New Balance Minimus : giveaway

I actually miss running. (Never in a million years did I think I would say that).

At 28weeks pregnant, however, I've committed to walking 1-1.5miles/day. More power to the women who run 5Ks and 1/2 marathons with bulging bellies, but it's not for me.

Tim, however, has been running in the recently debuted New Balance Minimus. They're like the Vibram FiveFingers shoes - but without the alien toe look. He says they remind him of race the ones from his bygone high school track & field competitions. Little padding. Lightweight. Lots of traction. Ideal for short distances. Although he's not completely sold on barefoot running science, he does think it's been to fun to give them a go on his nightly runs.

New Balance Minimus : giveaway 1 New Balance Minimus : giveaway 2 New Balance Minimus : giveaway 3

Available for both men and women, the shoes come in a variety of colors and for a variety of purposes (trail, cross-trainer, etc.).

Have you joined the "barefoot running" club? What style shoe do you most prefer?

WIN IT! One winner will receive a pair of New Balance Minimus shoes! To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Sunday, January 22 at 11:59 p.m. All generic comments like “Enter me!” or “Love it” will be disqualified. Winner must provide a US mailing address.

* Thanks to New Balance for providing two pairs of shoes – one for review and one for this giveaway.  

*UPDATE* The winner is #63 Renee C. Congratulations!

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312 comments on “New Balance Minimus : giveaway”

  1. I just complete chemo on 12/31 (New Year's Eve - YAY!) and I been gradually working out to rebuild my strength and energy. Come Spring (which can't come soon enough for me!) I should be ready for some short jogs and longer power walks - these shows sound pretty perfect and would be a fine way to enhance my "rebirth."

  2. I have started back to running again with my New Year's resolution to get back in shape,I would love to
    wear a pair of new balance,The only pair I have now is a worn out pair of Brooks.

  3. Thanks for the giveaway...don't know if i would wear them running along the street (i.e. afraid of glass, metal debris, etc.) but I would wear them running laps on a track !

    senorpiero [at] yahoo [dot] com

  4. New Balance is my favorite running/walking shoe. I'm also in desperate need of a new pair of sneakers.

    Lyndsey.rullman at hotmail dot com

  5. Last year I decided to get off my behind and try the Couch to 5K program. I wasn't convinced it would work since I really hadn't ran since the 8th grade. Guess what? It totally worked and now I'm in love with running. I've done one 10K and am signed up for my second the end of May. I've been intrigued by the whole "barefoot running" thing. I've been seriously tempted by those five-finger shoes but haven't pulled the trigger. And I still haven't found my perfect running shoe but that could be because my feet are somewhat messed up. It won't stop me from enjoying my new favorite hobby though!

  6. I have very poor circulation into my toes and most shoes are not comfortable(because my toes always hurt). When my doc told me that exercise may help my feet(which it hurt extremely), I got a pair of New Balance walking shoes. I won't say I was completely pain free but I was able to work out in them.

  7. I tried barefoot running after my friend Jara suggested it. She loves it. I'm still undecided-- I can see the difference but I am still not used to moving my feet in the right way, not just landing wrong. I'll keep trying.

  8. I really like the way the New Balance Minimus running shoes look. No more thick-soled, heavy shoes that make it nearly impossible to feel your feet!

  9. I love the looks of these shoes. I have worn New Balance before but currently don't have a pair. I think I will get New Balance next time I shop for athletic shoes.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  10. I have never tried New Balance shoes but have heard wonderful things about them. I just started a new job where I do a lot of standing on my feet during the course of the day. I could definitely use a new pair of sneakers. These would be great!

    kylie8cake (at) gmail (dot) com

  11. I've been wearing New Balance shoes since the 6th grade. They are so comfy and great for running! My current ones are falling apart!

    juliabaxter at ihmail dot com

  12. My New Year's resolution is to get healthier and make even more good food choices. My new balances are shot. They are my pick for the best athletic shoe. Great goal you have hope it goes well.

  13. I would love to try these out... I have a similar pair from another company that will remain unnamed.....but they don't offer me enough support, so I'd like to check these out :)

  14. i love new balance, but haven't tried this particular style. they look super comfy and may get me a little more motivated to run more often

    marygardner49 at aol dot com

  15. I've never heard of New Balance until 2000 when I got married. Ever since then, I try to get New Balance shoes whenever I need new shoes because they're comfortable and lightweight. They also breath a lot which is good in Texas heat. I've even gotten my current hubby hooked on them.

    Marcella Cook
    emmerswee at gmail dot com

  16. I tried so hard to get into the vibram five finger thing, and my pinky toe simply does not cooperate! Anyway, after months of frustration I got a pair of new balance minimus and LOVED them! I am a huge fan of barefoot feel shoes. I did so much hiking in mine over summer actually that they are shot, so I could really use a new pair :-) I do need to,say that my husband also tried vibrams and they worked out VERY well for him, I just have crummy toes!
    blue65829 at aol dot com

  17. i always wanted to try really light running shoes & these look like they'd be comfy but still provide support!

