Now I Ate My A,B,C's...

Now I Ate My A,B,C's... 1

"Imagine spelling out “I Love You” in ice letters….teaching little ones to count with “Jello” numbers…or saying “Happy Birthday” in shortbread cookies..." 

Now, you can. The Spoon Sisters is proudly featuring Letter and Number Ice Trays for your summer afternoon pleasure. 

I, for one, am very excited about the Jello idea. I know my daughter is going to get a kick out of eating her A, B, C's...and I am thrilled that I will be able to teach her an important skill in a super fun way.  

You can choose from Letters sold as a set of 3 for $19.95, Numbers sold as a single tray for $9.95, or buy the set of Letters and Numbers for $29.90.

Now I Ate My A,B,C's... 2P.S. While you're on the Spoon Sisters site, you really should shop around a bit (or at least "window shop"). They offer some off-the-wall and unconventional things that might suit your style. 

WIN IT! There will be 14 winners (yes, I said 14!). Each winner will receive a complete Letters and Numbers Ice Tray set. To enter, simply leave a comment on this post prior to Saturday, May 24 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). The winner will be announced and contacted on Sunday, May 25. * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The 14 winners are #225 Andrea, #272 Pamela Hansen, #154 Misty Wright, #22 MizFit, #49 Pauline M., #276 Krista, #46 Laura, #219 Kristen, #7 Tanya Moyer, #345 Suzie, #115 Lindsey, #234 Becca, #51 Christine, and #6 Erica. Congratulations!

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396 comments on “Now I Ate My A,B,C's...”

  1. Great idea! I would love this for my two little boys. It makes learning fun and I could use it for so many different things!

  2. This is a wonderful product! I can think of so many uses for this in my classroom as well as at home with my daughter. With the new healthy kick at school, we could make letter jigglers and the students could spell what they want to eat, LOL! I work with choldren in K-5, and I think they all would be excited to use these letters or numbers. I think it would give them a new way to practice spelling!

  3. the idea with letter and number shaped jello can go above and beyond in my house! i think it would also be neat to have juice in different fun

  4. I love these!!! I would like to win these to make jello for my son. I think these would be great!

  5. These could be used for so many different things! I'm sure the kids would love them- thanks for the chance to win :)

  6. Those look like they would be so fun!!! Frozen juice or Kool aid would not water down drinks and they are educational as well! Good Luck to all! Have a fun and safe holiday! Thanks for sponsoring this contest!

  7. These are perfect. I work with ELL students. Reinforcing knowledge of the English alphabet, and the English number system is key to success with these students. I would love to use these in the classroom. Thanks for this opportunity!

  8. These are great! What a clever idea. With two young boys at hom who are learning letters and numbers, I would have a lot of fun with these.

  9. These are GREAT. We're teaching letters and numbers right now with both my girls and how FUN would these be. I love the Spoon Sisters site, they have amazing products.


  10. Our boys love to read off their numbers and letters off every sign we pass imagine the fun they would have eating them too!

  11. What a great many things you can make with these trays. I have all kinds of ideas popping into my please count me in for the drawing. And thanks for hooking up so many of us with the opportunity to win these fun trays.

  12. What a GREAT shop! Thanks for the tip! These are super cool. What a fun thing for kids just learning to recognize their numbers and letters.

  13. i love this ,i have a preschooler and a kindergartener that love to learn and would truly enjoy finding ways to use these

  14. This is sooo neat! I'd love to win one of these. I plan on making my son babyfood in a few months and I usually freeze it in batches. It would be fun for my daughter to help me feed the baby and learn her letters that way!

  15. oh how I looked everywhere for this 9 years ago but I would so love this now PLEASE PLEASE...thanks for Your sweepstakes

  16. This summer when your pool gets too warm for comfort save those gallon milk and juice containers and fill them three quarters full of water. Then freeze them. after frozen you can throw as many as it takes into the pool to cool it down. have fun.

  17. With all the birthday , Halloween, and all the cook outs, I could really use this. Please enter me, thank you

  18. Oh we'D really have a lot of fun with these number and letter trays when my neices and nephews come over. I'll teach them their kindergarten "sight words" yet! We'll make silly words too. These are great!!!

  19. This is a neat idea. I like to make fresh juice, in the juicer, and in the summer, freeze it for a healthy snack... I wonder if this would work - it's definitely not a finger food, more of a popsicle. Hmmm...

