Oooh. She's got her new boots on.

teva-montecito-boots-cigar-1Fall sneaks up on us here in Southern Arizona. The leaves don't announce the arrival of autumn. The glorious array of golds, reds, and yellows that sweep so much of the rest of the nation are nowhere to be found.

On the contrary, Fall tip-toes in - a bit unannounced, holding Her breath.

You see: the seasons blend together here in a perfectly played symphony, without dramatic pause or tuning of instruments. In our area, weather is pretty much the same nine months of the year - 70-90 degrees with sunshine. It's lovely. Really.

Sometimes I only "remember" it is fall when I watch television or pick up a catalog. I see pictures of pea coats and brightly colored scarves, down vests and wool hats - and I yearn to pull out my meager collection. But then I wait...for cooler weather.

I am excited to announce that cooler weather is finally here (well, "cooler" for this Arizona girl...meaning...cough...a little under 70 degrees) and I'm super excited to

Specifically, the Women's Montecito Leather Boots ($140) that Teva recently sent me to review.

The montecitos look awesome with jeans. They have that rustic, western, "I-just-spent-a-day-outdoors" look.


But they look equally cute with a skirt (I think that combo would be just about perfect for line dancing, no?):


Best of all, these boots are exceptionally cushy and comfortable. In fact, I want to wear them everywhere. The wedge provides the teeniest bit of height, but these are not your "wear-to-impress-and-then-take-them-off-the-minute-you-get-home" kind of shoes (you know you have pairs like that!). These are functional shoes, yet...they're also fashion-forward.

If somebody asks you what you want for Christmas, say "Montecito." Seriously. You will love these.

Or, check out the rest of Teva's collection when you shop for birthday/holiday gifts.

For your guy:

The ever-popular and ultra-comfy Men's Agate Thong ($65):

mens agate thong teva

For your beach bum, always-casual-yet-always-chic friend:

The Women's Mush Flip Flops ($24):

women's mush flip flops teva

YOUR TURN: What is the weather like where you are?

teva logoWIN IT! One winner will receive Mush Flip-Flops from Teva {$24.00; winner’s choice of color and size}. To enter, leave any topic-related comment on this post prior to Monday, November 9th at 11:59 p.m. (Don’t forget to follow the rules…all generic comments like “Enter me!,” “Love it,” and “Cool stuff!” will be disqualified.).

*UPDATE* The winner is #135 Jennifer. Congratulations!

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144 comments on “Oooh. She's got her new boots on.”

  1. Growing up in Michigan, Fall was and always will be my favorite season. Now that I live in Arizona, it is a bit depressing not seeing the amazing colors Fall presents. I would love to buy scarfs, pea coats and big, warm sweaters! For now, I will just go and buy a pair of boots to ease my soul:)

  2. I've heard Teva brand is awesome. I will have to wait to wear flip flops for a few months as it is freezing in Wa.

  3. Arizona sounds nice. I think I'd miss the change of weather but I really could do without the freezing temps for 3-4 months of the year. I've had my flannel sheets and quilt on my bed for a month already.

  4. Actually, november has been gorgeous so far. I'm sure it won't be to long before the snow & ice start, after all this is Ohio.

  5. It is getting cold here and dark so early since I
    am on the east coast.I think I like your weather
    better.I am still walking around the house with
    shorts and flip flops like it's summer.I just
    feel more comfortable and I miss summertime.
    Thanks for the giveaway and I have never owned
    a pair of Teva's but heard they are comfy

  6. Aaaahhh, it's a balmy 80 around here. It's a welcome change from the high 90s we've been having. Guess it'll be raining here in a day or so.

  7. Ive had the same flipflops for 3 years. This is saying a lot since i live in southern california where it is flipflop weather ALL year round. I could use a new pair!

  8. Our weather in Georgia has been wet for a long time. I can't wait to get away to the beach and wear a pair of beautiful flip flops.

  9. I am a flip flop girl wear them all year (including winter). I have never worn the Teva style but they look really great and would love to give them a try.

  10. Boots are just another reason to love fall. I always look forward to breaking out my favorites after a long hiatus in the closet during the summer.

  11. I live in Nebraska and it can't decide what season it is. We've had a lot of nice warm weather with spurts of cold. I would love the flip-flops. The boots look beautiful too.

  12. It was an absolutely gorgeous warm weekend. Today's high was about 63. I had my Teva's on this morning while I was raking the leaves. I am in Wisconsin and this temperature is great for November 9th.

  13. We had a beautiful weekend and today we're getting lots of rain and wind from Ida. I'm glad that it's just a minor storm and not a hurricane.

