only have two pairs of jeans, which kind of sucks and is very embarassing, I would really love to be able to add a new pair o my wardrobe and this brand is SO good.

  12. i've been at home for a while now, and i find it feels great to dress nice instead of being in my sweats all the time. boy, could i use a new pair of jeans.

  13. i would love to have a pair of jeans that actually fit my body correctly! i generally wear shorts and a t to work.

  14. jeans are my clothing staple! I could wear them everyday. i would love to try jeans from Anoname...they look fabulous!

  15. I like the Chrissy Straight jeans. I could use a new pair of jeans when I start back to college in the fall. I lost my job and started school at the age of 44. It would be fun to have an awesome pair of jeans to wear. Thank you

  16. Anything from bamboo yoga pants & t's to jeans and blouses to sundresses.
    Or my jammies and robe, depending on the kind of day I am having.
    No more business attire, and I'm good with that.
    Did the whole uniform thing when I was in the AF and I am done done done with that.

  17. I don't get to work from home often but when I do it is comfort all the way....usually jeans (or jean capris or jean shorts, depending on the weather) and a t-shirt.

  18. I am a jeans woman. I wear them daily and could really use a new pair. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  19. Jeans are pretty much my uniform! I never wear shorts, either. My two pair of jeans are pretty much shot and I would love to win these as mine are never this quality! They are lovely.

  20. I would love to add a pair of Anoname Jeans (JOELLE
    {BOOTCUT}) to my wardrobe, but the biggest the come in is a size 32 - way to small for my sized 36 body.

    bummer - the red ones are awesome. Maybe this will prove to be the motivator I need to lose that extra 30 pounds!

  21. I need new jeans badly as I have "outgrown" most of the jeans in my closet. I'm not allowed to wear jeans to work, but I would love a pair of these for non-working hours.

  22. I have a comfy pair of organic cotton pants and an organic tshirt. I always work in those when I'm home, wonderfully soft and not restrictive!

  23. I work for an online company so there are times that I work from home in pajama pants and t-shirts!

  24. I am a stay a home mom of twin boys and a daughter. My hubby is the sole breadwinner. I don't buy jeans very often (about once every couple of years). I have my jeans for at home and my "good" ones that I go away with. My stay at home ones have a hole worn in the knee. I would love a new pair of good jeans to look good when I go out of the house.

  25. I'm a stay at home mom with 5 boys who also works from home. Since I'm alway on the go, you will always find me in a pair of comfortable jeans and t-shirt. But I have to admit, I think if my family seen me if office attire they would take my job at home more seriously.

  26. I love chico jeans so I tend to wear those with a tank or tunic top, in winter it top it off with a sweater

  27. I wear jeans and capris, shirts that range from long-sleeve tees to cardigans. I wear whatever I feel will make me feel good each day.

  28. I tend to wear my yoga workout clothes they are just so comfy and I workout in the morning why the kids are asleep and if I am going to be home all day i just stay in them thanks for the chance they look like great jeans thanks again

  29. I find that being comfortable while working iproves my productivity. I am a jeans and t shirt girl - dont get me wrong I wear fashionable nice jeans and t shirts but i feel uncomfortable and not myself in anything that is more dressy

  30. I'm a stay at home mom and I live in jeans and capris. I definitely feel much more productive when I am presentable. It's amazing what a little makeup and brushed hair can do for your psyche.

  31. Yes, it's tough to work from home, fashion wise. I seem to have either totally dressy or beyond casual clothes. Nothing cute AND comfy in the middle. Something you feel good in around the home and outside of the home would be great!

  32. I own a small business but spend all my time working outside the home in grungy jeans and tee's. When I'm working on paperwork at home I'm always in lounge pants and a tee with my crocs on!
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  33. If I am not going any place at all during the day I usually wear sweat pants or jogging pants. If I am going to run to the post office or someplace else I will try to put on something half-way decent!

  34. When I'm at home with my kids I'm usually in some sort of sweats or comfy shorts and a t-shirt. When we head out I try to look a little more respectable and end up in jeans and a nicer looking shirt... but I could definitely use these!

  35. I usually have a pair of exercise shorts and a cami on when I work from home - nothing glamourous!

  36. At home , I wear season apropriate clothes - slacks in winter and shorts or "pedal pushers with comfortable tops or sweaters. I do have a few really run down, old , not to be seen by any other human clothes when I want to slum at home. Also with these clothes I generally have matching hair.And yes what you wear does affect your mood.

