off the beaten path

Tim took her on a hike near our house yesterday. Just the two of them.

off the beaten path 1

She wanted to run in the mud and dip her toes in the water (and he let her).

off the beaten path 2

He brought the camera and captured her staggering beauty exactly right.

off the beaten path 3

I am so lucky to have a guy like him in my life. And so is she.

A few days ago, she said, "Daddy misses me when he goes to work." And I said, "Yes. Yes, he does."

P.S. Stay tuned for some important announcements this weekend about chhhaa-chhhaa-chaanges here on this little blog.

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27 comments on “off the beaten path”

  1. Is this in the wash? I want to take the girls somewhere other than our little neighborhood sidewalks. Looks fun!

  2. That's so wonderful that she got some time alone with Daddy. My kids love dipping their toes in the puddles too.

    I have no patience but very excited for your news. :0)

  3. She is too cute. Both of your girls are. I love seeing your posts about them because it reminds me of both of my girls (they are ages 5 and 3).

    Thanks so much for commenting on my blog posts. I just blog every now and then about whatever is going on in my life and I get a bit "star struck", if you will, when a big-time blogger like yourself takes the time to say hi. You are the first one to ever do that. It made my day.

  4. Ooooh...I'm very excited for the changes!

    I just love Daddy time alone with the kids. It's a win-win for everyone. I get time alone with the baby or by myself if she's sleeping. And the older one loves the attention from Daddy.

  5. Mikayla love going for hikes and nature walks. Last night the girls and I went for a walk around the neighborhood. We live on dirt roads and we are dealing with lots of snow + warm days = mud everywhere on a walk! We had lots of fun.

    Joe like to take Mikayla to the pool for daddy daughter time in the evenings as well.

  6. So sweet! Lately when I drop my daughter off at school and say "I'll pick you up after school" she says "Because you miss me?"
    Oooh I miss them more than they know when I'm at work!

  7. That looks like so much fun!
    We took a walk to the park to swing the other day - it was pretty nippy and we didn't stay out long, but it was oh so much fun!


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