Oprah, consider this for your 2009 list of "favorites" {they're like UGGs for little feet}

Snug, Warm, and Stretchable.

You'll wish these booties came in your size.

Seriously. My daughter gets so many compliments on her "mini UGG boots" from Robeez.

Pop on over to Robeez and check out the fashionable booties in their collection - perfect for frosty winter days.

robeez booties pinkrobeez booties brown

robeez booties navy robeez booties cream

Available for your newborn to 4-year-old, the boots retail for $38.95 and are ideal for indoor use and "mild" outdoor use. I think they're just about perfect for tots in the 6m-18m age range, but they'd look cute on any little munchkin.

As an added bonus, these booties are machine-washable and the plush lining is likely to please the toughest shoe critic.

WIN IT! There will be two winners. One winner will receive a pair of Boys booties in his/her size/color of choice. A second winner will receive a pair of Girls booties in his/her size/color of choice. To enter, leave a comment on this post stating your preference for a girl or boy pair prior to Wednesday, December 24 at midnight (don’t forget to follow the rules). * Winner must provide a U.S. mailing address.

*UPDATE* The winner of the boys pair is #15 Christine and the winner of the girls pair is #1 Blessed. Congratulations to you both!

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159 comments on “Oprah, consider this for your 2009 list of "favorites" {they're like UGGs for little feet}”

  1. “Treat everyone with politeness, even those who are rude to you - not because they are nice, but because you are. ” ~Author Unknown
    I try to be especially kind during the holiday season. I would like a girl pair. Thanks!!!

  2. Oh, these are too cute! I've had my eye on those pink booties for my granddaughter, and would love to win them for her! Thanks, and have a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  3. I do not know what I am having, but there is a new baby girl in the fmaily, so I will be safe and pick the girl

  4. Since I have a newborn little boy, I would love a pair in size 0-6 months in boys. Thanks for a great giveaway :)

  5. These look so comfortable and cute! We live in MI so we for sure need warm boots for our little girl. I would prefer a girl pair! Thanks!

  6. I love Robeez shoes, they are so cute on babies. My nephew got a pair when he was born and my sister-in-law got a new pair for him recently. My son would look wonderful in a pair of these great little boots! Thanks and Happy Holidays!

  7. I'd prefer a girl pair, but I am really not picky. I don't care if my little one wears boyish shoes as long as she's warm.

  8. I would love the Boys booties from Robeez.

    My daughter-in-law just had a baby on November 30th so this would be an ideal gift.

  9. Hello-these look wonderful for a newborn due next month. He'd have toasty little toes in these.
    Thanks for the chance to win

  10. These little Robeez boots are some of my favorites. Should I win I would like the Robeez Booties - pastel pink in size 18-24 months.

  11. I LOVE the Robeez booties! they are so comfy and snuggly, and have that "boho-chic" feel :-)

    I'd love to win a pair of pink or beige booties in a 6-12 months size!

  12. wow, these are GREAT. I am always taking my son out in the wrong shoes for snow and worrying he's freezing, or slipping, or miserable. snow boots don't go on a 14 month old well :)

  13. these boots are adorable and prior to checking them out i didn't know they came in toddler sizes! cool! we would love either pair as we have both a boy and a girl, but my daughter would probably enjoy them more. thanks!

  14. Girl Booties in cream, size 0 -12 months for my son and his wife who are expecting their third child in 2 weeks, a girl and they named her Madeline. Happy Holidays!

  15. Girl Booties in cream, size 0 -12 months for my son and his wife your are expecting their third child in 2 weeks, a girl and they named her Madeline. Happy Holidays!

  16. My granddaughter, Ambryanna, would absolutely love a pair of these booties. Actually she won't wear shoes for her parents but I am sure she will love to put these on and keep them on!

  17. I would love the girl booties in cream (size 12-18 months) for my daughter. I have been searching for cute boots and these are perfect!!! I love Robeez!!

  18. These little booties look so cute and comfy and would be great for my little daughter. I would love a Girls pair of Robeez Booties in Pastel Pink size 0-6 months, please. Thanks so much for such a great giveaway!


  19. So darling! I'd love the pastel pink or cream pair (girl pair) for my toddler daughter in size 18-24 months! These are so darling and I have seen them at the mall...