  37. Jeans--I live in jeans owning 4 horses jeans is a must but If I won these beautiful jeans I'd wear them to the next country dance that I would attend

  38. an average day is me in jeans and a tee shirt. Nothing too fancy to mes sup and comfortable. I will wear my yoga pants as a treat to myself!

  39. I love when i can wear pink sweats from victorias secret all day and lounge but usually i'm in designer jeans or a cute skirt

  40. I cannot tell a lie! If I'm not going out I'm usually in sleep pants and a tshirt until everyone is ready to come home or I go out. I'm SURE I'd be more productive if I got up and got dressed.

    But even then my look is very casual. jeans are great! Thanks.

  41. I love jeans and live in them. I don't know any woman of any age who doesn't. A pair of jeans today, is like that perennial pair of black slcaks years ago. Women are always in pursuit of that perfect pair of jeans. So we shop endlessly, and buy many not so perfectly fitting jeans and so on. These jeans look great! Are they the perfect pair?
    Thanks for this lovely giveaway.

  42. When I'm at home with my kids I usually wear lounge pants because jeans are just so restrictive to do work in...BUT when I'm outside mowing the lawn or in public I definitely wear jeans and I only really have one decent pair, it's sad :(

  43. I only have two pair of jeans and neither of them fit well. I recently lost 30 pounds and so nothing fits anymore (good problem) and I can't afford to replace the whole closet at once.

    Thanks for having the giveaway!

  44. If I worked from home, I think I would have a hard time getting out of my jammies. I stayed at home for a year with each of my boys for maternity leave, and the only reason I got dressed was when we had someplace to go. I could live in sweats...not very fashionable, I know....but I dress up for work everyday, so I really enjoyed being a "slob" for a while.

  45. I'm a stay at home mom, and my fashion choices leave a lot to be desired. When I am staying in for the day, I basically wear a long white t-shirt which is what I sleep in. But most days we at least run a couple errands so I have to get dressed. ;) I pull on some jeans, and depending on my mood and where we are going, either a boring t-shirt or one of my cuter tops. I do have a lot of cute tops at least.

  46. I agree with all the above but at a size 22 womans petite it is horoble ? to get jeans to fit and not look like a old Grandma I am a 51 year old Mother with a 12 year old Got to look good for the 5 year younger Husband and great Son. WHo is just getting into the clothes life

  47. Jeans never fit me!!!! Only the expensive ones that I can't afford fit me right, especially after I wash them! So I ask for one pair from my grandparents every Christmas and then I where that pair all year and that's it! I could really use these!

    [email protected]

  48. When I work from home, I sport my softest, comfiest, least-ready-for-prime-time (that is, holiest!) jeans, with a soft-but-not-stylin' tee.

  49. I am staying at home right now and am wearing jeans and a sweatshirt at this moment because it's cold. But if the weather is warm I wear a dresses all summer long!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  50. Right now at home I'm wearing shorts and a tank top because its so hot! Other times of the year jeans and sweats are my uniform!

  51. As a stay at home mom I am often in workout gear, but if I am out of the house I wear jeans, wedges and a cute top.

  52. When I work from home, I'm in my oversized khakis, camp shirt, thick soft socks and most importantly, bra free. I'm in a comfortable but efficient mode.

  53. Around the house I usually wear sweatpants and a tank top or t-shirt. I'm 5'1 and it's so hard to find jeans that fit, it seems like every time I find a style I like it gets discontinued. These look really nice!!

  54. These Jeans look adorable! I am a thrift store shopper for my jeans and i have been for years. I know i need to get myself a new pair i just haven't been able to yet. I am going to check their site out again.

  55. I love to wear this jeans to work, especially on casual fridays so I can top with a nice, casual top. :)

  56. It seems to vary depending on how good I feel about my body. When I'm overweight, and not taking care of myself then I'm sweats and bagginess. And when I'm thinner and healthier I begin to wears things that actually flatter my body, like summer dresses and jeans. :)


  57. I am a SAHM, but I do volunteer as a co-leader for the local Holisitc Moms Chapter, which I kinda consider my "work". You'll find me in jeans, shorts, or capris almost every day, but never sweatpants, for me those are workout wear.

