Oh, yeah - I have a camera to give away

I forgot to mention that.

gift it for free sweepstakes staples logoSo, Staples is having a special promotion right now. It's called the Gift It For Free Sweepstakes. Here's how it works. You make a purchase at Staples (in-store or online, any dollar amount), enter your receipt code on the GIFF website...and then you're automatically entered to win your entire purchase free (up to $5,000). It's that simple.  There will be a total of 10,000 winners. Yes, 10,000...not 10...not 100...not 1000...10,000! Your chances are good, people. The deadline to enter is December 24th.

To prove how easy winning can be, Staples wants to make one lucky Metropolitan Mama reader a winner...with a Sony Digital Camera!

sony w120One of you will win the Sony Cyber-shot W120 (Currently on sale at Staples.com for $169.99). Available in four colors (silver, black, pink, or blue), the camera features 7.2 megapixels, a 2.5" color LCD screen, and 2x digital zoom.

Want to win? Just leave a comment on this post prior to midnight on Friday, December 19, 2008. The comment can be about anything topic-related...if you shop at Staples, what you like about Staples, what you would improve about Staples, why you need a camera, etc. Just remember - "enter me" and "I want to win" won't make the cut.

Say CHEESE...you just might win!

*UPDATE* The winner is #189 Stephanie Jones. Congratulations!

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781 comments on “Oh, yeah - I have a camera to give away”

  1. I was out shoveling 8 inches of snow today. My husband had rotator cuff surgery-two of them in 3 months and he was amused by me doing this. He started taking pictures and his camera died. I don't have enough money to buy one by Christmas but maybe get this one by his birthday.

  2. I went to staples for clear push pins... And they didn't have them! (at the time) I was very angry, and I may or may not have turned into the incredible hulk, and threw some cars in the parking lot around.

  3. I need a new camera since my current camera which is four years old, takes like three pictures and then the batteries die out on me. It's terrible!

  4. I need a camera, cause I love to take pictures of family and friends, and I'm still using my old 2 megapixel camera.

  5. i need this camera because i always have to steal my daughter's and i usually end up missing all the picture worthy moments!

  6. Thanks for the giveaway! My old digital camera stopped taking pictures a couple months ago. It would be nice to have a replacement.

  7. Oh how I could use a new camera...I joke that mine is the first digital camera ever made. It it soooo slow to take pictures and forget about taking pictures in multiples! The screen is so little, I'm not sure why it's even there cause I surely can't see the picture on it and I have 20/20 vision.

  8. I would love to win this camera for my mother-in-law. She is stuck in the stone ages with her ancient film camera and really needs some new technology. I think that she would be so happy and amazed by this camera! Thank you so much for the great contest.

  9. Here is what I love about Staples, they opened one right next to my home even though I live in the middle of NOWHERE!!! So Staples is my new favorite store. :)


  10. WOW this camera looks like it would hold up a lot better than our samsung. It gave up on us only two months after my son was born. He is now 9 months and we have missed out on a lot of great moments. I would love to win this

  11. Nice color on that "display model" -- would probably mean that ~I~ get to carry it (and use it) more than the LAST one we had.

    "That was easy"!

  12. I need a camera. I don't have one. I cannot take pictures when my family is on vacation or when we have the family together on holidays.

  13. We have a local Staples that usually has the best prices in town for school supplies. Was amused the other day to get a Staples email where the main content was a news-release about Office Max closing some stores, and people worrying whether Gift Cards would be supported -- the message was basically "We'll still be here when the dust settles".

  14. I must say, I went to shop at Staples this Black Friday, and one thing that store could've done better was to have MORE than one line for the advertised morning specials. I stood in line for two hours and, hello! It was Black Friday! I had other places to go. They had registers just sitting there, unused. I got a frown line that morning, I do believe.
    Anyway, would love the camera. My HP is acting like it needs a cane...slow jerk. :-)
    I'm just full of Christmas spirit, aren't I?

  15. My daughter had her first program at preschool the other day and I don't have any pics to remember it by. I was able to get some close ups but for some reason my camera will not work from far away. Every time I took a far away pic it would be black. I guess I really need a new camera. Thank you!

  16. I do shop at staples and I love their friendly service. My camera has been through the ringer - I really need a new one bad.

  17. We've got a new baby on the way and our current camera has become unpredictable -- you never know if it's going to take the picture right away or have a 10 second delay. We don't want to miss any of those special moments!

  18. I love going into Staples and looking at all the new computers, even though I cant afford one its still fun to check them out.

  19. Staples is my favorite office supply store. They are close to my house, have an awesome selection of products and wonderful prices!

  20. Happy holidays & wow... what a fantastic compact camera!
    I'd sure LOVE to win that pink SONY Cyber shot w120Camera to show off morePICS@myspace! Rosieyposie7

  21. I really need a new camera. My current one doesn't zoom so when I try to take pictures at the school holiday programs I can't get a close up picture of my little ones.

  22. I feel kind of bad, I have missed so many picture opportunities with my kids. I still use a stupid disposable camera. It's irritating, but I just can't go out and get one, hubby is worried he will lose his job any day (auto industry in MI) so I am happy for the chance, that is for sure!

  23. Because my husband thinks that now that the kids are grown I dont need a camera anymore and wont let me get a new one! Men geesh,go figure!

  24. I need a camera! I had one, but it died several months ago. With my family spread all over the country, I would love to share pictures with them through email.

  25. I've been at my local Staples store ogling all the cameras (yep...especially the pink ones) and the Sony was a favorite because of their quality). There is so much snow outside today it would be great to go exploring and take some pictures. That would be fun! (And it would be great to get Christmas shots of the family.)

  26. I could use a digital camera. Seems I break our digital camera every 6 months or so. The last one I squeezed to death. Our current one is about 8 months old, so I'm expecting an accident soon.

  27. I would love to win a digital camera. I usually have my friends or family take pictures for me when we go somewhere with the kids, but I never get any of the pictures. It would be nice to capture those moments and be able to have pictures to show the kids when they get older.

  28. I love the extreme sales at the beginning of each school year- it allows me to stock up for my son and also to stock up on the backpacks I assemble for underprivileged kids.

  29. I really need to win this adorable camera. My children are now getting older, and for years, everytime I have taken my current camera out to take pictures, birthday, christmas etc, the camera never works. The battery just wouldnt take a charge. I have missed out on years of pictures of my children.

  30. I have a special needs little boy and I love taking pictures of him. Staples is a great place to buy ink, different patterns of printer paper and latest office supplies :)

  31. I love Staples and buy all of my business supplies there. I would love a digital camera to take photos of my gift baskets .

  32. I buy all my school supplies, toner, etc. at Staples. As a poor college student, I could use a great Sony camera to take pictures of my friends at college.

  33. I love Staples! They had a grand opening last year and gave away free samples, one of which was their WONDERFUL stapler. That's become my number one gift for hard to buy people. You can use a fingertip to get the staples to come out!!

  34. My sister has this cam and it is an awesome little electronic. My old camera finally died on me a few weeks ago and I'm having picture-taking withdrawals now.

  35. I shop at Staples and I always find great office supplies and gifts there. They also have some great art supplies. I would love to have the camera to take family photos.

  36. Staples has great stationary as well as electronics.
    I need this camera because I have just been divorced and would like to create new memories when I travel alone.

  37. I would love to win this - my fiance took our camera out deer hunting with him and put it in his back pocket. He forget it was in there and sat on it in his treestand. It ruined the screen and we can no longer see what we're taking a picture of! :(

  38. Sometimes when were out we see deers and never have a camera to take a picture also would like to have one to take pictures of my kids and grandkid

  39. I would love a camerra because the kids just broke grandma's/ My nine year old niece is in love with staples it is her favorite store It is so funny to see how excited she gets when my sister tells her they are going to staples.

  40. I could use this camera because something's wrong with my current one. I put fresh batteries in it and it always say "low battery" then it shuts off after 1 or 2 pictures. I have no idea why :(

    I Would love to win this! Thanks for the great giveaway!
    misfitmookie at gmail.com

  41. I love to shop at Staples! There have been 2 occasions in the past year where my husband has need something for his business. One time it was a new shredder and the second occasion he needed a printer. Both times my husband found the products he wanted at Staples and they were more money than at a competitor and when he told the manager at Staples they gave him not only the matched price from the competitor, but also gave him an additional 20% off! This truly solidified our positive thoughts about shopping at Staples and their commitment to customer satisfaction! I am entering for this wonderful Sony Cyber-shot W120 digital camera from Staples because we really need a new camera. The one we use now is very outdated and we are constantly having to charge the battery because it doesn't hold the charge for more than an hour! We have 3 young children that we love to photograph and our camera is just not reliable anymore. We have lost so many once in a lifetime candid moments because the camera malfunctioned! So, thank you for the opportunity to enter.

  42. The ultimate Xmas gift?? What I would give to have one single Staples store attatched to my house... ya know, like an added room... so everytime I needed something I could just go in and help myself. lol How cool would that be?? Ahh.. if only I were a gazillionaire... ;-)

    happy holidays!

  43. I would love to win this camera for my Christmas present. I have already bought my son a camera and printer for Christmas from Staples on Black Friday. I buy all my office supplies from Staples because they have the best selection and prices in my town. Thank you for the contest. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO YOU. KP

  44. I live so far out in the middle of nowhere that I have never been in a Staples...or even set foot in a Target (although I have seen the commercials). I'd like to win this camera so I can have some contact with the 21st century...