  14. The weather has been pretty nice for fall here. It's normally a lot cooler but it's been in the 60's the last couple of days. I wouldn't mind this weather all winter.

  15. The weather has been very nice lately - sunny and warm. Where I live I can wear flip flops almost all year long. Teva Mush Flip Flops are outstanding!

  16. The weather is pretty horrible where I am. We are experiencing rainstorms because of Ida. I could use some rainboots right about now.

  17. It was 70 yesterday and about 68 today. Might be a tad cooler tomorrow. But it's great for Ohio! It might not be flip flop weather for long, but I can wear flip flops in the house, right?

  18. We've had a spectrum of weather in Missouri lately. It's already been down in the 30s and then last week it rained all week and was chilly. But last weekend was beautiful, sunny and up to 80 degrees. If you don't like the weather here, just wait - it'll change.

  19. Love Teva - in fact, I live in my Teva sandals. Never tried their flips but would love to see how comfy they are
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  20. The weather here is subject to change. Just a couple of days ago it got up to 80 degrees but in September it was in the 50s. Crazy. These flip flops would be perfect for any weather!

  21. Oh Oh Oh... This girl here is definitely going to get her boots on! Those are great! I am a Teva flip flop am extremely interested in the boots!! How yummy for the fall/winter!!

  22. Its been a typical fall here in the Austin, TX area, although a little more rain than usual. Unfortunately, we would need about another 30 inches to clear out the drought. :( 73 degrees out right now.

  23. The weather this weekend was wonderful. Warm 80* and sunny. Now it is still warm but it is cloudy today. I'm in Missouri. It is supposed to rain and get colder tomorrow. YUCK

  24. It's cold! We've already had six inches of snow. But I love my TEVA flip-flops and wear them any time I get the chance -- year round.

    s.mickelson at gmail dot com

  25. The weather here in Maryland has been weird. The leaves are falling and sometimes it's chilly & rainy. But the next day it'll be like Spring weather.

  26. Since my dog just chewed up my last pair of flip flops, I need some! Why does she have to chew up my footwear?????? Why?????

  27. I love your new boots! My trusty boots just died after 3 years, and I am looking to replace them - maybe I will go with Teva.

  28. The weather has been kinda... bipolar. Last week it was rainy, foggy, and near freezing. Just yesterday, the temperature was in the 70s, currently staying in the 60s. I'd give it a couple of weeks before we see our first snow fall.

  29. I am a teacher and when we have our Thanksgiving break,I am going to go south for the week. It would be great to be able to walk on the beach with the Mush flip-flops.

  30. Those boots would be perfect for keeping my toes warm in my walk to the train everyday in frigid new england. But I'd love to have the flip flops for my upcoming wedding in Hawaii!!

  31. I love the Teva flip-flops! My mother in law gave me a pair. I wore them to Disney in September and they were sooo comfy.

  32. I was once on vavation and only brought heels with me. After walking all around town I happily overpaid for a pair of comfy sandals to walk in. it was worth every penny.

  33. Teva is my favorite sandal brand, I love them. They are so comfortable. Would love to win these.Thanks for the chance.

  34. The weather is jax florida is mostly very warm so flip flops are a big part of my casual wardrobe, but we still get fall weather a few months of the year which i really love which is perfect for those stylish boots.

  35. I looked to see which ones are my favorite and the ones you have pictured are (Gardenia Red) also like the Spring Pumpkin.

  36. We have had more rain this year that many years before.
    Right now it is 53 degrees at 11:21 am. Which is really cool for us this time of year.

    Thank you so much for the chance to win.


  37. in nothern arizona warm days and cool nights. my 3 year old grandson wears teva shoes and they fit him so well he has wide feet and tevas always fit well

  38. Good to hear you're enjoying wearing your boots.

    Weather here is temperate (on the peninsula midway between
    San Francisco and San Jose, CA). Some people wear shorts year
    round. However, rain is needed. As you know in this Mediterranean climate rain usually on falls in winter months and
    in this part of the world there has been a dearth of precipitation
    for three years.

    Thanks for the contest.

  39. The weather in the mountains this time of year is best described as changable.

    We had several days when we woke up to a hard frost and the temperature didn't crack 50 during the day.

    We've had days of rain and chilly temperatues, and now we're in a cycle of sunshine and 70 degrees.

  40. Today and tomorrow it's supposed to be around 70. A cold front is coming in on Weds and will knock it down to the 50's and 60's during the day and the 40's at night.