  58. I went from business suits to my husbands sweats and t-shirts once I had the baby and now stay home. Eesh, I'd have never believed it two years ago, but now, that's my daily attire.

  59. I would love to win. I dress pretty much the same since I am a stay at home mom - comfy pants and tee with my hair up. I also would like to dress a little cute.
    Thank you for the chance
    [email protected]

  60. I just love these jeans! I also work from home...and although I hate to admit it, I spend most of the day in my pajamas. Typically, I shower toward the end of my work day -- when I do finally change into jeans and a t-shirt.
    Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  61. I work with 5 and 6 year olds during the school year so my work attire is not that "corporate". I would love to win this giveaway and wear those jeans to work and at home!

  62. I love the Joelle bootcut and they have some great washes!! I just love bootcut jeans (no idea why) & I'd love a new pair!!

  63. I wear an old, comfy pair of jeans and a tee shirt. I love wearing jeans but I don't have a really nice pair that fits me right.

  64. I'm a denim fanatic! I love jeans, especially the way a great-fitting pair can lift my mood and make me feel comfortable and fashionable at the same time. Anoname Jeans sound really intriguing...


  65. I must admit I've gotten a little sloppy working from home I could do with some jeans that don't have holes!

  66. I'm always in Shorts or Sweats..depending in the season, and only wear suits when I'm to meet a client. Comfy is the rule at home.

  67. Jeans are always my favorties thing to that I'm home, my closet is full lovely suits......and I NEVER put them on!

  68. I am always in between sizes so i never seem to have jeans that fit me at current size. If i win these jeans i will make sure i request my current size.

  69. I love how you always have cute pictures! I used to wear scrubs to my former job, now I'm in comfy outfits that still make me look good as a mom and wife! I would love to win this because I will buy shirts and shirts but never want to spend the money on a great pair of jeans!

    mommainflipflops At

  70. I would love some cool designer jeans!! My old Gap ones are starting to look pretty sad, lol. Thanks!

  71. Let's just say that my "work at home" wear might not make it to corporate casual! I am all about the comfort...sweats and a tee, usually.

  72. I love the jeans. They probably won't have my size but if I win and they don't I'll give them to my daughter in law. She'd love them too.

  73. I really need new jeans, mine are all old and out dated. I would love a new pair for fall. thanks for the contest!

  74. My office is at home so I live in t-shirts, jeans and flip-flops! These jeans look awesome! Thanks for the chance to win this great giveaway!!

  75. I'm usually in denims and a tee or turtle neck. I go for comfort. Thanks for the chance to win great jeans!

  76. i really need a new pair of fav jeans, mine just gave up on me and i haven't been able to replace them

  77. I live in Jeans and a tee basically but I will sometimes put on a nicer shirt to dress things up a bit.

  78. I know exactly what you mean. When I'm at home, I'm always in pajama bottoms, and really, I look like a slob. I always try to look nice when I leave the house, though!

  79. I work at home, too, and wear jeans all day. Sometimes I wish I would wear something more 'professional', but I'm so comfortable in jeans.

  80. There's nothing better than a comfy pair of yoga/lounge pants and a t-shirt for working at home. Like you, as soon as I come home, I change into my yoga pants. And my kids are waaaay older than yours! I've lost 30 lobs in the past year and could do with a nice new pair of jeans. Fingers crossed!

  81. When I worked from home, I would often wear pajamas. I don't really change out of them if I am not planing on leaving the house for a while.

  82. I used to work from home, well I still do being a momma. But I no longer work for a company. I used to wear lounge clothes all the time but when I was dressed up I could hear it in my voice that I felt better about myself. Great find!

  83. I wear Jeans or fitted Sweatpants, and a collared shirt. I don't like changing if I need to go anywhere.

  84. These jeans are so cute. Would love to have a good designer pair of jeans instead of my american eagle collection.

  85. I'm usually in my workout clothes when I work from home, hoping that I can sneak in a quick run or spin class on my lunch break.

  86. I found the perfect pair of jeans. Always hard to find and always sold out. So what does the company do? Yup, they discontinue them! I went on the search for my next "perfect" pair of jeans and found them. They were super popular so that company discontinued them.

    Now, I am wearing old jeans and jeans that just dont flatter. I only wear jeans so this has been driving me insane! :( I need to find my next perfect pair and hope they dont stop making them.