  45. We love Staples, it is a "staple" for our family. I need the camera because ours broke when I let my son use it on a field trip.

  46. I love the Staples easy button :}
    ... also, that they have such a wide array of products and brands I am almost certain to find whatever I need and many times things I didn't know I needed until I saw them(!)
    If I won this camera I would gift it to my son. He will be going to Korea for a year and I would love to keep up with what he is doing and to live vicariously through his photos.

  47. I love Staples...they need one here (Wyoming) where nothing but sagebrush exists. I need a camera to document the nothingness. Because it's important.

  48. I have been wanting to give my mom a camera for her birthday. This would be perfect. The specs sound like it's good quality. She'd love it!

    txhottie_86 at yahoo dot com

  49. I like to shop at Staples with my mom. I could use a good camera for photography art. I like to be creative. Thanks.

  50. I actualy do not need a camera but my freind does, she loaned hers out and it came back severly damaged!! I wouldl ove to win this for her

  51. I love Staples because it is the only place I can find printer cartidges for my old printer. I just wish there were more of them around my area. I do truely need a camera so I could possibly get rid of some of my antiques on e-Bay. Thanks

  52. I like the layout of the staples store and need the camera, because i do not have any pics of my hubby since he was 27 and he is now 37

  53. I can see clearly now, how photos are easier to take. I went and did research on digital cameras.
    This would make an excellent gift for my daughter to put her life in photos. She is a homeschooled daughter,and we do alot of hands on learning.She loves to take pictures.
    Thank you.

  54. We NEED a camera to take pictures of the new baby coming soon!

    Thanks so much. Our camera is about 11 years old and was a cheapo even then. This would be great as we don't have hardly any photos of our little family and the new baby will be here any day.

  55. I love Staples. I order all of my printer paper from them, they always have the best deals. I have gotten such good deals from Staples, Now anytime I am near a Staples I have to go in and look around, and I always come out with a bag full of stuff!!

  56. I like going to Staples because they are always really helpful when I have questions or need help. Thanks for the giveaway, would love to win a camera =)

  57. I love the deals you can find at Staples - on things I use every day. The "Easy" button cracks me up and I had to have one :) *Thanks* for the giveaway!

  58. Love Staples...I've always been a stationery department junkie...even as a kid, and Staples is a dream come true...a whole store of stationery supplies! I'd love to have a camera that actually works well because my son is being married in the islands next year, and this would be great to catch all of those important photos to treasure forever!

  59. Where do I start? Our last two digital cameras stopped working, and I am now using my cell phone camera to take holiday pictures, which won't even produce acceptable 4x6 prints, besides which most photos blur!!!! Please help us!

  60. I live in a very small town and the nearest large shopping city is a 40-minute drive. So, before I go, I ask my daughter if she needs anything and I just hate it when she needs something from Staples. It's one of those stores I can't walk into without knowing it's going to be an extended stay and I'm not going to be able to walk out with just the one item she needs. There's always something there I just have to have, but didn't know I needed.

  61. A new digital camera would be an improvement over my current one- the buttons get jammed so badly, and it's on its last leg! Has anyone ever read the book, The Gum Thief by Douglas Coupland? It revolves around Staples employees :D Very funny read ! Thanks for the entry and happy holidays all!

  62. Staples seems to be bucking the trend of store closures here - they are currently building 2 new stores within 5 miles of my home.

  63. I would love to win this camera for my mom. She takes a lot of pictures since she works with pre school children and she is still using one time use cameras. She has to get the film developed still and the pictures do not come out all that great. I think she would be able to take much better pictures with this camera and I really hope I am able to surprise her with it one day. This is a great giveaway. Thanks.

  64. I would love to be the winner of this camera. We have a Staples in our town and it is really clean and has a good selection of office supplys.

  65. I love Staples. The sales associates are always helpful, they have a great return policy and our Staples now has a UPS counter.

  66. I need a new camera so that I can take the pictures I want and can have access to the photos immediately.
    On my last two vacations I have relied on family members to take pictures and then to share our vacation photos with me. That worked out OK once, however I took a trip to New York this summer with my sister and I am still waiting for her to share our vacation photos with me.

  67. We have a Staples opening down the street next month and I hope to find a camera that I can actually get to obey me. I've heard the Cybershot is easy enough for anyone to handle.

  68. Cheese!! I was just at Staples tonight looking at cameras for my daughter. She really wants one for Christmas. I like Staples because they have good sale prices. Thanks for the chance to win!

  69. I really need a new camera.. I had a great Sony Cybershot I ended up selling for the money a couple years ago when things got rough.. Thanks for the chance at such a great prize, and Happy Holidays :)

  70. I could really use this camera --- every time I buy one someone else in the family adopts it --- and then once again I'm without a camera. This time it's for me.


  71. I buy supplies for school at Staples because of the great prices. Poor students need to save money (and win free cameras)

  72. I use Staples for most of business needs. I have a small in home office and I love when Staples has good rebates and sales.

  73. Staples is a great store, their prices are competitive and the staff can always answer questions I have about computers

  74. Staples is a great place to shop and I could really use a digital camera to take some pics of the wildlife in the woods near my home.

  75. i cant afford to have film devoloped all the time so it would be nice to be able to share online with a digital cam, thanks

  76. I would love to take pictures of my grandkids and my dogs! I would love to win this! Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  77. I remember looking for a Brothers Word processer at Staples back when they first opened and not knowing how to use one. lol. Staples has alot of great deals and when that Sunday Newspaper arrives i am there to see their ads. I am almost ready to go to them for a New Printer too. But i need a Camera so i can print photos out. I would like to snap photos of smiles really so they remind me of "Smile and the world smile with you"

  78. My teen daughter is addicted to Staples and one time she won a $15 gift card to Staples from a fund raiser at school. She was in her glory!

  79. We bought my son a digital camera for Christmas last year. It was not very reliable and finally died altogether. We could not really afford to replace it. He is excited about photography and we would love to have a new camera for him.

  80. I hate to think of life before Staples arrived in my town. Unlike the hardware or other stores, everyone in my family loves to come along on my trips to Staples...the kids find art items, my teenager loves the paper selection and cool pens, and my husband heads straight for the electronics.

  81. I would love to win this. I have a new little grandson that I need to take pictures of. My old camera is just that "old".
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  82. Oh please let the prize fairys drop a ton of lucky fairy dust on me. I need a new camera so bad mine is the old floppy disk one and my pc crashed that had the only floppy drive in it to see the pictures.
    I just had a new grandson in sept I only saw him that first week since I live 1200 miles away. They don't have a camera. Now my daughter says she might be coming with her 2 boys over Christmas and this will be the first christmas spent here at our house since we moved 7 years ago. She says she has a surprise for me so I hope it is my son and new grandson, as my daughter loves to pull these awesome surprizes. So I need to win this camera, also with a preteen and a teen still at home and into sports, marching band, and band I have a chance to take so many pictures of them.
    Thank you for giving me a chance to make some lifetime memories.
    Happy Holidays


  83. I need a small camera to carry in my Harley's saddlebags. My old camera is so large and heavy. I like the prices at staples. It saves me money on my supplies for college.

  84. I was just thinking about buying this camera, I figured it was about time to get one as the one on my phone is not exactly what I need. I do love Staple's products, it's the one store I can go to without worrying about the quality. It's always above and beyond what I expect from other stores. Thanks for the chance to win!

  85. I would like to win the camera for my son, who just graduated from Army boot camp and will be stationed in Hawaii so he can take a lot of pictures of his new buddies and all the beautiful scenery that his family back home in Michigan can enjoy

  86. Well I've been a Staples customer for some time now. I think by favorite purchase was my paper shredder. In these times Staples has the right idea with this product and the low sale prices on so many models. Thanks Staples!

  87. I need this camera because my daughter lost hers and is constantly borrowing mine so I never get to take the pics that I want!

  88. They finally opened a Staples in Houston, though it's a bit far, but it was well worth the trip for my shopping need on the office supplies. Hopefully they will open more in Houston that's closer to my business.

  89. Thanks for the amazing giveaway! I head to Staples for printer stuff - toner, papaer, etc. They have a great selection and nice prices!

  90. I love Staples,they have great prices and large variety, My 7 granddaughter is due in January so would be great to have a new camera

  91. Thanks for this awesome giveaway! Yes i do shop at staples, one of my favorite products on their site, that i have my eyes on right now, is the hp touchsmart pc. I would love to win this camera, i could really put it to good use. Thanks again ;)

  92. I would love to have a camera that I can call my own. The one we have now is owned by my teenage daughter. I barely see it or use it.

  93. Staples is such a great store for many different things and I wouldn't change a thing! I would also say that I would use that camera for many cheese moments babysitting my niece and newphew ... that is until I get a little one to snap pics of!

    P.S. I love you little girl she is sooo cute!

  94. I would like to have one of my own. We currently have one now and the my teenage daughter and other family members took possession of it. I barely see it or use it.

  95. I love the boxes at Staples. Whenever we move (which is pretty often) we always get our boxes there. They have the legal box things with the lids and easy to label sides. LOVE THEM!

    And I would LOVE this camera. Hubby and I share a camera right now so whenever we aren't together (like right now) it's either one or the other has the camera. I left it with him this time around so no pics of the family Christmas this year on my side of the family. :( Unless I use my cell phone which takes horrible pictures.

