New Shoes for the Birthday Kid

eleven shoes josefWhen my husband was a little boy, his aunt always bought him a pair of shoes on his birthday. And not just any pair of shoes. A high-quality pair of shoes. As he got older, she even let him in on the shopping process and he was given the opportunity to select a pair of his choosing.

I think that his aunt is brilliant (and kind) for coming up with such a practical - but also fun - birthday tradition. What could be better than getting a new pair of shoes to show off at school the next day and to wear day-after-day? It truly is a gift that "keeps on giving" long after the toys are unwrapped and tossed aside.

I invite you - grandparents, dads, moms, uncles, aunts, and godparents - to take that tradition and make it your own. If you're looking for a good place to start shopping for your 6-month-old-age 8 recipient - look first at See Kai Run and Eleven.

see kai run carterSee Kai Run features shoes for toddlers (6 months-3 years) and they are the height of cuteness. You really can't go wrong with this mom-owned brand. The shoes are made of buttery soft leather, yet they're tough enough to withstand the "run-run-fun-fun" way of toddlerhood.


eleven kasotaEleven, one of SKR's sister sites, features shoes for preschoolers and kids in early elementary school (3-8 years). They are pure modernity - trendy, fun, and full of fashion. The designer knows her stuff - the styles are kid-friendly...and very hip. Just ask a 6-year-old to look at the collection: you'll see.


Before you start shopping, you'll want to know that both companies just released their spring/summer 2009 collections - and the new designs are FABULOUS .

You'll also want to know that select styles are currently 50% off (that's one of the biggest sales that I've ever seen for this brand)...but only until March 12.

Final thoughts about that "new shoes on birthday" tradition: I think it works for adults too. I, for one, am really liking that idea. Any takers? Mom? Sisters? Bueller? Anyone?

WIN IT! There will be two winners. One winner will receive a pair of See Kai Run shoes (6-months-3 years) in the size/style of his/her choice. Another winner will receive a pair of Eleven shoes (3-8 years) in the size/style of his/her choice. To enter, leave a comment on this post stating which shoe would be your choice prior to Monday, March 16 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner of the SEE KAI RUN shoes is #132 Lori Z. The winner of the ELEVEN shoes is #53 zmama. Congratulations!

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145 comments on “New Shoes for the Birthday Kid”

  1. From the See Kai Run line I'd love the Jackson shoes. From the Eleven line I'd like to try the Aubin. I just LOVE See Kai Run and Eleven shoes. Thanks for the opportunity.

  2. I love See Kai Run's line of shoes...if I should win I would choose the CAMERON SKY sandels in size 6.

    If I should win a pair from the Eleven shoe line I would choose the NADIA sandals in size 9.

  3. I'm lucky that my Little Man is in the See Kai Run sizes (and would be super cool in the Forrest shoes or the Ocean sandals) and my Goose is in the Eleven line and would be so happy with the Josie or Alexi shoes. Thanks for the chance!

  4. My choice if I won the seekairun giveaway would be forrest in a size 6 or astrid in a size 9. Thanks!

    themeimlookingfor at yahoo dot com

  5. I would love the Lillian Grace little pink riding boots in the See Kai Run line in a size 9. My granddaughter would love these!

  6. These shoes are fab! I would choose the Maya from the Eleven collection. Thanks for the chance!

    sherri419 at gmail dot com

  7. Its so hard to choose just one,I love Ocean from the See Kai Run Line,but also love the James shoes from eleven.Thanks!

  8. My daughter would look so cute in the Emma sandals in the Eleven collection -- size 12 or 13 (what size is she in now, I need to check, she's growing like a weed!).

  9. I would so love the Josie shoes from the Eleven collection. Those are the best looking shoe I have ever seen. I would choose the size 3. Thank you so much!

