National Camping Month GIVEAWAY from The North Face

It makes me sad whenever I hear someone say, "I never really went camping or hiking until I became an adult." Or, even worse, "I've never been!" Every kid deserves the chance to swim in a lake, to run through the forest, to watch the sun set beyond the mountains, and to feel small next to the grandeur of the earth.

National Camping Month GIVEAWAY from The North Face 1

June is National Camping Month and The North Face is trying to encourage families to get outdoors together. Overnight or otherwise. When they asked me to host a giveaway and share resources, I obliged with enthusiasm.

Here are THREE things to know about...

National Camping Month GIVEAWAY from The North Face 21. The North Face has an online community database called PlanetExplore, where you can go to search for cool, fun, and (often) FREE outdoor events happening in your local area. All you have to do is go to PlanetExplore, type in your zip code, and choose from a list of activities like hiking, biking, camping, boarding, skiing, volunteering, and more! (I typed in my zip code and only 2 activities were listed so hopefully they're working to populate the site more heavily...)

National Camping Month GIVEAWAY from The North Face 32. The North Face recently announced a grant giving program called the Explore Fund that will give away 300,000+ in grants to help support organizations that encourage youth outdoor participation. Deadline: August 15.

3. The North Face is offering a super fun outdoor-themed giveaway RIGHT HERE. The winner will receive all of this:

National Camping Month GIVEAWAY from The North Face 4 National Camping Month GIVEAWAY from The North Face 5

National Camping Month GIVEAWAY from The North Face 6 National Camping Month GIVEAWAY from The North Face 7

Pictured: Interval 25 Pack ($119), 1-year Subscription to Backpacker Magazine ($12), Stowable Vaporwick Endurance Hat ($24), and Planet Explore Water Bottle (unknown). Total Prize Package worth: $155+.

National Camping Month GIVEAWAY from The North Face 8WIN IT! One winner will receive all four prizes listed above, courtesy of The North Face. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Saturday, July 3rd at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

The North Face has generously donated this prize package. I received no product or monetary compensation for this post. I’m just excited to help YOU get outdoors with your family!

*UPDATE* The winner is #102 kathy pease. Congratulations!

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119 comments on “National Camping Month GIVEAWAY from The North Face”

  1. I can only remember camping once or twice as a kid... and it rained... and the tent leaked. Needless to say, it's never been a huge thing for us, but I do think my kids would love it. Maybe we'll have to give it a go sometime soon!

  2. My mom never liked camping so we never got to go. I keep saying that one day it would be fun but have yet to do so.

  3. This is some nice outdoor gear. We take the kids hiking and camping several times each summer and they love it. It would be nice to update some of our aging gear with this!

    ardy22 at earthlink dot net

  4. Thanks for the giveaway... we enjoy hiking-camping in the Coconino National Forest - Mogollon Rim (northeast of Phoenix AZ) with our family in the spring / summer / fall.

  5. I live in Duluth, Georga and Lake Lanier campgrounds are so close and I cannot afford to go. Also-the begining of the Applalacian Trail is not far, it is a portion I have not hiked

  6. My husband and I would love it we get backpacker magazine and look forward to every issue they always show amazing places. Both of are kids love going hiking my son is 4 and is collecting different leaves right now to make a scrap book he loves it. He gets so excited to find new leaves. thanks for the chance

  7. I did a search on Planet Explore, and was SHOCKED nothing came up anywhere in my area. We are very close to Joshua Tree National Park and there is lots to do there in the beautiful outdoors.
    Unfortunately with it being HOT in the summer, we don't get out as much as we'd like for day trips. I'd love to camp more when we can acquire some supplies to do it!

  8. WE went trailer camping during my childhood. Now my husband and son g with the boy scouts. Usually I work weekends.

  9. I love camping and hiking especially in Vermont the green mountain state where I live..The mountains and woods are so beautiful and relaxing especially when autumn rolls around the maple trees are just so gorgeous :)

  10. We love going out to explore on the weekend. There a lot of great trails around here. It's a great thing to do as a family.

  11. I haven't taken Sierra camping yet! I'd love to go camping sometime soon with the family again; it's been nearly four years!!! Crazy, huh? I love the look of the backpack. :)

  12. I did a search, but there is nothing in my area w/in 25 miles. I hope they will be able to populate more events in more areas. The Explore Fund is a wonderful idea. It's so important for children to participate more in outdoor activities.
    lisacarr7 at aol dot com.