  96. why I need a camera, well tired of the same old 2.1 MP camera I've been using for 5 years. I'd say to a 7.2 MP in the immortal words of Beyonce 'lemmme lemme upgrade'

  97. WELL look ,,i am 55 male that should say alot lol i dont have a cameria and well i have been useing the through away ones for ever my kids say its time to move up lol i seem to lose the cheep ones i by alot lol so a nice one would be taken care of i promice you that,,being out of work well buying a new one is just not in the budget right now,,so yes i would be so honored to win one and i would use it a lot i promice thanks for your time..justa father looking to take some family pictures

  98. I definately need to win a digital camera. I don't have one, and feel left behind in the digital world! I'm missing cute shots of my kids, and it's putting a halt to my scrapbooking. (no camera, no pictures!) Thanks for the contest!

  99. This camera would be for my mom. She still has a camera with film. She doesn't like the thought of spending money on a digital camera, so winning one for her would be great!

  100. Daughter does not own digital camera. Daughter does have my two beloved grandchildren. Daughter is very slow to mail pictures to beloved grandfather. However if daughter had digital camera, she could email pictures to said grandfather often. It's all in your hands now.

  101. Staples is one of our favorite stores. I need a digital camera because I'm setting up an Etsy shop and need to take really good close up pictures. Thanks for the giveaway.

  102. Staples is my favorite office supply place to shop. They are always to helpful and welcoming. They also seem to have the best selection of products.

  103. We shop at Staples regularly for office supplies for my husband's business -- and we really like the store. It's laid out nicely and has everything he needs -- makes life a little bit easier which is always appreciated when you run your own business and don't have a lot of extra time!

  104. I went shopping for a computer at Staples recently. Apparently not the right decision. They only had 1 model available! Strange, I thought they'd have lots more.

  105. I would love to win this for my daughter. Because she is always wanting a digital camera and we can't afford it. Thanks for the chance to win.

  106. When I go to Staples you know you'll find what you need and I really need a new camera mine not working thanks.

  107. I would love to win this for my daughter! Also my whole family shops at Staples at least once a week, great store for neat finds!

  108. I shop at Staples because the staff is very helpful. I could use a new camera because mine is old and the pictures don't have the greatest quality.

  109. I love staples too, though sometimes I find their things can be overpriced - memory for my computer for example! I ended up having to order it online for half as much. But usually they are great, it's where I got most of my supplies, desk chair, etc..

  110. Staples is great. I need a new camera; the one I have is like 5 years old and doesn't take very good pictures anymore.

  111. I love Staples. I am one of those nerds that likes office supplies, but I desperately need a camera to catch up on taking pictures of my kids.


  112. Never could close one eye, or take decent pictures of my children. With my daughter's digital I have finally managed to take some pictures of her and her family that included the whole body. Wow, I sure would like a digital camera of my own, I have a lot of picture taking to make up for.

  113. I'm in need of a new digital camera. I like to shop at Staples for my photo paper and printer ink. I like the Staples Rewards program.

  114. Staples is my one of my favorite stores. I could spend hours there window shopping. I wish they would build one in my hometown.

  115. I would love to win because I am due to have my first child (a boy!) in March and I'd love to have pictures. I currently only own a webcam & money is really tight. I only have webcam pics of my baby belly and it'd be a shame to not have nice pictures when my son comes. Please count me in and thanks for the contest!
    codisweepstakes at gmail dot com

  116. The Staples near my mom's house has Issa. He knows everything about computers. All the other salespeople have Issa on speed dial just in case he has a day off. My mother is a nervous nellie about PCs. Issa has kept her calm and her pc running for three years. The best thing about Staples? They hired Issa.

  117. I could spend hours in Staples! I really need a camera so I don't have to keep borrowing my daughter's (which I puchased for her at Staples).

  118. Staples is where I go to make all my copies. It's convenient because they have machines you can put your debit card into and not have to stand in line.

  119. Love your site and your little girl is gorgeous. Ok, I don't shop much at staples as there is not one near where I live and i have a husband that is ill so don't go out much. But I do need a camera as we are expecting our first grandson and I can not wait. Will need tons of pictures as we have waited a very long time for this little guy. I do envy you though always wanted a little girl, had two boys and no girls in the entire family must be something in the water. Good luck to all and I wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas !

  120. My sister-in-law is expecting her first child in January. She simply can't have the baby without this awesome camera to capture every adorable moment!!!
    (She use to have a Sony until she dropped it a few months ago) :(
    Please help her capture these presious moments. Thank you!

  121. One thing I love about Staples, which puts them above other office stores in my opinion, is the amount of community outreach and charity work the company and its employees do. Even though it's not directly relevant to the quality of their products (which is definitely high), I feel even better shopping at a store like Staples knowing their commitment to bettering the community and helping out the less fortunate members of it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  122. I was really glad when a Staples opened near me. I used to have to travel 45 minutes away to shop there before. Now I can shop there all the time!

  123. I like the customer service at Staples. I live in a very small town that is lucky enough to have a Staples. The associates are always very helpful and knowledgeable! Thanks!

  124. Staples is a great store and fortunately there is one close by to run to whenever one of my kids needs an item for a project or report. I would love to have a digital camera to carry around with me. I enjoy taking pictures of the family and our activities.

  125. Last Christmas I bought for my 10 year old son a black friday sale 8 meg digital camera that turned out to be better than my old 3.2 meg digital camera. Shortly after the holidays, my camera rolled off of a table with the lens extended and it cracked the lens housing so it would not opperate properly. I used my son's camera to take some pictures but I would really like my own camera again.

  126. Staples is where I go for back to school and all of my office supplies. Plus I always go there when I need specialized printing.. So, I would love to win it.

  127. I forget that Staples has more than office supplies and school supplies. my daughter-in-law would love to have this camera

  128. I have a nice camera but it seems my kids have taken it over. I'd love to win this one so I could use it as a bargaining tool to get my other camera back - I'm sure I could convince my kids that this camera is the cool one to have!

  129. I would love to have this camera to carry around in my purse - I work downtown and there are so many great opportunities for photographing people, landmarks, the waterfront and more!

  130. I would really like a little camera like this to keep in my purse. I have a "nice" camera, but I don't always have it with me when my kid does something cute! ;)

  131. Staples has fantastic specials and they are very helpful. I need a digital camera for myself as the 'family' camera has been taken over by kids for photography class.

  132. I love Staples! I bought my very first computer there way back when.
    I'd love to win this camera-I don't have one!

  133. Love the digicam. Is it wrong I really really like the pink? Anyway...I'd love to give this to my daughter in college. Her camera phone pics aren't enough for me. I miss seeing her face and if she has a digicam she could send them to me, right? Yeah, I know...she probably won't, but a mother could hope!

  134. Very neat camera, sleek design, small and too cute...pink is cool! I don't have a digital camera (yet), but love to take pictures....TAKE them, not be in them!!!

  135. I actually want to win this and then give it to a friend who is an artist and in dire need of at least a digital camera with this many MGs. Shooting reference is part of her work needs.

  136. I would love to win this camera. My daughter and 2 grandchildren moved home recently and now that I have the blessing of seeing these 2 lovely children every day, I would love to be able to have pictures to remind me of these good days when they have moved away again this summer!

  137. I would really like to win this to give to a wonderful young boy that I know who can make great use of this as a recreation and new hobby to keep him on track. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  138. I would love to have a camera to take pictures of my growing teens it seems time is moving to fast to capture them in the final days of their youth.

  139. Ohhh... I need a camera very badly. I always have my camera out because I love to take tons of pictures of my 17 month old son. I left it on the coffee table the other day and he stuck his fingers on the lens shutters. Now they are stuck in a half open/ half closed position and all the pictures have black corners. I have tried everything and I can't get them unstuck.

  140. If I win will the camera be delivered in person by Ashton?? That would be really c o o l. I'd shop Staples if they had a store close to me. I'm surrounded by the Depots and the Maxes.

  141. Staples is everywhere in Brooklyn and NYC. Next to drug stores, office supply stores are my favorite ways to waste time.

  142. NOw that I'm the grandma, its more important than ever I be able to take really good pictures. This camera will certainly do the job. I need it. Thank you.

  143. I could spend a whole day shopping at Staples. I would also love to win the camera - mine seems to go missing (people seem to borrow w/o asking) more times than I'd like. Always good to have a back-up!

  144. My daughter thinks my camera is hers! She keeps it in her purse, and takes it everywhere with her. I really don't mind, because I love her, but I really, really, would like a camera thats 100% mine!

  145. I would love this camera. We have a newborn at home and want to photo document everything.
    The camera we have now only works half of the time.

  146. i need a new camera, one that can fit in my purse/pockets, it's hard when you carry so many things around (have kids?!)
    i don't really shop at staples too often, mostly for printer supplies.
    thanks for the giveaway!

  147. I need a camera badly, I have a old 1mp digital that I bought 6+ years ago, as you can imagine, the picture quaility is beyond aweful, I would love to be able to take some great family pictures this holiday season
    Thanks so much for the chance to win

  148. I am the only person in our house without a digital camera. There always seems to be a bill to pay or something that the kids need that usurps my dream for a digital camera. Borrowing one of my kids' cameras? Hah! The one time I managed to borrow my eldest's camera, she bugged me every five minutes, "Are you done yet?" It felt like a nightmare vacation from years ago!