  10. From See Kai Run I like the Peggy.
    From Eleven I like Josie.
    My granddaughter wears a 9 so she could fit either one. Thanks for the giveaway!

    braaisjo at gmail dot com

  11. I love the Eleven Eleanor style! That orange is fabulous. Thanks for the chance to enter! Shoes are one of my obsessions, and it seems to carry right over to my daughter (even though she's only 3!)

  12. I'd pick Dorothy (SKR) or Nadia (eleven). If I won it would be a hard pick. I have girls in both sizes. I'd probably go with a pair for the younger though. Dorothy or sylvia it would be. I can't make up my mind they are all so adorable.

    I love the shoes on your birthday idea. I might have to start that as well.

  13. My number one pick would be the See Kai Run line. Celeste in size 4 would be great.

    If I was chosen for the Eleven line I would choose Nadia in size 11.

  14. With as fast as my Mr. Max's feet are growing there can't be enough free shoes! These shoes are adorable and I think they look comfortable too. I think his next size will be an 8...

  15. I would love the Joaquin in size 12 for my son since my husband has a pair of sandals that are very similar and my son loves to dress like "mini daddy."

  16. See Kai run makes cute shoes for babies. I would chose the Becket in size 12-18 months. My baby is only 5 months, but he's pretty big for his age. The Becket shoe is very cute.

  17. I would choose Josef for my own little nephew. I would need to consult his mother for size. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  18. Hard to pick between the isabella size 9 (see kai run) for Princess G or the Kasota in size 13(Eleven) for Princess A. I think the Kasota since it is Princess A bday soon. Plus Princess G had a see kai run shoe, June that she recently out grew. Princess A should have super cute shoes too!!

  19. I really like the "Josie" shoe. My daughter loves pink. I love the pink and brown color combo. Size 2.

  20. My daughter is about to turn 4 years old and would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Kasota shoe in size 10! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

  21. It's hard to choose. They're all SO cute. I LOVE the Cameron Sky, but my daughter doesn't have anything in that color. I think Indria would be the most practical for this summer!

  22. It's time for spring and summer so the Grayson is my son's pick. He's been asking about his sandals all winter...he hates having to confine his feet to socks and closed shoes and many times will have removed them before I can finish getting them on both feet.

  23. I still remember when I was a little girl and my grandmother took me shopping for a pair of shoes (I still remember the boots I came home with and wore EVERYWHERE!)

    It is very easy to pick a pair of shoes that I like from the Eleven and the See Kai Run collections. I have a four-year-old that would love the Eli sandals and we would get lots of use out of them this summer. I think it is cute that they are described as a "Navy fisherman sandal with lime accent stitching" since my little guy is the ultimate fisherman with his dad and grandpa!

    From the See Kai Run line, I have a little girl who is almost four months old that would LOVE the Alina pair made from "butter-soft sheepskin leather" - these will be oh-so-comfy on her little feet! Thanks for the great giveaway and good luck to all the entrants!

  24. I would choose the Geneva for my little girl! She's not wearing shoes yet, but these are exactly the ones I want for her when she starts.

  25. as for me well i just love all the girl shoes thay make under both shoe brand names and any one of them will do for my girl she well loves shoes too add me in please thanks

  26. I really love the Josie Shoes. I've admired these for awhile now. My daughter would really love these, especially since they are pink.
    Thanks so much.

  27. The "nice pair of shoes as a birthday gift" idea is a wonderful one! See Kai Run, as always, has so many fabulous styles, it's hard to pick a fave, but I would choose the "Forrest" in a sz 7, for my 2 year old, who never gets new shoes (always hand-me-downs from big brother :).

  28. I love the Lola's and I have been considering getting them since they are on sale. I have not had the pleasure of trying these shoes out, but they look fabulous!

  29. These are the best shoes EVER made! I have already purchased two pairs for my grandson and we love them. I bought him the Spencer and the Radik and they are just sooo cute and comfy. If I win I would choose the Henry or the Tristan!