  13. My kids have never been camping. We didn't go when I was a child - five kids! We are going out to Oregon in August to visit my sister and to go camping. This giveaway is wonderful!

  14. We have a Special Needs toddler and a Typically Developing toddler so have not taken the kids camping yet. But two months after my daughter started walking without a walker we had her out for her first hike. Last year I started exploring handicapped accessible trails and walking paths in our area and this giveaway is inspiring me to start again!

  15. Very cool! I went to the Planet Explore site and found out about a youth triathlon in our neck of the woods next month, which I think my nephew would love to go out for. Thanks for the terrific giveaway!

  16. I have a subscription to backpacker magazine and would love another year free, the magazine is really inspiring

  17. I love camping, but my husband is a Bronx-born boy and pretty much afraid of wildlife. So, we are limited to staying in a cabin. I vow to get him into a tent some day!

  18. I love The North Face and I love hiking. I'm traveling to Vancouver this month and Asia next month. I plan to do a lot of hiking and walking while I'm there so I could really use this win!

  19. Well I'm one of the sad ones that have never been camping :( but we do love to get out in nature and walk. My 7 year old son loves to tackle those barely there paths that lead you nowhere and we love catching toads :)

  20. We used to go camping as a whole family... grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins... the best part was the "night walks" and story telling. I haven't been camping in years and would like to start up again. We have fond memories of those times years ago.

  21. Camping is such a wonderful adventure the whole family can enjoy. I think "roughing it" can actually be good bonding time. You have to be helpful and cooperative while enjoying the great outdoors with your loved ones. It's an awesome thing for kids to experience.

  22. We are thinking of taking our first camping trip with the kids (outside the backyard) this month to Enchanted Rock State park. Can't wait!

  23. It is important to have the right gear and skills before you set out on a camping experience. Look into the flora and fauna etc. of the area you are planning to camp.

  24. I had a daypack by Northface and my husband liked it so well he took it for himself. It's a well made pack. I have a backpack, but it's from h.s.~for me that was in the seventies. I could use a new one. He'd be jealous and I wouldn't give that one up without a fight.

  25. getting youth more involved in outdoor actiivities is great. I enjoy hikes with my granddaughter.

  26. Following in his father's footsteps, I expected our son to be fond of the outdoors, but I have been surprised that our two girls are just as enthusiast! :)

  27. I always went camping as a kid; it was cheap and places to go never had crowds. Wow, how things have changed....

  28. I was lucky enough to grow up in Portland, Oregon, where I was surrounded by trees and forest at all times. It makes me sad when I think that there are people who have never been able to sleep outside, under the stars, or feel how great it is to climb up a mountain and see a spectacular view. Secretly, I'm glad we're in the middle of a recession--maybe then people will appreciate the amazing resource we have in the US: the national parks.

    I'm going to check out the PlanetExplore website and see if there's anything I can do!

  29. I never camped until I was married - it's definitely and experience I want my kids to have now while they are young. We'll probably get out somewhere this fall, when it finally cools off a bit.

  30. We love to camp as a family. It is an inexpensive way to remind our kids that nothing is more important than family. The Explore Fund sounds amazing and I plan to look into what I can do to contribute. Thanks for the chance!

  31. My hubby and I used to go camping all of the time, but since we bought a house, we haven't gone. I think we really need to plan a camping trip this summer!

  32. I'm planning to hike at Deep Creek Lake in Western Maryland later this summer! I've never been before and I'm really excited. Thanks!

  33. Luckily, we live within a hour drive of mountains so we are able to take our children hiking and camping often. They love it and we love the family time.

  34. Would you believe I've never been camping? True. Maybe having the right gear would encourage me to get out in the wilderness more.

  35. We are going camping with the kids for the first time this summer, so this would be ideal for us as beginners.

  36. I love North Face's winter jackets, but I had no idea they made backpacks as well. That pack would be perfect for day hikes. We're going to be exploring some of the state parks in the area this summer and fall with our dog and we can't wait!