  149. I am an avid Staples shopper, they have wonderful sales and obviously sweepstakes. I buy all my paper goods there. I so need a camera that I can work,simple, simple simple!

  150. I would like to give this camera to my sister for Christmas. She had one that broke and I cannot afford any presents this year because I had cancer surgery and then my hours were cut at work and I lost my insurance.

  151. My camera broke and now wont have one for the holidays when my cousins come from New York and D.C. So i wont be able to take pictures of my baby cousins who i only see and couple times a year and i want her to say..CHEESE for the camera from Staples. : )

  152. I would love a new camera. MY current one is pretty much on it's last legs. We have to bang on it a bit to get it the lense to extend now. I keep on missing photos that I want because I'm busy fighting with my camera

  153. I would love a camera my husbandand I have never owned one. There have been many times that we should have (and wished we had) taken pictures to remember the fun and exciting moments in our lives.

  154. This would be a great gift for my niece to take to college. That way we can check up on her through pictures !!!
    Staples is a great store and I miss ours

  155. I was visiting family when the grand opening of a Staples store in Cary, NC was held. We went there and took advantage of their freebies and sales! We got a free Staples stapler that is so-o-o-o easy to use. People at work were jealous when I lent them my stapler so they could see how wonderfully easy it was to use!

  156. Staples is a great store for buying anything. The sales staff is helpful and they really know their stock. No changes required to improve Staples. I'm still stuck with a manual 35mm.
    I get looks from my friends when I pull out a throw away to take pictures. Help me get with it.

  157. I shop at staples online for our business office supplies. I think they have great places and a good selection. I would love to win this camera for my son in California.

  158. I would love this camera! I don't have one. I always go to Staples and find the school/office supplies for work/home/church every time I go. It is the only office supply store in my small town, but it is all we need! Thanks!

  159. My daughter doesn't have a camera. I was hoping to give her one for Christmas but it doesn't look like I am going to be able to squeeze that in the budget. If I won, I would give this to her.

  160. Staples has always been my favorite office store at which to shop. I love going in there during back to school time and checking out all the cool supplies. And I really love that they have a rewards card for teachers...that really helps us out a lot!

  161. My son strapped my camera to his motor bike to register how fast it would go naturally he broke it so now I don't have one. I would love to win one and spare his neck so here's hoping.

  162. I have never had a camera of my own! And I am not allowed to touch my older brothers camera at that, so it will be very nice to have a camera to myself for once!

  163. I have bought digital cameras for each of my grandchildren and now I am the only one without one. I don't want to be the " Old Fashioned" grammy.

  164. I could really use a new camera to catch all of my dd's facial expressions. Everyday there seems to be a new one or a cute little pose. She is picture perfect at least in my eyes. This would be fabulous. Thanks

  165. I like Staples because of their huge selection. I can't resist buying certain supplies like pretty pens, notebooks, and desk organizers. I'd love to win this camera because mine is really old and the pictures are too blurry and the battery charger doesn't work right. Thanks for the chance to win this great prize!

  166. This would be perfect for my Mom. She has been needing a new camera and I'm too broke to buy her one. This would make my day to make her day. :--)


  167. I love Staples. There are always employees at the front door waiting to help you find stuff. Great customer service.

  168. I love staples for their customer service and innovative product line...and I don't think you can beat Sony cameras!

  169. I would love to win this for my 17-year old daughter. There are so many important events going on in her life right now it would be wonderful for her to be able to capture those moments. She would be so excited to open this on Christmas morning. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  170. I would love this camera for my father. He lives in Florida and has not met my second child.

    He doesn't have a camera and this would make it so easy for him to walk into a drugstore, get a photo made and mail the kids the occasional photo.

    They love their grandpa but the last picture we have is from 5.5 years ago.

  171. My daughter is getting ready for college and would love to have a camera to take with her. Staples is getting ready to open in our town. I can't wait to check it out.

  172. My daughter has asked for a camera this Christmas. She's notorious for "borrowing" ours or taking my cell phone and amassing a huge collection of random photos. (Like self-potraits, her stuffed animals, the fish, her friend's shoes, etc.). I'd like to give her this so I don't find full disks when I go to use the camera!

  173. I need a camera because, after years of doing professional video and TV work with rented cameras for other people I'd finally like to document my personal life and memories!

  174. I go to Staples for most all my office-type needs. In fact, I've been needing printer ink, paper, and supplies for my kids' teachers' gifts.. all available at Staples.

    My camera is suffering from a broken screen, but it's holding on. I could really use a new one for the holidays and put this one to rest.

  175. Well, I need a camera. I've borrowed my sister's camera for the really important things, but, I'd like to have one to call my own and capture the "unimportant" day to day things. (They can be really funny, and I'd like to remember them!) Also, who know that Staples would be a good place for Christmas shopping? I've gotten quite a few nice gifts there, for a reasonable price. As well as stocking up for the next semester. Thanks for the chance to win this awesome camera!

  176. I love Staples because I can never get enough pens, paper, gadgets etc. I don't have a digital camera though, so this would be real nice!

  177. I LOVE Staples, unfortunately the closest is an hour and a half away so I have to shop online from staples.com. Just placed an order there last night.

  178. I love Staples! I can browse through the pen section for a half hour(which annoys the hubby no end!) Ball-point or gel? Black ink or purple or maybe green?

  179. Whenever I need paper, ink or office supplys I go to Staple first. They have the largest selection of items at the best prices. I really need this camera. My grandchildren are growing so fast and right now we have no camera and are getting pictures when we can afford to buy a throw away camera.

  180. I love Staples and shop there whenever I get a chance. I love out in the middle of no where and the closest Staples to me is about an hour away. I just wish they would put one closer.

  181. I was so happy when my neighborhood finally got a staples, I go there all the time for printer paper, printer ink, supplies, and my personal favorite tech window shopping/browsing! Love Sony, would definitely love to win this camera and take tons of holiday photos!

  182. My kids keep taking the camea, of couse they never put it back and I have to seach the entire house to find it. I need my own camera!
    "THAT WAS EASY"! :)

  183. My shutter gets stuck on my camera and I don't want to buy a new one until this one is completely broken down.
    thanx for the contest.

  184. I need a camera, because my old one is broke, and I have so many wonderful moments with my grandchildren, that I would love to catch on film.

  185. I love Staples, great customer service. This camera would be a big upgrade from my ancient digital camera, thanks for the chance

  186. Ever since I joined PaperbackSwap I seem to buy envelopes at Staples much more often. I have several different sizes so I can use the one closest to the book size. Thanks for the offer!

  187. My kids have this unnatural love of office supplies (tape and mechanical pencils primarily). It is actually enjoyable going with them to Staples because it is as if they are in a candy store. I could buy them a 3-pack of scotch tape and they will be content. Strange but true.

  188. I need a camera because high school is ending and I want the capture the greatest moments of whatever is left. I also want to capture the fun times in college as well.

  189. I love Staples! I wish there was one here where we moved. Staples has lots of great products and has frequent sales.

  190. I use my camera all the time and it is very worn out so OH yeah, i would like to win a new one. I would give my old camera to my teenaged daughter, she is always using mine. So next time i could say to her just keep it. We would both be very happy.

  191. I really could use this camera because I have never owned a digital camera before. Thanks for the chance to win!

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  192. I really need this camera so that I can take pictures of my grandchildren. All I have is a film camera and it would be so great to have a digital one.

  193. We have six kids, so are visiting Staples often, needing more pencils, or pens, paper or ink for the computer, and poster boards. Maybe we keep them in busines in our town.

    My wife loves to take pictures and is deserving of a new camera.

  194. Staples is great for home office supplies. I need a camera because I don't have one. I keep giving them as gifts so that is what is on my list for Christmas.

  195. thanks for opportunity.
    I would love to gift this to my mother who has wanted one since she grew huge sunflowers from seeds and lives across the country from me and all she wanted was for me to be able to see her accomplishment :)

    Love Staples... matter of fact just bought an awesome new chair for my computer desk... 50% off... it is so comfortable, i hate to get up!

  196. i would love to win this because my current digital camera is 5+ years old and ugly and bulky. i would love a newer slimmer prettier camera to snap pictures of my neice.

  197. I need a camera just like this -- small and CUTE :)! I have a digital SLR that I LOVE, but I find that when we're out and about all day doing a family activity that it's too bulky to lug around! I'd love a compact camera like this so I don't miss any special moments!
    Thanks for the contest.

  198. We have an old Kodak DX3215 (1.3 megapixel) which actually takes pretty good pictures but eats batteries like crazy. So it would be nice to have a more modern one.

  199. I have shopped at Staples before, unfortunately I no longer have a store near me. They usually have great deals on shipping so I am still a happy Staples customer! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  200. First off, I really need a decent digital camera and if I had a pink one the guys would leave it alone. I am the only female in the house and a little something girly would be nice.
    As for staples, they rock. Seriously! I have made more last minute trips there due to my teens not telling me they lacked 8 things to finish up a project due the next day at school. Staples has saved their bums more than once. Plus I have a thing for office supplies.

    knittingmomof3 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

  201. I would love a new camera to replace mine that hubby dropped in the lake while taking a picture of a fish that he caught.

  202. We recently purchased a GPS at Staples. I was very impressed with the customer service we received. The sales associate was very knowledgeable in helpful in answering our questions. I left the store feeling very informed regarding my purchase decision. Will definitely shop Staples more in the future.