  30. From SKR: I'd like to win a pair of the new Carters (size 6) for my God-nephew.

    From Eleven: The Lauras (size 12) would be cute for my God-daughter.

  31. I would love a pair of See Kai Run shoes for my friend's son! (and I also love your husband's awesome aunt shoe story! I think thats a tradition that more "aunts" should take on!) I love everything out of the boy's line from Boden to Carter to Larkin to Kian to Marley to Mike. Haven't checked out the girl's line yet, thats next!

    ParkingGoddessFTW at gmail dot com

  32. Thats a tough choice my youngest daughter would choose isabella, her twin brother would choose grayson and my older daughter would choose firefly its her favorite color

  33. i should ask for new shoes for my birthday!! lol
    i would get the see kai run Isabella sandals for my youngest because she needs new spring/summer sandals!! thanks!!

  34. I love the Gavins! They are so cute, all of them! Like the pp, I have been trying to win these every chance I get! Since they are on sale, I might have to break down and buy some! There are 2-3 pairs I love!

  35. Oh, I'd just love the Carter in size 7!

    Every time there is a contest for See Kai Run shoes I cross my fingers and hope I can win. So far no luck. I think one of these days I just need to make a purchase because the shoes are so very cute!

  36. See Kai Run makes such cute shoes. I love the Yuna or the Geneva. If someone gave me new shoes on my birthday I would be a very happy lady. Good tradition!

  37. I was completely indecisive so I narrowed my choice down to two: Caper for casual play days and Aubin for the dressing it up occasions. Can't go wrong with any of these they are adorable!

  38. This is like the 79th time I've entered a contest to win SKR. I think it's my turn. ;) I just might have to try to convince my husband that Cheeks really needs to get some of these excellent (and adorable) shoes while they're on sale...

  39. I love the Anya Eleven shoes, though her feet are still a little too small to make them work! I could always put them away for next year!

  40. From See Kai Run I love the June in Size 8.

    From Eleven, I love the Rio in Size 13.

    Great giveaway, I'd prefer the See Kai Run shoes.

  41. Those shoes are fantastic! I am terrible- I forget to use shoes for my kids until they are well past walking (i put socks on them when they got out) but before they hadn't learned to walk I didn't use shoes, so they'd learn to walk, and then have to re-learn to walk in shoes! Yikes.

  42. Awesome sale--good to know! I'd love to stock up on several pairs. :)

    Right now I'd really love to have the Ali shoes size 12-18 months for my littlest one.

  43. Wow, that IS a great sale!

    We had a pair of See Kai Run shoes in red for my daughter when she was first walking. They were the best! So soft and easy for her to walk in.

    I would choose the Orlando sandal, though I'd have to measure my daughter's feet for the size--she's had a growth spurt lately and I have no idea what size her feet are now!

  44. I love the See Kai Run Mary Janes that look just like grown up versions!! (Especially the Clara shoe because the little girl I'd give it to is named Clara!!)

  45. We love See Kai Run around here! I've got some for my youngest that fit him right now, so my first choice would be to finally try out the Eleven line (because, you know, with three kids, splurging on awesome and stylish shoes is just not high on the list of priorities, unfortunately). I'd probably go with the Josef style for my middle son!

  46. I would love to win the Sofia shoes for my daughter, and not just because it's her middle name. Those shoes are adorable! I'd wear them if they were in my size.

  47. I would love a pair of the smaller, Anne, shoes for my little girl! They are so great and I have heard nothing but great things about See Kai Run shoes!

  48. Those are great sale prices, my favorite pair has been Oliver, but I think he just out grew the largest size in that style. I guess I'll have to pick a new fav.

  49. I ADORE the LUC boots in the ELEVEN collection and I just wish they made them in my size because I want to wear them!! My little monkey would have to wait a few years to fit into them (in size 10, which looks to be the smallest they come in).

    For shoes that would fit him sooner, I am also totally in love with the Dominic boots from the SKR line. I'd pick them in size 6.

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