  18. I love New Balance shoes! They are accurately sized and very comfortable to wear!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. I really need to get back into running. I ran track in high school, and ran 2 miles every day in college, and continued running until about a year ago. I am planning my wedding, and working 2 jobs, and there just doesn't seem to be time for it all right now. I really do miss it - it was such a huge stress relief, which I could really use now!

  20. I married into a family of tri-athletes and would love to be able to join them some day on a 5k or something of that nature. I am currently way out of shape though.

  21. New Balance are truly my favorite tennis shoes or sneakers. They're super comfortable and last forever. What a great giveaway!

  22. I've been dying got a pair of these! New Balance is the only brand I wear and since these came out I have been dying to get my feet on these. I must win!

  23. New Balance is the only brand of shoes that I wear. I like everything about them, especially the fit and the comfort.

  24. We define our NB Minimus collection by 3 measures: weight, stack height and the heel-to-toe drop. I've never really thought about all the work it must take to produce shoes.


  25. I love the style of these shoes. I think it's important to change your shoes on a regular basis to avoid back pain.

  26. My favorite brand is and always will be New Balance--I've wanted to get back into running so I REALLY could use these!

  27. I've never been a runner....pregnant or not, walking is as high impact as I can get. I would never be able to do those toe shoes, but New Balance Minimus looks like good ones.

  28. I like the look of the shoes. It seems as if they would conform nicely to your foot and make exercising more enjoyable (I hate bulky shoes when I'm running!).

  29. I have a pair of Vibram FiveFingers shoes and love how they make me feel like I'm not wearing anything on my feet. However, the shoes are not the easiest to get on! The New Balance Minimus look amazing!

  30. I really like to NB Minimus Cross Trainers. My daughter runs track and these would really be a great pair of shoes for her during practice since they keep the ankle stabilized in an idea position.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  31. This new innovative shoe is very interesting. I wonder how well it will go with my flat feet. I never found the right running shoe that will work for me feet. The shoes do look comfortable and I love the look and the colors.

  32. Walking helps to keep my blood pressure low. I always buy New Balance but have not tried these. Would love to win a pair.

  33. my husband has the Fila Skele-toes and I have been wanting my own....these would be the next best thing! Not only that, my New Balance sneakers are the most comfortable that I won!

    sherwalk at yahoo dot com

  34. These sound like they would be ideal for short walks with my dog. I like the look of the line and the large variety of color choices!

  35. I go through shoes very quickly, as I'm on my feet all day at work, and I tend to walk on the outer edge of my feet. The soles wear out at an angle, and make the problem even worse. I would love to try these shoes, and see if they help. Thank you.

  36. I just got a new running partner---a 1 year old fox hound who loves to be outdoors. I need a great pair of shoes to enjoy the time with him and these would be perfect! Thanks for the opportunity.

  37. These shoes sound great, I especially like how they are lightweight. I generally can't stand wearing athletic shoes, they always make my feet go numb. These sound lovely and comfortable too!

  38. My wife and I have committed to walking each day this year. It's a bit of a struggle for her, but she is doing it, and she would love to have shoes actually made to exercise in.

  39. well Ive never had a pair of New Balance on these old feet but would be most comforting to me as these are quality footwear!

  40. My new years resolution is to get in shape. This would be great especially since I am supposed to run a race with my boyfriend in puerto rico with his dad this summer!

  41. I love the Womens Minimus Trail New Balance 20 black with pink. I usually buy Sketchers, but I've owned a couple of pairs of New Balance that were very comfortable. would love to try these out! Thanks!

  42. New Balance are the most comfortable shoe I've worn. I can't wait until it gets warm so I can get outside and walk.

  43. I love the look of these shoes because they are lightweight. I would enjoy a lighter weight shoe for running outside. Thank you for the opportunity!!

  44. New Balance really makes a great shoe. Tried my first pair in 2002 and they are all ive used for running since. I havent tried any with minimal padding yet tho, will have to. Thanks for the contest.

  45. It's sad, but I don't even have 1 pair of decent athletic shoes. I am on a search for some that don't have a very high arch (I've got extremely flat feet). I've heard new balance are some of the best out there. Thank you so much for the opportunity.

  46. These would be perfect for my son. He ran cross country this fall, but will now be doing track - these seem like they'd work out great.

  47. I have always liked New Balance shoes, and have been dying to try a pair of this new wave of "like bare feet" shoes. I haven't had the chance, or maybe I just lack the courage to fork out the dough for a pair that I am not positive will be what I need.

  48. I am an occupational therapist and am on my feet all day long. I have tried all the various types of shoes and at the end of the day, New balance shoes leave my feet feeling the best and seem to hold up the longest

  49. I currently have a pair of New Balance shoes, but I am in dire need of a new pair. I haven't joined the barefoot running "fad", but I am interested and believe it may have some merit.

  50. I've never tried barefoot running but am curious about the shoes with the toes in them. Of my last two pairs of running shoes, one was New Balance and one was Asics. I'd love to try these new ones

  51. I like that these are light-weight, but still have good traction...I really like the quality of New Balance shoes too!

