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Order Photos Online For Less 1I have hundreds (probably thousands) of pictures of my little beauty - and she's not even one yet.

But up until recently, they've all been sitting on my computer. That's the one bad thing about digital cameras. I take all of these incredibly cute, my-baby-could-be-a-Gerber-model (really!) pictures and then it takes me FOREVER to actually get real pictures in my hands.

Until I discovered Snapfish, that is. You've probably heard of it. I, of course, had heard of it. But I finally logged on, uploaded my pics, and ordered over 250 prints. They were delivered to my doorstep yesterday in great condition.

And here's why I'm singing their praises:
* If you pre-order prints in bulk, you can get prints as low as 10 cents a pop. Even if you don't order in bulk, the prints are only 12 cents each. Compare that to Walgreens at 19 cents each.
* You get 20 free prints with your first order.
* Shipping was only 99 cents and the prints arrived in 3 days.

If you decide you want to try Snapfish, e-mail me please. If I refer you, we both get 20 free prints! Thanks.

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One comment on “Order Photos Online For Less”

  1. In reply to your comment on Ode to umbrella Moments...I definitely can't imagine carting two Munchkins around! That's why I'm hoping to wait awhile before we bring another baby on board.
    I've been reading through some of your posts on here and you have some great items. I definitely want to know if anyone thinks that "ready to wear" baby monitor is worth it because it sure looks cool. I also loved the idea of a "mom" retreat!

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