  203. i need a new camera because a "friend" of my sons stole mine (with a bunch of pics in the memory card) and i am very upset....cant prove it

  204. The nearest Staples is 35 miles away from us, but we usually stop in on our big monthly shopping trip (most places are 35 miles away lol). We've found Staples is the best place to buy printer paper, and they often have sales on things you wouldn't think to look for in Staples...so, worth the trip!

  205. Staples is a great store for school and work supplies and gifts!! Plus, who doesn't love love those pink Sony cameras??

  206. I placed an order with Staples over the weekend and was impressed that they not only promised next business day delivery, but also had a special offer of free shipping, even on small items.

    That pink camera is soooooo cute!

  207. I had an older version of the Cybershot. We loved that camera. We took it on vacation last year and my son left it on the beach. It got sand in it so it's now broken.
    I would love to have this one.

  208. I would love a new digital camera. My old one died on me. I have 3 kids and all of our family snapshots are taken on our cell phones...and you know how good those are!
    Thanks for the chance to win this fantastic prize!

  209. The only way I have to take a photo is using my pocket camcorder, then grabbing a frame. The photos don't turn out well at all. They're always just a little bit out of focus. I really need a decent camera to document the cuteness of my furkids. THanks for the generous giveaway.

    oinkmoobaa (at) yahoo (.) com

  210. I was going to enter to win this for myself because my old camera is having lighting issues but I'm entering because I want to give this to my bestfriend who has never owned a digital camera before.

  211. I really do need a new camera. I made the mistake of letting my 2 year old play with my old one, and now the screen is messed up. 2 year olds and cameras do not mix. I have been using my BlackBerry to take pictures, but apparently you need to be a professional photographer to get a really good pic on a BB. I love Staples, too! I didn't know about the promotion, I may have to stop by there this week!

  212. My fiancee and I have an 19 month old son and we don't have a camera to capture all the little precious and crazy moments that he has and it would be great if we could get one

  213. I love to shop at Staples. The employees are always so friendly and helpful. I would like to win the camera for me. My daughter has taken over my old camera.

  214. OUr local Staples is very community-oriented and a business partner for our school. I alway like the fact that teachers receive discounts!

  215. My wonderful but disabled wife of more than 38 years just LOVES taking pictures - most of the people either have no heads or no feet - but they are still cute pictures. Thank you for this great contest and prize!

  216. A little camera for my purse would be so great to have on hand for those every day moments! Thanksf or the chance to win! (I gotta say, I too love stamples, they always seem to have what I am looking for when other office supply stores do NOT!)

  217. We just had to sell our camera on CL for cash for Christmas - I know, sob story - but true. Now I have to go back to the old 35mm and would love a chance to win a new camera. I have a Staples down the street and the customer service is awesome

  218. I bought the best office chair at Staples 4 years ago..and it was one of the best purchases I have ever made. I used to have a cheapo task chair from another store that was duct-taped together..lol! This one has arms and the softest seat ever....I got it on sale plus a rebate and I love it! Staples rocks!

  219. My daughter's digital camera was stolen last year and she is graduating from high school in May. I would love to be able to replace it for her.

  220. There isn't a Staples in my town anymore, and I really miss it. I could find anything I need, supply-wise, for my library and I shopped there often.

  221. If I were to win this camera I would give it to my mom. She and my dad moved 2.5 hours away from the rest of the family and I think this would cheer her up and be a great new pasttime for her.

  222. I like to shop at Staples, they have a good variety and the sales people are always happy and ready to answer any questions I have.

  223. I like shopping at Staples because they always have what my daughter needs for school.

    I would love to have this camera to capture some great pictures of my kids. Haven't had a camera for a while.

  224. I would love to win this camera because ours has been acting up lately, and has some scratches/smudges on them that doesn't seem to come off.
    Thanks for the chance to win this super contest!

  225. For the first time in my life, I would love to have a camera! I have avoided having my picture taken for most of my life because of self-esteem issues and being very overweight. Well, I began a food plan and exercise regime last May 1st and I have lost 51 pounds so far!! I bought a disposable camera when I started my food plan and exercising and took 'before' pics and I took 'after' pics recently, and I was actually amazed at the difference in me!! I was not as ashamed to look at myself, and I could really see the differences in my sizes!!! I would love to own a camera for the first time in my life, because now that I am beginning to 'come out of my shell of shame', I would be proud to share pictures of myself with friends and family!!! Thank you for the contest!

  226. staples is so close to my work. i'm in there all the time. i would love to win this cute camera! please enter me :)

  227. I NEED a camera because several years ago my husband and I both bought each other a digital camera for Christmas. In his endless wisdom, he decided we only needed one digital camera and took the one I bought back to the store. I have not gotten my hands on 'OUR' digital camera since! And he wonders why he's not in any family photos!

  228. I don't have a digital camera and I really do need one. I have a regular film camera but It doesn't work anymore.

  229. This camera would be a perfect fit for my mother-in-law. She is well deserving of it, always thinking of other people and placing herself second. Aside from being the mother to me that I never had, she is a wonderful person inside and out. Being a teacher, just shows the love and compassion that she has for others. Receiving this camera from Staples would be a gift she would never forget and treasure forever!

  230. my sister broke my parents' digital camera that I had given them. It would be really nice if I could gift them with a new one. thanks for the giveaway.

  231. I still use my good old 35mm camera. While I do love it, I think it is probably time to get into the digital revolution.

  232. I like shopping at Staples. They always have just what I'm looking for. I'd love to win the camera. I've gotten my kids each a digital camera for birthdays lately, but of course Mom still doesn't have one!

  233. I would love to win this cool camera for my son. He always borrows mine and fills it up with pictures of cars and mushrooms!
    smchester at gmail dot com

  234. I love Staples. We have them and a few competitors, but the service at Staples is always so much better.

    Thanks for a great giveaway!

  235. I need a new camera because my old one broke and I have foster kids that need pictures taken of them. I'm a frequent Staples shopper.

  236. Staples is one of my favorite stores. When I walk in through those doors I feel as excited as I used to feel at the beginning of a school year. There's just something about all those unused office/school supplies that holds such promise of things to come.

  237. I love Staples. They have quite a few locations close to me. Very reasonable prices and they even carry a line of eco friendly products. What more can you ask for?

  238. I have a Staples by me and always pick up items there for my printer. I could really use a new camera; i am still using a 35MM camera that was a gift to me about 8 years ago. I am always the last ones in my group to get new technology!

  239. I Love to shop at staples, they always have what I need so it is a one stop shop. I also need a digital camera because the holidays are coming up and I would love to save the memories on my computer plus pictures.

  240. in the past year i have bought 2 good cameras, and my better half gets ahold of them and somehow shorts them out. i need a camera that he will not touch.

  241. I need a camera that can take good pictures outside with bright light so I can send pics to family friends. My current camera has problems with bright light outside. Thanks for the contest!

  242. I'd love to give a camera to my mother. She keeps buying these little disposable cameras and the quality of the pictures is terrible!

  243. My 16 year old daughter borrowed her older brother's camera to take to camp last summer, it came back from camp with a dent and not working so well. It would be great to replace the boys camera for him!

  244. Staples is my "go-to" place for any and all printing services I need. Staff is extremely helpful and I always leave the store happy. I also love how they help out teachers with special sales and discounts. I have no digital camera and the grandkids are growing up so quickly; I would love to win one! Peace

  245. My old camera was trampled by fans at a concert I went to 2 weeks ago, and it got lost in the shuffle. I'm really upset about it, especially now, because Christmas time is here and I have no camera. Winning this would be a dream come true.

    Thank you for the giveaway! :)

  246. We have been looking for that little digital camera for two months now, it's got to be in the house somewhere. Hopefully, we will win this one.

  247. I would love to win this camera because my son thought it would be a good idea to give my camera a bath and now it won't work.

  248. I am a total office geek. I love Staples because I like office supplies and other things to organize my desk and paperwork. (All those years of desk jobs!!!)

    Thanks for the contest.

  249. I have a camera but it is one of those old ones that is really big and uses the floppy disc to record photos. These are becoming pretty obsolete - I could really use an upgrade!

  250. staples is THE office supply store... and thank you for the camera... getting tired of developing film and ready to enter the digital age.

  251. I lost my job and I'm trying to make a little extra money by selling some stuff on EBAY but my camera takes really poor pictures

  252. We are getting our first Staple store and I can't wait. I used to shop at Staples all the time and when we moved there wasn't one here.

  253. I use Staples Shipping Center all the time to ship packages UPS. The staff there is helpful and friendly. Isn't that pink camera wonderful!

  254. Staples is a hop, skip, and jump from my house and They have good quality products. I haven't been let down yet.
    I need the camera because I have two little girls and our entire families are across the continent. I take alot of picture to send to the family so they can watch how much they've grown and acheived. This would be a great win.

  255. I like to shop at Staples because I always find good buys. I have found many items that I need in the clearance section.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com


  257. They have just opened up a new Staples here , and I have yet had the chence to visit it.I have a new grandbaby who I'd love to take pictures of!!Plus I have 3 boys,all of them are always involved in school activitiessports,ect.The camera would really come in handy!Happy Holidays Everyone!