  37. I love going camping, we are planning a 5 day camping trip in august and this would be perfect for it!

  38. Have you read Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children From Nature-Deficit Disorder by Richard Louv? I haven't read the entire book but have read some excerpts. It really gets you thinking. Getting the kids outside isn't just something to keep them busy. It's something they NEED. They talked about studies that show how extended times outside have cured some children of ADHD and similar disorders. It slows the heart rate, improves concentration and whole slew of other things.

    Great post and thanks for the chance to win!

  39. We lived out in the country and quit going to parks or camping. Our yard was one giant campground..partial forest, a pool, tent, hot tub. Now we are in an apartment and are rediscovering the joy of parks and outings again.

  40. How fantastic! What a great prize, Steph. I was thrilled at Annie's preschool recently when they told me that she reported "camping with my family" as her favourite thing to do. felt right!

  41. I never went camping as a kid and I hope to change that in our little family. My husband used to be anti-camping, but now that he has been bitten by the fly-fishing bug (a lifelong bite!) he is more into camping. I mentioned it in an earlier comment, but you could always join us up here...Big Sur is a great place to camp!! :-)

  42. I went camping as a kid but we have not taken our girls yet. This summer we will be camping out one night for a girl scout camp. Now i just have to get three sleeping bags!!

  43. My husband and I are so excited to take our kids camping when they are old enough. We could probably do it now, but I'm still a little unsure with how it would all work out with a 22-month-old and a 9-month-old. One day though!

  44. Thanks for the chance to win the outdoor accessories. What a great chance to look really cool on our hikes!

  45. Oh boy, do we LOVE hiking, camping, backpacking...basically ANYTHING and EVERYTHING outdoors. In fact, we just got back from Pinetop/Showlow! We are planning a camping trip VERy soon and would love these items. The North Face makes great, quality items!! Crossing our fingers to win this contest!!

  46. I haven't hiked a ton since moving to Arizona but after spending some time in Washington again this summer... I want to hike and camp!

  47. Oooh fun! North Face! We love to camp, but since my husband has started his wedding/portrait photography business, summertime seems to be zapped out with work. I've considered taking the kids by myself...but it wouldn't be the same. I'm sure we'll make it into the Mt Hood mountains or to the coast sometime this summer. Hooray for Oregon!

  48. I love hiking and camping and try to do that with my family. Work has been a little more crazy lately, so finding the time has been challenging. However, I know that my family loves to be out and exploring - so the seed has been planted!

  49. We make camping a yearly (at least!) event for our family. Our kids love sleeping out in a tent and we take the opportunity to see and do a lot of fun things in places that aren't close to us. My kids are also learning the joys of hiking. I recently took my 7 year old and 5 year old sons on a 4 mile hike (steep uphill grade on the way there) and they loved it!

  50. As a kid I never went camping with my family but my mom and I would do little hikes and I loved every minute of those hikes. Today my kids have been hiking MANY times. This weekend we picked up my husband from a mountain bike ride and while we were waiting for him to finish we were hiking and Lily amazed me by hiking a really steep hill side. Mikayla has been backpacking, hiking and camping. Lily is not quite old enough for camping but hopefully this summer we will go.

  51. We enjoy camping and try to plan at least one trip every year despite having young kids. We're always looking for new ways to make it better/easier too.

  52. My son just came back from camping with grandma and loved it. I love the feeling of just relaxing with no house cleaning, or tv, or computer, or phone.

    I love sitting on a camping chair near the water and just read a favorite.

  53. Weve always done a lot of camping. Our grandchildren are now old enough to take with us & it's been great fun. It's such a great family activity.

  54. We haven't been camping in a long time and I'm sure my kids would love for us to win this and go again.

  55. We have a 2 week camping trip coming up, but more like hanging out with friends in a campground. Now my 60+yo mother is the real backpacker, hiking twice a week and going off to hike or raft the Grand Canyon once a year or so. I'd love to win these prizes for her.

  56. I enjoy Backpacker magazine. My husband and I subscribed early in our marriage when we had more time for backpacking. Those trips include some of our best times memories. Now that the kids are older we are considering family camping trips. I definitely want to take advantage of the beautiful camp grounds here in CA before we dare move again.

  57. We try to go outdoors as much as we can. Unfortunately there were only two planned events at Planet Explore site however that's okay because we can always plan our own! I think it's neat that June is National Camping Month ~ a great way to raise awareness.