  87. I am not a stay at home mom, but I do love jeans...when I am relaxing and on weekends, and when school is not in session, it is jeans and either T's or button down collared shirts. I have never been a "frilly" girl.

    Thank you.:-)

  88. I dont know if it qualifies as working from home exactly but when I watch my neice and nephews I notice that I was staying in my pjs way too long. So I finally made myself get up and shower and style(well atleast dry) my hair before all the other kids got there. I also got dressed in my jeans and just a nicer shirt, I realized that i got more done those days, and i know this is sad but I think i interacted better with the kids, i even would get them all out of the house for outings. So i am a strong believer that even if you work from home you need to get dressed to feel good, it helps.

  89. I wear jeans and a t-shirt pretty much any day I'm not leaving the house, and half the time when I do. With three kids under 6, wearing anything less sturdy than jeans is begging for trouble.

  90. I work from home and I'm always casually dressed - usually in yoga pants and top, thats the most comfortable for me! I try to look comfortable but not sloppy. Thanks for the giveaway!

  91. I am a casual dress girl. Fortunately I work at a business-casual office and Friday's are jean days! Hook me up!

  92. When I work from home I always dress in denim cuffed capris, a fitted t-shirt or tank, & some slip on flats. Shoes are key because if I don't put those on I slack off.

  93. When I am home with my son, I wear my comfiest, battered jeans or yoga pants. But if we go out to run errands, I always feel kind of yucky when I compare myself to other women. So jeans or pants that are comfy AND chic would be awesome.

  94. I am a stay home mom and i wear comfortable clothes every day, usually a tank top and my cargo pants, or a tank top and some black linen pants, both very comfy :)

  95. I wear scrubs at work. Unfortunately I've started wearing them a lot at home too because they are pretty comfortable. I really need to update my wardrobe to get out of this rut.

  96. On a average day you will find me in jeans and a blouse of some sort. I am a stay at home mom so being comfortable is a must in my book. But I am trying to doll up more at least once a week,

  97. i tend to wear tess and jeans or casual pants when not going on- for work jobs will dress up but as soon as I get home it gets peeled off- too many burp stains and work stains I want to keep my clothes for out nice since htey are so expensive

  98. I'm a SAHM, and I pretty much wear exercise clothes at home. I'm hoping I'll work out, if I'm all ready... But I try to look a bit put together when my hard-working husband gets home!

  99. I teach both in a public school and for a university online. While I have the option of teaching online in my jammies, I almost always go ahead and shower, fix my hair, and dress as if I am going out shopping or to run errands. I find that it wakes me up, allows me to focus, and helps me feel more professional, even if I am only dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. Feeling good about how you look helps you perform better, whether it is working from home, volunteering at your kid's school, or taking care of personal business around town.

  100. Wow! They have SO many washes available, which is great in a jean. Once I find one I love, I have to buy EVERY wash available. I especially like the black "Pearl" wash. :)

  101. i agree that how you dress affects how you feel. on days when i work from home i like to pretend that i am going somewhere and actually get dressed and ready. if i dont i find i am way less productive!
    new jeans would be excellent for wearing to work this summer!

  102. I stay home. My average day I just wear Chill clothes in the winter, but in Summer I usually put on a shirt with bermudas or capris Thanks!!

  103. right now im laid off so I hang out with my son at home all day, in sweat pants and tank tops, lol.

    thanks Stephanie!

  104. Those jeans look amazing. I have never had the money to buy a set of really nice jeans and would love to see if I have been missing out. The sizing based off of a persons waist measurement is nice too.

  105. That is very true what you said about people judging people from their outer appearance. I go into offices daily for my job and I would see people walking around in very casual wear like jeans while the others are wearing business attire and I cant help but to wonder what is going on in their mind.

  106. ahh! I'm in my yoga pants too. I'm feeling guilty. have you ever checked out fly lady? she tells you to dress to the shoes every morning before taking on the kids and the day. i'm feeling shameful.

  107. I too wear yoga pants when I'm at home. I do the same thing and change out of whatever other pants I'm wearing.

  108. well its i wear short pants (hate shorts) and tank with a button down shirt or tshirt. even though im at home i like to look good. you never know who youre going to meet. first impression is key.