  52. New Balance Shoes are very comfortable. They are going to be my next pair of sneakers when my current pair wears out

  53. I've been training to run my first half-marathon and have worn out my current running shoes. Would love to have these as a replacement pair!

  54. I've always been a fan of New Balance, and I'm intrigued by the idea of minimalism when it comes to a running shoe. I'd love to try these.

  55. I have never been a runner but I do walk pretty fast on the knees and ankles coul not take the pounding. These shoes are really cute I usually buy nikes they have always been comfortable on my feet :)

  56. Love New Balance shoes but have not even tried any of the "barefoot" type ones from any brand. Recently read an article that they are really good and approved by doctors too. Maybe I should give them a try even though I do prefer the kind right now that give you an immediate "bounce in your step".

  57. I started running in Vibram 5 Finger shoes but it is really hard to adjust to running differently. My calves are constantly burning! I would love to try something a little in between barefoot running and motion control shoes that I used to run in (Brooks/Asics).

  58. I have been wearing New Balance for shoes for I don't know how long. Most recently, I have lost 60 pounds and with the help of wearing New Balance during my workouts and running on my treadmill, I never felt like my feet bothered me while wearing them. I have two pair that I currently wear for exercising. I am just about due for a new pair now and would not consider buying anything but New Balance. This is a fantastic giveaway. Thanks so much!

  59. Thanks for the post and chance to win. I love New balance shoes and the Vibram 5 design and style is very 2012. Love the reflective N.
    nolagirl727 at yahoo dot com

  60. I would love to have a pair of these shoes. I have never owned a New Balance shoe but I think they would be great for me.

    thisisme79 @ gmail dot com

  61. I love that these New Balance Minimus shoes give a more natural "bare feet" feel. It was interesting reading how they accomplished this with the wider foot bead, shorter drop between heel and toe, and lighter weight. Thank you for the chance to win a pair.

    reejen at comcast dot net

  62. I've always wanted to try the Minimus New Balance trail shoes. I bought another brand's minimalist shoes and I seem to do better in those rather than the normal cushioned shoes. I did try barefoot running on my treadmill for a while but never had the guts to do it outside. Thanks for the contest!

  63. I've never been a great runner. I dated a distance runner in high school, but it was never for me. However, I live close to a park and would love to start taking advantage of it. These shoes would motivate me!

  64. I bought a pair of Vibram FiveFinger Sprints about a month ago. I haven't gone on a run in them since there's too much snow but I have worked out in them and worn them around town. I love them! I'd like to try these New Balance shoes for when it is wet or snowy like it is now.

  65. These look like they would be so comfortable. I love New Balance shoes and appreciate that they make about a third of their shoes in the US.

  66. Every other week I give myself a promise to start jogging, at least 15 minutes a day... But I never actually keep it. It usually takes about 2-3 days for me to stop what I've barely started :) I even bought nw sneakers to motivate myselt, but I've realized that they are not quite like New Balance Minimus at all! I really hope to win a pair of these sweet sneakers, I know they will motivate me to jog with pleasure all right!!!

  67. I am disabled woman who would love to have a pair of shoes that help me be more mobile. My disability stems from a bout with cervical cancer and the treatment to help me survive the cancer. During the radiation therapy my lower and sacral spine was severely burned which left me in a wheel chair. After several years of rehab I could walk with assistance now due to steroids and immobility I have gained weight which makes being mobile more difficult. I do walk with the assistance of a cane but my left foot is in constant pain partly due to the weight, plantar fascitis, and severe lymphedema due to the radiation and extensive cancer surgery. I can’t afford to buy shoes that may make a difference in the amount of walking I can do so I am telling you my story in hopes that I may win a pair of shoes that will help me walk without so much pain.

  68. I have been using New Balance for many years. They are excellent running shoes. This is yet another superior shoe they have developed

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  69. This are stylish running shoes. I like the black ones they I usually wear black workout pants these shoe would look really sharp with a bright yellow shirt.

  70. I would love to get these for my sister who is a avid runner and loves New Balance Shoes. They are her favorite runnung shoes and she could use a new pair

  71. I just started running again with the new year and have realized my current shoes are worn out. These looks like they would be a great replacement.

  72. new balance is the only brand of shoe that I can wear that does not make my insole hurt when I run
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  73. I've been wearing NB shoes exclusively for years. I haven't joined the barefoot running club but my best friend has looked into it.

  74. The most comfortable work out shoes I've ever owned were New Balance. I've just started exercising again after have shingles for a very long time. I'm so proud that I rode 4 miles on my bike today!
    Thank You so much!
    [email protected]

  75. I use to run too but stopped because of a large fibroid that make running uncomfortable. But, I'm a great power walker. These New Balance Minimus sneaks would come in handy.

  76. I love New Balance shoes, I've been trying to go to the gym at least three times a week to help me with my goal of 15 pound weight loss, this would be great for it

  77. I am barefoot most of the time indoors but have never tried running that way. Living out in the desert I like to keep a good amount of padding between my feet and the dirt - you never know what thorns or creatures are lurking!

