Nutrabella Presents Bellybar Chews

Nutrabella Presents Bellybar Chews 1Nutrabella, creators of Bellybar, are proud to announce the launch of Bellybar Chews, "delicious bites of sweet chocolate and tangy citrus to satisfy cravings, while also delivering DHA, calcium, and folic acid."

Available in two flavors (Chocolate Cuddles and Citrus on Board), the Chews each contain 50mg of vegetarian Omega-3 DHA. The chews are ideal for women "before, during, and after pregnancy." Most doctors recommend getting between 200 and 300 mg of DHA daily. DHA is important in fetal brain development and during nursing.

The Chews are a convenient (and tasty) way to "complement key prenatal vitamins."

Bellybar Chews can be found at Wild Oats, Whole Foods Market, Target, Babies-R-Us, Motherhood Maternity, and other select retailers in the U.S. They can also be purchased directly from the NutraBella website.
Nutrabella Presents Bellybar Chews 2
WIN IT! One mama will win a Bellybar Sampler Pack that includes four Bellybars (Mellow Oat, Baby Needs Chocolate, Berry Nutty Cravings, and Burstin' Chocolate) and one pack of each flavor of Bellybar Chews (Chocolate Cuddles and Citrus on Board). To enter, simply leave a comment on this post (don't forget to follow the rules) prior to Monday, Mar. 10, at midnight. The winner will be contacted and announced on Tuesday, Mar. 11. * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

* UPDATE * The winner is #112 paryjeja. Congratulations!

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140 comments on “Nutrabella Presents Bellybar Chews”

  1. I love learning about new food products! Especially when they are yummy and healthy at the same time!

  2. I'm interested to try these. Hopefully they actually taste as good as they sound!

    shan9452 at hotmail dot com

  3. These sound so yummy. We are trying to get pregnant and the doctor wants me to get all the vitamins and minerals to make sure I start out doing the right things for our baby. I love that these are for before,during and after.

  4. I would love to win the Bellybar Sampler Pack. A yummy chew is much better than the huge pre-natal vitamin. I have a newborn and need to always remember to take my vitamins. I just wish I had a Wild Oats, Whole Foods or the other stores you mentioned close to me. But if I like them I could always order them from the website. I love all of the information I find on your blog.
    [email protected]

  5. Since I am allergic in a serious way to seafood I have to take yucky Omega 3 pills to make up for that in my diet. I would so enjoy a tastier way to replace that in my diet.

  6. I LOVED Belly Bars when I was pregnant! I have 5 friends that are pregnant now and this would be a great gift for them!

  7. I have not seen these at whole foods (and I woudl have been th first one to try them!!) Are they nationwide? I would love to try them as it is so hard to fill those cragings and do right by the little one inside.


  8. They sound delicious, especially the Burstin' Chocolate ones. Great tasting and healthy, ya can't beat that.

  9. I've tasted all 4 flavors of the bars. I can't even remember which was my favorite, I gobbled them down so fast! I added some boxes to my baby shower registry in hopes that SOMEONE would get them for me, I doubt it =(. My fiesty bun and I must have more!

    Mommy (at) mommydaddyblog (dot) com

  10. I'm preggers with gestational diabetes, and the bars are really hard for me to just eat a few bites of then stop! So I'm really glad they are coming out with a new product in smaller bits for me! :)

    nifferjeno at gmail dot com

  11. I am a huge fan of BellyBars (mama needs chocolate) and I will be looking for these at my local stores!

  12. These sound 100 times more appetizing than the ritz crackers and raisins I grabbed when I was pregnant to keep me from eating all the goodies I really wanted to eat. These are on my list of things to try and keep in my purse the second time around!
    wakeyes AT yahoo DOT com

  13. Oh man, that sounds so good... I'm tempted to chew on my laptop. I've been so hungry for sweets lately (and that's bad news since I'm restricting my sugar intake until the little one arrives!)
    Maybe these would do the trick! :)
    md-sweeps (at) hotmail (dot) com

  14. Wow! Bellybars sound like the perfect snack for me! I could use something to quell my cravings for candy...

  15. I am always craving chocolate, but try not to eat too much of it because of the baby. Now at least I would get some benefit from it! Thanks.

    lucycontest at

  16. You find the most wonderful and unique items! Please put my name in the hat for this drawing. I appreciate it.....Cindi

  17. I'd love to try these as I've been trying to up my intake of the Omegas!

    sanna1999 {at} verizon {dot} com

  18. These sound really delicious and they're good for you. What more could you ask for. Thank you for offering this giveaway. I'd love to try these. Please enter me. Thanks.

  19. Same here! If I don't win, I'll have to head to the other side of town and buy some myself! :)

    sarahmarie dot pemberton at gmail dot com

  20. This sounds like a great delicious snack when you want to eat something unhealthy for you and your baby. I'll have to give these a try!

  21. I like Bellybars; it'd be great to try the Chews, too. I don't get enough Omega-3s, either, so I should find new ways to get them in my diet (and that of my family, too). Thanks! [email protected]

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