  109. Most of the mornings I stay in my PJ's. On days I have PM classes at the gym, I'll be wearing my workout clothes, other days is just tee and jeans or shorts. And of course slippers are my shoe of choice. I'm addicted to buying slippers LOL

  110. On the average day I wear jeans and a nice top, as I am usually home. If I have a job (I free-lance), I wear black pants and a nice top. Love these jeans.

  111. Oh, I have been needing a good pair of jeans for ages! I like all the styles a lot, but I think my favorite is Paris Skinny. It looks great in the midnight wash color!

    Great giveaway, thanks!

  112. I would think that you'd wear whatever you want when working from home. LoL. But having the option of wearing comfortable, attractive jeans is always a plus.

  113. I'm still in denial about my new body shape, so I have a very limited wardrobe selection.

    Particularly for work suitable clothing. And somehow, my last pair of jeans ended up with paint on them. So I actually don't own any jeans at all.

    My husband is taking bets on how long it will take for my dislike of tight pants to make up for my hatred of shopping... Since I've already popped one button the tipping point may be in sight!

  114. I just went to their website and the jeans look awesome. Plus, there is a store that carries these jeans near me! I am definitely hoping to win the bootcut jeans. Thanks for the chance to win!

  115. I'm a new SAHM and I wear yoga pants and tee shirts pretty much exclusively. If I am having company or going out to run errands, I will throw on some jeans. I wish I had more of an opportunity to dress up a little. But with a 10-month old, everything gets stretched out or chewed on so I figure, what's the point?

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  116. Whether I'm working at my regular job...(highway construction) or at home making my jewelry...jeans are my uniform of choice. Even when I dress up, it's usually with a really cool pair of jeans and a nice flowing top. I'm really just a flower child at heart!

  117. I am obsessed with jeans! I wear them every day (I even push my luck at work and wear em a few times a week!)... Thanks for the giveaway!

  118. If I was at home full time, I'd probably dress like I do on weekends - casual and comfortable. Yoga pants and a t-shirt are the best.

  119. I have a closet full of gorgeous business suits that I honestly miss wearing. Now, you'll find me in PJ's for most of the morning lounging with my little one. Super Comfy! I would love a new pair of jeans though!

  120. This has been one of my concerns when thinking about starting a family. I tend to dress a little nicer day to day than a lot of the moms around here, and I began to get concerned that I would let myself go. I really don't care if other people are comfier in pj pants, whatever floats their boat, but I just cannot do that look.

  121. Finding good jeans in dark wash is really hard. I went to the Anoname Jeans site and I love the Joelle Bootcut in the "Sublime" wash. It's the perfect color for me. Not too dark and not too faded.

  122. I do find that dressing up decently to where you feel good about yourself is an important thing for stay-at home moms or any mom in general. If I go more than a couple days in nothing but sweats and t-shirts I feel frumpy and a complete mess. well if I even go one day in sweats and a tee I feel a complete mess. It's important to have that comfort and still look good and that's where a great pair of jeans can come in handy. After checking out the Anoname Jeans site I think the Joelle jeans in Pearl would be great for both dressing up or down. Love them and would be extremely excited to win a pair of Anoname jeans. Crossing my fingers!

  123. Those Halle flairs are so flattering! When I work at home, I'm definitely dressed comfy. On my "work from home" days, I do like to don my favorite jeans and a flattering blouse when I venture out in public. When I spent a year as a stay-at-home mom...I felt the same as you. I didn't feel as productive or as professional wearing my pajamas and doing phone time/computer work trying to get my business started. Sometimes, I just had to put on khakis and a nice blouse and get outside and network to feel like I was accomplishing something.

  124. I don't get to work from home, but could wear either of these to work (jeans only on Friday, though). I actually really need new pants, so this would be perfect for me! I've also be interested in trying the white pant look, so I appreciate the Kenneth Cole recommendation!

  125. My typical wardrobe doesn't have much variety to it. I usually wear a "nice" t-shirt and jeans or khakis. On days that I'm sure I won't be leaving the house I wear a baggy t-shirt and comfy yoga pants.

  126. I wear capris and t-shirts at home. My favorite pair of capris are black knit and covered with paint splotches. The t-shirts are probably older than you.
    I also change and wear "nicer" clothes when I have to venture out in public...

  127. I wear yoga pants pretty much everyday. But like you I wear jeans when I leave the house and then change back into yoga pants when I get home. I'm not sure why I think the people at Target and the grocery store need to see me in jeans instead of yoga pants but it's just how I operate.