  20. This would be used a lot in our house we don't have a ice dispenser hooked up so we make them the old fashioned way in trays and the kids love shapes. I really need to try putting other things in like jello

  21. I just love these. I can think of so many cute ideas for my own kids, and for the class I teach at church. Thanks for the contest.

  22. Those are great, I would love to win them for my daughter. She is really struggling with her numbers and letters and gets very frustrated with me. Just this morning, she told me "I'm not learning my numbers until Pre-K!"

  23. These look like they would make decorating so much easier. They are also better for making cookies than cookie cutters.

  24. My kids would love this. 4 of my kids are ages 6 and under, and we love to do creative things in the kitchen.

  25. These looks so fun! How perfect for my 3 year old son who is completely obsessed with letters and numbers right now. We just had letter pasta for dinner so now we need to get these molds for letter shaped jello!

  26. What a great idea!! Just in time for summer! My son and I can use them to make ice cubes out of juice! He's just learning to spell and count these would be amazing!

  27. Dish Gloves, Key Caps, Salad Sac... HandyMan's Helper Magnetic Wristband - Sorry about that - one pf my kitties kept stepping on the "ENTER" key...

  28. Wow - I am so - impressed that I opened an account and have already built a substantial
    "Wish List" (I spent the past hour plus perusing the entire site!) Favorites? Too numerous to list here are:
    Pet Fish Soap in a Bag

  29. My daughter is 7 but still loves her alphabet soup! I am sure she would be thrilled with these..I can even imagine setting up games around these for playdates; during snacktime!
    bvbabybv at

  30. These are so neat. It would be a great way to help my daughter have fun learning her letters and numbers. I would use them to make jello, ice cubes, koolaid/juice cubes and many other things. Thanks for the great contest!

  31. This is a great idea! I have an online/catalog teacher supply business that is just getting off the ground, so I'll let my customers know about this. In the meantime I'll have fun with them if I win a set! Thanks!

  32. These are great. I can see jello jigglers with a name or message around a cake or jello mold. Or just a way to have small children learn to spell their names and such. Or if you use plastic wrap to line, you could do paper mache letters for school projects and posters.

  33. These are such fun products! My 3-yr old loves baking projects, and of course Jell-O, too. We would have a blast with these!

  34. Oh my goodness, I really want these. I have a one year old and a two year old. These would be so perfect, my two year old is just starting to learn different letters! THANKS!

  35. My two little nieces would love these. They love making jello and eating it! The oldest starts kindergarden in the fall and could learn a lot before then

  36. how awesome! both of my girls would love these. and what fun and unique ice cubes~! please etner us patsmandy at yahoo dot com thanks

  37. I smell summer fun! (and tasty treats) what better way to learn then by getting to make and eat! your numbers and letters. We are working on reading with our older 2 and this has my brain bubbling with fun ideas.

  38. the letters and numbers are so cute,it reminds me
    when i was a young girl.Growing up with my brother
    and sisters making ice pops.

    Thank you

  39. My daughter is starting Kindergarten in the fall and is a wee bit anxious. It would be really fun to get ready for school over the summer with some letter or number games using ice, muffins, etc.

  40. very cool my daughter would love these I could see making letter ice cubes and during a slumber party they bob for ice letters and the one they get is the first initial of a boy who likes them, ah the tween years

  41. These would be nice to give to my daughter in law.
    She likes to make things and is so creative.
    Thank you...

  42. These are adorable. I love the letters and numbers -- these would be great to take to a school party. (Or as a gift for your favorite teacher.)

  43. I've seen some novel ice cube trays recently, but none have the potential for mischief like ice letters. And the numbers have "nerd party" written all over them (Coca-Cola sudoku, anyone?).


  44. I saw about 427 things I didn't know I needed until I visited the spooner sisters site. i love their taste, brilliant site.

  45. Oh, oh, oh I love this idea. Ice cubes, frosting, WOOHOO! My son loves ice and these would be so fun to have for him. Please enter us to win .

  46. I think these would be great to incorporate into kids' art projects! I'd love to win and give it a whirl...

  47. This would be a terrific thing to use to make any occasion seem special or unique way to ask someone something.

  48. Wow. When I think about all the parties I have had in the past where I could have used these! Not just jello but well, I have a few Halloween ideas......

  49. I would love making flan in these molds to spell out two little girls names. I know they would also like to make jello. The ideas for these molds are endless. Ice cubes made from juice would be fun too!!

  50. I was just on the Spoon Sisters site the other day and missed these! I still trying to decide if the baby tatts are a good idea or not. But these trays would be a winner!

  51. These are adorable and would be perfect for my 2 preschoolers. I used to have a waffle iron that had letetrs, but it fried up! This would be great to take it's place!


