Notebooks versus Netbooks

Where is your "computer spot"?

Mine used to be in my office, but lately it's been taken over by my 2-year-old because all of the craft supplies and "school time" materials are in there. She actually said this to me yesterday: "Let's go in my office and make a flag" (we made American flags out of construction paper on Independence Day and now she wants to do that every day...).

crafts in the office 1 crafts in the office 2

Read that again. Yes, she did say, "let's go in my office." She used to call it "mommy's office." But apparently now it's hers.

Fortunately, I actually prefer to work out in the living room these days, on my brown leather couch. I like it because it's comfortable and I can easily nurse my baby there. One day, I may want my office back, but - for now- I like it here.

me and baby sis working 7-09 2 me and baby sis working 7-09

Pictured above: my baby, my MacBook, my notepad...these are a few of my favorite things. And, yes, I confess that is the 3rd Twilight book behind my head. Don't judge me because I'm entertained by the pop culture phenomenon of 2009.

I also sometimes move my laptop to the kitchen table or our kitchen island. And I always take my computer with me when we go on vacation.

It's nice to have a laptop.

Sometimes I forget that there is another way. I forget the days of the past when I was "chained" to a desk, unable to slip my notebook in my backpack at a moment's notice.

If you're considering purchasing something other than a desktop, you may have wondered what "kind" to purchase. If you're not particularly tech-savvy, you may read words like "notebook," "laptop," "netbook," and "mini" with a question mark over your head.

Here's a little help:

Notebook and Laptop are interchangeable words. Most "standard" notebooks are anywhere from 12-17" and range in price from $300-$3,000+, depending on what brand you select and what features you prioritize. Laptops trump desktops for everyday use, in my opinion. I'm always surprised when I see a friend go out and buy a desktop in this day and age. Unless you require a bigger screen due to poor eyesight or specific tasks that you need to accomplish, laptops are much more versatile. If you're planning to go out and buy one today, I recommend that you buy a Mac (but perhaps I'm biased...).

Netbooks (or "minis," as some brands call them) are tiny versions of notebooks. They are generally smaller in size (8-11.5" screens), more lightweight, and more portable. They are also less powerful and not necessarily ideal for watching movies, working on graphic design projects, or editing photographs. They are, however, fantastic for taking on-the-go - on vacation or on a business trip or to a coffee shop. Military people on deployment probably often consider netbooks because they're less expensive and more "disposable." Netbooks also make a great choice for kids and tweens (they're "kid-sized," after all). Netbooks offer you a chance to stay connected on the web (check & return e-mails, read blogs, post to your Facebook status, listen to music, etc.), but don't offer the same functionalities as notebooks. It's kind of like having an iPhone or Blackberry...only bigger. Prices typically range from $250-$1,000.

So, there you have it. A Basic Introduction.

But I'm not going to just leave it at that: I'm going to offer you a chance to win a netbook of your own.

YOUR TURN: Do you have a desktop, a notebook/laptop, or a netbook? What made you choose your current device and what do you think you will purchase next?

dell netbookWIN IT! One winner will receive a Dell netbook, Model No. PP 395 with Intel Atom processor*** (yes, a netbook!!! - see right). To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Tuesday, July 28 at midnight (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

***Netbook and charger will be shipped in bubble wrap, as pictured. Manual/warranty not available.

*UPDATE* The winner is #681 Michelle Burnette. Congratulations!

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  1. I have a that kind of laptop but unfortunately it was broken, I am so depressed when it is broke its the only thing that my aunt left me when she came back to the Philippines, I miss it so much, if I would just turn back time I would stay when my aunt gave it to me.It's a one class laptop for me, its so unique ...

  2. I am totally attached to my laptop. I play the bubble game on it every night and its completely addictive. I sit on my couch playing my game and my husband sits across from me in the recliner playing his solitaire game. We're the modern American family. We bought our laptops basically on price, they were on a good special when we bought them together. In the future I would definitely consider a netbook I really like the fact that it costs a lot less and they are a lot less heavy.

  3. I have a laptop. I was recuperating from a double mastectomy/lat flap reconstruction from my third incidence of breast cancer. I spent months in a recliner. As I came downstairs one day my husband had bought the laptop as a surprise for me. I've gotten so much use out of it that I've said it was better than my diamond ring.

  4. My computer is a laptop. I got it primarily for its ease in doing school work since I got it when I went to college. It really just gets used for browsing the internet and writing up things in microsoft word. I think that I would most likely get another laptop when I get a new computer because I enjoy not being tethered to a desk like you are with a desktop. I would consider getting a netbook especially if I needed to spend less money.

  5. I own a desktop. It was a hand me down from my in laws and we've been lucky to have it. It would be nice to have a netbook so I could have something a little more portable when hanging out around the house.

  6. Wow, now that would be sweet. I'm always looking for a new computer. This one seems like it would be perfect for my work, my husband and my kids.

  7. i'v got a desktop and i am really likeing it but i think it would be nice to have a net book. i think it would take some getting u sed too.

  8. I have a desktop but I would love to have a laptop or notebook soon:)
    ty 4 the awesomegiveaway,review,and entry:)

  9. I have a desktop. I got it because I was able to get it on layaway cheap at the local tv repair shop.Brand new and all in one payment I can't afford.

  10. I looooove my laptop. I am a brown leather couch sitter, as well, and I even went so far as to purchase a lapdesk and a small table for when I actually have to GET UP and do other things. :-)
    I can't imagine life without my laptop. Really.

  11. I would love a netbook,all I have is my desktop
    PC and it is hard to blog because I have to be at home.When I travel I have no computer.I feel
    like progress is not going forward to do all
    the things I want to accomplish.I am trying to start a blog and I want to network but you
    have to have the tools to do this,so yes I
    would love to win this netbook and thanks for
    offering this giveaway

  12. I have a desktop only because at the time I purchased it, it was far cheaper than a laptop. My next computer has to be a laptop because of the convenience it provides.

  13. We have a laptop that was purchased around 3 years ago. It is falling apart! I do not recommend having one in your lap while having a toddler learning to walk. He was about to take a nose dive into the coffee table and I made the spit second decision to jump and grab him and the laptop hit the floor. A couple of falls later the screen is almost detached from the base!

    We keep the laptop in the living room so it is easily accessible to the family and it is easily monitored.

  14. I am always on the go and this small netbook would be so convenient... thank you for the giveaway !!!

  15. I have a laptop but want a netbook for my train rides and when im out but don't feel like carrying the laptop.

  16. I'm on my second Sony Vaio in about six years. I like to take my laptop with me when I travel. Recently I spent the entire day in the Wichita airport, but with my laptop could entertain myself nicely. Actually, I'd like a smaller one.

  17. I have a desktop and a laptop. They both have their good points. I still need both and I think my next purchase would be another laptop because my laptop is older.

  18. Currently I own a laptop. I bought it because its good for gaming and I play an online game. I would like to gt a netbook to have to use for surfing the web and doing stuff like that out by the pool rather than lugging out my heavy laptop computer out there and risk dropping it or other catastrophe.

  19. I have a laptop because I didn't have a desk set up for a tower. I would definately get another laptop because I like I can use it on the couch or in bed or I can take it to my sister's and download some of her CDs!!

  20. I never heard of a Netbook and am intrigued. We have a desktop that's very slow and there's always a long line to use it! It seems like a dream to be able to sit comfortably anywhere and get online! I'm off to research this Netbook!

  21. I have a 16.1" laptop. I loved the speed and power when I bought it, but now the mini's have nearly caught up and weigh a lot less than 6 lbs. It doesn't sound heavy, but try carrying it around all day! I would love to have a netbook for traveling.

  22. As for right now, i actually have an HP touchsmart. I truly am quite in love with it, but i would also love to have a notebook. Just alone for all those little tasks that could be done, while not at home!

  23. i have a toshiba laptop. i needed it so that i can have wireless by the pool. i like the design, look and the price. i don't plan to buy a new one. i would like to win one for my husband.

  24. We have a desktop and a laptop. I prefer the desktop currently - just can't get used to not using the mouse! Our next purchase will be a netbook because they look convenient and cool!

  25. Thanks for the giveaway... We currently have a desktop PC at home and my wife uses an "ancient" laptop for her work & at home; she says she is going to buy a mini notebook before years end, to replace her laptop. I am starting to shop around for a laptop for myself, thinking about a MacBook because I use an iMac desktop at work and like them

  26. We have a desktop computer in the basement, so I am not sure what my kids are always looking up. I would love the netbook for them, so I can see what they are getting into.

  27. I grew up being a desktop kinda guy. Swore by them. But last year my girlfriend bought a dell laptop and it changed me. I love how there so portable. They really are nice. I have been wanting the newer netbooks to try them out and prolly will by one sooner rather than later. But this sweeps would help me get it sooner!

  28. I have a desktop and I use my work laptop when I go on work related things but having my own laptop would be very nice.

  29. I have an HP laptop but it recently broke so I'd love to win this. I bought my laptop because I had a desktop and wanted to be more mobile.

  30. I have an imac for design work & photography- but a large bulk of what I need to do online could be done on a far more untethered basis- would be nice to take some work on the road! My next computer will certainly be a laptop, no question- just a budgeting question! :D

  31. I just got my first laptop this week. I have been waiting a long, long time. The laptops that my kids had when they were in college are now unusable because the batteries would no longer hold a charge. I hope this one lasts longer than their's did. I would love to get a netbook because they are so much lighter than the laptops.

  32. We have a desktop that my husband purchased around Christmas. I would love to get a netbook or notebook next because of the portability.I would not be chained to my desk.

  33. We have a Laptop, We chose this laptop so I could use it around the house, and my husband was picky about it. I wanted something smaller though, but again, my husband is an IT and told me I did NOT need a netbook. But hey, he can't say anything if I won one right?

  34. i have a desktop, had a laptop ages ago and found that i really only used it while sitting at the desk, so when it died, i went for the desktop with the biggest monitor i could afford

  35. I have a desktop but I would love a laptop-to take along with me when I travel. I need to get something else because the kids totally take over my computer. It's confusing to figure out exactly what my computer needs are, but the info that you provided helped alot!

  36. I have a Desktop PC that I built from parts I ordered online. I love my computer I use it for everything Games, Movies, Online browsing, Shopping, everything a computer can do i use it for. However now with college coming up i know that my next purchase will be a laptop, probably nothing too fancy just something to get the basics done and something that wont break the bank.

  37. I have Sony Vaio laptop. And boy has it been through some stuff. I bought it back in 2007 upon starting college. Since then my roomate has spilled juice on the keys stick whenever there is a slight change in the temperature. Another friend gave it a virus that was very costly to fix(Best Buy's Geek Squad is the devil!) My laptop also has terrible luck with printers and something always goes wrong when I need it the most! ahhh! But all in all it still gets the job done! lol When I get the money I'd like to try another brand. A netbook would be nice...carrying a heavy laptop around campus can be a hassle at times.

  38. This would give me so much more freedom. To have the kids outside more while I take care of business on the computer

  39. I have a desktop. It's old and quirky and I hate it. I would love to have a notebook so I could move around the house as I do my work.

  40. I have a laptop. I bought this one because it has a wide screen and I use it to watch movies a lot. My next purchase will most likely be a laptop since it has everything I need.

  41. actually i just bought a new dell laptop because my toshiba laptop would not stay turned on it would start up and after about 10 seconds it would go click and shut off i was getting soooooooooooooo mad.which shows me i could not live without my hubby went out and got me a dell that happened to be on sale which was soooooo sweet he saw how upset i was what a great guy :)

  42. I am currently using my latest home built computer from about 4 years ago. It has some problems. The laptop would sure work nice for me. Great giveaway! Thanks.

  43. I have a Sony Vaio desktop computer right now. It's getting older and runs pretty slow. I got it for school, but now that I'm graduated and have started my new job I would love to have a laptop! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  44. I currently have a two year old Compaq laptop that is having overheating and HD issues, so I use my iPod touch for a lot of my internet usage. I would like to purchase a netbook next because they are smaller and easier to carry around.

  45. I have a desktop I currently do everything on. With starting college in the fall a notebook would be perfect for doing my research and papers on. I could cart it around everywhere with me. Plus the convenience of wireless internet everywhere would make this a god send ;)

  46. WOW! Great prize! I only have a desktop at home, so I'm tied to my office chair whenever I want to do something online. It'd be great to be able to sit on the porch and 'surf' or maybe check emails and otherwise be productive while watching tv. Thanks for the super contest!

  47. We have a desktop. It was purchased so that the whole family could have access to it. We are currently looking into a laptop for dh and I.

  48. I have a 5 1/2 year old desktop computer and a 1 month old laptop. I got the laptop to help me do job search/enter sweepstakes faster using wireless connections available publicly. One of the features I like about this laptop is that it has the full numeric keypad- no need to hit extra keys. I'm unemployed so this will be my last computer purchase for a while. After my desktop dies, I'll just use the laptop all the time.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  49. We have 2 Dell Desktops- 1 a hybrid, 2 Dell Laptops, 1 a gaming rig. Kyra has a MacBook.
    I have the hybrid and I bought it because I did not think I wanted/needed the portability. What a fool I am. :P
    There have been so many times recently (trips as well as just going out in public or to various friends homes) that something lightweight and portable would have been ideal.

  50. I have a desktop but would love to own a netbook or a laptop computer for when I go to work related seminars. I'm such a a cavewoman... still "scratching" away at my paper with a pen to take notes!

  51. I have a two-year old MacBook Pro that I purchased mainly for graphic editing. It runs Photoshop and other art-related programs really well. The graphics are great and there have been very few hiccups in its operation. It was really expensive and I don't like to take it places for fear of it being stolen. (Like to use the internet at a coffee shop... seems to risky!)

    For my next purchase, I would like a quality machine that is easy to transport and conceal. I know that laptops are getting lighter, which I fully embrace. I'm getting married, so my needs and space will be changing, so I'm not sure what I want specifically...

    Thanks for the great post!

  52. I am tied to my desktop now. But I would like to have a notebook to take outside and enjoy the summer. I think a netbook would be perfect for reading blogs and checking email and such. Either way, the next thing I buy will be portable!

  53. I decided to buy a notebook rather than the netbook. I wanted something that had a little more power and as close as possible to my desktop.

    Netbooks are good too. Smaller,lighter, less expensive. They certainly have their niche market

  54. I have a desktop, a notebook and I can get the internet on the phone. I would like to win this for my Mom. She loves entering contests and reading her e-mail. I found your site on her computer while trying to fix it. I am afraid that I won't be able to keep it going much longer. She needs a new one.

  55. I have an HP laptop that I use exclusively for work (just word docs) from home. It is all busted up with a taped up cord, some missing keys and some just with the letters rubbed off. I need a new computer desperately and have been really intrigued by the netbooks since I saw a store cashier using one. I like to fantasize that I will someday take my laptop out of the house, but I feel so showy lugging it around. I would LOVE to try out a netbook, but my husband is so obsessed with pixels and screen size that I don't know if he would be able to stomach me choosing to buy one. So maybe if I win one all my problems will be solved!

  56. I purchased a DELL desktop, printer and everything in 2002 for $1755
    I used it for a yr, then put it away when I went to college. I havent used it since.... and I feel so bad that I spent all that $$ on it! :(
    Its only worth a few hundred bucks now! NOT COOL!
    So I am leaning towards purchasing a netbook. If I dont win this awesome giveaway, I will buy the one from Verizon!


  57. I have a desktop now but I'd love to have this netbook. We just moved to Florida & we spend a lot more time outside on our lanai now. Having the freedom to use the netbook would certainly improve the quality of my life!

  58. I think a netbook would be fabulous for the kids. The laptop gets a little bulky when they start hauling it all over the living area to play Webkinz, etc.

  59. My last purchase was an Acer mini laptop. I love it! I would love to have another small laptop for my son, since mine is off limits.

  60. I have a desktop and a laptop. I really want a netbook, as the laptop is too big when I travel and has crap battery life.

  61. I have a desktop computer but I would love to have the portability of a laptop computer. It would be great to be able to take it with my when I travel

  62. We got an amazing deal on a desktop two Christmases ago. I desperately want a netbook but we can't justify the extra price right now. I would love to be able to carry around my work with me, and also follow along with recipes in the kitchen!

  63. I really want to get a laptop of some kind,so I can take it with me but not in the immediate future. I have a desktop that I built

  64. I have a laptop, I got it two years ago on sale I live in an apt so I did not want a desktop. I think my next purchase would be a netbook because I like small things and I have a desktop at school that I can use for my big projects with my class.

