Opportunities For Moms to Review Products and Give Feedback

Opportunities For Moms to Review Products and Give Feedback 1I just signed up with two companies that promise to give moms a "voice" in product creation and development:

VocalPoint: "Get relevant, provocative information about products and services of value to you and your friends. Get access to compelling experiences. Influence and learn from other moms like you."

: "Try out products for free and keep them."

I have yet to get any free products or have any "compelling experiences," but I like the idea behind these companies - giving moms a voice. I'm glad that companies are beginning to explore ways to plug into the power of word-of-mouth marketing.

Have you joined either of these sites and, if so, what's your take so far? What other comparable sites have you affiliated with?

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3 comments on “Opportunities For Moms to Review Products and Give Feedback”

  1. I do something siliar for eBeanstalk and am on their panel of 500+ moms throughout the US. I'll have to look at the other sites, as well. Thanks for mentioning them :-)

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