  53. When my kids were small our pediatrician had us make our kids wear white long tee shirts over their bathing suits. They didn't like them, but, did it when he told them what the sun could do to them. I'll bet they would have worn these in a jig second, now, if I won I will bet that they will fight to let their kiddo's wear the sets. These are soooooo much cuter than white tee's!

  54. I have seen cookie cutters with all of the letters of the alphabet but never molds. I could have some much fun sharing these with my little girls and with my students (hopefully i get a teaching postion soon)

  55. Man I just spelled happy birthday with alphabet cookies on cupcakes recently and the cookies ending up getting soggy. I would love to try using these trays out with jello or maybe ice cream would work? It would be so cute to top cake with the birthday age in ice cream numbers.

  56. Love the Spoon Sisters' site, thanks for the link - the taxi booties are just delightful! Please count me in for the ice tray set, this would be a neat way to teach my cherub her letters and numbers.

  57. Very Fun.... Would be great for my sensory table at work... abc's in Jello what fun that would be

  58. I can just imagine the surprise on my granddaughter's face when I present her with jello numbers. She is fascinated by numbers. She will be so impressed. Afterwards she will want to make her own. She likes to make things.

  59. I'd love to win these. My nephew loves anything with the ABCs & 123s and he'd go nuts over these. Thanks for the chance to win!

    Jennifer :-)

  60. I've never seen anything like these before. My son is 3 and I can think of several ways I'd use these. He loves ice cubes so that would be the obvious choice, but I'm thinking frozen yogurt letters. Also, I bet I could spray them with a little non stick and make rice krispee treat letters and numbers for his preschool class too.

  61. What a cute idea! This would provide a fun, as well as educational, thing to do with my grandkids.

  62. Simple but awesome idea! Would love to win and try them with jello. Sure to be a big hit with the kids.

  63. I just browsed the Spoon Sisters sight - what a lot of wonderful, fun products. Just marked it as a favorite to go back & shop.

  64. Man oh man! If I win I will be lettering everything! These are very cute. Thanks for the giveaway.

  65. Those are so neat! I love to make cakes, and these would make GREAT decorations for birthdays or other celebrations for which I am always baking. I'm sure there are a million other uses, but that is what I would most look forward to!

    Thanks for another great giveaway!

  66. I have seen these before and they have been on my "want" list. My daughter loves spelling things out. It'd be fun this summer see what different materials we can make our letters/numbers out of. what a fun way for my daughter to learn her phone number, etc... Thanks for this giveaway!!

  67. These are soo cool. I have a small collection of ice cube trays that make bugs, fish, space objects, cats & dogs. My nieces and nephew would love these!

  68. They look so cute and fun. My kids would love to eat letters and numbers. Very fun and a great idea.

  69. This would be a wonderful thing to win for my daughter. She loves Jell-o and is learning her alphabet as well. Thanks!

  70. What a fun way to teach kids their letters and numbers. All 3 of my kids would love it - I can see them spelling out words in jello or freezing water or juice for ice versions. My girls would have a blast with these! :)

  71. This would be so much fun with my little letter and number lover. I tried alphabet pasta but they got distorted and it was hard to spell things with them but jello would be great!

  72. my grandson helps me cook and bake many things, we could have a lot of fun this summer coming up with ideas using these, thanks

  73. These are great. Could see myself using these nearly every day to keep the kids really happy.

  74. My daughter is just now learning her ABC's so this would be great for her. Thanks for the opportunity.


  75. Would love to win these for my grandkids. They are kindergarten and preschool age so these would be great learning tools.

  76. These are the coolest things ive seen in a long time,ive got a 3 yr old grandson that we are learning his numbers an letters so this would be so perfect for him an his little brother,so please count me in too,thanks so much

  77. What a cute idea. They have so many neat things on their site. I would use these molds for flavored ice cubes to make a fun punch. wonder if you could use them as a sort of ouija board? Cept with punch?

  78. This is soooo neat!!! My grandchildren would love this.... Thanks for the chance to win them!

  79. These trays are awesome! I love spoon sisters and just noticed they have added a "green" section since I last visited.

  80. Those look so fun!!! With the heat already in full swing here in CA, I would use those to make Kool-Aid or juice ice cubes for cool drinks!! With 3 boys, we would find tons of ways to use these!!

  81. I hope we win of these trays because I hope it will assist my very picky toddler in eating more foods.

  82. my son would think these were awesome...he LOVES ice, asks for it all the time, so these would be fun!