  41. We're having a wonderful Indian Summer right now! It was 75 degrees yesterday, but there is a cold front coming through later in the week. It will be freezing before I know it, but I'm trying to enjoy every last ray of warm sunshine right now!

  42. These are the perfect footwear for a warm get away which is something I will want to do given the way the Mid-west gets winters.

  43. I love the boots but its not really boot weather in NE Texas yet either. I get too warm this early and still like my flip flops! Love to win these Tevas as Ive never had any! They look comfy!

    [email protected]

  44. I wear open toe shoes all year round. Teva is excellent for long lasting shoes, quality, style and innovation. The colors match everything and look outstanding.

  45. I am one of those people that wear sandals for as long as possible in the fall-winter months before finally switching over to close-toed shoes. :) I love the Spring Wedgewood pattern for the Mush shoes. Too cute :)

  46. It is fall here. Some days its pretty cold and some days are not so bad. I still wear my flipflops when I get a pedicure.

  47. I live in North Carolina and the the weather has been very nice.Yesterday's high was 74* and the low was 40*,not bad.The leaves that are still on the trees are very pretty, with gold,yellow,red,brown and still a few green leaves out there.
    Thanks for the giveaway:)

  48. I wore my Teva flip-flops while walking all around Mackinac Island in Michigan, and they were as comfortable as a good pair of clunky walking shoes.

  49. Teva anything, they look great, wear great and are the most comfortable of any shoes out there, great giveaway

  50. Indiana has quite variable weather. Currently it's highs of 70 or so, but just a week ago it was frigid and highs of only 40's to 50's. Makes it hard to dress! But our winters can be brutal. Cute boots by the wash! Thanks.

  51. Oh my gosh! I have fallen in love with Teva! I wore them EVERY SINGLE day this summer and wish i could wear them all year long. But I've decided they are the best and want to get a pair to wear indoors!!

  52. Ha! I just commented on how sunny and warm a prior picture of you looks and I thought you lived somewhere cold... but nope, arizona! Those boots are super cute. We have the traditional tevas, which I love. And even living in Seattle, I still find ways to wear my flip flops in winter!

  53. At home it is typical fall... leaves changing colors in the North Georgia mountains is really a sight to behold and it's a cool 60 degrees. However, we're on our way home from sunny Orlando where it is presently closer to 80 degrees.

    I laughed at the "wear to impress and immediately take them off" description because that is def. how I would describe my current favorite black high heel boots!!

  54. The weather is turning colder. The leaves are beautiful!! By the way, I own a pair of Teva's and they are great!!

  55. COLD. Really friggin' cold. We haven't had snow (that sticks) yet but I'm definitely tired of the 40's temps. I wouldn't mind if it just stayed 60's all year round because I'm a jeans and sweatshirt or t-shirt kind of person. Why I live in the wintery state that I do, I'll never know.

    Definitely cute boots, I love the versatility!

  56. As a fellow Arizonian, I am sure you know what's coming... FLIP FLOPS!!!! And I am truly in need of some comfy ones. 2 pairs have broken recently. :( And cheap ones at that!!

  57. The boots are really cute, but here in South Africa I would not have many opportunities to wear them. But the flip-flops - would love those! My dog chewed up my fav pair and I really need to replace them.

  58. I could really use a new pair of flip flops I don't like the pair I have right now - not that I have to worry about the flip flops now because they won't come out until about ohhhh May of next year!

    I do need to do some boot shopping I have a pair of black boots but they are pretty worn down.

  59. My brother that lives in Cali always just adored Teva, I've yet to own a pair! Would love to try them out. And I love those boots, they look great for Fall!!

  60. It is cool and crisp where I am and almost all our beautiful leaves have already fallen. Fall came too fast and then it rained and rained during the entire colorful part this year, so I feel like we kind of got cheated out of what is normally a beautiful season. And now winter is around the corner--and with winter will come big, heavy boots and coats, snow pants, sledding, ice-skating, snowman-building, hot chocolate, and cozying up by the fireplace (we hit sub-zero temps often)--so I won't be in flip-flops again until late spring at best, but once I start wearing my flip-flops, they are just about the only shoes I wear all summer until early fall.
    I really love the boots!! I will have to check those out as well.

  61. Fall arrived hard and fast around here. One minute it was summer and the next it seems like winter's almost here.

    Love the boots! They sound so comfy, yet look adorable!

  62. I love flip flops!!!!!! Totally could use a new pair. My last ones have lasted for 4 years and I am said that I am going to have to give them up soon!

  63. Seriously, I just threw away my old flip flops 4 or 5 days ago because I had to face the music: they were DONE!
    I live in a climate where I could probably get away with wearing flip flops for 6-7 months out of the year, so these would be great!