  258. Whenever I shop at Staples, I LOVE going to the Post-Its aisle to see what new products they have to offer - they are just the BEST! I also am always on the lookout for a good 3-in-1 printer since mine is almost kaput.
    If I were the lucky winner, I would take a boatload of pictures of my nieces and nephew and print them out on my new printer!

  259. What I love about Staples is that they have own-brand products that are just as good as the other brands for a much lower price

  260. i've never had any problems with staples. about a yr ago i bought a printer from them. i checked online the price and when i went and got it at the store i asked if i could have the online price and they did. they have really good customer service. if i won the camera i'd do a little holiday photos of my husbands grandma.

  261. I love Staples! I work from home...and Staples is right down the street from me. They give you money back for empty printer cartridges, and have a great selection of supplies...plus candy!

  262. My cell phone camera is now better than the digital camera I currently own. I would love to win this. a 7.2 megapixel sure would be nice!

  263. I would love to have a camera where if I drop the film on the floor it wont be exposed. As the consummate klutz I think with sufficient instruction I might be able to take digital pictures. I am concerned that the ones and zeroes may all look alike and if there is not someway to mark the picture i may confuse my dog with my girl friend. Pleased advise and send a complete set of instructions with the camera.
    Thank you.

  264. Merrrrry Christmas Metropolitanmama! I'd love to win this camera, I had a cheap digital one and the thing broke on me... :)

  265. Staples has been a regular stop for us this year. Good prices and selection. This camera would be a great way for us to get going on our "sell it online" project ...gotta go digital!

  266. I have a 35 mm camera and it takes at least a minute to warm up to take 1 picture. So I have to stand and hold my breath everytime I take a picture.. I could really use this sony cyber shot digital camera.-and staples has a great reputation as does sony!!!

  267. I'd like a new camera because I can draw better pictures than those from my current camera - and I am definitely no Norman Rockwell.

  268. I'd use this camera strictly for my jobs. I freelance blog and am a music blogger; this would be great to take pictures while I'm at shows and concerts. I also am starting a craft company with my boss from my "real" job and it would be great to use to take pictures of our art to post online and to make large pictures for our customers.

  269. I shop at Staples because they have the best customer service. The staff always make me feel welcome and they are pretty knowledgeable, too.

    If I were to win this camera I wouldn't have to steal, I mean 'borrow', my sister's camera. :D


  270. I bought my last camera at staples about 4 years ago, and though it has lasted for a while, it is time to get a knew one. I have 3 kids and I need a good camera to capture all their moments.

  271. Staples has an amazing warranty. I'd love a new camera so I can take pictures of my kids who are getting bigger before my eyes.

  272. I need a digital camera. I don't own one! I have two sons, a 16 year old dog and a 5 month old Beagle puppy. It would be fun learning how to use this camera and start the picture taking. Many thanks for the opportunity to win such a phenomenal camera.

  273. My family and I decided that we were going to begin a new holiday tradition this year and building a gingerbread house was it. Seeing my husband and my kids working together so wonderfully was a moment I really wanted to treasure, only one problem, no camera.
    A camera for us means being able to relive these precious moments for years to come, thanks.

  274. I love Staples! Being in charge of the office supplies for work, Staples makes it so easy to order online and have it the next day! Which is great, especially when i forget to order supplies!!! The rewards program is wonderful! So is the coupons you get in the mail - the free stuff rocks!

  275. Hi!!
    Ive been enjoying your blog:)
    I look forward to the Staples Sales paper and we shop there frequently for blank dvds and cds.
    This camera sounds great, I love Sony!!

  276. I just went to Staples for something and I was impressed with some of the fun products they have out. I was even able to do some Christmas shopping for the kids. Hope I'm one of the 10,000 winners with them and also here.

  277. I would love this camera to take pictures of my new granddaughter! Would be easy to carry around and I love the color pink!

  278. I was in DC, taking pictures with my digital camera and one of the guards ran up to me telling me that I had a vintage camera!!

  279. have to drive 85 miles to get to a Staples, but it is so worthwhile when I do get the chance. I want to take all the pictures I can so my grandchildren can relive their childhood when they are grown. This camera would help me make wonderful scrapbooks. [email protected]

  280. I still use the throw away cameras, so I would love to have a real digital camera. Thank you for the opportunity to win one!

  281. What I love about Staples is that all of the employees are SUPER helpful. They always take the time to help out with everything in the store, whether it's copying, sending packages, or finding the right electronic accessory.

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  282. OOOH! that is a nice camera! I dont really shop at Staples, but I know they have some really great deals for homeschoolers and I really like that about them!
    I would shop at Staples, but we dont have one close by!
    Great giveaway!
    Miss Amanda

  283. Funny, I shop at Staples all the time (I really do!) but I always buy things like paper and pens and, well, staples. I don't think of them for things like cameras, but I should. Thanks for the reminder.

  284. I need a new camera because the one I have is really old and doesn't do so well. If I won this I would give the older one to my daughter and keep the new one. I would make sure she was responsible for one for next year. Thanks so much.

  285. I really need a new camera. The battery compartment on mine is broken and it is hard to keep the batteries inside the camera.

  286. Saying "Cheese!"
    Wow, great contest!
    I shop at Staples every week for home office supplies. I love their clearance shelf!
    Why do I want to win the camera? Because my teen accidently broke mine on a recent trip to the Aquarium. I am a single Mom, and a new camera is not in my budget anytime soon.
    Thank you for the contest, Good Luck to All!

  287. Oh my gosh what a great giveaway! I really need a new camera because mine went for a swim last weekend when I was kayaking :)

  288. I need a new camera before I go on vacation. The one I have now is a dinosaur. It takes great pictures, but it's very large and clunky. One of those Cyber-Shots would be awesome.
    BTW..I love shopping at Staples!

  289. I got a camera for Christmas last year from my boyfriend. It was so nice. Over the summer it got dropped. It can't be repaired...:( We are now living together and he is helping me put food on the table for my three children while their father lives the free life. Due to money being tight, a roof over their heads, and food on the table is more important. The camera can not be replaced. This is why a new camera would be great to have for me.

  290. I desperately want a small camera. Mine is great, but it's too big to fit in my purse and take on vacation. Staples is terrific and I love their commercials!

  291. I want a new camera so bad, mine is ancient! Oh, and I love the deals that staples has, but I normally spend way too much money there!

  292. This camera would replace my old digital which is outdated and not as clear as it should be when taking shots--Staples is in my town and it's a good place to shop with knowledgeable workers too.

  293. I could really use this to take some photo's of my new grandson! I have a hard time looking through the view finder for cameras and the LCD screen to see the photo would be great! I love Staples...when I use to be an office manager I always ordered from Staples...They have great prices.

  294. I just started going back to school for graphic design and I get all my supplies at Staples. Anything I could need is there, from furniture to electronics to drawing supplies and paper. Where I don't currently own a camera (hard on an income that isn't incoming and the only funds you see are in someone else's account). I would love to make this the first year where I have a camera so I can add my camera to the plethora being wielded to take massive group pictures. I really hope to win so I can record this year in photo...since I KNOW it's going to be one worth remembering..

  295. Since I am in charge of all office supplies, I do all the shopping for the office at Staples. Additionally, since I'm already there anyway, I do all MY shopping at Staples. They always have great deals and great priced and from what I've seen their Customer Service is pretty good and the people are knowledgeable. I REALLY!!! need this camera. The camera I have now is basically falling apart (it happens after 4 years and about 700,000 pictures!) and I need a replacement. Sony makes some of the best products, so I know this would be great, plus it's PINK!!! You CANNOT go wrong with pink!!

    So....PICK ME!!!PLEEEEEASE!! (Cheese!!!)

  296. I need a camera to take along with me on the African Safari that I recently won. My son-in-law and I are going to Tanzania in May and I in real need of a camera to take. Hope this is the one I take.

  297. I like that Staples is close, I can be there in just a few minutes to get whatever I need.

    I have 6 kids, and love to take pictures.

  298. I need a new camera because my sister is pregnant with her first child- and I don't want a miss a second of it. A few days ago, on our way to our birthday dinner, the camera fell out of my bag and dropped on the floor- breaking it. So a new camera is definitely in order!!

  299. I would love to win this camera so I can give it to my sister for Christmas. This is the one thing she wants for Christmas!! I love Staples and always go there for school supplies as they have good deals going on and I love the set-up of the store, easy to find what you need there.
    Thanks for this fantastic giveaway!

  300. I could absolutely use a new digital camera! Mine is from years ago, so the megapixels kinda stinks and the quality isn't so great. I could use a good camera so I can take photos of my handmade items I'm putting together to open an Etsy shop! I would LOVE to win.

    I do shop at Staples also, I get my printing paper there and also my CD-R discs. Good prices and it's close to home!

    Thank you!!

  301. I love Staples, and there is one pretty close to my house! they always have everything I need for my home office, and the store personnel are always very helpful!

  302. This is awesome, my husband just bought me a $150 calculator for school from staples. I will definitely enter my reciept information, Thank you for the heads up.

  303. Our Staples is in the next town, so I don't go there very often. I need a camera, because I need to take more pictures of the kids.

  304. I like Staples online since it is easy to find the ink that you need using the Ink & Toner Cartridge Finder that Staples has. :)

  305. Our Staples is conveniently located and I buy lots of computer related things from there. They also have most everything I need in office supplies. Their employees are very helpful and friendly!

    I'd love to win the Cyber-Shot camera! I could put it to good use taking pictures of our grandchildren and doggies!!!