  65. I have a laptop and love it, I watch tv while surfing and I also bring the laptop in the kitchen when following recipe instructions.

  66. I have a desktop that my hubby built. I would like to get a laptop next, but I don't know when that will be.

  67. This would go to a great home. My old computer is not very efficient. I would love this notebook.

  68. i have an old computer, with the big clunky screen that was given to me by my nephew so that i could learn to use a computer. it was originally a university computer that was outdated. he's trying to drag me, kicking and screaming, into the twentieth century. (yes, you read that right.)

  69. I currently have a compaq laptop. The next thing I am going to buy is a netbook because I want longer battery life and more portability

  70. I have a Dell Desktop. I got him in 2004 and he's treated me well. I think he's on his way out though I'll keep him until his dying day.
    For my next computer I'm thinking notebook. Not sure what kind yet.

  71. the netbooks are great for college students. i am a law student and all my fellow students have these since they are so easy to carry with the gigantic books. i have been looking at the netbooks and comparing them. i will likely go with the dell or sony.

  72. I have a laptop and a desktop, but my wife definitely needs a laptop. A mini or netbook would be preferable to me while traveling. They are so small and convenient that I think I could carry it everywhere. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  73. I use both a desktop (in my office) and a laptop. The laptop was great when I was recovering from surgery and couldn't sit at the desktop well. I would really love a netbook for travel.

  74. I currently have a laptop. I got mine as a hand me down from my mother so I'm just happy to have one. It makes cruising blogs so much easier than being chained to a desk!

  75. My boyfriend is in college for graphic design right now and he only has a desktop computer. This notebook would be great for him to take back and forth to class so he can take notes and go along with the class! I would love to win this laptop for him because he has been so great to me!

  76. I work from home as a professional freelance writer. MY computer has also somehow become the property of my growing children, even though my sweet toddler still calls it "Momma's puter." I'd love to win the laptop for me!

  77. A few years ago when I uexpectedly lost my sister, right after we lost my dad, hubby bought me a Toshiba laptop to keep my mind occupied. I felt bad about him spending that money just on me, (we have 4 kids)but I love the laptop (even though its crashed twice and I always have problems), I made a special place in the garage, turned a potting bench that my dad made me into a desk. When hubby is at home, all I have to do when I need to is pick up my laptop (and the plug, my battery lasts 5 min. no kidding), and he knows I am taking a time out at my desk outside.

  78. Dell is a good product. My laptop has been in the shop twice this year. I am disabled so most of my days are spent with my laptop. In other words.
    I need a new one.

  79. my laptop seems to be attached to to me, I work from home and it is opened on the livingroom table 24/7, but I would love to have a smaller version to take with me, Also the netbook would be great for my daughter to take to class with her, she has a macbook and I am always afraid it it going to go missing

  80. I've never had a Netbook or anything like it so I would like to see how it works and everything about it. It looks great, ty!

  81. Before I read your article, I have to admit that I didn’t know the difference in a laptop versus a netbook! They are so wonderfully portable. It would be great to have a device that I can take with me!

  82. I have a Dell desktop that's 3 years old now. I like it but I really want something more versatile and portable. I just think it would suit me better.

  83. Although i have had a Laptop in the past,it was purchased at a flea market for under $50. The poor screen had a line that went all the way down it. I am happy with the desktop that we have now but having a Netbook would be perfect for things like when i visit my family and there is no computer there!

  84. I have a 4 year-old Dell desktop, which is quite slow especially on my dial-up connection. I have a 3 year-old laptop that I take to the library for the wi-fi. I would very much like to have a netbook. Thanks for the contest.

  85. I have a desktop and my husband has a laptop. I need a new desktop for the family and something portable for me with lots of memory.

  86. I have a laptop. I chose my current device b/c I needed something mobile for work. I would like to try to use a netbook next.


  87. I have a DELL p. c. * Actually, * my husband ' chose it ' for me ( since he knows more about computers than me . ) I've been very satisfied with it : good performance in every way.
    N O W, would I like to have a laptop ? Yes, of course, I would luv to have one, especially for travel.

  88. i hope i am not to late to enter i would love to win i could really use this i have heard such good things and have not had the money to try would love to use what seems like a great computer that could meet all my needs thanks tina [email protected]

  89. We so need another computer in the house. We have an old desktop that the girls play on but it really doesn't work. It's mainly used so that I can have wireless internet. Thank you!!

  90. It's amazing with laptops just how quickly what felt light and looked large-screen soon starts to feel clunky and look constrictively small... We have several desktops scattered around the house and one laptop that had been mine for college classes and now primarily comes with us on vacation trips.

    The best deal I've seen so far has been the iPhone data package and the Bluetooth interface allowing the laptop to access the network wirelessly through the iPhone, without the cost/hassle of a wireless modem in the laptop -- I'm fairly sure our wireless carrier hates this functionality, since they lose out on one of their revenue-generating packages for network access.

    And the recent spate of netbooks essentially given away for free with a two-year wireless data connectivity package speaks directly to where that business model is heading -- exactly like printers, where the gravy is in the consumables re paper and ink...

  91. I have a laptop and would never want to go back to a desktop. I think the netbook would be great for traveling, alot lighter weight and smaller

  92. I have had my laptop for 5 years and love it. I would love to have a Netbook for it's portability. Unfortunately I have had several major surgeries in the last 3 years and have several more ahead of me. I would love to be able to have a Netbook to use during these hospital stays. My laptop is now on it's last legs and the Netbook would be a great back up so I would not have to go completely "Cold Turkey" without a connection to the internet. Thank you for the great giveaway!

  93. I have a desktop and a notebook. I'm not sure what my next purchase would be, but I would love to have a nice little netbook to easily tote around.

  94. I have a desktop what made me choose that was the fact my kids use it as well. When I purchase another I will probably get a laptop due to mobility.

  95. I have a notebook currently but think it would be awesome to have a netbook because they are more portable.

    txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

  96. I have a laptop and what made me choose it was the fact I wanted something to be mobile. I never heard about a netbook until recently. My next one might be netbook and for my daughter. I love your blog and the giveaways you do. Keep up the great work.

  97. I have a laptop and use it in the living room. It's easy to move around and I take it with me where ever I go.

  98. I have a laptop. My laptop is about 4 years old. At the time, there were really no minis or netbooks on the market. I would love to have a netbook becuase it woud=ld be great for traveling! Thanks for the chance to win!

  99. I only have a desktop, but have been looking at the netbooks for my daughter so she stays off of my computer. What I find hard is trying to figure out which one and what features are the most important. That is the confusing part.

  100. We are on our third desktop, and unless someone gives us one for free, I don't see the point of having a laptop or mini. I'm posting here because if I can win one, my wife will finally stop nagging me about how much she wants a notebook computer.

  101. Wow, this post was very helpful! I had never heard of a netbook until I read this, but now I'd love to have one :)

  102. We have 2 desktops and 2 laptops but I never seem to get a turn with my wife and kids always on them.

  103. currently I have a mac desktop because I use mac at work and got a good deal on it, but I'd love to have a netbook that's smaller and portable because with a toddler it's hard to sit at a desk.

  104. I have a desktop because I wanted one for the whole family with lots of memory & storage capacity. But, I would love to have a laptop so I can work on it somewhere other than my desk.

  105. I currently have a Dell desktop. I chose this because it was extremely affordable and is perfect for a family computer. I plan to purchase a laptop soon so I can do my computer work anywhere I go. This would really come in handy with my Fiance's new business! Thanks ;)

  106. I have a laptop right now, but I'm thinking about going back to a desktop. I'm too afraid to take my laptop outside and dropping it.

  107. My daughter in Mississippi got a new laptop, and she gave me her old one. Very sweet daughter! So, I gave my son my desktop, Happy family. :)

  108. I have had a desktop for years and just recently purchased a laptop. I originally purchased the desktop because the laptops were way higher in price. Now the laptops are coming down in price and are much more affordable for me.

  109. my husband has a laptop..but he takes it with him when he works out of town for desktop is a dinosaur..would love to have one for myself :)

  110. We have a laptop, that seems to "go home" with one or the other of my college aged girls, whenever they are having issues with their computers. It eventually returns. It would be nice to win one for myself. Then they can fight over the older one.

  111. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw your giveaway! You have super giveaways! I have a large PC and no laptop and I would love this win! It would be the greatest ever! Thanks for the opportunity! [email protected]

  112. I have a desktop (an old one). I've been wanting a laptop/notebook for a long time, however, just hasn't been in the budget. I'm a step-mother of three & I would love to actually have something of my own that I wouldn't have to share. :) I mean that in the nicest possible way. I love my kids...but it would be nice to have a notebook to myself.

  113. Unfortunately, my office is cluttered with papers that I'm too lazy to file. So, I rarely go down there and use my computer. I wait until my husband gets home from work and then I use his laptop. It would be nice to have a laptop of my own to use.

  114. I have a large, heavy laptop. I chose it when I was still working (I'm now a stay-at-home mom). I liked that it was large, because it functioned as my all day work computer. Now that I would like to carry it around with me, though, it's inconvenient. Also, my battery is permanently dead, so I have to carry the power plug (very heavy!) with me everywhere too. I also liked that it had a separate keypad for numbers, back then I needed that. Not so much anymore.

    Thanks for giving away such a cool prize!

  115. I've been a loyal notebook user for the past five years - since I started grad school, it's just been a lot more convenient to take my laptop to the library, to coffee shops, and to my office, to work, and to have all of my files and programs accessible to me on the go (especially with the advent of wireless internet and the sheer availability of wi-fi hotspots these days). I will probably stick to laptops for my next purchases, as I've gotten used to being able to work and browse the net in every room of my home as well as when traveling. I also prefer the size of the screen of a notebook versus a netbook for watching movies, so for now I'll settle for the relative size and bulkiness to have that feature. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  116. I have a 10 year old notebook that is on it's last leg, literally being held together with bailing wire and duct tape. It has served me well though. I got it because i was tired of being chained to the desk in my office on the other side of the house. I just wanted to surf (on our then dial-up connection!) or do some work while still being able to spend time with my husband. I would love a netbook as we just got high speed internet with wireless in our home and i don't have a computer that has wireless capability! It's taking me a while to get new technology but I am ready for it!

  117. We have a laptop, a big 17" one, which seemed like a great idea at the time - a huge screen, why could that be bad? Well, the downfall is that it's so big and heavy that it doesn't end up being a laptop because we never really move it from one spot. Next time I think a regular-sized one will do.

  118. I have a big laptop which I like a lot and needed for work but having something smaller would be really handy. It's a pain lugging this thing around. All of my non-work stuff can be done on a net book. Thanks for the giveaway!

  119. I have an OLD laptop - old and heavy and slow and keys missing plus an ASUS netbook I got for grad last year. Netbooks are great;I take it to the library for writing (which is why I received, so I could take it anywhere). I would like to buy a fast laptop next. Thanks for the giveaway!

  120. I am just learning how to use the computer and would love to win a notebook so when I travel I can use it. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  121. I do not own my own computer, and my kids constantly make fun of me. It would be so great not to have to borrow their laptop anymore!

  122. Oh man! Iwould give just about ANYTHING to win this lol. I only have a desktop that I am puchasing as a rent to own yeah I know a total rip off. I've never had a laptop, netbook, notebook, powerpad or anything like that. The next one I'll get after this is one of those so I can cook and surf, clean and surf, etc. Thanks for the AWESOME giveaway!
    Kasandria Reasoner

  123. My mom's got a netbook and I have a laptop. The freedom to carry them around is awesome, I'm pregnant so being online from bed is great! My laptop is made by Dell too, hubby designed it with an extra-long lasting battery so it lasts about 4 hours - long enough for just about any situation I'm away from a power point!

  124. We have a desktop in the family room and my husband recently gave me his old laptop, which I use a lot while sitting in bed. How decadent is that?? I love it. I'd really like to have something as easily portable as a netbook. Maybe I'll be the lucky winner!

  125. I have a Dell Laptop. I won it several years ago from a radio contest. I would love a new one so my husband could have mine to take with him to work plus mine gets heavy when it's sitting in my lap.

  126. I have a Dell laptop which I love because it has 17" screen, but it is heavy to carry around so it usually stays put acting more like a desktop one :)
    Therefore a netbook is on my must-have shopping list!
    Thanks for the chance :)

  127. we have a desktop, but it is a dinosaur which needs to become extinct. we hope to purchase a new note or netbook soon. thanks for the giveaway!

  128. I have a desktop. I envy my husbands laptop. The next computer purchase will be a portable computer for me. I'd like it to be smaller so I can take it with me to the kids' appointment's. He's already said he will get me a card to connect wirelessly from anywhere.

  129. I have a desktop which I love but I would like a laptop for when we travel or if I want to relax on the couch or my bed and surf the web. Thank you

  130. we have a laptop. We've talked about getting a desktop for work purposes but I'd love to get a netbook for the portability - perfect for work travel.

  131. I was given my current desktop computer. Our next computer will be a laptop or - based on what I learned today - maybe a netbook. What an informative post! I learned much about notebooks and netbooks. I think this is a delightful prize. Thank you for both the information and the opportunity to win one!

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  132. My husband has a blackberry which he loves. I am not a big fan of a multifunctional phone. We have discussed getting a netbook in the past for my use. They seem like an excellent alternative when you don't want to lug around a laptop but want some online functionality.

  133. I'd love this notebkko so that my husband an I could each "do our own thing" at the same time. Thanks for this offer.

  134. I am currently a full-time engineering student at Cornell University and I have been looking for a computer for quite some time after my Toshiba Satellite died on me at the end of sophomore year. This was terrible being that I bought it at the beginning of freshman year!!!(DO NOT GET A TOSHIBA LAPTOP!!! Here I am going into senior year without a computer and the main reason for this is because I don't know what I should get.

    First the debate was MAC vs. PC. Now It's MAC vs. PC vs. Netbook. The options are endless and factors like cost, and size are never definite. Sometimes I want to watch a movie and leave the laptop on the desk (this eliminates the netbooks). Other times I think about the computer lifetime. (This leaves me choosing a MAC). Then cost plays a major role especially because I'm a broke college student whose going to end up taking out a loan for this computer. (This leaves PC n Netbooks because they are waay cheaper).

    Only if there were a screen expanding MAC-NET-book with windows on it if need be... lol

  135. We have one computer right now that my fiance and I always have to share. an additonal notebook would be great to have and I would certainly put it to good use!

  136. I share a desktop with my three teenage girls. That leaves me with not much time to get on the computer. A notebook would allow me to have something of my own.
    Take care and God Bless

  137. My honey's laptop just died so now my living room/big screen tv are being used as an "office". I would like my living room back!

  138. I currently have a laptop and a desktop, they're both good for their own things. Games only work so well off of a desktop, so I have to have one.

    For me, I see my next computer as either a netbook or an Apple Tablet or Mac Mini, but to go with the tablet or mini depends on pricing.

  139. I bought a laptop because I thought it would afford me the mobility I need as a salesperson. I paid extra for all the "bells & whistles" so that it wouldn't be an obsolete paperweight by the next year.

    But I was wrong. I never would've believed that I'd say this 10 years ago when all we really had were desktops...but my laptop is still just too darned bulky to be carried out on appointments and the battery life leaves a lot to be desired.

    I've started looking at netbooks, but times are tough right now and I don't think I'm going to be able to afford one anytime soon. Between my two jobs and my wife's work, we're still barely able to make the mortgage and...well, I'm certainly not in a different boat than a lot of other Americans right now.

    In the meantime, I'll make due with what I've got!

  140. We use desktops, mostly because my husband like to put them together. And he can upgrade individual components so easily. I did buy a laptop at one point, but he took it to work and I have not seen it since. Speaking of which, I think there are 6 months of baby pictures on there I need him to bring home for me. We also like (liked- pre-kids) to play computer games with each other, so the desktops work better for that.

    I would love to try out a new macbook. I want my next computer to be a laptop.

  141. I have a desktop right now, but have been looking at laptops for a while. I would like to have something portable to take to the rec room with me. There's not really enough room there for a desk. I could use a laptop or netbook on the bar or in my lap.

  142. Please ignore my last comment... I missed the instructions paragraph! I have a laptop that I use on the couch that's HUGE! It's also so hot that I have to use one of the kids' old wood puzzle boards to protect my legs from burning!

    I chose it because of gaming capabilities, but next time I'll look for something smaller and simpler.