  64. I've never owned a pair of Teva flip flops, but have always wanted to! I'd pick the Tread Black pair b/c I'd be able to wear them ALL THE TIME!

  65. Ooo those boots are awesome! Since we live in the same town I know you know the temperature is insanely hot for this time of year! Bring back our cooler temps. I was so excited to wear sweaters and boots for 2 days. I want to wear them again!

  66. I love the neptune pesto color!
    the weather here, in MD has been rainy for the past few days, but today it was a beautiful fall day - sunny and 64! My little man feel asleep in his stroller and slept outside (under blankets, of course) for an hour!

  67. oh i drool over Teva stuff.
    we have very distinct seasons and lots of snow in the winter. we have footwear that is season specific. Right now the rubber boots are out and we're on the brink of using our winter boots once the temperature starts to drop.
    i have a pair of tall boots like the Montecito ones but they aren't warm at all.

  68. I haven't worn a skirt in a long time, since I've got horrible varicose veins. But, maybe wearing a boot like that would allow me to wear cute skirts again! I will definitely have to look into something like the Montecito! Thanks!

  69. We definitly get the change of seasons hear. It was barely 40 when I dropped my oldest off at school today and most of the leaves have fallen at our house

  70. Weather is still pretty nice in Chicago but getting cold. That's OK because hubs and I will be in Jamaica next month! So excited. These flip flops would be great although hubby would tell you that I'm not allowed to bring as many shoes as I did last time LOL Hey but I wore ALL OF THEM ha ha

  71. It is definitely cold here. We actually never had Fall here, it just went straight to winter (which I am extremely sad about). Hoping that this week will bring warmer weather.

  72. We have full on fall here. There are leaves of every shade of brown, orange and yellow on my lawn (I wish we had more red) and every once in a while we have some snow.

  73. Ha! You know what the weather is like in my zip code...except perhaps it's a little less windy here "in town."
    Of course it's almost always flip-flop weather here in sunny AZ.

  74. Those boots are great! I love fall. I love the pretty colors and falling leaves. My kids enjoy walking to the bus stop and stomping through the fallen leaves. :) I love Teva sandals too, so I'd love to win those!!

  75. In GA, our weather went from hot, to 3 days of fall, then to winter like weather! Now we are thankfully back to beautiful fall days!!!!!!!!

  76. It's chilly, but very pretty here! Until tomorrow. Then it will be chilly and rainy. Then cold and snowy. Then cold and nice. I'm not gonna be warm again until late April. =(

  77. I had no idea Teva even made boots. That might be because all I wear is sandals. I live in Utah and I don't even own a pair of boots. I would wear those flip flops all year long.

  78. I had no idea that Teva made anything besides sandals and flip flops. But those boots are adorable! I'm on my way to check out their website right now!

  79. You know, I was totally eyeing those in your photos! Super cute! I could definitely use a pair of those. I'm not entering the contest, though, because I don't need flip flops... just wanted to let you know how cute I think your boots are!

  80. I would wear flip flops year round if I could! Unfortunately it is cold here right now but I'd love a new pair of flip flops waiting for me come summer!

  81. I love Teva shoes! They're so comfy and so well made. Those boots look great on you!

    I love the weather here too. I even like the feeling of a hot car when you first get in on a summer day. It's a different kind of heat. It just seeps into my bones and soothes them.

  82. We are experiencing average November temps in Eastern the 50's for a high. I am a summer girl however, and would appreciate a new pair of quality flip flops in anticipation of summer returning soon!

  83. I love the Teva brand. I have worn their sandals for years but have not tried their flip flops yet. Thanks for the opportunity. (Also, had no idea they had branched out with boots.)

  84. I like the boots that look rustic, also! I can see you line dancing in your pumpkin colored skirt with your boots! The flip flops would make the perfect gift for my sister. She is barefoot most of the time and wears flip flips all of the spring and summer days! Even in the fall/winter, she wears her flip flops indoors. Many thanks, Cindi

  85. The flops are cute, and I wear flops all the time and would totally love to win them, but what I really want is the boots! :)

  86. I have heard that Teva is a really great brand of flip-flop. We live in FL, so flips are all year round footwear here! This would be an excellent win. This mama needs a new pair of shoes real bad!

    *Those boots look butter soft and oh-so-comfy. I have boot envy!

  87. The weather has been rather odd in Southern California lately.... windy & chilly one day.... hot & humid the next.... I wish I were on the East Coast with real winter! Having said that... the mush flip-flops are a must for this gal~

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