  83. What a great prize! my grandchildren and I love to explore in the kitchen. We can have a LOT of fun with these

  84. Hehe, the Scifi Baby Names book looks so awesome, it's funny because my husband and I said if we ever had a boy we were going to name it Arnoc Eater of Worlds. I saw one in there was Moonpie, I would laugh so hard if I ever met somebody named Moonpie. I also like the Mary Jane baby socks I saw, mostly because I don't like putting shoes on our 10 month old so that would be cool, I wonder if people would have to take a second glance to notice that they were socks or if it would trick anybody at all. Well I am hoping to win the letter and number molds since as you said yourself fun way to teach her about numbers and letters. She is already stated on both but you never know when she could skip some numbers and go from 3 to 14 and her ABCs usually consist of UVWXY and Z but hey that's okay with me.

  85. My 20 month old son just loves ice cubes so these would be great for him, especially now its getting close to summer.

  86. Why didn't I think of these adorable letter trays?!
    I suppose hindsight is foresight! They are simply too cute! Such a wonderful treat for children. Please enter me in your delightful giveaway drawing.
    I always appreciate it. Many thanks,Cindi

  87. I would use these to make jello words for my kids. First I would teach them to spell their names.

  88. These would be so wonderful, what a great idea. I could have so much fun with these for the grandkids. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  89. Those would be seriously fun to play around with. I could serve alphabeti spaghetti and alphabet cookies with drinks with alphabet ice! I'd be in abc heaven/ =P

  90. These would be a perfect end of school gift for my son, who will be entering Kindergarten in the fall. This would be a fun and educational way to keep up his Alphabet, reading and spelling skills while on vacation. The possibilities with these are endless! What a great way to reinforce ABC's! Where were these when I was little?

    Oh and I am sure these would make a great teacher's gift, too...hmmmm???

  91. How cute are these!! I love them!! My 2 year old son loves to sing the Alphabet Song and he LOVES having ice cubes in his drink, what a great way to incorporate the ABC's into another daily activity, drinking! Not to mention making jello in these trays, he LOVES jello and would get a kick out of seeing his ABC's all jiggly and squiggly. Thanks for the contest!! [email protected]

  92. How cute are these! My niece is really into abc's right now. She loves to eat abc noodles and is always saying the letters she sees. Ice abc's would be perfect for summer. The girls love to munch on ice and don't mind that there is no flavor (as in popsicles)

  93. These look great. They would be something I would appreciate and use often. Would really love to win!!

  94. What a wonderful prize!!! I can't wait to use these with jello, too cute! Thanks for the contest!

  95. What a fun and yummy way to teach my three-year old her letters and numbers!! This would be so fun to win!

  96. I love the gelatin idea, too, but instead of Jell-O from the store, I use plain (unsweetened, unflavored) gelatin and pure fruit juice to make my "jello" molds. I figure it's a little more natural, so it should be a little bit better.

  97. I love this idea! It's so great to be able to teach kids in such a fun way their numbers and letters. Please enter me. Thank you.

  98. i think this is such a cute idea. When I was a girl I used to love alphabet soup and alpha-bits. i think my wee ones would love this

  99. I love the idea of spelling out something in butter on a stack of pancakes. I would trying filling the molds with softened ice cream and then freezing it again, and with Jello of course.

  100. These are great! Now that it's summer and time for Jell-O again, I can think of all kinds of silly things to do with these.

  101. It would be fun to write out things with these ABC trays. Very neat idea!

    Thanks for the contest.

  102. I'm going to make frozen juice cubes if I win this! I'm not really into the jello thing based on the high sugar or sugar substitute content. But, cookie cubes or ice cubes would rock calvin's little world. We've done the alphabet theme for his bedding. Can't wait for him to learn his letters and numbers. Thanks for the contest!

  103. Those are so cute. They're totally the kind of thing that I would say is just silly and why would I ever waste kitchen space storing it...and then my mom would get it for us and my kid would L O V E it and want to use them every. single. day. And I'd think "how did I get along without these?"

    Of course, I can see using them to make healthy veggie juice and freezing them into little veggie pops or something weird like that.

  104. What a great idea. I hadn't thought that they could be used for jello and other ingredients. The kids would love these.

  105. What a great way to make teaching fun, I looked at the site and you are right lots of different and unusal things. I really like the BOO BOO kisses bandaids. so cute.

  106. my son is all over jello jigglers...its his treat 'de jour'....anytime I ask him what he wants..."jigglers mom" (me, Id pick some ice cream but thats another story)

    This would be great to use during our jiggler phase and then just plain fun as ice cubes.