  143. My family just got back from a week's vacation during which I kept running to the public library to check my email-- sad, I know, but it's a fact. A netbook would make time away from home so much more relaxing. Please enter me in your contest! Thanks.

  144. I have been looking at buying a netbook for a while now, and it just seems like a more practical option. I can fit it in my purse and really take it anywhere.

  145. I currently have 2 desktops and a laptop. I use one of my desktops more then the rest but it's nice to have all 3. We also have 2 monitors hooked up to both desktops. It's really cool and helpful!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!


  146. We currently have a desktop and a laptop but are looking for something smaller that my husband can take out of town on work with him so we can keep in touch. I never knew what the difference between a laptop and netbook were. I know he will only need a netbook. Thanks for the info and I hope I win.

  147. We currently have 2 desktop PCs at home. We have them mainly due to cost and compatibility. But it seems the price for high quality laptops or netbooks has come down considerably. Our next purchase will hopefully be a laptop so we can take it on trips and for portability.

  148. I have an imac that i use in the bedroom and we have a netbook my boyfriend uses that we usually keep in the livingroom. We got the imac because my old computer was on its last legs. We got the netbook because we wanted a second computer and walmart had them on sale for $249 bucks and for what he uses it for, its perfect for him

  149. I have a laptop. i picked it because it is portable and I can work wherever I may be, at home, traveling, or around town.

  150. i have a work desktop and a laptop for personal use - i have about worn out my laptop though, keys are missing. I love my laptop so much - i carry it everywhere but i think the the netbook would really be awesome to have and being more portable is always a plus for me

  151. I recently got a SONY VAIO laptop. I got it free using casino points. I have some problems. Today I'm going to the SONY store and maybe get some help. I think the problems may be with Windows.

  152. We own a desktop, it is an iMac and it was purchased primarily for 2 reasons. First, we needed an Apple to run our Artmatic software which is software that both my husband and I use to create digital art from our photographs. This software only runs on an Apple, and 4 years ago when we purchased the computer that was something we both needed as part of our jobs. Second, we purchased this system with the idea it would be our home/family computer, although our kids are too young still to use it. But now with 3 young children, I am not working and my husband has changed jobs so the next computer we purchase will not be an Apple, unless of course we decide that will best fit our needs. The reason winning your giveaway would be a dream come true for me is I have been wanting a Netbook for the longest time. I have no portability with a computer and with 3 young kids with lots of appointments and school, etc. I am out of the house to travel with them for, I would love, love the versatility of having a netbook with me so I can stay connected and communicate even when I am not at home. It would literally change my life for the better, and right now I can really use that positive change. So, thank you so much for the chance to enter.

  153. I have a desktop as it's the main family computer. I would love to have something portable! But what I would probably really do with it is give it to my son who is deploying in September to Iraq.

  154. We have a desktop in the 'office' that needs to be replaced, and both my husband and i have a laptop..a mini would be great for the kids to play on.

  155. I have a desktop that I use alot in my office. My laptop is in the living room, but usually my husband is using this. I would love to have a mini - would be great to take on vacation!!

  156. My husband and I both have our own desktops that we bought seperately years ago. While they both work great they don't do well in the travel department. My husband and I would love to have something that we can bring with us when we travel. A laptop would be a great option!

  157. I have a desktop & that's all I've ever owned. I would love to get a netbook or laptop soon. I'm curious about just how much a netbook can do. The price certainly seems right!

  158. I have a laptop, HP, which I didn't get until my niece was going to the university to study music and I bought one for her and one for me (on her recommendation because I didn't know much about computers). This was in 2008 and now I don't know what I did without one beforehand (went to the library!). I'd love to have another because I have to share this one at home with my sweetie!

  159. I'm a combo of desktop and laptop for now, haven't tried a netbook but would love to (well obviously since I'm here right? LOL) I use the desktop when I'm publishing and the work I'm doing is graphic intensive. I use the laptop in the living room or kitchen when I need to something that's just plain web based. A netbook would be great though, lighter, a lot more flexibility, I can see the benefits!

  160. My primary computer (at home) is a laptop. I chose a laptop since I received it from my parents when I graduated from college at a somewhat non-traditional college age (25). My next computer will probably be a desktop with a netbook thrown in for portability. I have been very seriously considering buying the pair soon.

  161. I would love to be able to afford a laptop or netbook,partly because desktops tend to use alot more energy and generate alot of heat, and laptops & netbooks are pleasantly portable. Sadly, our current finances dictate that we’re not going to be purchasing a new computer for awhile. We have a Dell XPS desktop that is 5 years old, and it is shared amongst a 7 member household. It was the top of the line computer for Dell when they introduced the XPS series, and we were financed thru my employer and received awesome discounts when we bought it! Nowadays, It is slow and crotchety at times, but it has held its own considering we haven't had the money to upgrade anything on it since we bought it.
    Thanks so much for the chance to win!


  162. I have a desk top and my next purchase will be a laptop, mainly for work. On a laptop I can store my music and art files to share with students. I love being connected though and would really enjoy a netbook and it would get a lot of use. Not just socially but staying connected with clients.

  163. We have a laptop and a desktop. I mainly use the laptop at night after everyone else has gone to bed. My husband is a Dell man, so whatever we, and by we I mean he, buys next will be a Dell. He would be astounded if I won a netbook :)

  164. I have a desktop and I am currently saving to buy a notebook. A netbook would be great too since it will do almost everything that i would do on my notebook.

  165. We have a desktop and have always had a desktop. That being said, I would love the advantages (versatility for one) of either a notebook or a netbook. When the time comes, we will probably replace the desktop with a notebook, but I'd still like my own netbook! :)

  166. I have a laptop that my husband bought for himself, but since he leaves it at home when he's at work, and I'm home more than he is, I now use it more than he does. One drawback is that I'm surfing the web too much, because it's so much more convenient than the desktop computer.

  167. I have a laptop, but with a 3 yr old and a 5 mo old I'd love to have a netbook. The laptop is a bit bulky for checking e-mail and casual surfing while holding an infant. Plus netbooks are soo portable.

  168. I have a macbook, and I'm not sure what I'd purchase next. Just that I'd love for my son to have one he could use for school work.

  169. I have a laptop and really enjoy the convenience of taking it with me. My laptop is nearing five years old and I have been looking at various options, including a netbook.

    Given the state of the economy, I may not buy any computer. It appears that many people are in the same boat. Still, it is fun to look for the best deal. It is amazing how small and fast the new computers are these days. Thank you for running the contest.

  170. I have a Dell desktop with 4GB of memory. I used to have a laptop as my regular computer, but I missed the number keyboard and a keyboard that only those trained on typewriters as touch typists can appreciate to the fullest.

    I still use the laptop, it's rather long in tooth, but it's great for vacations. That's the only problem with a desktop, to go, doesn't.

  171. I have never heard of "netbooks" until this blog. I think they are very cute. I like the fact that they are smaller than a notebook. Nice and compact.

    I currently have a desktop set up in the back of our living I never really get any privacy. If I had a netbook, I would be more portable, and that is something that would make me very happy!

    Thank-you for the chance to win!

  172. I got a dell inspiron from a yard sale for 20 bucks! I enjoy being able to be right on the couch interacting with my daughter when on it. Not sure what I will get that top pic, you look like katie holmes (cruise). hehe

  173. We currently have an all-in-one desktop. The reason we bought it is that the house we just bought has a built in computer desk in our kitchen.

    There are no plans to buy another computer at this time. If we did- we would probably buy a netbook or laptop. It would be nice to have a laptop or netbook so my husband or I could take it to another room or the kids could use while someone else was on the desktop.

  174. My daughters would appreciate having a smaller laptop so they could more easily store it in their room. They have a big laptop now, and it is hard to put away. A smaller netbook like the Dell would be more likely to get put away.

  175. We have a desktop that my son uses for school. A Netbook would be perfect for traveling/vacation or those times when you need the Internet in a hurry!

  176. We have a Dell Desktop now. I'm trying to talk my husband into letting me get A notebook for my personal use.

  177. my husband is the computer savy person in our house. so when his dad needed a new box computer (desktop) we (read husband) decided to sell mine to my father in law. so then "we" went shopping for a laptop and so that is what I use now. i really like it now that i'm used to it. i've seen those mini's in passing at best buy. they're pretty neat looking.

  178. I want one of these so very badly. I've been shopping but have no money.

    I have a compaq laptop that was given to me as a Christmas/going away to college present two years ago. The wireless card in it seems to have died recently though. That is mildly important so I need to replace it.

  179. My old desk top is ready to be replaced. The desktop was great when my kids were young but now it seems kinda slow. I'd like another desktop for myself but a netbook for my youngest daughter who is going to be a junior in high school this fall.
    Thanks for the opportinuity!

  180. My computer died, so after much kicking and screaming I am now using my husbands laptop. I didn't choose it and have to share it with him, but I have to say I am now liking it better than my big old desktop. Would love to have something of my own that I can use on the front porch and not have to share. I am not such a good sharer.

  181. I have a tiny room that is my "office" or computer room. It was supposed to be a "mud room" but I thought having my own little computer space was better. And it is!

    I have a desktop in that little room but also a laptop to take with me practically everywhere. I don't ever want to be without either of them. I am, I confess totally addicted. The laptop is an old geezer now and it's wheezing. Time soon for a replacement.

  182. I don't have either. I have a desktop, and it's insanely unpractical right now! My housewife behind is going back to school in the fall and this would be awesome!

  183. it is such a good gift for my newborn baby's father (= me...). I have a Dell desktop which is from work so I have no choice. I like Dell netbook that I can bring to evening school.

  184. I have a 13 inch Macbook that I used to use, and I am wondering how such a small computer can be useful still. That Apple is already teeny and the keyboard gets tight sometimes.

  185. I had no idea there was a difference in netbooks and notebooks. Thanks to you, I'm now informed. My problem with laptops is working the thing that moves the curser. I'm sure I could do it if I practiced, but I think I like the mouse much better. My desktop is ancient and I don't have a laptop, so I would love to win this. My desktop is an old Gateway and it does ok, but I sure can't take it with us on vacation! Thanks for a great giveaway. Teresa

  186. Currently I have a Desktop cause I was purchasing it for the whole family and I don't really want kids just toting a laptop around...I would really love to get a laptop/notebook next just for myself so I can get more work done and also take it with me when we travel, it would be a lifesaver!

  187. I have a desktop. I like it because I'm used to the keyboard size and the huge monitor, but being tied to my desk is not working that well for me.

    I'm leaning towards a netbook next, since it seems to be exactly what I need, but since I haven't actually taken one for a "test drive," I haven't decided where to invest my very limited budget.

  188. I have a notebook but it is very old and slow. I love blogging but alot of the times my computer just won't handle these sites. Time for an upgrade this is a wonderful giveaway.

  189. I'm one of those unfortunate people who is still chained to a desk. I have no liberating freedom with a notebook and would love to try this netbook! Thank you for the chance!

  190. I currently have a dell desktop that I bought in 2004. I bought it because that is what I could afford at the time. It is definitely time for an upgrade, especially since I am in college.

  191. The perfect solution, the perfect place to edit, store, and show all my family photos. Thank you for this awsome opportunity, and have a wonderful day.

  192. hi, i have a toshiba lap top only reason i have this is because it was on sale at best buy for a good price and my old dell was a piece of crap that caught on fire.
    i do have a desk top but that is strictly business.

  193. I have a desktop in my living room where I can listen to the news while I surf--would love to have a laptop and get rid of the desk in the living room--even though its a large room. I could surf anywhere with a netbook and put my desktop in another room.

  194. my hubby & I both have desktops... we recently bought a laptop for my daughter for college. My comp is dying though and since I don't play many games or do hardcore graphic work, a netbook would be a perfect replacement!

  195. We have a laptop. We got it because it was more convenient and energy efficient. I think we will purchase another laptop next. Thanks for the giveaway!

  196. My husband and I have been discussing purchasing a laptop or netbook, and the cost and merits of each. I keep waffling - I don't want to spend the money, but I would love being able to blog anywhere! :)

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  197. I don't have either yet, but I've been considering a netbook because it seems like it can perform all the functions I'd need on the go.

  198. My daughter has a 17" Notebook I got her last year when our PC crashed. I was able to put a new hard drive in cheap after that so never had to get myself another but I've been dying to get a netbook since I don't play games etc...

  199. I have an old computer in a home office. I have 3 kids and have a hard time bouncing from room to room. I just had my third daughter in April and have decided to be a stay at home mom...I am trying to bring in some extra cash via the internet but finding it hard to dedicate time to the kids and the computer. A netbook would be a great and useful gift to my days. Thank you so much for the opportunity. [email protected]

  200. I got my wife a netbook for Christmas. I got her the Acer Aspire One 8.9". We had some major problems with it after going through the windows update. Loved the size and the look, but too ours didn't work. So we exchanged it for an MSI u120. You have no idea how much time I wasted researching and reading trying to make the best purchase for her.

    We are happy with the MSI, but it is a little big for a netbook. I like the ultra small size of the acer.

    I hope to get one for myself soon, if I don't win this one. no idea which one I will get. I will most likely spend another 30 to 40 hours researching all the new books out there.


  201. I have a desktop, mainly because it was a cheap used computer that I bought from my parents. If I was to get another computer, I'd buy a netbook, not sure what brand. It would be great for my days out and school; I don't play graphic intensive games that require a lot from a computer.

  202. I have both a desktop and a notebook computer. My desktop is ancient in computer terms, but I still seem to get a lot more use out of it than my notebook.

    Part of the reason is that the notebook has Vista, which is slow and I hate, but it seems that I really also like the feel of a "real" keyboard and mouse.

    So when my desktop finally goes I'll probably end up buying another desktop. But this netbook, if I were lucky enough to win it, has my fifteen year old son's name on it. He's been pretty much begging for one.

  203. I use a desk top just because that's what we have used for some time now. I have been wanting a notebook/laptop computer because I feel I could sit more comfortably using it than the desktop. My neck and shoulders hurt from my work outside the home. I think the setup we have now contributes to my discomfort/pain. Our desktop is in the diningroom, I'd like to be in the livingroom or my craftroom using a computer.

  204. We have a HP laptop which 4 of us use and its on its last leg. My kids take advanced online classes besides their advanced school work so we are always waiting for our turn. I'm not sure what is the best product on the market, but know that we could not live without the portability of taking it with you on the go. My husband payed for our laptop and we all chose it because of the HP name we thought it would be a better choice. now my son says he wants a mac because they are the best.
    With our lifestyle any thing that works and can travel well is for us until we hit the lottery(ha ha)

    Thank you so much


  205. I cannot imagine life without a laptop. I have a DELL and love it. I am interested in Netbooks because they seem so much less expensive & the kids have been begging for one. maybe a netbook is the answer

  206. Hi there :)

    I used to have a pretty nice desktop, which was a gift from work. I decided to give it to my cousin, who's a single mom and decided to go back to school after 25 years away. Since my boyfriend has a laptop, we've been sharing that for the past 6 months or so. Lately, I've been looking to get a netbook, simply because his work is taking a lot of laptop time, and I need to be connected more than I currently am, for school work , family and friends. I've been eyeing the netbook that I saw at the Verizon store, but I can't quite get it yet. Not sure what the name of it is, something with a "V" I think, but it looks like it will accomplish what I need and it's only $200. Not bad, I think.



  207. I have a Gateway notebook. I've had great service out of Gateway in the past and the price was right on this one.

  208. I have a Gateway desktop. I chose this because I had a Gateway previously and that had superb usage and tech service. My next purchase will be a laptop or notebook. I have been saving for one.

  209. I have a notebook I got on black friday last nov. - got it for the sale and it was a model I liked with decent power and speed.

  210. I work at home on our desk top so it is off limits to everyone and we both have laptops and this sounds like what I need to keep up with my blogging

  211. I'm a database developer and use a powerful laptop. My wife could really use a netbook to surf the web and check e-mail. Currently she has to go to the spare room and use our creaky old desktop for those tasks.

  212. I have a custom built desktop. I don't really have a say over our computer systems cause that's what my hubby is into, but I'd love to have a netbook to use to lounge around the couch and take the recipes to the kitchen on. Unfortunately we don't have the funds to do so!

  213. I have a Toshiba laptop, which is very cumbersome to carry around. It also tends to overheat on my lap when I can't find a place with a table top to use. I am going to get a netbook next, they seem so much easier to travel with.