  20. These are so cute and I could use the girl's pair in 12-18 for my grandaughter. Please count me in and thank you.

  21. 18-24 monts, Robeez Booties - brown Thank you. I'm going to go check out the sale now. Thanks again!
    geneveve2 (at) gmail (dot) com

  22. Oh, these are SO cute! My son had a pair of knock-off uggs last Christmas when he was a mere 3-month old. Now that he is walking and talking, these would actually be perfect slippers for him!

    I would love the boys, brown, in 18-24 months!

  23. These are so incredibly cute! I think I would say the boy selection, but I would pick the cream booties in a size 12-18. Because I am not sure if this baby is a boy or girl yet, I want to pick a neutral color.

    Thanks for the great giveaway and chance to win!

  24. Oh, I asked for a pair of boots for my daughter for Christmas, so I would love love love these in cream for her! I have been looking at these for a couple of months...because they are just too darn cute. thanks for the chance to win!

  25. Oooh, my son had a pair of these when he was little and we loved them! My daughter is now braving the MN cold sans boots (although she's still rocking her Robeez shoes). We'd need a girl pair please!

  26. We have some from when Blondie was a baby, but they were the wrong size for Cheeks now that the season's right. We need some girly ones for Cheeks!

  27. My son could use a pair of the boys boots for our very cold Colorado winters (it was 13 below zero this week!) Thanks!

  28. I told my mom that Lily needs a pair of shoes mostly because it is getting VERY cold outside and I need something to keep her feet warm. Well we got a very cute pair of soft leather shoes but they were not what I had in mind. I hav ebeen looking everywhere for the perfect pair of shoes for her and these are it!

  29. For the longest time I didn't really like Robeez shoes or their competition. Then one day I fell in love and there's been no looking back. I'm not sure what made me fall but I did and I've been known to search for much too long for the best buy. Alexa is about to grow out of her Isabooties (which have long out lasted their 3-6mo size) and I'd love some of these booties to keep her tosies warm this winter. So, since she's a girl we would love to win a girl pair!

  30. These booties look so cozy, especially on this cold rainy day! I'd pick boys boots, because I'm expecting a boy in may! :) Thanks so much!

  31. I've been looking for something like this to keep my little guy's toeies warm all day long.

    I've love to be entered for the boys version. Thanks for the chance to win!

  32. I luv the robeez bootie in pastel pink. This would be so cute with many of Brea's outfits(yep lots of pink, lol). I really love the fur look too.

  33. Boy boots please! I write this as I'm looking out at yet another snowfall and remembering that I still haven't gotten the little guy any boots...

  34. I love Robeez and these little boots are just too adorable. I just got Abby a pair of snowboots so I would love to win a girl pair for her for next year. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!

  35. These look so fantastic for this time of year, don't they?? And admit it, every mom worries about their baby's toes getting cold. We'd love to have a pair around the house! We would definitely pick the boy's.

  36. we have these for our baby boy, but I would love some for our toddler to use as house shoes, didn't realize they made the bigger sizes! Please enter me for the boy pair!

  37. I've seen these and they look really great! I'm so diggin' the fact that you can throw them in the washer! Awesome! I'd love a girl pair for Pea...especially since it's been freezing this week! -26 on Sunday, yesterday we had a heat wave of -9 degrees and today it's still -15. Brrrr!!!

    [email protected]

  38. These are too, too cute! I do want a pair for me! I would pick a boy's brown pair in size 12-18 mo., so they'd fit our soon arrival next winter.

  39. Oh, I'm pretty sure you know this but I better follow the rules to a T --- I'd want the boys pair if I were to win. (Brown size 2-3)

  40. Can I squeeze my size 9's in the girls? If so, I'll want those. HA! All kidding aside I can easily see my little one's feet in those stylish and oh so cute booties! Count me as entered chicky.


  41. I'd love to have the brown ones for Jasper in 18-24! Toasty.

    Actually, I could go either way because I think the pink ones in 3-4 would fit Roo...

  42. Oh, I don't know if I want a girl or boy pair! Baby will be a surprise. Good thing there are lots of gender neutral choices. I think I like the brown best. And I wish they made them in my size! They look so cozy!

  43. We love Robeez. Our daughter Addison wore them until she was 1 1/2 to 2 and got oodles of compliments anytime we went out. Back then they didn't have these cute little booties though. These would be great for our second child on the way. I would go with a cream pair (don't know the sex yet) 0-12 months.

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