  306. wow, the staples promotion is a great idea! i'm in the process of transferring so i've been picking up my new school items at staples, their selection is great & the prices are nice especially combined with their frequent promotions. i love the sony camera as well - very cute!

  307. The only thing I would improve on regarding Staples is for them to put a retail store in my town. I live in Gastonia, NC and once they had a great sale on printers and decided to go ahead and drive to the nearest store, in Lincolnton about 15 miles away. It was worth it because I picked up some great items!

  308. We have three grandaughters & could really use a new camera. We love to take pictures & record their growing up. We've talked about getting a digital camera but never seem to get to it.

  309. Thanks for the giveaway...our family's current digital camera is rapidly becoming obsolete (it's 10+ years old) and we are shopping around for a new one; as for Staples, our kids beg us to go shopping there (for markers, colored pencils, etc.) all the time.

  310. I love going to staples and checking out their pens. I am a Pen fanatic and my favorite is RSVP Fine Point Black. Sometimes that can be difficult to find, except at Staples.

    I do need a camera to keep up with my daughter and all her antics.

  311. I had gotten my CD Label Kit at Staples. I also have purchased lots of CD and DVD-R's from them. Last time I also bought some funky CD cases that were all in these crazy colors. It was kinda fun to have something different from the norm.

  312. I love staples. There is on beside my daughters favorite clothing store She goes clothes shopping and I go to Staples. I love it!

  313. Oooo...I love the pink Sony camera! I need a new one because mine is very old. I like the color of this one and the compact size.

  314. I shop at Staples. I like the convenience of having printing, faxing, copies, all in one place. If I could change anything it would be more notebook 'puters.
    Thank you. :-)

  315. Staples has a fair and generous return policy. Employees there are friendly and helpful. I always shop Staples first although it's not the closet store to my house.

    Thanks for the contest. Best wishes for happy holidays and a prosperous 2009!

  316. I'm a new "Metropolitan Grandmama" and in desperate need of a camera to preserve those
    special grandbaby moments. Since I still work as
    an office manager, I am always ordering from Staples and know they carry products for sharing
    these moments.

  317. I am a new dentist and I would love to take pictures of some of the stuff I have been seeing. You have to see a picture of it to believe it!

  318. Wow - what a great giveaway for the holidays! I do shop at staples, and like the store, as it is a very consistent store. I know what they have, and they always have it in stock. I have never shopped around, but I don't think of them as the cheapest option. But as I said, if there's something specific I need and know they have it, I regularly go there because I know I can get it without problems. We also used their printing center for a christmas newsletter a couple years ago, and they were super helpful. Thanks again for the giveaway!

  319. We would love to have a digital camera to take photo's of our sons. We did have a camera, but one of our kids started playing with it during Thanksgiving and it broke. Would love to win this. Thanks so much for offering this giveaway.

  320. I have a new granddaughter and my old camera is about dead, we are going to visit her in a few weeks and I would love a new camera :)

  321. i love staple but dont have one near me
    so i always go when i visit my mom or get her to get stuff for me there
    this camera would be fantastic to win!
    i want a blue camera!

  322. Hubby & I are purchasing our first home & we will want to take numerous photos of the house to share with family. This would be amazing to win.

  323. I cannot for the life of me find our battery charger for my family and I's little Lumix....and the first snowfall came just a day ago!....Please help me!... =D

  324. I'm actually looking for a digital camera for my sister. I have a 10.1 megapixel Cybershot camera that I love and use constantly, and I know that my sister wants one because of my actions. So it'd be really awesome to win one for her from the same company as my own camera.

  325. I would love a digital camera to take pictures of my girls. I'm a single mom and don't have the extra money to buy one. But it would be so nice to capture little moments since they grow so fast.

  326. I have always gotten good service and some good deals at Staples.
    I would like a camera of my own and it NOT a disposable!!!!
    Thanks for the chance and Happy Holidays - and Oh...Cheese - did I win LOL

  327. I'm probably one of the very few people that doesn't have a digital camera. This would be perfect. I have a new niece that I'd love to take pictures of. I shop at Staples for products for my printer.

  328. I love the fact Staples opens at 7:00am during the week. I could really use a digital camera because I cannot focus a manual camera any longer since diabetes has affected my vision.

  329. Staples is great, we buy most of our office/computer produts there. I'd love to win this camera for my father-in-law. He really needs a hobby and I think this would get him started on having some fun. Thank you!

  330. I have a Staples here in my town. I love the fact they open at 7:00am during the week. They have a good selection. I need a digital camera because I do not have one. I like the fact that you can choose your color of the camera. I like Black & Silver.

  331. What a cute camera and I love the pink (its my favorite colour) I'd love to be entered for this because I so need a camera, mine has broke 2 times and this time its not fixable :( And I feel lost without a camera by myside! Thanks for entering me.

  332. Yes, I would love to have a camera. The camera that I have is a Polaroid (I guess that tells you how long its been since I bought a camera). I love taking pictures, but I don't like storing them in boxes all over the house. I would love to have a digital camera in order to have more order.

  333. I would really love a new, less bulky digital camera to replace the one I have now. The Cyber-shot seems much slimmer than my current camera and it has more megapixels. Thanks for the giveaway.

  334. I would love to win this camera...My oldest daughetr goes to church camp every year and she really needs a camera to capture all of the wonderful things that happen while she is there.

  335. I need a camera! I've never owned a digital camera and my 25-year old 35mm camera recently died. Thanks for the giveaway!

  336. Every camera I've ever had has been a hand-me-down from someone in my family that's had something wrong with it. (They buy a good one, and give me the one that's old/falling apart, and in a month, it's broken...) I would =so= love my OWN, brand-new-out-of-a-box camera--especially digital!!!!!!!

    Thank you for the contest!!

  337. I think the only digital camera I've ever owned was clunkier than most professional cameras are now! I am definitely in need of a makeover in that department. Also, Staples RULES. I love shopping there.

  338. I need a camera because my daughter keeps borrowing mine to take pictures of the grandkids. How can I say no to that? But it does leave me without a camera.

  339. i love staples because they give amazing deals and freebies to teachers! Boy, do we really need all the help we can get.

  340. I need a new camera desperately- mine has been dropped numerous times and I need to take product photos for my website. Yikes- all my photos are blurry. I bought my last camera at Staples- they are the best!

  341. I need a new camera because mine was dropped and it doesn't work so great.
    I like shopping at Staples, especially at the beginning of the school year. They always have such great deals.

  342. i have 6 kids so a camera would be awesome to keep those memories of the kids i love staples i get great deals on al the office and computer and school needds

  343. I love the pink! Well, my son broke our very nice camera...(of course we're going to get it fixed)...but I think that we need another camera that I can take with me everywhere (since my husband's isn't the most portable) so I can capture those awesome moments when my son is doing something great.

  344. Everyone must have a "That was easy" button! Even if it is not easy, I smack it to give me motivation that the next time it will be!

  345. Staples is near to my house and always have what I need.
    With the economy the way it is,I need to sell stuff online and need a camera real bad.The one in the cell phone is not very good.

  346. My son keeps asking for a camera. He is really into movies and pictures. I don't think the pink color would be what color he wants though...LOL

  347. As a big Staples fan, my only camera is so old, it's not digital. I bought one last year and had a Xmas party and never saw it again! I have a 2 1/2 year old Grandson that I've never taken a picture of and my DIL is having a little girl on May 5th and I'd love to take some pictures. We can't afford Xmas gifts this year so a camera would give us the best gift of all - pictures of the gift of love that my family has for each other.

  348. "It's the most wonderful time of the year..." Staples is the dream shop for both parents and teachers- which I am both. As a mom of 2 boys I'm constantly taking them to Staples for school supplies both in August and mid year. As a Middle School teacher, my room has "gone green" with the "Other People's Paper" school supplies that Staples has created from Recycled Paper. Happy Holidays!

  349. I love staples you can get so much more then just boring office supplies there, And with coupons there are some great deals to be had!

  350. I Love Staples because of the nice copy center in the back that always gets all my coping done so fast!

    chuck_paz (@) yahoo (dot) com

  351. I would love to get my daughter a camera for Christmas, but eventhough my husband and I both work we don't even have enough to pay the bills. Her name is Ali, and she loves to take pictures as well as draw pictures. Please give her a the Christmas present that I can't. She's a great litlle girl, and would be very grateful.

  352. I haven't had a functional camera in the last three years that's under 30 years old. Yes, I love my Pentax, but it's getting harder and harder to develop film quickly or get slides. It would be so nice to have a camera to take vacation pictures with!

  353. I would love a new Sony digital camera. My old Fuji camera is rather slow and if I wanted to take action shots of my son--forget it. I visit Staples quite often. You can never have too many pens and just love those ultra-fine Sharpies in different colors.

  354. Hi, i'd like to have more "fancy" stationery at staples, because the one they have is a bit dull.. otherwise great store, great prices!

  355. We have 5 kids and no camera. Christmas is 11 days away and I am so sad. We have cut back Christmas gift giving drastically but we still celebrate hardily. We go caroling, make cookies, make decorations, make gifts but no camera for memories.

  356. Staples is the only office supply store in my town so we shop there often. But only for "business stuff" which is why I haven't been able to get a new camera, even though mine is slowly giving up. I would love to win this.