  214. I have a laptop, and have been using laptops since 2000. Mostly what makes me choose them is my laziness. I mean, why would I want to sit in a chair at a desk all the time when I can sit in my bed, propped up by lots of fluffy pillows? My husband works for a huge corporation. He gets to work from home. We literally spend our days in bed together. Yes, he has a home office with a nice desk and a fancy chair, but we really do spend the majority of our time side by side in our big comfy bed. Beat that! It would be much more difficult, you see, with big old desktop computers.

    A netbook would be great, I almost got one last time, but really wanted everything the more powerful laptop had to offer. Now, if I had the choice to make again, I think I would try the netbook. I am sure I still will, some day soon.

  215. We have a desktop plus laptops for work. Our desktop has been completely taken over by our kids and is full of kids computer games and bookmarks for kids websites. We've been talking about getting a laptop that can be completely free of kids stuff!

  216. I have a desktop, which works for me most of the time. I like having a full-size keyboard and mouse and I enjoy sitting at my desk. After reading your review of the netbook, I'm interested in getting one for myself. It would be great for the quick email checking, without having to boot up my desktop.

  217. I stopped using a desktop about 5 years ago or so, I couldn't stand being chained to a desk either. Once I hooked up a wireless network in my house I got a laptop and was lounging around anywhere I pleased. I have yet to take it on vacation though since it's pretty large, I think a Netbook would be perfect for me since I'm addicted to technology lol. When I'm not on the internet on the laptop I'm on my blackberry.

  218. I have a desk top and since returning to school to finish my degree now have a laptop as well. I usually have to pry it away from my teenage daughters hands when heading out to school but I take it to the library and to class with me. I usually alway end up using my desk top at home just out of habit.

  219. I have a desktop that no longer works as it fried last week. I now use my work laptop, but I cannot load my songs or download to it as it is for work and I can use it for internet access. Winning this would be a blessing!! Thank you.

  220. My husband just had a birthday this month and we just celebrated our 7th anniversary. We have 10 kids between us. Starting to get lots of grandbabies. After buying for kids and grandkids, we don't buy for each other. Just being together is great for us. Would love to win for him. Please enter me, thank you

  221. My laptop is my right hand man. I have a website and a blog, but I don't have the internet cause my laptop is 100's of years old, so I use it to write everything I need, I put it on a flash-drive and head over my sisters to put it on the internet. The net-book would be great, I can still use my laptop for non-internet stuff and use the net-book for all internet related stuff.

  222. I have both a desktop and a laptop computer. I purchased the desktop first because I needed it for my business. I got the laptop because I can use it from my bedroom. I am in a wheelchair and being able to work on a computer with my legs up has become a necessity. So I work on the desktop for part of the day and then sit on the bed and use my laptop until the wee hours of the night.

  223. My desktop computer sits in the very back room of my house along with my husband's remote control loud noisy gas powered cars. I would sure love to have a computer that would allow me to be somewhere in the house when he starts messing with them.

  224. I have a desktop because I like the ease of upgrading. My next computer purchase will be a netbook because they're so portable.

  225. Our laptop is downstairs on the dining room table. I call it that, because by definition it is a table in the dining room. Unfortunately, I don't remember the last time we ate at it. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  226. I have a laptop that my husband got for me when I was pregnant with our first child. He figured this way I could work in any room and be able to move around with our child. Well, that was many, many moons ago and needless to say a new laptop would be great! My current one is sooooo SLOOOOOW. Since I do all our bill paying etc on it, a faster more efficient computer would be great! It would also save my sanity, since I'm a SAHM, blogging is one of my outlets!

  227. I have been going back to school and, I have been using a hand me down laptop, it is old and very heavy, just about not upgradable anymore. I have been shopping/wishing for a new laptop or even a netbook just for the size, and portability. I would be so excited to be able to win something new that doesn't feel like it weighs 20lbs.
    Thanks for the chance

  228. I have both a PC and a laptop. I wanted the laptop for a trip I was taking at Christmas and ended up getting one that had a large screen, but is rather cumbersome to carry around. At home, I prefer the PC - it's much easier to use.

  229. I have a desktop PC. When I worked at a Home Care Agency I had a laptop. All homes were not current with 3 pronged outlets. The battery did not last the entire day. We had mucho problems uploading data from home. So I have a desktop. A laptop for personal use might be less problem prone then our agency's .If I won , I certainly would use it.

  230. My one and only computer is a desk top I bought in 1999. I would love a notebook or net book this time around because sometimes I will spend hours at my computer and it can get uncomfortable. I would love to be able to use my computer where ever I am. That would be awesome to me. So please enter me into this sweeps. Thanks, Janice

  231. When we bought our desktop computer years ago when laptops were new and very expensive. Now they're very affordable, and portable, and something I could really use. I'm training for a new job and it would be great to have a laptop. Right now I have to run home every time I need to do some computer work. It would be great to be able to take my computer with me to save time and I'd save gas too. Having a laptop would be a great way to go green!

  232. Wow! What an awesome giveaway! I have a computer problem right now. I have a mac laptop which is currently dead, waiting for me to figure out how to reinstall the operating system and get it functional again. I have an imac that's about five years old that I loved, but the power supply keeps dying on it now, and with all the money I've been putting out to get it repaired, I think it's time for a new one. I nearly cried when it died for the fourth time last week. And I've got a pc desktop that I keep in the bedroom for late night computer work. I still get to be in bed with hubby, but after he falls asleep, I'm computing away. I want a netbook because I go to a lot of festivals and craft shows with my candle business, and it would work out great for me to be able to have the small computer there to let customers input their credit card info when they make purchases.

  233. I have a laptop, but I need another one, me and my twin boys are in a tug of war for my laptop. It always disappears from my favorite spot on the sofa near my ottoman where I put my feet up and relax, but it doesn't stay there for long.

  234. I only use my laptop. I think I got my laptop before there were netbooks. I made my choice purely on price -- it was dirt cheap at the time. But next time it's not going to be about price. It's going to be about speed and capabilities so that I can do my graphic design wherever I go. But usually my "computer space" is in the family room, so that I can be with my family.

  235. I have a Dell Vostro 1700 laptop, which I chose mainly because I wanted a 17" screen -- this was a desktop replacement. I haven't been terribly happy with it, but I do think that my next computer will be another laptop with a large screen (but maybe not a Dell?).

  236. I have a macbook. It's pretty neat. We got it because we had been PC people and wanted something slightly more reliable.

    But my wife and I share one computer, and that makes things complicated when we both have work to do, so another would be Great!

  237. love that netbook.

    my old dell laptop is going crazy slow and is on it's last legs, even after adding new memory

    I'd love to win this prize, thanks for sponsoring this.


  238. I have a desktop, I wanted something with the ability to grow and expand. Next I think i'd like a laptop, since I'm no longer a student I mostly use the computer for email and would prefer to do it on the couch!

  239. I presently have a desktop because I could get a more powerful computer for the money than if I had gone with a notebook. However, I miss being able to surf while sitting on the shady deck, so my next purchase will be a notebook.

  240. I have a very outdated laptop that we keep only in our bedroom where the boys are not allowed. Would love a new computer :) My husband has the desktop but I never use that anymore, so much easier to just turn on the laptop.

    Maureen (jnomaxx at hotmail dot com)

  241. I actually have used a full sized laptop for years, we have a desktop (family usage) and just recently got a netbook. I love it for surfing and email, any kind of serious computing would bog this baby down or freeze it up but since I have a shoulder injury that makes me compute while sitting in bed with my arm propped it actually works wonderfully to keep me connected. Now my daughter wants one to take to college with her (I think she needs a full size laptop) but that is another discussion.

  242. I actually own a Toshiba Lap Top. I chose it because it had a big screen and it was easy to navigate the keyboard. I also could never be a mac person i am defiantly a PC. The next laptop i want is a book for sure because they are smaller and very convenient. I was looking at the one by hp called the mini book.

  243. We have both a desktop and laptop but the desk top is old. One of my kids (17 or 9) would love to have this!

  244. We have (1) notebook and 2 desktop computers all networked together. Life circumstances made us choose this many computers.I think we'll purchase another laptop soon. I hope we'll win the netbook.

  245. I have a desk top. I have had it for five years. I plan to purchase a portable computer at some time in the somewhat near future (less than a year, we are hoping).

    Thank you for the review.

  246. I have an old computer which is used by My wife who loves to read articles and updates on cooking. My daughter who uses it for schoolwork, projects and chatting with her friends. Myself, I love to read updates on the environment and world issues as well as for work projects. Sometimes my sister in law will come over to use computer to download work materials for her job. Would love to have a notebook to carry to another room of the house to do projects while someone is using the other upstairs.

  247. I have a desktop in our computer room that my hubby built (he's an IT guy). I recently got a refurbished laptop that I can use in the living room where the girls are playing. I love being able to be in the room with them while I work so I can keep their fights to a minimum. The laptop is big and heavy so I don't travel with it. A 10" netbook is what I'd really like to have.

  248. I have a desktop, mainly because that has the type of keyboard that I like most. I know silly huh!

  249. I have an old desktop that is used for my 2.5 year old son to play a "Laugh and Learn" game once in a while. I have a 3.5 year old laptop that currently announces to me every to me that I am in need of a new battery. So I carry the cord along with it to the various places I use it (Like you, the kitchen counter ect.) I also laugh because it's got electrical tape all over the cord to keep it working. I love it but am in serious need of a new one. I'm working with my hubby to determine if we want to go with a Dell again or just get a Mac. I love doing fun stuff with photo's and (I hate admitting this) but my babies both have photo albums of over 500 pictures from their first 2.5 year and 7 mos respectivly of life. I need to figure out a better process!!

    Just wondering why you prefer a mac? I have heard great things about them but wanted to know if you used a pc before and how they are different?

  250. hi, i have a 5 year old desktop PC. it works fine for the most part, but i really hate being tied down to a desk because we have a computer room and thats all there is in it. so every time i need to use it, i end up cutting myself off from my family. and i do spend quite a bit of time on it for some work from home that i do. so forget about being able to go to the coffee shop - i just want to go down to our family room! lol (one day! ... we are trying to budget for a laptop now)

    but thanks for the entry. in fact, i'd never even heard of a "netbook" before so will have to check it out.
    ([email protected])

  251. I Have a laptop and desktop! However I only use my laptop unless I'm printing haha! So much more convenient! I'd love to win!!!

  252. I have a desktop, the reason I bought it, it was much cheaper than buying a laptop, but this was years ago, when laptops were a lot more expensive. I hope to buy a netbook or laptop soon, but money is kinda tight, so I really hope I win. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  253. I started with a desktop in 1998. In 2002 I got very ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and it was difficult for me to sit up for any length of time so my hubby set me up with a wireless laptop. It works great and I can use it in my reclining chair where I am comfortable. I am on my second laptop and I love it! I can't go back!

  254. I currently have a wireless laptop and have been so happy with it I would probably just replace with it with same.

  255. I have a desktop, it's three years old and beginning to show it's age. I would like a laptop, I do in-home care and would love to take it with me on my 72 hour shifts.

  256. I have a laptop and bought it because it had everything I wanted and needed in a computer and was portable too. It was an excellent decision and I love it. My next computer will definitely be another laptop but I will buy a smaller one. I'm intrigued by the Mini but concerned I will spend the money then regret it if it falls short of my needs.

  257. I have a Gateway desktop that I have been using for 8 years now. It is a great computer but I would love to have a laptop for the portability. I would love to sit outside and surf the net.

  258. I currently have a desktop. I've always had a desktop, but I've been thinking about getting a notebook.

  259. I have a desktop. Although its nice to at least have something I would really love a laptop so I can move. :)

  260. My laptop died a couple of weeks ago, and I really need a replacement. I keep looking at these netbooks, the small size is very tempting.

  261. I have a laptop right now from Dell but its 2 years old and i have been thinking for my next computer to get a netbook - they actualy look awesome - small, light, yet powerful enough for my simple needs.

  262. I don't have a notebook right now but I could really use one! I can't afford one right now because of the economy but thanks so much for a chance to win one!

  263. I made my dining room my office. I am totally a coupon queen and I have a desk with all my supplies and everything organized for my coupons. I have to have my notebook as that is how I find all the bargains online. This netbook sounds really awesome as I have 2 in college and we really need something for them to be able to use there.

  264. I have never owned a laptop and do not see my self (mom to 4 kids) being able to afford one too soon.I hope to win this one!

  265. I currently I have a notebook and would love another one for work-I travel a lot for business so mine sustain a lot of wear and tear on the road. I don't think I'd ever get a desktop again, I'm just not home much and any computer I get for work has to be portable, so it's laptops for me!

  266. I am in college and in dire need of a new laptop. My current one is over 8 years old and is very unreliable.

  267. I bought a Dell Desktop several years ago. I bought it because it was a $299 special. I hate that it takes up space and because it only has 256 MB Ram, I'm ready to purchase something with more Ram. I've been debating on whether to get a notebook or netbook. I'm headed towards the netbook because it's easy to carry and I imagine it could go into some purses even. I'm talking larger hobo bags of course, but I wouldn't consider carrying a laptop in one of those. I want this corner of my room back too. I so want to get rid of this PC desktop.

  268. I have a dell inspiron laptop with a broken monitor attached to a flat monitor. It works but not very portable! Serves me right for breaking the screen though. I much prefer laptops though I like to be able to take the computer upstairs or outside.

  269. I currently have a desktop, 3 of them in fact. I never thought much about a netbook or laptop until recently and it would be very nice to get one the next time I do a purchase.

  270. I have a laptop that I use the most. I bought it so I could get away from my desk and move outside on my porch. I do still have a desktop that my son uses for school and games. I use it occasionally. When this laptop dies or I need more power I will be another one. April1p(at)yahoo(dot)com

  271. My Wife (Leah) needs a netbook so that she be more portable. Leah had her big toe joint replaced due to seriuos accident. THis would help her a lot. Good luck to all.

  272. I have a desktop but have always wanted a laptop. This netbook looks and sounds awesome!!

    :) Thank you for the wonderful giveaway! :)

  273. I loved having a laptop that I could use anywhere--the couch, the bed, dining room table, out and about. But, sadly, my laptop died a few months ago and it's just not in the budget to buy a new one right now.
    I am currently using my husband's old desktop that we've set up in the corner of the dining room. It is really old and we've had to duct tape the power cord to the wall, because my daughter is obsessed with trying to unplug it.
    I would love, love, love having the freedom of a netbook.

  274. we have a desktop but find that we would LOVe a laptop--sometimes we travel so that would enable us to stay in touch with other family members and my husband can still check in to work!

  275. I've only had desktops but my sister loves her laptop. This is a prize we could share. Please accept my entry. Thank you.

  276. I have a laptop because I don't have room for a desktop and I need to be able to take my computer with me when I travel. I would love to have a netbook as well because it would be easier to take with me more places.

  277. I need a laptop for internet access. I don't have the net at home anymore because my husband doesn't want it on his PC. He makes electronic music with it and says the internet with all it's spyware and whatnot keeps screwing with it. Eh, can't blame him.

  278. I have a notebook. I did not purchase it but rather it is my latest in a long line of hand-me-downs. My current notebook was my son's until he realized that the graphics were inadequate for his computer games. We only buy notebooks since they are so portable and take up so much less space.

  279. I have a Dell Notebook. Would like a netbook because it would be more portable! I would like to take it with me to my sisters house and GIVE it to her because her hubby hogs their desktop!

  280. I have had laptops for several years because I live in an RV so have limited space. The laptop I have now does have a 17 inch screen so it is easy to see but it is almost 5 years old. I've used Microsoft for many years but am thinking of trying Linux.

  281. We have a desktop and I've really been wanting a laptop. It seems like when I want to go on the computer my husband has to be on doing something. I'd love to be able to sit in my bed and surf the web!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  282. I have a desktop and it works well, but I'd like something more portable. I haven't converted to apple because I don't want to learn the language.

  283. we dont have a laptop any more it went caploop are desktop is in the down stairs living room full of cludder but with me blogging and my photography and my hubby website building we really need two computers and a cleaner area

  284. i have had my computer for so long and really need a new one. i am in my junior year of high school and need something to do my work on so this would be great to do it on. it would also help me when i'm not home to still be able to do my work.

  285. We have a desktop only because that is what my husband wanted. If I had my way I would have my own laptop as well as the desktop for the family. Thank you!