  58. My whole family loves to camp! My sons are both Eagle Scouts and my husband and I are Boy Scout Leaders. We have camped all over Texas and have been to New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, Georgia, North Carolina and California with the Boy Scouts.
    Camping is a wonderful learning experience for kids of all ages!

  59. I grew up camping and hiking in the mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee. My Dad bought my brother and I two small North Face backpacks sometime around 1985 and I always loved mine - I used it until sometime in high school or college. I haven't been on a good camping trip in a couple years, but you are reminding me of the fun I had...I will have to try it sometime soon!

  60. We typically only do backyard camping. However, we do like to try out various parks during the summer. We just returned from our family vacation and one of the high points was visiting Gooseberry Falls in MN. Absolutely gorgeous area to visit if you're ever in the Northern MN area!

    The MN state parks also have a geocatch program where you seek out various treasures throughout MN parks. It's something we might like to do in the next year or so when the kids get a bit older.

  61. We feel so blessed to have camped many times as children and to be able to experience camping with our child. Explore our natural world is a must.
    My husband loves wearing his North Face gortex coats
    to stay dry during our long periods of rain.
    My eyes have seen some amazing beauty and my lungs have thanked me for breathing in clean air.
    Thank you and North Face for bring our world a little closer to children.

  62. I'm mere months from my 30th birthday AND married to an Eagle Scout but I've never been camping. Honestly. Until recently, my idea of really roughing it was an Econolodge. Now that I am a mom I have changed my ways and I really want to at least try camping so my son can get that experience.

  63. My husband and I would love to take our two boys camping, but as neither of us has any experience, we are not quite sure where to start! Can't wait to check out Planet Explore to see what is around us. We need a camping mentor!

    Would love to win this great give-away - might just be the kickstart we need to go from "we should..." to "we DID"!!

  64. there are 2 events for me about 4 hrs away :(
    I still love to take my little brothers camping!!! FUN FUN FUN!!!

  65. I remember always camping as a child, and with such wonderful memories, I still camp. I love to share those memories with my children now! We usually go every other weekend, and no matter what, have a blast! I had no idea there was an actual camping month, so thanks for letting me know- as if we needed another reason to go camping!

  66. Being in the outdoors has always been an important part of my life! I grew up taking family camping vacations and they are some of my favorite, most vivid, memories. I continued backpacking in my 20s (including some memorable trips in Japan and Thailand).

    And my husband and I dated by camping and backpacking. (We lived 2 hours from each other when we met, and a state park campground was at the perfect mid-way point.) He said he knew he found the right woman when he saw how comfortable I was in the woods. And I can say the same about him.

    We are hoping to take our first backpacking trip with the girls in a year or so, when Ina gets just a little older. In the meantime, we get a lot of use out of our pop-up (which is our lovely concession to getting older!)

    Gosh, I could talk about this stuff forever!

  67. I also checked local events on the Plante Explore. Nothing in our state. Maybe next time. I have to admit, we never taken our kids on a real hike. We d love to though

  68. Awesome! My husband and I both went camping/hiking as young children and fully plan to take our son camping this year, we already have been hiking with him :)

  69. Thanks for this great giveaway. It is neat to learn about the Explore fund. Thanks for this great post and giveaway. I live in southwestern Colorado so hiking is a daily activity. I would love to win this.

  70. My husband and his family are outdoor people so I naturaly joined in.we take at least one camping trip a month and I do love these times no phones, no stress from work even though it is only the weekend I do enjoy slowing down and getting one with nature.

  71. I spent the summers of my youth camping and loved it! I still remember many of my girl scout knots. My kids know them now. One of my most memorable trips as an adult was a week-long hiking/camping trip high up in the smokey mountains. Like heaven up there.

  72. I never went camping as a child...sad huh? My husband is actually the one who really got me into camping...didn't hurt that we were in his comfortable VW bus! This would be awesome to win!

  73. Our family loves camping, biking, hiking and canoeing. Growing up one of the highlights of the year was our annual camping trip in Northern, MN. We take our kids there now and they love it too. Then we got into canoing trips which were tons of fun and then recently our family has started packing all of our stuff on bikes to go on camping trips. Whatever way we do it we certianly love to get outside and enjoy the wonderful marvelous world that God has made.