  357. Why do I need a new camera? I got a 16 year old daughter who loves to take pictures and videos (especially of her cousins, they are such hams whenever there is a camera present). Her camera broke, I haven't been able to replace it. I really like her pictures and videos, because her pictures have a different perspective than mine. I always try to do what I can to encourage her and a new camera would definitely do just that.

  358. I would love to win this camera for my son. He was injured at work, and hasnt been treated fairly. He had a camera that recently stopped working. This prize sure would brighten his spirits this holiday season. That would make for a wonderful gift. Thanks for the opportunity to win this great prize.

  359. I work out of my home and it seems like I'm always ordering from Staples online. They have great products and knowledgable customer service reps. I have a nephew that's getting married in a few weeks and I would love to win the Sony Cyber-shot W120 to document his 'special' day. Please, include me in your giveaway drawing. Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  360. I'm going to be a grandma soon and would love a camera-I'm tired of using disposable cameras that you don't know how the pictures will turn out.

  361. My daughter wants a camera so badly. I already had bought a gift for her and can't buy her one this Christmas. It is her first Christmas as an "instant mom" she has a new 8 and 10 year old son and has spent so much time making their home "Christmasy". It would be nice if I won this camera so she could take pictures to love and treasure for years to come! Merry Christmas!

  362. I just love staples. Every year i drive my kids to Adrian Michigan to get their school supplies. I love the variety of items they have there, and my kids always find something that they can't live without. thanks Staples for being a great store. I would also love the new camera. I am always taking the pictures, which means I am never in them. It would be nice to let my daughter use it, so I can be in some of the pictures sometime. thanks for the opportunity to enter the great contest.

  363. wow what a giveaway i need a new camera mine is old and out dated, but money is tight now and i cant afford a new one.

  364. Staples is a great store that has everything you need be it for a home office or just plain folks like us! A camera would be so wonderful to have to keep memories alive. To have pictures of two little grandsons and two very ill Great Grandparents be indeed be a treasure.

  365. I work at the grand canyon and don't have a camera. I would love to win one to take pictures of the wonderful scenery.

  366. What I love about Staples is that all of the deals you can get in store are available online. I don't have a Staples in my town, but I do have an Office Depot. Staples has always been better in price and selection, so I usually just order online and the have free shipping so often that I save a ton of money!

  367. What I'd like to improve about Staples is putting it closer to my house-- it's WAY across town, and definitely not on my beaten path. I desperately need a camera upgrade-- I think mine is a pitiful 3 megapixels...

  368. I live in Staples! I run an online book store and I am in Staples, which luckily is only a mile away, a lot buying packing materials-they often have sales on this stuff so I watch for those. I gave away my last 2 cameras to charity so I would love to have one of my own.

  369. Staples is such a unique store because it not only is has affordable products. But you can also get anything from the latest electronics to the office supplies you may need at work or home. I personally love the store and recommend it to my coworkers when they are looking for and electronics store that has it all!

  370. i really need a camera because i have 3 children and i can't afford professional photos.having a camera would help me to take tons of photos of my kids and family.

  371. Staples is a great place to get all office and computer related things. Got my computer there plus some supplies for when I was attending college. Am done with that now, but need a camera to do some freelance work. Would be nice to have one that takes great pictures. Thanks for having this giveaway.

  372. Staples has everything I need plus good sales. My camera needs to found a new home, maybe the trash. It is old, pixels are lacking. Taking pictures is a way my family and friends stay in touch. Please consider me for this prize.

  373. Oh my sister would LOVE this camera! I have the hardest time trying to get her to take pictures.. But I think this cute pink camera might just do the trick! :)

  374. I have a Staples about 5 minutes from my house. It is always well-stocked, immaculate, and the staff is wonderful. Hope to win!

  375. I love to shop at Staples, having done so since they moved into our area. My only feedback is that our local store doesn't open as early as the nearby Office Depot, so I see a lot of my neighbors going to Office Depot instead. Seems like Staples is missing out on a lot of business by not opening one hour earlier.

  376. I like going to Staples for school supplies not only for my children but for supplies that I use to teach. There is a Staples relatively close to where I live and the staff is always helpful. Thanks for the giveaway!

  377. I live in the sticks and when I say sticks, I mean, 50 miles ONE way to the nearest grocery store. (needless to say, I do alot of online shopping and I do shop at Staples online)
    With that said, I would like to comment on Staples. Their site is easy to navigate. They ship promptley. Recently I was looking for a pencil sharpener. I used their search button and a nice selection came up.
    I like how Staples home page comes up. It is not cluttered with advertising. It has a category list right there. You can find what you need quickly.
    I have a Kodak digital camera. It is a tad slow to capture pictures of a active Granddaughter. A new camera for Grandma would be lovely. Congrats to whoever the lucky winner is.

  378. I love to shop at Staples because they have everything I look for and this camera looks like it would be a fantastic one for me to use to take pictures of my grandsons.

  379. First...LOVE the camera...
    We have a Staples less than a mile from here...I LOVE it..not only do we get our office supplies there...but they even have a little food section and I get our favorite peanut butter stuffed pretzels there as well...best store in town!
    Thanks for entry

  380. Staples is such a great store i get all geeked when i'm there, the reason i'd like to win the camera is our youngest daughter is a budding photographer and we can't afford the luxury of buying her a camera.

  381. I love Staples, they really have it all, even my favorite starbucks coffee, and its always cheaper there than anywhere else, I would love to win that cute camera, I love it in pink, Thanks for the great giveaway

  382. staples has all my office supply needs in one location, so i don't have to make trips to several stores. i really could use this camera, my hubby and i are going to hawaii in january.

  383. I love when Staples has their back to school specials. I get to stock up on all the great school supplies and most of all, I would LOVE to win this camera because the camera I have right now, BITES :(

  384. I so miss living close to a Staples. Since we moved, the nearest one is over a half-hour away. Thank goodness for the website. We bought our computer chair from there and love it. This camera would be so great. Right now, all I have is a older, bigger one that isn't much fun to take along.

  385. Do I get the pink camera if I win - I love pink!! We don't shop at Staples because the nearest one is over 60 miles away! I did use to shop their website at a prior job.

  386. I would love to win this for my parents. Their camera randomly shuts down and won't turn back on from time to time. It never fails that it shuts down just as my mom tries to snag a picture of my busy toddler. This would be such a great thing to give them!! m_huston(at)hotmail(dot)com

  387. I love Staples online store, they have the best deals! And as for Sony they are just the best for digital cameras, so my friends say, I'm still in the dark ages and don't have one...yet! Maybe I'll win one...CHEESE! LOL!

  388. I love that color :). Ya know Staples is the only electronic store we have here in town. We are a very small town, but I know I can always depend on Staples to get what I need for my office supplies and home business.

  389. I do shop at Staples about once a quarter for office supplies, etc. I did buy a computer chair there once too. I never really realized that they sold electronics like this. Good to know. This camera is a beauty!

  390. Soooo, considering that our new camera was just stolen this would be a wonderful thing to win. We're hoping that insurance will cover the loss but I still haven't talked with the adjuster and we have a couple other things to fix as well (like the front door). Yeah, I was thinking that the Home Depot gift card would have been nice to win too. ;)

  391. The two things I like about this camera is 1. its pink and 2. its small. Perfect to toss in my purse! Great giveaway Steph!

  392. Have I whined to you yet about my husband breaking ours via a ceiling fan and into a lake...grr...! We don't have any Staples near by so I don't really have any experience with them. They're in MN just not this far north!

  393. I love it when they have penny sales at the start of the school year. This year I bought crayons for the kids for Christmas. They love art supplies, and you can never have too many crayons!

  394. I'm not a fan of Staples honestly, it's expensive inmy opinion. My b/inlaw's g/f works at one so she likes to get the deals. I'd lvoe to get this camera for my little sister. =) THank you.

  395. I hear the cybershot is a great portable camera to have....with my hubby with his SLR, it'd be nice to have a little one for myself!

  396. What a great opportunity. I shop at Staples when I do need office stuff/supplies...but now that I'm at home with the kids that's a little less often. Crossing my fingers I'll win this for my deserving husband who wants one for his work. Thanks!

  397. Well, first of all let me say that of all the inexpensive digital cameras out there, the Sony Cyber-Shot always ranks among the best on Consumer Reports. So, clearly, whoever wins this little gem is one lucky gal (or guy!). Ideally that would be me of course. :) Why? My daughter has a pink digital camera on her birthday wish list (her birthday is Jan. 6th) and I'd love to be able to present this one to her. It'd come in handy during our trip to the snow next month!

  398. This sony camera looks awesome!! Our family has one camera but I seem to always find myself frustrated because when I need it my husband has it. He's an airline pilot and so he tends to leave for 3 or 4 or 5 days at a time. He's adventurous and loves to explore the cities he overnites in so sometimes he takes the camera. Wouldn't you know that when he has the camera is when I always miss good moments in my daughter's life! Ugh. Two cameras would be mighty nice :)

  399. I love Staples! My brother worked there all through High School so he'd always let me know about the awesome deals they had. When I was an Elementary School Librarian, I always appreciated the Teacher Appreciation they had before school started. They gave out tote bags full of goodies! It was awesome! I shop the clearance there, and have found some incredible buys. I like that the staff is always friendly and they know their stuff. Plus, they have the Fooey erasers that my son likes so much. :)

    Who wouldn't want a pink camera? It just screams Happy Holidays!!