  286. I still use a desktop--no battery problems. But My daughter is 9 and ready for a netbook for her little poohzer stuff like games and on trips--she is brilliant but bores easily

  287. I have been thinking about a labtop for sometime now. I have a desktop but when I travel a labtop would really come in handy!

  288. My husband is a techie. He says the difference between a notebook and a laptop is that the notebook usually has a stylus that allows the user to write directly on the monitor instead of typing. We have one of each in our house, and I really do like to convenience of the notebook.

  289. I currently only have a desktop, and it's my daughter's old one. Am in the process of doing the netbook/notebook debate. Would love to have this to solve that problem.

  290. We have both a desktop (mine) and a laptop (the wife's). Wireless networking is a beautiful thing! A netbook would be handt for my teaching, though.

  291. We have both. I use the PC for my kitchen designs and Trish uses the laptop for seminar presentations. The netbook would be great for her son to use at school. We may upgrade to a newer PC and laptop next year.

  292. I have a desktop which I control with my left hand while I work on my laptop with my right hand. I would love to have a netbook to travel with.

  293. my laptop has just broke! it was so upsetting because all of my music was on it, so i lost it all.-- Having a laptop you have to make sure you keep up with the maintenance.-- This one looks awesome. I might get one anyways!!

  294. Right now I have nothing LOL I hop over to my mom's house and use her desktop all the time (we live on the same property, different houses). I've always wanted a laptop, but who knows! If I don't win this Netbook, I may get save up and get one. I like how small they are and I'd love to be able to carry it around with me, I'm on the go alot.

  295. i have a desktop, but i've been wanting to get a laptop. i bought it because it was fitting for my family at the time. i'm in college so a laptop would make it easier on my studies, so i could study downstairs with my kids

  296. Right now all we have is a desk top. My husband spends so much time on it I have limited time on line. We have a Dell and it has been excellent. I would love a laptop of my own.

  297. I have a local laptop at home. It's aright for now but I'm really aspiring to get that new pink HP mini. :)

  298. My office is in our bed room, because my husband has not finnished my office yett. A lap top would be great, because I could have a office everywhere. Thanks.

  299. I have a dell desktop computer & it drives me crazy. I wish I had a mini laptop, so i could take it with me everywhere I go. They are so much easier to handle and use!

  300. We have a Macbook and love it! I would really like to save up for an iMac but I think it's going to be awhile!

  301. I have a desktop I built myself and a laptop. A netbook would be perfect for ebooks because of the long battery life.

  302. I have a Compaq desktop.
    That's what I've always had.
    Guess I've been sticking with the familiar thing.
    Next computer might be a laptop.
    Or I might check into a netbook.

  303. I have a desktop. Why? Well... for the same reason I have a camcorder that was built in 1990 when my son was born. I have a husband who refuses to give in to technology people who have nothing better to do than plot ways to make us spend more money. Sigh. If he dies, either by natural causes or.. uh... can I call it self-defense if I'm trying to maintain my sanity?... then I'd get a netbook. Otherwise, I'll probably have this thing for the rest of my life.

  304. We have a desktop because you can get a more powerful desktop for less money than a notebook. Also, my husband would probably be less comfortable typing on a laptop. I would like to have a laptop or mini, so that we no longer have to share the computer. Maybe then I wouldn't be awake at quarter to midnight trying to do the things I want online because he had the computer when we first got home. A mini would also be awesome because I could take advantage of wifi and comparison shop while we're running around on the weekends.

  305. My laptop has 256mb of RAM. yes, i need something new. this thing is so slow! it is hard to search for a job when the computer moves at a snail's pace

  306. I have a desktop for personal work.. At the time it was the best for the amout of money I had. Now that I work with a laptop, Im mobile and Im spoiled!

  307. i have a desktop, i would love to have a notebook, but i got my desktop to put in the living room so that i could watch/monitor what my kids are doing on the internet. thanks

  308. We actually have both a laptop and desktop. I prefer the laptop so when I am sitting in the living room I could use it or just about anywhere around the house. I love looking up recipes. If I were to win I would give it to one of kids who are both struggling college students. Thanks for the chance.

  309. I want a netbook! I have a really slow desktop. Would love to have one I can take anywhere with me! I have been wishing and wanting for a long time, but with my husband laid off it just isn't happening! Now I have two kids off to college in August. Would probably end up sending it with them if I won. But how to decide which one gets it??? Guess it will just have to stay home with mom. LOL

  310. I have an older laptop. I don't know if I'd be comfortable using a netbook, but I'd love the chance to try it. I'm definitely a computer addict!

  311. I have a Dell Inspiron laptop. I love it but it;s hard to travel with sometimes. So I think I want to get a netbook so I can always have the internet and email but not have to carry the laptop with sensitive info on trips.

  312. Well I have a desktop right now but I'm always going 7 1/2 hours away because my grandpa is in and out of the hospital and the Netbook is so small and it is easier for me to carry around.

  313. I have a laptop because I started college last year at the age of 44. I needed it for homework and to take notes in class. I got an HP Pavilion because it has a big screen and an extended warrenty. If this one does kick the bucket eventually I would like to get one just like it to replace it. It has been reliable and durable.

  314. I have a number of computers (considering I develop software at times). My main computers are laptops for portability and performance, and a desktop for more storage, memory, and for more complex applications. I have always been interested in a netbook for just access and efficient internet use.

  315. Right now I am on vacation, reading your blog on my trusty laptop. I enjoy using my laptop for such things. However, I also have a desktop at home that I use for most of my work endeavors and everyday usage. I prefer the keyboard on it (or maybe I'm just used to it) and it is in my office area where everything else I need when I work is located. That netbook looks awfully cute, though, and would be great for carrying around when I'm on the road, as this laptop is on the larger side!

  316. We currently have a desktop that we purchased right before our daughter was born in 2003. We are keeping our fingers crossed that it will last a little longer! My wife used to have a laptop for work that she woudl bring home. She would let our daughter (now 5) use it for playing games on the internet. One day, our daughter had a cup of juice near the laptop and accidentally spilled it on the keyboard! We heard a sizzle, and the laptop was fried! Our daughter felt awful about it. I would love to win a netbook for both my wife and my daughter!

  317. I have a desktop that the family uses and a laptop that belongs to my work place. I hate thinking I'll have to give it back if I ever leave since I love the portability of a laptop! I also love that while my husband job searches on the desktop I can stay in our room and send him instant messages *grin*.

  318. I have a laptop now. I chose it because I got a really good price at Circuit City before they went out of business. I'll probably stick with a laptop when I get around to upgrading. Thanks for the giveaway!

  319. i currently have a was the right choice for me as i am a graduate student working at home and on campus. it's perfect for writing papers and researching topics related to my dissertation. my next purchase will be a notebook or laptop. i love the freedom of being able to take it everywhere with me.

  320. I have a laptop. I have had a laptop for the last five years and I doubt I will ever get a desktop again. Laptops have everything you need. I will purchase a new laptop in a year or two when my new one starts getting slow.

    Thank you! ;)

  321. I like how the technology's evolved to the point where we have a smaller, more portable, alternative to the notebook computer. Kinda funny to me.

  322. I have a 17" Acer laptop that I bought because of speed and memory and it plays blu-ray. My next purchase will be a netbook, as i am tired of lugging around this monster.

  323. I currently have a laptop, purchased about 2 years ago now. My dad actually bought it for me.
    I'm not sure what brand I would buy next.

  324. i had a laptop pc but it crashed on me, so now i have use my husbands mac. a new computer for me is on my wishlist so we are not fighting over who is going to check their email first! :)

  325. I only have a desktop. I would love to have the freedom of a netbook on occasion. Thanks for the chance.

  326. My oldest son is bugging for one of these. I prefer a desktop by far. We have a laptop we use when we are traveling to keep up to date with everything, but I find the keyboard completely cumbersome and hard to get my finger speed going on it making it slower to get things done.

  327. We have a desk top that currently needs a graphics card, I keep saying that should be a relatively easy matter but it is still broken. I would love a laptop that I could call my own

  328. I have a desktop that I use a lot in my den but my son lent me an old laptop to use when I want to be in with the family. I have looked at netbooks and would love to have one but, like everyone lately, I can't afford it.

  329. I have a dell laptop, but I would love a netbook that's lighter and faster for my travels. I haven't had a desktop in years, but wouldn't mind one for practical purposes like building a website/database.

  330. I have a Gateway laptop that was a gift from my parents 2 years ago. They chose a Gateway laptop because they bought my brother and son Gateway laptops the year before and had not had any trouble with them. I recently purchased an Acer netbook for my daughter, but need another one for my other daughter. The Dell netbook would definitely work! ;)

  331. I have a laptop. I bought it so I wouldn't have to do all my work at a desk and could just sit on the couch with it. I would like to get a netbook because it would be more practical to take with me when I'm going out.

  332. I have a desktop computer, but since we travel to see my mother (in another town), she is in a nursing home, I could really use a laptop. So portable and easily taken with us.

  333. I have a desktop computer in a corner I carved out of the dining room.I chose this because I am a student and need lots of room. I would love to have a netbook, so I can join my family while they watch television and still get some work done.
    smchester at gmail dot com

  334. I have a HP notebook. I like the portability of laptops. Since netbooks are even more portable, I think they are the way to go. I could give it to my brother.

  335. Right now we have an ancient desktop computer. We've been looking at the netbook to be better equipped to handle our tasks remotely. With all the new outlets with WI-FI, I know a netbook would bring us into the information age in style!

  336. My PC keeps me locked up. A notebook or a netbook would let me use the city parks free wifi, while feeding the birds.

  337. I have a 6 ear old HP laptop that has had a good life, but I will definitely look at the netbooks before I make my next purchase.

  338. We have a laptop and a desktop. The desktop is on it's way out. It's an old IBM. I'd like to replace it with either a notebook or netbook. Thanks for the chance.

  339. I do have a nice home office because I am self employed and work from home. It has outside access which makes it very convenient when a customer stops by.
    I am still using a desktop because it works great, even if it is a few years old.
    I think a netbook would be great to have on the road. Much easier to stash in your bag than a laptop.
    Probably a stupid question but does a netbook run off your existing WiFi network like a laptop? For some reason I thought you needed a seperate contract, like a cell phone. Just curious because I think a netbook may be better for me than a laptop.

  340. We have two computer rooms with desktops at home to limit the number of fights to see who gets to use one. We always travel with a laptop, but a netbook would be great as well.

  341. In my office I have an iMac. Then, a few ago, my husband bought me a MacBookPro. At first I thought it would serve as sort of an auxiliary computer, but it quickly turned into my main Mac. Weeks can go by and I don't even turn on the iMac anymore! I always say that it would be the one thing I'd rescue from a burning building. ;-)

  342. I have a dell laptop right now. When I became a single mom I knew I needed it for pictures and keeping touch, cause I can't check my email from work! I love it. I wish I had wifi so I could take it in my room and yet it sits in my living room. You have introduced the netbook to me. I have never heard of it but what a treat to check it out! Mom tested and approved by you how could the other moms not love it! Thanks for the giveaway and here's to becoming more computer savvy!

  343. I've only owed desktop computers, and currently I have a Dell desktop. I'm a flight attendant, and I really am out of touch when I travel. My next purchase will be either a laptop or a netbook. I'm leaning towards a netbook because of the ease of packing it on a trip. Thank you for offering this!

  344. I have a desktop because I could only afford one, and I spend so much time on it, I needed the bigger monitor and keyboard. I would love to have a netbook, though, for those times I need internet access, but can't sit in front of my computer.

  345. I currently have a desktop. I choose that because that is what I have always purchased. I would love to own a laptop as well because I would love to be able to take it with me where ever I go. I would love to be able to go my moms house and be able to check out things for her since she doesn't have a computer. I would also take it over to friends houses so we could have fun browsing the net together. THanks for the chance.

  346. I have a desktop computer but I have wanted a laptop or something small and portable so I can work upstairs in bed or outside when the kids are playing. I just feel chained to the desk.

  347. We have a desktop and bought it around 5 yrs ago. I would definetely say for the kids it is perfect, but I need something more mobile. I have been seriously thinking about purchasing a laptop to take on trips, etc. with me, but just have not. The expense right now is just not in my budget.

  348. We could really use this. We have a PC, but that is not very mobile. Sometimes we need to be able to use it in another room.

  349. We have had laptops for the last 6 years or so... We really like the mobility of them and they tuck away when not in use. They go on vacation too, unfortunately they also get dropped from time to time and my husbands is out of comission for the second time in two years... That means we're now sharing and it isn't ideal! We'd love to have a netbook of course price has been a consideration as we're currently expecting baby #2!! P.S. I haven't been to your site in a while- Congrats on your sweet baby!

  350. My computer spot is my office, a large round room upstairs. As for my computers, I have a Alienware PC & laptop that I use only for surfin' the Net.

  351. We have a laptop. There are several teenagers in the house and it is great when they can take it to any room in the house. My husband would like to get a notebook next.

  352. WE have two desktops and one laptop. My husband chose both the desktops, though one is a dinosaur at this point. The laptop was a prize win. (Thank you, Lenovo!) I love the portability of the laptop but am clumsy with the trackpad.

  353. I have a desktop. The other members of the family have laptops, but they're always stopping off at mine to "check something online" or whatever.

  354. I have a laptop but a netbook sounds like it would be even better for everyday use. I only use my laptop at home for internet surfing and once in a blue moon a quick letter.

  355. It's amazing I found this blog contest while researching the difference between notebooks and netbooks. I want to thank you for your simple "laymen's" terms because you don't get that from tech sites.

    I personally use a desktop computer which is on a desk in my bedroom. Some days I can't even stand to go on because I feel like that is the only room in my house I ever see. I would love the opportunity to experience a portable device and this sounds perfect!

  356. I use one for work and they no longer supply them. Mine is so beat up and needs to be replaced. This would be a dream. Thank you so much for the chance to win one.

  357. We actually have TWO desktops and no laptop! I had a desktop for a long time, then hubby bought one for his business. When he went out of business a year and a half ago, we ended up with two desktops.
    If/when I buy something new, it will definitely be a "portable" - whether a laptop or netbook, I'm not sure yet. Buying anything right now is hard, so as long as the ones I have work, I'll be chained to that old desk :)

  358. This would be PERFECT for us! My computer die a few months back and I've been looking for something portable!

  359. I currently have a desktop PC. I hope on buying a laptop soon since I'll be going to college soon! It would be nice to have my own computer so in case I need to research something, I don't have to kick someone off of the computer!

  360. I have a laptop that gets shared with my husband. we desperately need a new one as I take up alot of photos on the one we have and we're alwyas givign each other dirty looks when one is being a hog! lol

  361. This would be amazing to have as I'm a bit of a writer and it would make it much easier for me to carry around if I want to write while I'm at school or I got on vacation or something. I have a laptop, but it's much harder to carry around and deal with sometimes.

    Thanks for your thoughts on this, and that's hilarious about your daughter claiming the office! Little kids do that sometimes. LOL


  362. Long, long ago, (almost 10 years ago) my husband and I bought an iMac. You know, one of those cool colored ones, I picked Red for the Husker room. After 5 years, it was old and something went wrong with it, so we bought a laptop. I loved (and still do!) that laptop. But after almost 5 years, the backlight is going out and I have no memory left. I took it on vacation with me this year, all 25lbs of it. I swear! After you get it in the bag as well as the charger, it really weighs you down! I told my husband how handy a netbook would be. In March we purchased a new computer, it's a desktop, a ginormous screen and loads of memory.

    While I anticipate my computer to last me a good number of years, I hope, fingers crossed that I get a netbook for's the only thing I want.

  363. Since my hubby installed wireless, I am free to go anywhere with my laptop. I have two favorite computer spots; (1) the recliner (2) the back yard.

  364. I have a desktop and we purchased one year for Christmas so we could have a nice computer but I would love to have a laptop, also.

  365. We have a desktop. It took years of coaxing by our son before we finally bought one. We are seniors and are slowing learning way around the world of computers. It's funny because when we get 'stuck', we ask our grandsons (age 13) and they always know the answers to our questions. Live and learn. God's Blessings to all....

  366. I only have a desktop, but next time I will get a laptop, because it would be nice to be able to sit in the living room or outside, and get online.

  367. I have a desktop because I like sitting somewhere specific for computer. I might never get off if I get a laptop. No plans to get one, just win one

  368. I don't have one. We've never been able to fit one into the budget, and we've been eking along on our 6-year-old desktop. Which hopefully will survive even longer, because it's still not in the budget to buy a laptop!