  78. I have always enjoyed running/walking,but it seems since I had our boys I just dont never get around to doing that. I would love to get back into because it would also get the boys into doing it,so they hopefully continue to do it when they get older. I think I need to get back on track & getting back into running while getting the boys to do so with me. Thanks for the giveaway & also making me realize what I need to do.

    aemgeg4 (@) yahoo (dot) com

  79. I've been "stalking" the Vibram website for months but have been nervous about the toes. I live being barefoot and my husband is always on the hunt for minimal footwear. I had no idea that NB was making these. Thanks for the review!

  80. Ever since I read the book "Born to Run," I have been fascinated by minimalist running! I haven't joined a barefoot club yet, but I did stop wearing my orthotics and switched to my beat-up Converse All Stars instead of "supportive" running shoes. It is AMAZING how much better I feel!

  81. I do like the barefoot feeling when it comes to all my shoes, except for hiking...I need good ankle support for that!

  82. I was going to ask how Tim likes these shoes and how far he goes in them, but I can see from the earlier comments that they're pretty similar to monkey toe shoes. One of my friends that uses those said it took him a full year to get his feet strong enough to run long distances in them. He did the marathon in them on Sunday though! So it would probably be similar with these? I did a half marathon last January, and want to work up to one again. I'm doing a 10k in two weeks, good practice!

  83. I have been wanting to try minimalist running shoes for a while now! I have always liked the fit I get from New Balance! Thanks for the chance to win (I will be crossing my fingers and toes that I am the randomly selected winner )

  84. I have not joined the barefoot running club. I am not sure how i feel about the 5 finger shoes, but ive heard really good things!

  85. I am looking forward to having a new pair of new balance shoes for my new active lifestyle. I am excited to feel the difference in the new balance shoes.

  86. not in the club but would love to try these: getting back in shape after baby #1!

    elizabethglassturner (at) gmail (dot) com

  87. New Balance is the only brand that makes my feet feel comfortable, because I have bunions. Their toebox is naturally wide, moreso than other brands

  88. I like the white ones best. I love to wear shoes with no socks in the summer time and these look like they would fit the bill. My husband is a great runner, I on the other hand need more practice! Maybe these are just the inspiration I need.

  89. I'm in the market for a new pair of running shoes and have been wanting to try something like this- I'll have to check them out!

  90. I'm going to go back to running in the Spring when it warms up here (super jealous of you and your weather once again)! ;) As for the Vibram shoes, I thought I read an article once on how they weren't actually good for you. It would be interesting to try some, but I think it would feel too weird!

  91. I have heard running barefoot is great way to workout your calves, but have yet to try it. I like the black shoes with yellow out of the above colors, I want to run a 5K, and gain endurance so I can run the whole time. So having another light weight shoe to use would certainly help. Congratulations on your pregnancy, My niece is only 1 years old, and the time when she was so new and small certainly passes so quickly. lnb1191(at)aol(dot)com

  92. New Balance shoes are one of the best brands of athletic shoes for people with foot problems. I would like to try a pair of this style for walking and to work in.

  93. I have never worn this brand but I have heard great things about it. I am not a runner but always see people running and wish I was.

  94. I've been getting back to running myself! The shoes I have right now are NB and I love them! What a great product!

  95. I've been running in Nikes for as long as I can remember. I would be happy to switch brands and try out "barefoot" shoes without the creepy alien look. I would love to show of these shoes to my mom running group.

  96. Yes, definitely. I hate super padded and "cushioned" shoes. They prohibit my natural foot as I run and I hate heavy shoes! I definitely am in the market for lighter and better shoes! It's a bit too cold to run without anything right now :)
    I like the women's New Balance 10 Minimus Trail (gray)

    sswpss at yahoo dot com

  97. I've been running since June and usually do about 10 miles per week. I currently have Nike running shoes and really enjoy the + with my ipod. My regular gym shoes are New Balance- would love to try this minimalist shoe.

  98. Shoes can make or break your workout. I workout at least three times a week at the gym but I notice if i'm not wearing the "rite" shoes that my ankles hurt while working out. So wearing the rite kind of shoes is extremely important for me, new balance is the rite shoe for me, always was always will be. Thank you new balance!!!

  99. I've never done barefoot running. Those shoes look nice. Cardio has always been the hardest for me, but I'm trying to get back into it. Yesterday I ran 2 miles and I didn't feel like I was going to die. That made me happy.

  100. I love to walk by dogs but as I get older, it's harder on my feet. My daughter wears New Balance and loves them and I'm thinking it's time to switch to a decent wear of sneakers.

  101. My stepson subscribes to running barefoot. He says running in the snow actually feels warm when it's colder than 32 degrees outside! I don't think I'll try to prove that to myself!

  102. i keep trying to love running - i love walking. the only time i actually liked running was when i lived near a bread company. it smelled so good to run by ( a couple times :)

  103. I think a new pair of new balance shoes would be a great motivator to start walking on a regular basis after baby is born. How exciting!

  104. Glad to hear you're walking. I loved hiking when I was pregnant; I tied to do standing Pilates :) but it never seemed to work too well. My husband's sneaker of choice is New Balance.