  74. My husband and I took a camping trip for my 26th birthday. It was by far the best vacation I have ever been on. Bryce Canyon, Zion Canyon, and the Grand Canyon. They are all beautiful and I cannot wait until we get to take our children someday.

  75. I would love to take the girls....just me and the girls camping. That would be a memory builder! That gear would be awesome.

  76. I grew up camping a lot, and have so many wonderful memories. We're really enjoying taking our children camping, and I know they'll have lots of great memories of our adventures!

  77. I like to camp more than my husband so I am taking our 7 year old on a week camping trip. Granted, we will have access to flushies but no TV, no radio, no PC... She's gonna love it. Now that she's older, its time to introduce her to the woods I explored as a kid.

  78. I had no idea that June was National Camping Month! Previous to this summer my husband and I had talked about trying to go camping at least 6 times this summer, but little did I know that I would not be up to it as much as I thought being 6+ months pregnant. Living here in Utah there are a ton of National Parks and I have unfortunately only visited Zions National Park and camped there when I was in High-school. Next summer my inlaws are planning to camp in National Arches! I am excited! I have never been there, and I look forward to seeing all the beautiful Arches!
    I have worked 4 summers at Boy Scout Camps in the Uinta Mountains living in tents all summer long and have loved it! I would love to get outdoors again and enjoy nature. Not only is it relaxing and beautiful it is also a great way for me to stay fit and active!

  79. seriously my parents took me all the time as a kid! I really hope to instill the same love of camping with my daughter and at 20 months old we have taken her on no camping trips but we seriously need to rectify this! Thanks for the link, I have bookmarked it.

  80. I would love this package! We go camping very often and just got a little backpack for our 3 year old to carry on our hikes. I'm planning to check out their site for local outdoor activities!

  81. I loved camping as a child, and I'm eager to share that experience with my son. We have our first camping trip planned for next month...and we're planning some "trial runs" in our backyard over the next few weekends as well.
    This looks like a fabulous giveaway! I'm especially excited by the magazine and that backpack!

  82. Unfortunately my husband and I are those adults that never went camping as kids. Well, let me take that back. The one time my parents took me camping we forgot the poles to the tent and all had to sleep in the car. That is when my dad vowed to NEVER camp again. Now he says his version of camping is a "hotel on the lake". My husband and I would love to take our kids camping, but honestly have no clue where to start. Sounds like it would end up costing us a lot of $ to buy everything and then maybe not like it, so we just get overwhelmed and book a hotel...:(

  83. We LOVE, I mean LOVE to camp!! Unfortunately, we will not get out this summer and it makes me want to cry, but hopefully next year we will. This looks like a great bunch of stuff to giveaway! Thanks!

  84. We used to camp all the time when I was a kid. We have never taken our kids (unless you count the back yard)because my husband has never been! I wish we could go right now!

  85. Ah! I want to go right now, but just venturing out to the grocery store with two scares me! Give me a few more months... and maybe you can offer advice on camping with baby!

  86. My husband is a big outdoors kind of guy. I like the outdoors quite a bit, but only for a certain amount of time. I'm not much for a 2 week camping trip, but I'll go for a weekend. My hubby would love to have this!

  87. We absolutely LOVE camping. My Husband was one of those "I've never been". Until last year when I made him go camping. I used to go numerous times throughout the spring/summer/fall seasons. So we went and we love it. This year we have planned three 1 week camping trips, plus a few weekend camping trips. We also starting hiking last fall, the kids think it's one of the most fun things to do.

  88. The last time we went camping we were scared off the mountain by a family of black bears (mom, dad, and two cubs!). I'd like to try camping again but that sort of thing really sticks with ya, you know? One of these days I'll get back out there!

  89. We never went camping much, my mom wasn't a fan of the overnights with all of us in tow, but we hiked and did day trips outside all the time. Plus I was a counselor at a camp a couple of times (and this was real camp--sleeping in a tent with 14 5th graders, with only 2 minutes of water twice a week to shower, and outhouses!). I'm not a huge fan either, but Noel's been talking about trying it, and it'd be easier to do with some cool equipment! :)

  90. Just checked out PlanetExplore with my zip and found 11 pages of events! Unfortunately many aren't all that close to us. But thanks for sharing it. I'm excited to have it as a resource when we're looking for something to do for a weekend!

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