    My goal is to be back into my pre-pregnancy size by the end of summer and my reward is a new pair of designer jeans. I think I can, I think I can...

  128. Since it's been 7 months post-partum, I've been slowly getting into my regular clothes again! Yay! I've also discovered better quality tee since don't get pulled out of shape after I nurse - it really makes a difference! So instead of getting cotton tees, I've been investing in Splendid Tees and tees from Three Dots - they do a great 50 cotton/50 modal blend that really holds color and shape so well! And I've been pairing it with yoga pants. :)

  129. As the SAHM of a 3 month old and 2 year old, I wear whatever fits! That means a lot of yoga pants and PJ bottoms. When I have to go out, that is the bigger issue because of the nursing aspect. I find I wear the same 3 tops over and over, they are comfy and loose. Around the house though I stay in comfy tshirts and loose pants. Sometimes I even change into something that looks nice and put on some makeup right before my husband gets home from work.

  130. I'm a fan of dark wash blue jeans and a comfy but pretty (and nursing friendly) top. That's pretty much my go to outfit. In the summer I also love to keep around a few cute basic capri pants and comfortable skirts. It gets hot around here, so jeans can be a little too much.

  131. Now that I'm at home, I generally wear jeans or khakis if it's cold out or shorts in the summertime. I got rid of most of my 'work' wardrobe when I was laid off - everything was old, stretched out, worn and I was so sick of it all.

  132. I have always been a casual dresser. I love stretchy pants! I love a great pair of jeans and a cute shirt. I don't think that I have ever owned a pair of designer jeans...usually mine are a clearance purchase. My recent jeans were $3, yeah $3 they are actually cute! My body wouldn't know what to do if I put on a pair of jeans that expensive! :-)

  133. Would love some 'designer' jeans - I could wear them to work when it is finally cool enough....jealous of your yoga pants all day!

  134. I usually wear jeans, but not this nice or in the summer shorts. I am a stay a home Mom, so comfort is what is important to me.

  135. Lol, when I'm at home during the summer some days I don't even change out of my jammas =)

    autumn398 (at)

  136. I would say three days out of five at home I wear work out gear, yoga pants or running shorts. After my AM walk I just don't feel like changing. Two days a week I realize my husband must be less than thrilled to come home to this "look" so I wear sundresses and skirts. I prefer a skirt or dress to shorts or pants any day!

  137. I wear the same thing now that I work at home that I did when I was a SAHM. In the morning I wear my pj pants and what ever tshirt or tank top that happens to be close. Usually by mid day I change into my overly warn jeans and a t shirt. I really need some new jeans.

  138. As a SAHM and student, I wear what you were wearing ALL the time: a t-shirt and less-than-"pretty" pants. Sometimes it is nice to "dress up" and feel prettier. I have a pair of jeans that I absolutely LOVE, and when I feel like dressing up I put them on with a pair of heels and a nice blouse.

    I would love to win another pair, though! Especially after losing weight, I really have nothing that fits me properly anymore.

  139. I work outside of the home, but I love, love, love to wear dresses with sleeves. There's no coordinating involved as there are with skirts/blouses or jeans/tshirts combos. You just throw it on in one step, and it's super comfortable all day. If they have sleeves, you don't have to worry about getting cold.

    I own only one pair of jeans and this is a good incentive. Maybe I need more diversity in my wardrobe!!

  140. I agree about productivity and the way you look... altho for me it's always about whether or not I showered :-) (or doing my hair).

  141. I work from home as well but I never ut on jeans unless we are leaving the house. I tend to live in my lounge pants & cami's. Not a good thing when some one knocks on your door.

  142. Although I'm a SAHM, I like to dress up at least in jeans & a cute top (and fun dangly earrings!) every day, just for my own sanity. Especially on days when we're "going out" (i.e., grocery shopping, MOPS, to the library, etc.), that's a good excuse to look a little nicer & do my makeup. I'm just *barely* starting to fit back into my pre-preg clothes, 4 months post partum, so everything's feeling a little tight and not-quite flattering right now. Some awesome new jeans that fit right would be a big confidence boost!