  105. The shoes with toes are a bit alien, but the technology seems smart. Cool that NB came out with a shoe like design now! I would love to have some fun shoes to motivate me to get fit after baby girl's birth. We walk with her in the ergo, which is fun for her and better exercise for me because of the weight!

  106. I have feet and back problems and one of the few brands that I can wear comfortably every day is new balance. I have actually bought two pairs in the last few months. I love having a variety of new balance shoes to pick from. These look super cute and are on my list to purchase.

    [email protected]

  107. I have plantar fasciitis from running & haven't been able to run in almost a year. I have heard great things about these types of shoes. I would love to try them to see if I could run again!

  108. I haven't paid much attention to the shoes I buy for running except for price. These look like they are well priced and a good way to run correctly.

  109. Does Tim like running in such lightweight shoes? How far does he usually go on his runs? I've thought about them, but I've wondered how well they would do on longer runs. I went to the marathon in Phoenix on Sunday and the runners who were wearing really light shoes (or those five toes things or one older man was even wearing these odd lace up sandals!) said their feet were hurting much worse than those with more padding in their shoes. I'm definitely curious though. Maybe my feet would feel less weighed down? One man who wore the monkey toe shoes said it took him a full year to get his feet strong enough to run long distances in them, and he started out by just walking in them and increasing the time he spent in them every day before even attempting a run.

  110. I would REALLY love to win these ! I have the Vibrams but really would like some like these for winter and just to have a break from the 5 finger shoes. Have seriously been searching for a new pair so I can start running again more regularly!


  111. i've tried the older nike frees and they were ok for short distances. i like the asic cumulus for the longer strides. these NB are nice and would be a good try!

  112. I am currently trying to work myself up to running. I've been doing a walk/run combo hoping to eventually just be running. I have extremely flat feet so i am not sure the barefoot running shoe is ideal for me, but i'd love to try the new balance shoe that has some support

  113. New Balance shoes are great for just every day wear and walking. I want to thank you for this fantastic sweep and hope to win :)

  114. Your commitment to walking is great - I walk on my treadmill when I am watching tv, and it's great exercise! I am not a good runner, but I try every now and then just because I feel like I should get better at it. I really need to work on my endurance. Some new shoes would be a great help, I think!

  115. I would love to win these for my sister—she has a problem with one of her feet and has found that New Balance shoes fit her best and are the most comfortable shoes for long-term wear.

  116. My husband has a pair of Vibrams and he looks like a frogman in them although he likes to wear them running. These NB shoes are definitely more attractive!

  117. I love New Balance shoes. I have been thinking lately that I need to get a new pair. Mine are about 3 years old and I have worn them so much that there isn't as much support to them as there once was.

  118. I've nver tried the barefoot running trend. I've been sticking to trail running shoes b/c i just got back into running

  119. I don't barefoot run but I am interested in the inspired shoes. I have a real hard time finding running shoes that don't hurt my feet. These sound great. :)

  120. I have not joined the barefoot running "club". I walk a lot on my treadmill in the colder months though and these would be great. I really like the NB MINIMUS Cross-Trainer in all black. Thanks!

  121. I have been trying to find a new pair of running shoes, or in my case walking first. :) I have been checking out the new balance for a while as they seem to be the best. I would be very interested in trying a pair.

  122. I have been running in Newtons for a few years now and absolutely love them. I also own a pair of Vibrams but only use those to walk in.

  123. It wasn't until I was in my early 20s that I really appreciated a well made shoe. I've owned New Balance shoes before, and they are great!

  124. It's so important to have a good shoes for our workouts!
    New Balance is highly recommended by podiatrists.
    I have a pair now that I just love for fit and comfort.
    Thank you.

  125. I love the grey and green ones. Maybe my daughter wouldn't look at my like I was an old woman if I had these. lol Thank you!

  126. New Balance have always been my favorite walking shoe. I recently started training for a marathon, so these would be great! Congrats on the baby! Thanks so much for the fantastic giveaway!
    Renee Walters
    [email protected]

  127. I haven't joined the barefoot running club just yet. I really don't think I could wear the toe shoes. I love the previous New Balance shoes I have had. I liked the look of the Minimus Life shoes.

  128. I have bad hips, which in turn have caused bad knees, back, neck and ankles, lol. I could really use a good pair of comfortable shoes. I currently live in Flip flops, I have yet to find anything else comfortable.

  129. This would be an awesome pair of shoes to have. It looks really lightweight and comfortable. I would love to wear these since I just started exercising again after my c-section.

  130. The New Balance Minimus shoes look great. I don't really run a lot but......boy do I walk a lot ever since my truck fell apart!! I go through shoes so good ones are a must but hard for me to afford.

  131. I have heard wonderful things about these shoes from a friend ...lightweight, comfortable, she says she never wants to take them off. I'd love to own a pair just from her rave review, and also for my daily walks.

  132. I have recently started dieting and going to the gym to get my pre baby body back. A pair of good running shoes is something that I need and what better ones to have than New Balance.

  133. never tried these shoes a runner,and i need some more shoes right now...would be nice to try them thanks for the offer!