  107. The letter and number trays are so fun! As a teacher I would have loved having these in my classroom. There are so many possibilities how these could be used such as the jello or ice cubes but also squishing playdoh into them. Now that I am a mom I want my son to have so many fun expierences with learning before he gets to school. These are great for playing together. Also, you have to admit that you would be the coolest preschool mom bringing in jello letters as a part of snack time. :)

  108. Oh my gosh, how fun! I'd love to make some jello letters, and the DAD made out of butter is great. Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  109. Wow that's a lot of winners. I love the idea of the Letter Ice. I think my boys would really enjoy the jello. Thanks for another great contest... Good luck

  110. Oh this would be so cool to have. I have a kindergartener and pre-k kid (my girls) in my house that would feel like they're getting a treat every time they get an ice cold drink with letter or number ice, a plate full of alphabet jello and we cant forget the letter's and numbers on top of cakes. Wowza...I hope I win!!!

  111. These would be perfect for my 5-year-old grandson. We would have so much fun with these. Thanks for the chance to win!

  112. The letter and numbers ice trays are too cool! My kids are totally into spelling and letters and stuff and would LOVE these. I can just see them spelling out words with ice cubes this summer.

  113. I ADORE THESE and have had em in the "shopping cart" so many times---but with trying to watch my pennies lately just havent hit COMPLETE ORDER.

  114. This is a great idea! Initial cookies, the yummy learning, even birthday ideas. Instead of cupcakes, have some yummy cookies. And of course, these molds would work for soaps too. There could be lots of fun in store!

  115. My girls are really into make jello (we have a santa/christmas mold). I know they would just have a blast with Jello spelling out their names (It would be great to teach our oldest how to spell our last name as it is 10 letters.)

  116. I love this idea with the A, B, C 's and Numbers. I have the ice trays in Hearts. The kids loved it for Valentine's Day. I won them at a school auction. Maybe this is where they bought them. Thanks for the cool website.

  117. I won these after one of your Tuesday tours (thank you!) and they are so cute! I plan on surprising my kids with letter ice cubes that they can make words with outside on a hot day.

    :) Angie

  118. I can't stand Jello, but I have a feeling my daughter will feel otherwise. These trays would be great fun!

  119. These look like so much fun! But I think I would go for shortbread instead of the Jello...I can NEVER get Jello to come out looking good enough to eat in anything but a bowl! (Never have we had the wigglers work for us, we just end up with a Jello mountain!) Maybe these would work better?...!!

  120. These are fantastic! Roo is starting to spell so they could actually be educational, the Spoon Sisters site. Wish someone had gotten me the SuperMom necklace for mother's day. Sniff, sniff.

  121. wow ~ these are great!! being a teacher i could think of some many activities to do with these!!
    my own kids would love these are well!!!
    moore.g at

  122. Seriously, this rocks! I'm most excited about the Jello ABC's too! My daughter already really enjoys learning her letters, so this would just make the learning that much more fun.
    I'm going to check out the Spoon Sisters site right now...

  123. Hi!!:)

    I came across your site by way of 'wife.....mommy...writer....etc',and this is awesome!!

    I like it so much,I linked you:)



  124. What a great website! Such unique gift ideas! I love the "thumb thingy" that holds your book open. I also got a kick out of the tampon cases! Too cute! Great giveaway - my kids would sure get a kick out of these! Thanks for offering!

  125. 14, holy cow! I'm excited. My sister won some, and I want to follow suit. I think these could be used for so many things, both educational and decorative (food-wise). Oooh, the ideas... thanks! :)

  126. These look awesome! My kids love jello and what a cool way to personalize a birthday cake, without having to be a pro with the frosting. You could do so much with these. A great way to learn the alphabet, I bet you could make popsicles too. Great for a hot tucson summer!

  127. what a very cool way to teach the alphabet and personalize at the same time.
    I remember trying to teach my son his ABC's ...over and over again with the song. He just couldn't get it! I decided to change the tune to a more "rocky" one and voila! right away, he got it! I learned to incorporate ALL the senses when teaching something; he's Montessori educated.

  128. Yes, what a great way to learn the ABC's. I can just see myself preparing something in the trays for a playdate.

  129. No need to enter me...I won a set of these (thanks to one of your Tuesday Tour mentions). We are on a Jello kick (great sale at the grocery store) so I can't wait to try these out with Jello. I did make number ice cubes for my daughter's birthday but I forgot to use them.

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