  143. When I worked from home I had to get dressed every day. I would wake up, take a shower, get dressed and "go" to work (although it was in the next room). If I didn't get ready for work, I would not feel motivated at all throughout the day. There were about three or four days that I did not get ready and dressed for work in the two years I was working from home. A daily shower is a MUST for me..even with the two kids. Without my shower, I feel so tired all day. I still get dressed each day..I am more comfortable dressed in jeans or 'normal' clothes rather than in exercise clothes. Since I had #2 seven months ago, my clothing choices have been severely lacking. Although I don't wear sweats, I am pretty much in the same boring clothes...Gap Long and Lean jeans and a shirt...need some variety! You are SOOOO right about feeling better about yourself when you dress the part...just gotta get the clothes to dress the part!

  144. New jeans would be so nice. I also think if you get dressed and feel good about yourself your day will go better!

  145. I work in an office that has the no jeans rule - but other than that we are relaxed (this comes from living in a small town - I always wonder about the girls who work in the bank downstairs from my office because they are always so dressed up and look nice but out of place in this town!) I am currently wearing brown capris and a nice shirt. This is typical, causual but dressy (does that make sense?)

    On the weekends I wear yoga pants (expect I need a new pair since they a small hole in the bum - the bad thing about that is that I went for a run this morning in those pants!!) or shorts, or whatever looks ok for around the house and running errands.

    One more thing is that I REALLY need a new pair of jeans. On Fridays we can wear jeans and right now I don't have a pair that are nice enough for work - they are either too big or too worn out.

  146. I work in an office that has the no jeans rule - but other than that we are relaxed (this comes from living in a small town - I always wonder about the girls who work in the bank downstairs from my office because they are always so dressed up and look nice but out of place in this town!) I am currently wearing brown capris and a nice shirt. This is typical, causual but dressy (does that make sense?)

    On the weekends I wear yoga pants (expect I need a new pair since they a small hole in the bum - the bad thing about that is that I went for a run this morning in those pants!!) or shorts, or whatever looks ok for around the house and running errands.

  147. I have looked everywhere for comfy jeans that fit well! I work in a school, so during the summer I am a SAHM and have fallen into your trap of yoga pants and t-shirts!!

  148. I should definitely dress up more. Even when I teach, I'm in danger of looking like a student four out of five days of the week. It's so expensive, though! At home, my dress sounds much like yours. Yoga pants (or comfy shorts now that it's summer) and a tank top or t-shirt are my uniform. Yesterday I was proud of myself, though; I wore a cute skirt and girly tee and I never left the house! I'd love to try some well-made, nice jeans. I think the most I've ever spent is $35 on jeans, and it generally shows...I have never felt like I'm fashionable and I'd like to get there!

  149. While the idea of getting dressed up to feel better sounds good in theory, boy do I miss my (not-so-long-ago) college days of rolling out of bed, changing out of one pair of sweats into another and calling it "getting ready". I think the idea of being able to live in sweats again makes working from home that much more appealing!

  150. I'm a stay-at-home Mom. I have 2 kids, ages 6 and 4 and I've been wearing the same things pretty much since my 6 yr old was born. I LIVE in capris or yoga pants. I would say "sweats" but they aren't actually sweat...more like exercise pants. I wear t-shirts alot too. I wear Old Navy Perfect Fit T-shirts almost every day, they are my favorite.

    I'd love to win this....I could definitely use a new pair of nice jeans!! :)

  151. Now that I am at home with my girls, I am pretty casual. I love jeans, funky shirts, and sandals. I am still nursing my youngest, so I do miss throwing on a dress!

  152. I've been working really hard to lose all my extra baby weight from little Max and I'm just about there. In order to reward myself, I told my husbad that if I get to my goal weight then he owes me a pair of really nice skinny jeans. These look perfect!!!

  153. I've been a stay-at-home mom for a year now and I do try very hard to change from pjs! Since we take daily walks my usual attire are pants and a t-shirt. However, I'm going back to work in a couple of months and I could surely use an awesome pair of jeans!

  154. If I worked from home I am sure I'd be in sweats or capris and t-shirts with no bra ;) its all about comfort! But you are totally right. I find when I am dressed up - even just a little bit - I feel better about myself and feel a greater energy. Well maybe not always, sometimes I am just plain too tired. But how you dress really does effect how you feel!

  155. oh, please, oh please! I am a jean FANATIC, but I don't have the $ to spend on nice ones, so I have a million pairs that I hate. Help me find my perfect pair!

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