  134. I NEED TO START RUNNING MORE!!! I have lost a good bit of weight but have much more to lose and having these shoes would be great for my running. I have a hard time finding shoes comfortable for running, and I think these may be a winner :)

  135. Wow, I want to see a pregnant woman run a half marathon now...

    I just recently started running again, doing a 5k soon. Pretty excited! The running shoes I have now are basics. I've never tried the barefoot running, although my brother has. He says it's okay, but I don't think he likes it much. I think it takes a lot of getting used to.

  136. now that i just got done having my baby I really need to get in shape so these would be perfect! I plan on running off my baby weight so I need a good pair of work out shoes

  137. I was actually looking into the vibram 5 finger shoes they looks so cool although I would have to actually start walking if I bought them

  138. I used to run up to 3 miles a day before I had my son. Now, it's hard getting out there and running again when I feel I have so many more responsibilities now. New Balance has always been one of my favorites as far as running shoes go.

  139. I am also 28 weeks pregnant (due just a couple days before you!) and am VERY excited to get back into shape post-baby. I would love some cool new sneakers to encourage me to get running again!

  140. I know exactly how it feels to miss running. There was this day I was biking and a car hit the side of the bike and I flew off and my knee was hit pretty badly. I couldn't run for a while.

  141. My wife made me comment to possibly win these shoes, so here I am obeying. I like barefoot running, used to run that way all the time before this whole fad.

  142. I know what you mean about missing running. I never thought that I would feel that way either but I am due any day now and I can't wait to get running again, I miss it so badly. I'm still not sure about the whole barefoot running thing, but I did have a pair of super light weight puma running shoes that were basically the puma version of these new balance and they were my favorite running shoes. My husband used to run all the time without any shoes on, he said he preferred it. I don't know.

  143. I adore New Balance shoes, I work out daily on my elliptical and have found this brand to be the most comfortable.

  144. My current athletic shoes have worn out. I have found New Balance to be an amazing brand for my feet. They fit well and are extremely comfortable.

  145. I love New Balance and I have been especially interested in this shoe. If I hadn't just bought new running shoes right before I heard about the Minimus, I would have given it a try... I guess I'll wait until I've worn my other shoes out :) I'm 38 weeks pregnant so it might take a little more time than I would like it to.

  146. I like the good support that New Balance shoes provide. These would be perfect for both my husband and I, for when we go on our almost daily walks, trying to keep our New Year resolution to get into better shape.
    Thanks so much.

  147. I love New Balance shoes! It's the only brand my husband and I wear.

    I see the barefoot running craze all over our neighborhood. Even in Minnesota winters! I've never actually tried it myself but I'm intrigued. To be honest, I think I would feel self conscience running barefoot.

    I haven't yet got back into running post baby but would love to once things get more "melty" around here. (I shouldn't complain because we've had a VERY mild winter but it's my excuse anyway.) Until then I'll stick with my yoga practice and perhaps sign up for a 5k in the spring/summer to get me motivated.

  148. Walking during my last pregnancy really helped me get regain my pre-pregnancy level of fitness, even after a c-section. Though I'd previously participated in 2 half-marathons, I used a c25k app once I started running again. I'm not running as often now - mostly due to a new work schedule - however, I still have a standing Wed morning date with my running partner. I supplement with walking as often as possible. I'm curious about these shoes and would love to try them out.

  149. I have a homemade pair of huaraches but have had my eye on Vibrams for a while. These look like another great option.

  150. I am not into the running barefoot thing going on these days, but I am working on increasing my distance running. Honestly, I hate running, but am working to change that as one of those darned new resolutions. So far, I about die after 15 minutes of running so I still stagger the run, jog, walk thing a bit, but I'm getting better. I used to use New Balance, but they were so heavy. I switched to Sketchers a few years ago and love them. They are lightweight - much better! But, I am always up for new options!

  151. When I was little I was totally in the bare feet running club! Now that I'm a bit older I've found that a good pair of shoes are essential. I'm not a runner but I do love a nice stroll. These look great and New Balance has always been one of our favorites in our family. A good hiking shoe is also a must!

  152. Three of us in our family have NB sneakers. They really are very convertible and can make a fashion statement also

  153. I am taking the crazy route and getting back into crossfit. I was looking to buy a pair of the new Reebok crossfit shoes. The new balance sound like they would be perfect! It would be great to compare them. I am very nervous about returning to crossfit, but it really is about the only program that has ever worked for me.

  154. I must start walking again, years ago my doctors advised me against running because of the knee problems I have. I should talk to my doctor and see if that is still the case or if it would be a workable thing for me. I love to walk, but it gets boring and being able to move at a faster pace and switch it up - run some, walk some, run some... would be nice!

    If we happened to win this giveaway though I'd order the shoes for my husband - his tennis shoes are worn out, again. :)

  155. I stopped running when I got pregnant and I worried that I wouldn't start again. The one thing that got me running again was signing up for the Nike Women's Half Marathon! Now I am back to running and pre pregnancy weight!

    1. So proud of you! I've heard good things about the Nike 1/2 and I like the idea of running alongside other women. Maybe that race will eventually make its way to AZ. (I need to check the schedule).