  369. I have my computer set up in the living room (so I don't 'miss' anything), right next to my husband...our desktops are networked. I have a new laptop for traveling and it's an HP, I like it because it's light enough and new enough that it won't cause me any problems for awhile. I love the little netbooks and I think for traveling it's all I would need to keep in touch via email. You have the greatest giveaways...thank you.

  370. We have a desktop. I don't remember much thought going into it, though. We have a desk, so we got the desktop.

  371. I currently have a desktop but we would like a laptop because what is our study will be turned into a nursery and a laptop is easier to store than a desktop!

  372. Currently I only have a desktop ...sniff, sniff....and I'd LOVE to have a laptop someday. So a laptop will definitely be my next purchase. Or maybe I'll win one...hint, hint. LOL


  373. I currently use a regular laptop. I'm not sure if my next computer will be a laptop or a netbook--my kids have netbooks and they are just a bit too tiny for my hands. Thanks for the contest!

  374. I have a laptop and bought it just a couple months ago. We are already having problems (disc drive won't open, can't play movies in bed anymore.:( ) I need a more reliable notebook and this looks perfect!!

  375. I had a desktop and I choose it for the graphics card which I needed. My next purchase will be a laptop. I would love to win a laptop so I can still be online when I am down and out from battling MS and have a tough time sitting up.

  376. We have two desktops and two laptops. I am mostly at my desktop because it's the fastest computer we have and I use it for working at home. I do like laptop's portability but prefer my desktop.

  377. Our family actually has both, a laptop and a desktop. I love the laptop because I sit on couch, watch tv, interact with my family and still do the tasks I need to do. For some reason my husband is hung up on the desktops - think they are more durable, long lasting and have more capabilities. I think having both is good. I'd like to win this one for my teens sons who are always fighting over using the PCs to do their homework assignments.

  378. I have a laptop that I have to use all of the time because I am in school. But I would love to get a netbook for my husband. He really just likes to do e-mail and facebook and read articles so that would be perfect for his needs. Plus we could both sith in the living room together and use them

  379. What did we do before there were computers?? I am totally addicted. I have a HP laptop with a wide screen that I love. It is light weight and easy to carry from room to room. It would be great to have the netbook to use when I am away from home.

  380. Ooh I have wanted a Netbook for awhile now. It would be perfect to take when I travel for work. I used to have a desktop and a laptop, but I gave my desktop to my mom (who didn't have a computer and needed one badly) so right now I am using my very slow and very outdated Dell laptop. Would love to be out with the old and in with the new. A Dell Netbook sounds like a super great upgrade from the laptop ;) Thanks so much for the wonderful giveaway.

  381. I have a desktop. We got it mainly because of storage space since I'm a packrat when it comes to picture files and music files. But I've since learned to put my files on dvd's. I would love to have a netbook because it is portable!

  382. I chose a laptop because it's portable and don't need to buy a computer desk. It's quite old now and I'm in themarket for another laptop.

    A netbook would be great for traveling though.

  383. Right now I am chained to my desktop, I've been thinking about getting a laptop but now I might get a netbook instead for my son and then later get a laptop for me.

  384. I have an old (10 years) Sony Vaio desktop system that was top shelf when I bought it, and still serves me. I would love to have a laptop or netbook because it is a pain to be chained to the desk. I might get something used, because my budget is tight.

  385. I have only ever had a desktop.It is almost to the ancient stage now!I would love to be able to be free from this desk and allow the kids full use of the pc in the dining room.The freedom to work anywhere I choose,even outside would be great!

  386. My daughter is turning 16 soon and all she wants is a netbook! This would be the ultimate birthday gift for her! Thanks for the awesome giveaways!!!

  387. My husband and I have previously only had desktops but with but with a recent move and no permanent location, I decided it was time to get a laptop. I love the laptop but I hate the Vista operating system. I carry my laptop almost everywhere we travel now. There's usually a library or somewhere that has free wifi and most hotels have free internet access.

  388. I have a desk top and have wanted a notebook forever. How fun to work on the computer in bed and sit by the pool with the computer - the possibilities are endless.

  389. I have a desktop-it is about 8 years old, and has been very reliable. I choose it because I had read good things about it. But it is time for a new one!

  390. I have a desktop-PC and a laptop/notebook. I chose both because I have always had success w/ them in the past and they are easy to use. I have never even tried using a netbook! They sound great - what a neat thing to win!!

  391. We just re-did the "office", so that it could be my daughter's bedroom. Because of this, we had to say good-bye to the desktop. We did purchase a notebook, but I have been looking at netbooks because it would be sooo nice to have internet in the kitchen. I love All Recipes and Epicurious.

  392. I'm writing this using a desktop, but would love to have this for when family members travel - keeping in touch helps a lot! Not sure if our next computer will be a netbook or a notebook yet.

  393. I have a notebook. I did not choose it for myself, but when I moved in with my boyfriend I simply did not have space for my clunky desktop. We now share his notebook. I find myself needing my computer more and more away from home, so my next purchase will be a netbook. (when I have the cash!)

  394. We just have PC's in the house. We like them because they seem dependable. I'd like to try a laptop; it'd save a lot of room, but I'm not sure if it would be as easy as using a PC. And I've heard they eat hard drives like candy.

  395. I have a Dell desktop pc in the living room so I can keep an eye on my kids. I do want a laptop someday, but it's not in the budget right now. This is definatly one of the best blog giveaways I've seen!

  396. I have a notebook right now which i bought so i could enter my sweepstakes when i travel as well as watch dvds on the plane.

  397. I've been wanting a laptop now for the last 5 years. This would be a blessing. What a fabulous and generous giveaway.

  398. We have a Dell desktop PC that is about 5 years old. When it comes time for a new one, I would definitely go for a laptop.

  399. I don't have one so I really need a laptop computer! This netbook looks great! Enter me please. Thanks.

  400. Well, since mine is still giving me the "apple wheel", and the tech guys just kind of shook their head at me-I think I am in the market for a new laptop. I'd go with any kind right now, just something to be able to get online with and do my blogging, emailing, and everything else on while not locked down in my husband's studio on his desktop! A netbook might be the perfect solution for me! Thanks! My fingers are SO crossed!

  401. I have a no frills laptop. Its a great laptop though, I've had it for three years without any problems and I can't complain. Its not functional for movie watching, etc., but thats cool because I basically only use it for work and writing. My husband has a Macbook and he adores it, he keeps wanting to replace my computer but I'm not willing to do so until it conks out. I don't need anything fancy necessarily, I just need something to hold my work and thats it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  402. What a fantastic, awesome, incredible, superb, terrific, grrrrreat, fabulous, magnificent gadget!!! It would be so perfect for me because I only use a computer for email and surfing the net! Thank you so much for offering such a generous prize for us!

  403. i live in a Mobile Home 700sq ft and my desktop-an EMACHINES it was inexpensive and is basic it gets the job done is in the Living/dining room not much space a netbook small and portable great for traveling and small spaces

  404. I currently have a laptop and I love the widescreen but it is older and heavy to carry. I like the netbook but I wonder if the screen will be too small. It would be great for travelling. So I have been looking at both and like both equally.

  405. I would love to win this! My son is starting high school is sept. and this would be great for him!! These look so cool! Thanks for the great site and great giveaway!

  406. We also have our laptop stashed in the living room, in order to use it while hanging out on the comfy brown leather couch! LOL I like the no-frills netbooks, since I am not doing much other than surfing the web and dealing with blogs/emails/pics on a frequent basis. The desktop (buried somewhere in the office) has suffered a technical difficulty, so we are looking for a netbook to replace it before my hubby deploys to Iraq in Oct...that way he'll be able to keep up with me & the toddler as well as the new baby!

  407. I have a desktop for work at the time it made the most sense i use a older laptop at home runs a little slower and not as much storage a netbook would be great asset i could be mobile it probably has a bigger hardrive than my laptop

  408. The only thing I dread about going on vacation is coming back to a tsunami of email to slog through. This would be great to take along and deal with it while away. Thanks!

  409. I have a desktop that my son-in-law built for me. But I could really use the portability of a netbook for when I am outside with the children.

  410. I actually have a full sized Dell laptop which I love! This being said, my next purchase will be a netbook, simply for convenience. On the go I think the netbook would be an excellent accessory. Small yet powerful enough to do all the personal things i do while traveling.

  411. I'm a couch user, like you. I like it because I can nurse the baby with one arm, and type with the free hand. Or I can supervise them playing when I'm working. It's nice.

    This will be great when my husband needs to use the computer, too! Thanks!

  412. I have a desktop PC right now and I bought it because there was a terrific sale. When I buy another, would probably get a laptop,, just because of the increased flexibility for locations. If I were to win this, would give it to my granddaughter, who is starting college this fall.

  413. I have a laptop, but it is definitely on its last legs, so it would be great to have a netbook! They seem so convenient.

  414. We currently have a desktop and have had it for about 5 years. Our next purchase will be a netbook or laptop but we can't afford the expense right now.

  415. Our desktop is great but not always where I need it. I spend a lot of time waiting for kids between sporting events and school that I could put to good use with a netbook.

  416. I would love to have something travel sized. I only have a desktop (about 5 years old) and end up printing out a ton of stuff when we travel, it would be nice to take the computer with.

  417. I have a custom made one from Cheap Guys computors and I love it - it is faster than my husbands desktop! I have so much in this thing that I will never use all the space I have I don't think I will ever need another one!!

  418. I have a desktop at home that I got 6 years ago because I needed a computer with a printer and internet. Net time probably a netbook for portability and I don't do graphic design work

  419. We have a desktop and a laptop. Both are getting up there in age and are slowing down. A netbook would be great as I like to carry my heavy laptop around to wherever I feel like sitting.

  420. My daughter and I have laptops but my husband doesn't so he uses mine. I would love to win one so he could have one of his own and wouldn't need to borrow mine.

  421. we use a desktop and a laptop... chosen for value and portability respectively... and our next purchase will be either a laptop or a netbook... or a desktop depending on what we need at the time.

  422. I have a desktop (3yrs old) that my son (5th gr.) uses for home work and such, and he and my 6yr old daughter fight over to play games on. I primarily use a Sony Vaio laptop to surf, shop, do photos, etc. Netbooks are useless to me. I'm very nearsighted and the screen is just to small.

  423. We have a desktop but I've been drooling over those netbooks because they're not only affordable but I love the fact that I won't be chained to the desk anymore. There are times I'd love to actually sit outside while I'm online and a netbook would suit the bill perfectly.

  424. I currently am on a 2002 Windows XP HP Pavilion, with a Pentium4 processor. Current computer is really slow and cumbersome to deal with, but having a netbook would make it much easier to work with and would be much faster. Have heard a lot about Intel Atoms being top of the line + fast processors.

  425. I have a dell desk top that I use and my son uses a laptop. It would be nice to have my own netbook for a change.

  426. The last computer I bought was a Gateway Laptop for my son because his laptop was stolen. I will probably buy myself one within the next 1-3 yrs.

  427. I have a desktop with a huge screen because it is getting harder to read those small screens. I would love this netbook as I am traveling more and it would be great

  428. I had a G3 Powerbook but it doesn't turn on anymore so I am usually tethered to my iMac. I must admit I am charmed by the teeniness of netbooks. I wish Apple would come out with one!

  429. Wow, great giveaway Stephanie! We have a desk top and we are slowly having it hijacked by our 5 year old! It would be amazing to have a portable computer in the house! Netbooks seem to be a great idea!

  430. Dad fried his desktop about 2 months ago and stole my macbook from me. Sharing a computer with your dad is no fun, esp when you are an internet junkie like I am. Having this would be amazing for both of us. Trust me, lots more happy in this house that is for sure!

  431. Learn something new everyday. Now I know what a netbook is. Oh, the things people just keep inventing. I have a desktop...a really old desktop. I can't complain though because it still works really well. Someday, in the far and distant future I'd love a laptop. The portability angle makes me nearly drool over those things. Of course, by the time I can afford one we'll probably just be perma-wired to super mini computers.

  432. Right now, I have an HP Laptop. To be honest, I got this PC as a loaner from my father. When I lost my job, I had to send back all of my IT equipment (I was home office based). I have really started to gain an interest in I do think one of these will be my next purchase.

  433. My computer spot is generally in my lap, and is unfortunately a six year old, heavy, noisy laptop. I've been considering getting a netbook for travel, etc. Thanks for the chance!

  434. I currently have a notebook, which I lug around from class to class with me on campus. A netbook would be ideal for note-taking, and have considered getting one for some time. Carrying around my notebook and my college books foretells my future with an arthritic spine!

  435. We currently have a 10+ year old desktop that is at about 99% capacity on memory. It is slow and frustrating, but it's what we've got for now. I would love anything newer and better than what we have, but I am really hoping for a laptop next. It would be so much easier in so many ways, and it would free up space!

  436. Most often I'm sitting on one end of the couch with my laptop propped on the arm of the couch and a stool that doubles as a "table" but my laptop also accompanies me to the dining room table, my bed, the coffee shop down the road and even occasionally my desk! I have a big laptop - but would love a netbook as well :)

  437. I have a gigantic laptop, because at the time I had a traveling sales job where I needed really top notch video capabilities! I am so ready for a pocket sized netbook!

  438. I have a laptop and a desktop, but definitely prefer the laptop. However, I can say that a mini or netbook would be preferable to me while traveling. They are so small and convenient that I think I would carry it everywhere. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  439. I have a HP Pavilion Laptop and I love it. I can be anywhere and surf or blog. But I do have one tiny problem. The hovering hubby. Hubby is locked to the desktop and complains about it. Or should I say moans and groans about being stuck to one room while all his girls are out in the living room. This would allow him to "travel." And keep him off my hit list from taking my laptop when I go to the potty.

  440. We have a desktop in the MBR. Besides the point that it's a pain when the babies are sleeping or either I or my DH turn in early it's kinda old and not working to well lately. We bought a wireless mouse and keyboard so we can hide it out of the kids reach. If only we remembered to put it away because we can never find them after my twins take them for "walks". Luckily only one mouse died after taking a "bath". One day I'll get a laptop or other portable computer to fold up and really keep out of my kids reach and be able to enjoy in any room of my house.

  441. I think a lot of people still buy desktops because they see they can get more bang for their buck (or they feel the laptops are too pricey at their system requirement level). But once you go laptop, you'll never regret it. I'm now at the point where I need a separate netbook for all my connectivity so I can save my (aging) laptop for actual work. So needless to say, I would love love LOVE to win this!

  442. I have a regular sized laptop that I bought before the netbooks became popular. I think if the netbooks had been popular and available when I was looking at laptops I probably would have bought one. The only concern I had was the keyboard size but that is something I could adapt to. I think Dell is the only brand of netbook I would consider since it is a brand I have purchased in the past and trust them. Thank you for the chance to win! Good luck everyone, Jeff

  443. I'm always on the computer doing work and other things and the notebook looks like a wonderful laptop that I could take with me wherever I go.

  444. I have a netbook and absolutely love it! We bought my netbook because the hard drive went out in my desktop so instead of buying a new hard drive we figured we could pay a little more and get a better computer. Next I would purchase an external CD drive since there isn't one on the netbook.

    I actually have my netbook plugged into a full size monitor along with a set of speakers and a keyboard. It would be really nice to have a netbook that I could easily grab and take with me when I leave the house without having to unplug every time.

  445. Right now we have a laptop that is on its last legs. It's practically geriatric (in computer years), so it's bulky and doesn't have enough space for all of our pictures and video. Our next laptop/notebook will (a) be lightweight and (b)have an enormous amount of memory!

  446. I use a laptop for 2 important reasons. It perches on my exercise bike so that instead of thinking about how much I hate exercise, I can concentrate on how much I love the internet. The other reason is because I love the mobility and I take it with me all the time. It's a little large, so I could really use a netbook.

  447. i think netbooks are the next wave of personal connection devices; the phone's despite all their capabilities just can't match the screen size you really need to perform many tasks....

  448. We have always had laptops and mostly used them as desktops except for once or twice a year when we travelled. Most of our laptops were hand me downs from my father-in-law.

    After many years, the last laptop died and we had to (gasp) purchase our own computer and we chose a desktop b/c of the price. The irony is that now my husband and I are both working full time for the first time in years so I would love to have a laptop that one of use could use in another room or location while the other is on the desktop.

    thank you!

  449. I've always used desktops until my job, when I received a "work" notebook. I was so very excited until I realized it just made it more likely that I would be working in more places/at more times/etc. Sigh. Happily, it DOES make working easier.