  156. I've been thinking about trying out running shoes like this for awhile. When I run with the kids in the double stroller by stride is fine, but when I run solo, I take bigger steps and have been having a lot of shin pain because of the differed stride. I've been working on a mid-foot shorter stride to correct my shin pain, but it's mostly impossible with the highly cushioned shoes I run with now.

    These would be great to try out. Plus, I've never been disappointed with New Balances before.

  157. I have never been a fan of the vibram shoes. A lot of people in Seattle wear them but they just look awful. I think this is a nice alternative. I am wondering if it would make running feel less "awkward, or clunky" for me. I just feel so ridiculous when I run but maybe a different stride in different shoes would help. Good for you to get out and keep exercising during pregnancy. I am sure it will pay off in delivery!

  158. I've been wanting to start running but I'm just not really sure how to start. I know that sounds silly but I have always been pretty anti-exercise and have never been a runner, even as a child. Where do you start? What do you need? A good pair of shoes seems like a place to start.

    1. My recommendation is to start with a simple run-walk program. Search "Couch to 5K" and you'll likely find a variety of plans.

      As far as "supplies," you really only need a good bra and good shoes (and motivation...that's the hardest thing to get). ;)

  159. ooo! nice! I need to get more active. would I choose the "life" style, so they are sure to be worn, or would I choose "road" style, in hopes that I would put them to good use? I have never been a runner or desired to be in the past. But I now feel a teeny pull toward giving running a try. :)

  160. John and I have never bought into the whole barefoot running thing. I would think that running "barefoot" on pavement is actually detrimental to your feet because the whole idea is to get back to the primal days when people didn't wear shoes, but they weren't running on hard pavement...they were running on grass, mud, dirt, etc... Hmm...not sure though. These shoes would be a way to test theories!

  161. We are New Balance fans, but haven't gone hardcore to the "barefoot" phenomenon. In reality, I can't say we even run, but I sure would like to get going. Maybe these shoes could be the kick in the pants I need. My goal is to run a 5K in the spring with the couch to 5K program. I'm still trying to figure out why so many people like to run!

  162. Before babies, I ran three halfs and one full marathon. Now, with a two-year-old and seven month old at home, I am pretty much starting over from scratch. My goal is a half marathon in Spring 2013. Thanks for the chance to win!

  163. I'm not a runner but we walk a lot and I like the support of running shoes. Does the barefoot technology work for long-distance walking?

    1. Probably, but you would likely be more comfortable with supportive tennis shoes. These really do have MINIMAL padding.

  164. Have not tried Barefoot Running. Good luck on your goal of running a half some time in the future. I ran the Victoria, B.C. half the last two years and it wan an amazing experience.

  165. I would like to give these or even the Vibram 5 fingers a try but I would hate to spend the money on them and then decide that I hate them!

    When I was pregnant with Lily I ran during the first trimester and even did a 10K and a couple of 5K's. During my last 5K I stopped twice to go to the bathroom! Soon after that my back really started bothering me so I had to stop running and even walking bothered my backs. I remember running the 10K and I was only a few weeks pregnant - 6 or 8 maybe? And there was a lady who was 9 months pregnant and she was RUNNING the 5K. Her thought was if she goes into labor - oh well it is time!

  166. These are very cool! My co worker wears them to work and raves about how comfy they are compared to the Dansko clogs most of us wear. Dansko is super comfy so I can imagine how great these must feel if she feels they are even more comfy.

    Congratulations on 28 weeks!!!

    I always enjoyed walking when I was pregnant and yes I agree running can be a lot while pregnant! I usually stick to long walks as well.

    I want to try these NB shoes on, hear great things about them!

  167. I've sooo been wanting to get a pair of these!! I bought some of the vibram 5 finger shoes a year or so ago, but quickly returned them because I didn't like having my toes separated, but I do like the theory behind the minimal padding. I have heard with the 5 finger shoes you need to really start slow in mileage and ramp up as to prevent injury, is it true for these as well?

    1. Yes. Same with these shoes. The box comes with all kinds of "warnings" on it. Apparently, starting slow is the only way to go to avoid injury.

  168. I did not run when I was pregnant, I was in school. I just started running again. I ran 3miles on saturday and boy did it feel good. I even paired it with some strength training later in the afternoon. Would really love to win this as my current Nike shoe is old :(

  169. I LOVE New Balance! How long has Tim run for in these? Has he felt any soreness after a long run with such little padding?

    I too have been more of a walker since pregnant, though I still do about half my daily workout running. The belly is starting to get shock with #3.

  170. I love New Balance but have not tried these shoes. The last few pairs I have bought have been Nike Free. They are also very lightweight and comfortable. My son and I walk everyday and take our Airedale, Pepper. She has been put on a diet by our Vet and we make sure that she gets her exercise!

  171. I've had several pairs of New Balance shoes but I've never tried any of their styles that were specifically for running. I need to get going running more often and a new pair of shoes to test out would be a good motivation for me!