    That being said, I would LOVE a personal netbook. Sounds right up my alley - a portable, easy way to surf the web!

  450. I currently have a laptop. My son thinks it is about the neatest invention ever. Since he is showing a lot of interest, I would love to acquire one for him of is very own. I think he will enjoy it immensely!

  451. We have both a laptop and a desktop. We love both but it is nice to have the laptop during traveling.

  452. I have a ca. 1999 desktop that still works fine... for word processing. I don't use it, but it's still sitting in the computer room. I also have a ca. 2004 laptop that has been amazing... but is on its way out. What can I say, it's taken a lot of abuse over the years. Next on my list is a netbook for everyday use, plus a new desktop for things like graphic design and gaming.

  453. I have a desktop and a laptop. My desktop is an iMac and my laptop is a Sony Vaio. I am pretty disappointed with the iMac. After having it for 3 months, the motherboard went up and Apple had to send me a replacement. It still doesn't work right and for the $$ I spent, I expected much more. My Vaio is okay. It runs really hot for some reason and I'm not a huge Vista fan thus far but the computer does what I need it to do.

    Next, I think I'd get a widescreen 16:9 laptop with a Intel core duo processor. Not sure which brand but maybe something with Windows 7 when it comes out.

  454. I have a desktop and a laptop - but I use my laptop most of the time. I think a netbook would be a great addition!

  455. Our computer is a laptop. We chose a laptop because our home is so small & we did not have the space for a desktop. However, we really, really need a new computer because our toddler pulled all the keys off of it(I seriously was in the bathroom for like 1 minute!) and we are having to use a separate keyboard with this computer. I now never leave it alone with our son for even a second & would love to win this computer:)


  456. I have an iMac G4 that I love, but it isn't mobile, and it's pretty old as far as computers go. I would love a Netbook for its mobility.

  457. I've got a Mac laptop that I got as a hand-me-down from my father-in-law. Probably my next one will be as well and hopefully free to me too!

  458. I have a laptop because hubby bought it for me as a surprise when my desktop died ( and I was going thru withdrawal and sad, let me tell you, mamma was sad! And if mamma aint happy ,aint nobody happy!)

  459. I would LOVE a netbook!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't even gotten a lap top yet!! I have my Dell desk top but it would be so nice to have this, especially, with me due in 8 wks. I won't be able to be confined to one space with a newborn and it would be nice for those late night feedings when I can't go back to sleep. Thanks for the opportunity!!

  460. I have a Dell desktop that I bought a little over 5 years ago. I built this computer exactly the way I wanted it and it has never failed me. I do have plans to buy a laptop within the next year so that I can use it some place other than my office, like for entering sweeps while I watch TV.

  461. We own a laptop but we are always stealing it from one another to use it! A notebook computer sounds really interesting!

  462. My husband has alot of neck and back problems a laptop would be easier for him to use, he could even check his email in bed.

  463. I have a laptop and I love it and will never go back to a desktop. I got it as a christmas gift so I didn't choose the brand. I love being able to use my wireless internet to sit anywhere in my house or even on my deck to work. I also carry it to work (using it at the same time as my desktop at my office) and in the car (when hubby is driving of course). I am considering buying my daughter a netbook for christmas since they are cheaper and she wouldn't need a really powerful computer for book reports and such (she's oly 9).

  464. We have a laptop and love it!!! We purchased it pretty recently because our desktop was very slow. We needed a laptop because we can't be chained down to a desk all the time, we have a family to take care of, etc.

  465. I have a few desktop computers and I have a laptop. My laptop is new, but my favorite desktop is about 5 years old, so I think the next computer I'll buy will be a desktop, but I'll probably just buy parts and put it together myself. sfidance@

  466. I have a desktop and a laptop. My husband loves to find broken old computers, strip all the parts from them, and put them back together into better computers, but he can only do that with desktops. So, I doubt I will need to buy a desktop anytime soon, but I'm sure I will need a new laptop in the next few years. Who knows, maybe I'll go with a netbook instead of a laptop when the time comes. colorfulcarla@

  467. I have a desktop in the basement. Its in the basement because I have absolutely no where to put it. I bought the on Black Friday 4 yrs ago.It came with tower, monitor, mouse and even a printer. It cost me $299. After I got the rebates. What a deal!!!

  468. My partner has a laptop but I've never had one. I really need one, this would be wonderful. I have a desktop but portability would be wonderful.

  469. dunno if i'd bother w/ a netbook at this point, between my laptop not costing that much and my phone doing most everything, it may be overkill.

  470. We have two desktops. I have wanted a laptop for years and years. Now I know that I really have wanted a netbook. I want to be able to it everywhere. I love to write and want to be able sit out on my balcony and write my day away.

  471. You always have interesting things on your site. My husband uses a very old laptop, the battery doesent even work on it, so this would be perfect gift for him. He is a Psycho-Therapist at the army base and deals with soldiers coming back from Iraq and Afganistan, very stressful job so this would be the perfect gift for him! [email protected]

  472. I have a desktop computer, and so far I haven't truly wanted a laptop until I saw these small ones. They are the perfect portable computer.

  473. I have a laptop. I like the portability, but I currently want the power to play games, watch movies, etc. I will probably stick to laptops although my household will more than likely have a new desktop first for my husband. Thanks for the giveaway.

  474. I use a desktop at home and at work, but I'm not inside all day. This netbook model would be great because it's so portable, yet has the features I need! I could just keep it in my tote. It would be very nice to have. Thanks.

  475. This would be SO PERFECT for me! I teach high school English and Journalism, and my personal laptop is very large and heavy, and not very portable. I normally keep it on my desk at home. A smaller one would allow me to take it back and forth to school! I would also be more comfortable taking this one on trips and to parks!

  476. I have a slow desktop hand-me-down,
    I'm not complaining, don't have a frown....
    But it's upstairs where I turn it on,
    I run downstairs and put the washer on.
    Then up the steps and check to see,
    If the monitor screen is ready for me..
    Almost ready, then down I go,
    To let the dog out, I'm moving slow...
    Then up to see who emailed me,
    Then down to let in the dog, you see,
    My legs are tired but up I go,
    The screen is now all set, I know,
    But the washer's making a clanking sound,
    So down I rush, to move clothes around,
    Then up the stairs followed by my dog,
    He runs beside me and enjoys our jog,
    Oops, coffee's done, I tell my pup...
    Down the steps to get my cup,
    Finally I can surf to see new things!
    A second later the doorbell rings,
    and down the stairs I go again,
    It's a Fed Ex delivery, with my WIN!!!

    (I'm dreaming of winning the Dell notebook prize,
    It would be heaven on earth, I realize!)

    [email protected]

  477. I have a notebook but would like to get a netbook. I travel a lot and netbooks seem easier to travel with. I love the small size and light weight.

  478. I have just finished nursing school & plan on taking online classes for some more schooling, this would be the ideal accessory to help me accomplish the classes :)

    Thanks for the GREAT giveaway!

    [email protected]

  479. My husband and I own a Dell Desktop, but he really needs a Netbook for business travel. I would just love to see the look on his face if I won this- he thinks entering contests is a big waste of time.

  480. My current computer is an IBM thinkpad. Right now I am in dental school, so on top of the huge loans I am taking out to pay for school they made us buy these to take to class. While its not a bad computer (actually it is a tablet, so really useful for writing notes) it is just too clogged with school stuff to be useful as a computer I can enjoy at home. With that said I would really love to win that netbook!

  481. I currently have a desktop at home. It's a bit old and was the best option at the time of purchase. I think I'll go with a netbook next time around because I simply don't need something really powerful and I'm tired of being limited to one room.

  482. My husband and I have been thinking about getting a new computer because ours is over 8 yrs old and well things don't work quite like they did before. This is a good option.

  483. Hey Dell your gettin a dude. Seriously, This is a great prize since I travel so much. It is more convenient than the notebook.

  484. I have a laptop but it getting to become a really pain, i would love a new notebook, because it would be one more thing less to worry about.

  485. I have a desk top but would LOVE a net book. With a toddler so hard to stay tied to the desk to get work e-mails. Fingers crossed!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  486. I currently have a desktop but would love to have a netbook. It would be so wonderful to blog while lounging in the hammock outside. I hate to sit at a desk all day when I could be outside enjoying a bit of sunshine.

  487. I'm one of those people that have a desktop, but I really want to get a netbook so badly. I love how light these are and how they are compact and portable. It's amazing how far technology has come. Thanks for this chance.

  488. I have a large (17") laptop, but I'd like totry out a netbook. I'm not sure how I'd like the smaller keys, but I'm willing to give it a shot!!

  489. Netbooks serve as a cheap computer that only has limited purposes. Notebooks are portable pcs that have high capabilities making them pricier than netbooks.

  490. I have a desk top computer. It would be nice to have a laptop to take with me to work and on vacation. I fell so out of touch with the digital world without one. So please pick my entry for a new laptop.

  491. i've could have really used this on vacation recently. i get a lot of emails and it is so hard to try to keep up with them on the phone. i've been pricing them lately and this does sound like a good deal

  492. I'm stuck to the desk.
    A laptop would be fantastic.
    Especially with wifi so I can take
    it upstairs with me or even when
    I travel so I don't have to use the library's or
    the hotel's computer.
    Thanks for the chance!

  493. We currently have a laptop, on the older side -- these days it seems 3 years is "on the older side"! It still serves us well, but I am having to resist my husband's urge to get us a newer one. What is it with software engineers??

    However, I have been eyeing netbooks lately. I love the idea that they are small, and light enough to carry around, and yet offer the functionalities I use most often.

  494. Our desk top is in the office/craft room. My lap top stays next to my seat in the living room, my husbands stays in the family room and my net book stays next to my bed. Could use another net book for my son.

  495. That's different, a netbook? Have not seen one of those yet. Seems like a good idea. Lot of times I only want to use the net not all my programs.

  496. I have both a desktop and a laptop. I use the desktop for the "heavy" jobs, such as video processing, graphics, gaming, office, etc. The laptop I use for mobile internet access for now, but will be preparing for use as a media center for the big screen tv, and would like a netbook level system to take over its jobs.

  497. I have a desktop, however, not too crazy about it. I chose it because at the time, it was good for me....Now, I really want a netbook, since I only use the computer for the internet. I would love one, honestly. Thank you

  498. I have a desktop and my husband has a laptop so we won't fight over one computer. I love the conveience and portability of a laptop but we keep our main files (pictures,music) on the desktop because of its large storage space

  499. we have a desktop right now that is pretty old. we bought it for our kids to help do school work originally. but now our daughter is going to college this fall and could probably use a notebook computer. we have never owned a laptop so i don't know the difference in the netbook and notebook.

  500. such a cool thing to give. i have a dell inspiron 1525 laptop in green color. my hubby gifted it to me coz his last one died and went to heaven.
    trying to revive it to get my stuff from it.

    i love this but my nxt purchase might be macbook pro. :) i want to win this one though! :)

  501. I have a pc because I didn't realize when we went computer shopping how much a laptop would come in handy less than a year later. I love my pc but I sure would appreciate a laptop so I could move around some while doing my work. My next purchase will be a laptop.

  502. I have a desktop in the breakfast nook of my kitchen. It's nice for most things, but I've been looking at netbooks and notebooks since I'm on the train for over 2 hours a day. They have free wifi, but my blackberry isn't good for doing much.

    I wonder if I can play games and login remotely while on the train? Might allow me to look busier than normal :)

  503. I currently have a desktop from Dell. I got it when I was in college so I can play games on it. My next purchase would probably be a laptop since the specs are really catching up to the desktops.

  504. I have a desktop as I got a laptop from work, so I can "borrow" that for travel. I chose Dell mainly for the ability to build it to my specifications, but I have to say that I'll never buy from them again as their customer service was so horrible when I had system problems. Next time I think I'll go to Tiger Direct or NewEgg and build one on my own.

  505. Wow, versatility of a laptop?! I could work anywhere? Really? I have had a desktop for years, actually it is the only computer I have ever had. I have used laptops and LOVE the versatility they offer. So many times I would like to enjoy a cup of coffee and do a little work. But alas, I would have to do this at home. I know as my children get older I will have to get another computer, and I will push really hard for a laptop. The convenience is indescribable!


  507. The netbook would be most useful to me because of traveling around. A laptop just gets in the way too much...and I don't need all that power.


  509. I am chained to a desktop. An HP with XP, haven't bought a new one because I am afraid of Vista, LOL.
    I would love to try this netbook.
    Thanks for explaining the differences.

  510. I just got a Dell laptop, but I'm thinking about getting a netbook for when I travel and I just want to check my email since it smaller to travel with

  511. We have two areas for the laptop (MacBook):

    The office off the living room. Used mostly when we have company or need the quiet away from the dogs.

    The other space is in the TY room. It makes it easier to check email, pay bills or surf the web and still be able to watch a TV program.

    Having a notebook would eliminate the need to carry the laptop back and forth. Thanks!

  512. I have a desktop and it's alright in terms of functionality, but it's not very convenient. I can't travel with it and it takes up a lot of space on my desk at home. Next I would like to get a laptop of some sort, but I'm confused as to which I might purchase.

  513. I have an HP Compaq Presario Desktop which is ok but eventually I want to do some design-related stuff so will probably purchase a MAC at some point in the future. I like the idea of the 'mini's' though as portability is what it's all about these days. And they're great for backup too I'd suppose. I would love to have any kind of laptop at this point since I have never owned one and would like to be able to carry my computer on vacations or to other places. Thanks for having this giveaway.

  514. I use a desktop, but as our son has entered his toddler years, that has become more difficult. There is a lot for him to get into in our computer room - it's not as babyproof as everywhere else! We purchased this desktop when our laptop needed to be replaced because I wanted to be able to do more with digiscrapping and video editing, and the desktops seemed to perform better for those things. We'd love to have a laptop or netbook to take with us when we go places, or even just to use on the couch sometimes when being in the computer room isn't convienent.

  515. Hi Stephanie. I currently have a desktop and would love to get a laptop or a netbook as my next purchase. I decided upon a desktop for the memory and thought my kids would need the extra space for gaming purposes and indeed that has come in handy, but for my own selfish reasons, I would like a handy, portable laptop or netbook to grab and take with me on the go. I am also writing a book and would like to have it with me when the "mood" strikes or an idea gets me and I need to write it down quickly. That being said, my finances are limited so I'm entering every sweepstake I can find on the Internet so maybe fate will smile upon me and send me one :) BTW: I happen to love Twilight too and I'm 43!

  516. I have a laptop for work, and a desktop for pleasure. The desktop is 3 years old, and SLOW, so it does not give me pleasure, only pain. I'm not able to use my work laptop for personal use, so I'm stuck waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for pages to load on the old desktop to do anything. If I could afford a new computer (I can't), I would probably get a laptop rather than a desktop because they are so versatile and compact. This is my first "online sweepstakes" I've ever entered. Wish me luck!! Hope I win! P.S. CUTE kids!

  517. I sadly don't have a desktop anymore. I go online at friends houses when I have the chance. However, I remember when I did have a desktop how annoying it was when I had to jump up and leave to go somewhere and I had a ton of stuff up on the screen and I wasn't able to leave it up there(was a shared computer).

  518. I have a desktop. My son is going to college in a month and he needs a laptop soon. We have a Dell and like it.

  519. I have an iMac desktop. I really use it the most at home, so that's the reason I chose it. If I were to buy another one, I'd probably get an iBook......the netbooks have me fascinated though!

  520. Oh my goodness, I'd love to win this seriously. We currently have a desktop that is old, but it works. We've been looking at a lot of laptop lately with my husband back in school and my review site becoming bigger. We aren't sure what to go with - we've been looking at a lot of Dell's but once we think we're ready to get one we decided maybe we should wait, blah, blah!

    Thanks for a great giveaway! By the way, thanks for visiting my site and commenting. I love to hear from you. God Bless.

  521. I currently have a laptop. I do that you can take a laptop anywhere with you. As a student, I take my laptop to work. At home I can sit on my bed and do homework. I would love to check out a netbook though

  522. I have a desktop. I won it in a sweepstakes, and it has been doing the job for me for the past several years. If I need to replace it, I would get another desktop since I am used to it.

  523. At the moment I have a laptop that I got for school. I keep it posted in the living room because well, this thing is kind of like a brick. Moving it is a pain.
    Even though I did get it for school, it has become more of a place where I do my artwork. I would actually prefer a smaller netbook to be able to carry it and take it along with me. Inspiration can hit at anytime, and I would like to have it on person when it does.

  524. My FIL just bought a netbook and let me play around on it. I was so jealous and want one of my own, lol! Perfect size for taking with you unlike the desktop I have. :)

  525. I have a laptop, purchased when notebooks were just starting to be on the market and were terribly expensive. My laptop is getting very old and slow and will soon need to be replaced and we are now looking at what is available out there. Any information that you have offered will be of great help in making a choice.

  526. Right now I have a desktop in my laundry room. I am comfortable using a desktop because I've worked in offices most of my life. Nevertheless I see my classmates using both laptop and netbook. {Yes, I'm older than their mothers!} I am hearing impaired and have a special listening device to hear the teachers and classmates. I would so like to get either a laptop or netbook so that I can take better notes.

  527. I have a desk top, price was the the time, laptops were quite beyond my price range. I have been yearning for a notebook computer for years. I have been toying with the idea of purchasing a netbook, but am nervous about such a new product.

    Thank you for the informative info on these portable devices...I like my new information to be brief and to the point...good job! :-)

  528. I'm currently using an Acer small profile system with a widescreen monitor. My desktop is awesome but I long for a more portable solution.

    Btw, you are stunning looking and so are your husband and children, the entire family ought to model.

  529. Currently, I have a desktop at home. I find a desktop is a great way to go if you are primarily going to need a computer at home. I was thinking my next purchase would either be a laptop or a notebook so that I had something I could take on business trips

  530. My family doesn't own a laptop simply because we cannot afford to purchase one but I have always wanted one because the desktop always seems to be in use and when we need to look something up, we don't want to bother the person online with something that may interupt with what they are doing.

  531. I would love a netbook! Just the portable factor is huge for me! Also, I wouldn't have to fight over computer time with the kiddos cuz Mama could just take the netbook and hide. LOL


  532. I own an older-model Dell laptop. Or maybe I should say I "used to" own one because it's been in my 8 year old's bedroom for months :) It's great for her to play on but I would love something newer to be able to do work from home. We own a desktop computer as well but it is also an older model and my husband uses it for his work.

  533. I was just telling my husband that I want a netbook! I currently just have a desktop and this would be amazing!

  534. We have a desktop that is on the second floor landing. I am disabled, and stay down in the finished half of our basement. It is SO hard on me, because I'm disabled w/severe scoliosis, to get to the computer. I would REALLY LOVE, NEED, AND APPRECIATE this netbook!!! - Scoliosis Steve/[email protected]

  535. I have only had desktops (got a new one this past Christmas), but it wouldn't hurt to have a laptop, especially while I'm attending an art school.
    I'm more particular to desktops since they're what I'm used to, and they were gifts.

  536. I agree, a laptop is great for moms!! I have one that the wireless card just went out on, so it is now a "desk top" :( It is such a change from it being so portable before!

  537. I have a desktop only - it was given to me as a gift several years ago. I would love a netbook for its portability and versatility. If I were in a position to purchase something now, a netbook would be my choice.

  538. Oh my gosh, what a great giveaway! My laptop just died (though to be fair, it was not a fancy Mac, just a regular old Dell). We are looking at some new ones, because me and my husband don't play nice with the desktop sharing! :) I liked my Dell a lot, I have always been more of a PC girl, do you see any downsides to having a Mac over a PC?

  539. We have his & hers desktops and a laptop that makes the rounds depending on who needs it, but having a netbook would be amazing, as is this giveaway... thank you!

  540. I have a gateway laptop. i like it just fine, although for carrying around its a PITA. well, then i went and bought a 8.9" eeePC. well it doesnt have a working F key and theres no cd drive. the hard drive is all used up from the operating needless to say it was a waste of 169$. i gave it to my daughter. she has to copy and paste an F from a web page. but i would like to have a smaller netbook for the traveling aspect. it must have a bigger hard drive though. geez. thanx

  541. I take mine to work. I work third shift taking care of disabled people in the community, an there is always someone within range that has a wireless network set up, so I can do my online courses during slow times.

  542. A Dell Netbook. What a great concept. How interesting would that be to own one? We have an ancient desktop computer, which is on the verge of exploding. Not literally. lol I would absolutely love to sit on my sofa on my days off from work and watch t.v. and play on the Dell Netbook at the same time. That is if I could keep it out of my daughters hands. Well, Dell is a great company and whomever wins, i hope they cherish this great prize. My hat goes off to Dell and thank you for giving me this opportunity to win.

  543. Wow! What a great prize.

    I currently am on a desktop because I need more RAM than a laptop could provide. But I think that gap is getting smaller as technology improves. My husband brought home a laptop from work after our daughter was born so that he could take a bit of a paternity leave. He's back at work now but we still have the loner laptop and I have been using it from time to time. When you have kids it's all about needing portability.

  544. My computer spot is our third bedroom a.k.a. the cat's bedroom. It also houses my husband's parakeets which I call the cat's live entertainment.

  545. I would love to have one of these as I travel a lot and my current notebook is rather bulky. I dread having to go on vacation or travel for work because it's such a pain to take along but I have to but I've been looking into netbooks and this one looks great. Thanks.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  546. We're still using a desktop that has a lot of power (for us), but obviously lacks mobility. We bought it for business use, and still works fine. However, we're aiming towards a decent laptop/netbook to provide wireless mobility around the house and around town.

  547. I have a desktop at home but would like to have the nettop to take on vacation and use with my 6 grandkids who love to work the computer.

  548. Thanks for this article! I actually didn't know the difference between a netbook and a notebook before reading this.

  549. I have a desktop right now, but I could really use something for my schoolwork. I'm in my 2nd semester of college (at 26, LOL!) and it's difficult to share the computer with everyone when I've got something that must be done. Thank you for the great giveaway!

  550. I currently have a laptop. I got it before starting college about 5 years ago and I'm still using it today. Not sure what I'll be looking for in the future. Probably another laptop - they seem to work well for me.
    [email protected]

  551. We have 2 desktops. My kids use theirs for video games and mine I use for general purpose and photo editing. I prefer the feel of the keyboard of a desktop and the graphics and clarity for the photos.

  552. I have a laptop and I like it, except for the huge 17 inch screen! I wasn't really thinking about portability when I bought it. It will be a while until I can afford a new one, but when I do I am definitely going to go with a smaller screen. Thank you!

  553. My husband and I each have a desktop that is over five years old. We'd both love something new, but can't afford it.

  554. I had an HP laptop for like 4 days, when a friend let me borrow it, and I just fell in love! Due to my budget, and taking care of a two year old, all I'm using now is an old hand me down desktop. It works but takes up alot of space.If I was able to afford it, I would go ahead and buy a laptop and get rid of this desktop. Oh and by the way, my office space is my room lol.

  555. YOUR TURN: Do you have a desktop, a notebook/laptop, or a netbook? What made you choose your current device and what do you think you will purchase next?

    I have a desktop, and would love a laptop. It's always an issue when we travel, as my husband's laptop must be left at work. I have to hope I can find a computer at a local library.

    Hopefully, I'll be able to get some $ together in the future (or win this!) to buy a laptop. It would really streamline my life, and I could sit and be online anywhere instead of always being stuck at this desk.

  556. I have a laptop that was a gift - but it is way too heavy and the screen is too big (17") to take to college so I need to get a new, smaller notebook this summer!

  557. We currently have a desktop because it was the most economic purchase at the time

    I would love to have a laptop or netbook though for the living room / around the house

  558. I own an HP laptop currently... I love it because I can take it anywhere. I'm on the go a lot so I could never go back to a desktop! My twin sister owns a MAC book and loves it but I'm so confused by it!

  559. I currently have a Dell Inspirion (nifty green color! 15 in monitor) & while I love it I've currently started researching Netbook/Mini's I've narrowed down my brands to Dell & Acer. I love the even smaller size and maybe I can actually get back to writing. (I have an hour commute on the LIRR each way but I really hate schelping my hefty 8lb (sarcasm I remember my older 17 in laptop I swear it weighed a ton!) a 3 or 4 lb mini would easier to just toss in the bag & plug away with open office :)

  560. I have a Dell inspiron and like it a lot. I've had it for some time and it's been a little outdated but it still works fine. I was given it from work.I'd like my wife to have a computer also and I think this newbook would be perfect because she travels alot and it would be easy to transport with her wherever she goes on business. Right now she has an OLD HP that is on its last legs for a tun of reasons.

  561. I have a Macbook which I love, love, love. Although it wasn't "cheap" by any means I love the sleek style and ease of use. I chose it after checking out everything else. I wouls LOVE LOVE LOVE the netbook for my mother! She is 75 years old and actually WANTS to learn how to use a computer!!! The size and ease of use of it would be perfect for her!

  562. I have a desktop computer at my office that I use. Money is tight so I haven't been able to get a laptop or try the new netbooks. I got a desktop because I have a chiropratic office and need it there for apppointments and such. I chose a HP because way back in the day that way the only brand that had a lot to choose from. I would love to buy a netbook next for my mother who I think would LOVE to take it with her everywhere.

  563. My laptop is on its last leg. Six years of hard use has taken it's toll. I would appreciate this netbook since I can't afford to purchase a new computer for myself right now. Thanks for the offer!

  564. I would LOVE my mom to get a notebook computer as she is eager to learn how to use one and I think she will be able to contact our relatives so easily!

  565. I have a Macbook but I've been really intrigued by the netbooks I've seen.. I love to bring my notebook everywhere so it'd be easier if it were smaller. I bought the Macbook because I love my ipods and wanted to see what Apple laptops were all about but I'd definitely consider a mini the next time around :)

  566. I have a desktop. Boring. I would love to get a netbook for my daughter because it's portable. She can take homework to her grandmother's or when we go drink coffee/tea. I just love the size and the price.

  567. My computer is an old Compaq desktop that shuts itself down constantly. ( Very annoying when I'm in the middle of a pogo game,lol) I am saving up for a new computer, I'm a long way off, but when I get there I am definitely getting a laptop or netbook, as I want somethign portable that I can use at my desk or sitting in bed.
    [email protected]

  568. I have a desktop at home hooked up with a printer, large monitor and speakers, a laptop for work because I had to have portability before netbooks came out and my next one will be a netbook for fun.

  569. I have a desktop. I have been thinking about getting a laptop the next time I upgrade. I have always wanted a laptop but at the same time not sure if I would be pleased with it. I would hate to get one and be disappointed. However I now they have come along way. It would be nice to be able to just pick it up and take wherever you wanted to.

  570. I'm happy with my desktop computer (really appreciate the large monitor when I'm reading a lot), but am yearning for a laptop to take with me when I'm on the go.

  571. My grandsons already took my laptop for their use and if I had one of these , I am sure they would find a way to 'borrow' it too.

  572. I have a PC and it does fine, but isn't portable. Having a Netbook would allow me to do my writing at the kitchen table, on the couch, in bed, etc. Not all of my creative thoughts come when I am at the desk.

  573. I currently have an HP laptop...pretty old now...I've thought about getting a Dell because of the great customer service! thanks :)

  574. I would LOVE to buy a notebook someday, but my husband has been unemployed since the middle of January and we just couldn't justify it. It would be great to be able to load all my photos & photoshop and take my computer to a coffee shop to work on my digital scrapbooking! :) Thanks for your great blogs!

  575. I have a macbook. It is wonderful, as you must already know. The netbooks do have there charm, but they would have been really nice to have when I was a freshman in college and needing to jot down so many notes. If I ever get my side business going, I might want to get an imac, or just get a large screen to hook up to good ol macbook to process photos.

  576. I have a desk top, but I've been thinking of making the switch. It would be especially helpful if I needed to head over to work at the library.

  577. Thanks for all the blog and computer info lately. It's been very interesting and helpful and i'm enjoying reading your blog.
    We have a desktop at home (but it's a pretty MAC, so it's ok ;) ) The big screen is great for my business.
    I have a lap top as well that my work has given me to work from home with.

  578. I have a Dell laptop. It goes lots of places with me. I sprung for the super battery so it can go a little over 4 hours without having to be charged. I find that amazing and totally worth the extra $100 I paid for the battery!!

    My husband has an iMac. But because the computer and monitor are one, it's as easy to move around our house as my laptop is!! Obviously we can't take it to the coffee shop with us, but we move it out to the living room to watch movies all the time.

  579. We have like a thousand laptops. Mostly macs, of course (would Chris have it any other way? I think not.) But I have family members who would LOVE to have the netbook (they're chained to a desktop) and I would be their favorite if I gave it to them! :)

  580. Our spare bedroom is my office spot! I have a laptop, but I enjoy having a desk to work at. My laptop is not all that small, so I don't really take it anywhere with me...So, I'd love this Netbook to make me more portable! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  581. i have a desktop, and it drives me nuts. it's upstairs in the office. well my kids are always downstairs, so i rarely use the computer. one day i'll afford a notebook/netbook. please enter me

  582. I use the "family" desk top computer and of course I have to try and squeeze in a little time in between my teenage son playing games and my husband checking his email. I would LOVE to have a netbook. It would be just perfect for me. Small enough to be portable...I could take it everywhere with me. What a wonderful giveaway! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win such a fantastic prize.

  583. I have a desktop and my hubby has a laptop...a MAC, actually. I was very against buying a MAC but now that we have it I actually like it. No, I love it! It's wonderful. I love having a laptop. It's very convenient. It'd be nice to have my own laptop. :)

  584. We have both a laptop and a desktop right now but, sadly, the desktop barely gets any use except to print stuff. :P Both are DELLs right now b/c of the great price! A netbook sounds great to be able to surf safely without worrying about hackers and other security problems since you won't be storing any personal info on there. What a great idea! :)

  585. I think that it is hilarious that she thinks its HER office, that sounds like something that my son would say. I love my laptop as much as you love yours, except mine isn't as portable because I have to share it with my husband, so it would be nice to have a netbook that I could take with me when I have to go out of town.

    autumn398 @

  586. My husband is a web developer so between us we have MANY computers in our house. I personally have a MacBook (he does too, but his is the Pro). I had a HP laptop previously and got so frustrated with various "issues" it would have. We also Looooovvveee our Macs! Our 3yr old son is also a fan of the computer and begs us daily for some computer time. We've talked about getting him a netbook so he'd have something of his own. What a cute comment from your daughter about HER office- Love it!

  587. I have a desktop that was great in its time. I needs to be replaced. I was thinking of getting another one, as they are inexpensive & I have a nice, new screen for it. I'm also looking at a laptop and your confidence in Mac is swaying...A netbook would be a great household tool that everyone can use. I may still want a laptop for personal use.

  588. We have a desk top (a hand-me-down from Raytheon) and a Dell laptop. I know it should be portable, but I've never really figured out how to transport it AND then also get it to do what I want it to do. Maybe someday! ha

  589. Right now I have a little Asus eee mounted under my kitchen cabinet. It used to be my main computer, but my requirements grew. Now I keep it for kitchen use--menus, grocery lists, and recipes. I miss using that little thing every day. Minis are great!

    I have an older, beat up Dell laptop that my dad wore out before he passed it on to me. It works, so no complaints!

    I used to have a beautiful Dell laptop. Oh, how I loved it! But I spilled apple juice on it.

    My husband, on the other hand, has a Macbook, two desktop linux machines, and an iPod touch at his disposal. I shouldn't be jealous. He's a programmer. He kinda needs his computers. But he always gets the good stuff, and I always get the hand-me-downs. Sigh. I know I'm not winning this one. The odds just aren't good for that, but thanks for letting me vent about my laptop woes!

  590. I have a macbook. I LOVE it!!! Now that my daughter is enjoying computer time, I've been thinking about getting another computer and may make it a netbook just due to price. It for sure will be notebook or a netbook but sadly not a mac since it's just to expensive right now.

  591. I have a laptop and couldn't live without it. I usually find myself working at the kitchen table. Or the office.

    Why I chose the laptop? Honestly, my husband works at a computer company, so the choice was easy. :)

    Hope you are well, Stephanie!

  592. I use our desktop in the office right now since my laptop hard drive has failed and we're saving up for a new one! I preferred the laptop since I work from home and it was nice to feel like I was a part of the action in the family room. Although I will say that having my desktop in the office makes it a dedicated work space! And right now I have to borrow my husband's work laptop to do my work when we're out of town....

  593. I don't know anyone who has a netbook, but have seen them on tv lately and they look very cool. Would love a new addition to our technology. Right now we mainly just use a desk top!