  172. First of all, 83 days! That is SO exciting. I would love to try these for running in our wash (or perhaps for Aaron). Speaking of our wash, you need to come see it :-)

  173. Those look great! I haven't ventured far from Nike's or Adidas' (I think that's what I have now...) but I am due for a new pair of shoes and I'd love to try a pair these. (I don't think I could do the toe-look shoes)

  174. This shoes look so comfortable. Love the colors also. I want to start walking more this year, and these look like they would be perfect for it!

  175. These look amazing! As soon as the temps pick up and there's no snow, I'm planning to pick back up my walking/running and get my son out there with me in his stroller!

  176. I just started running a couple of months ago. Until I injured my ankle I was trying to run at least a mile a day. Now I am kinda nervous about starting again with the snow and ice we have in Michigan. I do not want to hurt it again.

  177. I love New Balance and have been wearing thm for years. I'm slowly doing the couch to 5K program and wood love to train in a new pair of New Balance!

  178. I'm training for a 10k and a triathlon this year! I think the toe shoes look too weird, but I would love to try these shoes during my training!

  179. I've been running for most of my adult life (except for during my pregnancy!) but have not yet tried the barefoot running shoes. Anyone had experience with barefoot running and bunions? Would it be ill-advised? So not cool to have to admit to bunions publicly! Not glamorous at all but a result of too many years in high heels and genetics, I suppose.

  180. I would love to win them! I was just telling my husband that I'd like to try a minimalist running shoes. I love my Vibrams but they ARE ugly and also, I have been advised that now that I have developed a running form that works for me, that I could probably wear a minimalist sneaker and run comfortably. I was actually going to buy a pair but now I'll wait till you close this giveaway. ;-)

  181. Stephanie, you are an inspiration to me in many areas, including the running one! :) I think if my kids slept in past 6, I would be more inclined, because I pretend that I would have more energy. Who knows... Someday! Maybe in the spring when the temps are above 30!
    And I forgot Tim ran track. I considered it my sophomore year, but we were commuting too far. And after that I just figured it was the thought that counted! :)

    1. We just drove through Sonoita a few weeks ago and I reminisced about your crazy-long commute. Also, your family's beautiful handmade house and going to the fair with you there! Memories...

  182. I totally get it when you say you miss running. I do not consider myself a runner, but when I got out of the habit, I was really missing it! I'm finally back to running (or attempting to run)! I was running 3-4 days a week but when I started working more I let the running go to the wayside...and as it got dark so early, it put a bit of a damper on it as well. I just started up last week and I ran 25 minutes tonight (not bad for someone who doesn't consider herself a runner). Hoping to do a 10k in March and of course our Wharf to Wharf in July. I have never tried the barefoot running, aside from when I run on the beach in the sand. Not sure how good it would be for my flatter feet?

    By the way...can't wait to hear about your newest little one!

  183. I'm not sold on the barefoot running thing either, but I would love to give these a try. Maybe it would even convince me to start running again.

  184. These shoes look to be comfortable just to wear around the house without any running involved. I'm glad to see that they are carrying 2E-4E width in these . Thanks for the contest. Lisa~~LisaWilson2011ATHotmailDOTcom

  185. A year ago, almost to the day, I found out I had skin cancer on my shin. I had a large area cut out on my shin so sadly I couldn't run for several months. Now I'm starting from the beginning again and looking forward to getting back into shape. I usually wear New Balance or Saucony when running because they feel the best. I will have to look into these because I like the idea of the toe shoes but think they are hideous looking. Thanks for the review.

  186. I tried the minimus shoes after knee surgery - heard they would actually be better. I wasn't brave enough to go all in for the finger toe shoes. The NB feel great and are very light. I love them!

  187. These are my absolute favorite shoes. I broke my foot years ago and was always told to wear arch supports. After trying these shoes, my arch actually improved. No running in them for me, but still amazing shoes.

  188. I just noticed your baby countdown there on the sidebar. :) Yay! 84 days! And ironically my hubs was just shoe shopping last night...a rare occurrence for him. He didn't buy anything, as it takes him days to actually settle on something...but he was thinking the minimalist shoes would be his next fit. So perfect timing. Cheers to you and your family!

  189. Your children are just like mine...lovers of music. My daughter sings away in the bath, the car, and her room. She has a real keyboard in her room and can make something that resembles music...not just noise. And the amazing thing is that she can keep a tune and fill in her own words and it actually flows. Have fun. :) Oh and I'd lime to start running:)

  190. Since cancer surgery on my leg New Balance is on of the few shoes I can wear comfortably. I really like the colors!

  191. I've always wanted to try those weird toe shoes, but can't get over their appearance! Plus I love my orthotics that I had made, and they would fit in the NB shoes! I'd love love love and be so grateful to try them. I get fitted for new running shoes every new pair, and my knees still hate me. I've wondered if the minimal construction would actually be better for me...

  192. I've always like New Balance brand I wore them in high school for gym class.
    I've never been a runner, But since I had Gastric bypass surgery on December 5
    I've made a commitment to work my way up to running. I'd be awesome to win these bad boys.
    Btw Congrats on your pregnancy.

    1. New Balance have been my favorite walking shoe. I have walked 20t years and have tried several brands and these by far are my favorites, comfort and looks.

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